Lynn’s Behind-the-Scene Team

Dear Friend,

Would you like to become a part of a group of women making a revolutionary difference in the next generation? If so, Lynn’s Behind-the-Scene Team is for you!

The Behind-the-Scene Team is a small group of women that partner together to invest in the next generation of wise women by teaming up with me. We’ll share ideas, truth, successes and the failures we have learned from. As the group leader, I will invest in you with occasional videos, special teachings, and opportunities for us to meet in person as well as news of upcoming new projects! I will seek your input by sending “sneak peaks” of what is happening behind the scene of Wise Women, Wiser Daughters.

All you have to do is sign up is join Lynn’s Behind-the-Scene Team closed Facebook page. I will look to the Behind-the-Scene team as a safe place to try out future projects and publications for your review before the rest of the blogging community hears about it.

Fun benefits of being part of her team include getting a first read of upcoming publications and access to special videos just for you. We’ll have some fun with drawings and give-aways, too!

Again, all you have to do is go to our Facebook page and sign up below and let’s labor together as we affirm Jesus’ love to the young women of this world.