I am so glad you stopped by my place. I’m Lynn, a speaker and author who wants to come alongside you to empower you to find unshakable confidence – a confidence that will stick – found in Christ alone.

I hope you’ll wander around a bit. Allow me to share with you some of my resources, many of them free, that will empower you to move forward in your life. God wants to give you His freedom and His power – the power you’re looking for – to fulfill the potential He’s poured into you.

I’m not there yet, but each day, I’m leaning into and onto Him and I would love to have you journey with me. Let’s go together!


New from Lynn

Managing Your Emojis

Learning to manage our emotions is a critical life skill, yet we’ve often missed equipping kids with these valuable skills before situations intensify into mental health issues. Managing Your Emojis will help kids discover that emotional control and happiness come from God’s love for them.

Through short, accessible devotions kids will be encouraged to observe, name, and release their emotions while turning to God for the strength, love, and care they need as they begin the fast-moving process of growing up.

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