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The pile of shoes just before the threshold invited me in.

Entering the ocean-blue church- turned-classroom, my eyes swam in color while the sound of the call to prayer blasted through the make-shift windows. Women swaddled in rainbows of color filed through the door just as they had been doing every night for the past year for their 2 hour lesson.

I found a corner in the back of the room. Sitting cross-legged, I was eager to take in what God is doing in India, 8,552 miles from the comforts of my home.

Mission India's Adult Literacy Classes

The teacher stood, instructing the women to take out their slates to begin tonight’s lesson. The temperatures that day, hovering around 115 degrees, had not held these Indian women back from coming. They were eager to learn; to learn to read, to calculate and to understand this One who did not declare words about them as their culture does. From the day of their birth, they have been told that they are worthless. 160 million in this Untouchables class in India believe they’re less than human. They are considered a burden; to their families and to their culture. Yet, here, in this simple cinder-block room, they were learning they were priceless … and it was changing everything.

After the night’s lesson, the teacher asked the students to share how their lives were changing as a result of these Mission India adult literacy classes. They stand to share:

“Since I can pass the standard test, I can now get a job. I can provide for my family.”

“Seeing that I am learning to read and am able to bring in an income, my husband is gaining respect for me and is no longer beating me.”

“I have the confidence to look others in the eye. I don’t have to look at the ground when spoken to.”

My eyes leak once more, just as they had been doing all week long. The power of Jesus is not only changing their eternal destiny, He is changing their daily lives now. He has welcomed them in where they have been uninvited.

When class ends, they line up, asking my Proverbs 31 Ministries friend, Suzie Eller, and I, to pray for them. Their requests, backed with faith, seem insurmountable. The first, a woman on dialysis, asks for healing. The next, prayer for her husband who beats her for attending church to worship Jesus. They stand tall, believing that the One, True God they are learning about, will come and meet their needs.

Uninvited: Mission India from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

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More Than the Woman in the Mirror

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What people are saying

"If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire your community to become the women that God desires for them to be, Lynn Cowell is the perfect choice. In our planning meetings in the months prior, Lynn shared her heart and her years of experience. Even though she was miles away in North Carolina and we were in Illinois, she helped equip our team with helpful ideas for marketing and planning our conference. The feedback after the conference was overwhelming with what a wonderful impact she had on not only on the teens, moms, step moms and grandmothers who were deeply touched to help the young women in their life stay encouraged to choose wisely and follow God’s path for their lives. God has gifted her with the ability to reach young girls with the message that our identity must be in Christ and not in what their friends, boyfriends or media is pushing on them."

Lisa Teichmiller — Revolution “Strong Women... Stronger Daughters”, Conference Planning Team

Christ’s Church Effingham, Illinois