A speaker who connects. That’s what you’re looking for. A teacher who connects with your people and helps you accomplish the assignment God has given you to invest in others. Lynn wants too! She doesn’t just provide a message. She gets to know those she is sharing with; and listens and prays with those who desire that as well.

Should you choose her as your speaker, Lynn will come alongside you to see your purpose for your event accomplished. Together, you’ll partner with the Holy Spirit to see the assignment He has given you accomplished!

Here is how she will come alongside you and what she’ll bring to the event process:

  1. Reply to all phone calls and email messages within 24 hours.
  2. Set up a phone connection between herself and a member of your team at the beginning of the planning process.
  3. Share on her social media channels your event if it is open to the public.
  4. A message prayed over as well as prepared for.
  5. Her full attention before, during, and after the event, to both you and your attendees.

Let’s connect!

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Speaking Sample

Speaking Topics

Peace. Is it even possible to experience peace in the middle of what feels like a constant stream of chaos and anxiety flooding our hearts? God’s word tells us peace can be our’s, right in the middle of whatever uncontrollable situations we are in. We’ll find that peace is not a matter of waiting until “it” is over, whatever it is. Peace can be our’s right now.

You’re doing what you sense is right, so why don’t you feel alright? Why, in the middle of living your life the best you know how, do you feel crummy, critical of yourself, even confused? Might it be the voice you’re listening to?

In this message, we’ll take a look at some not-so-well-known gals in God’s word, the Daughters of Zelophehad, who, in order to get the best God had for them, had to take a second look at whose voices they were listening to. They’ll encourage us to do the same!

When you have a decision to make…

When your stability is shaken…

When your sure-fire plan fails…

When voices are many but clarity’s scarce…

When everything is spinning out of control…

Esther is the perfect partner for seeing God in tough times. Though she lived centuries ago, Esther speaks to us, modern women who also have limits to our control and resources. We find in her strength and fortitude you and I need today; a strength we discover as we follow her process of listen, feel, do and speak. 

In this retreat on the Book of Esther, we take a gritty dive into a woman’s story that helps you: 

  • Overcome the fear that you might derail God’s plan with the assurance that He’s powerful enough to lead and refine you.
  • Listen to wise people in a way that fills your gaps of understanding.
  • Feel all your feelings, embracing them as a God-given catalyst for connection with Him.
  • Do the work God assigns you even when doubt surrounds you. 
  • Speak up with confidence, knowing that God has a place for your voice in His story.

{This retreat/message can also be taught with the team of Lynn and her co-author of their Bible study Esther, Amy Carroll.}

Sometimes we’re in a season for waiting, but sometimes, it is simply time for us to move toward the good things our Father has for us!

In this retreat/message, Lynn explores how confidence-in-question keeps us from boldly experiencing what God intends for our lives. We’ll dive into stories in the Bible of not-so-well-known women who found themselves needing the confidence to make their move, and how they uncovered the faith to get it. Lynn encourages women to leave behind the insecurity this world induces and find confidence in God alone.

Chose which women you want to learn from including the Daughters of Zelophehad, the Women of Exodus, Martha & Mary, Rahab, Deborah, Abigail, and Michal how to:

  • Build your confidence on the one thing that cannot be taken from you.
  • Recover from defeating decisions to move forward toward a strong self-worth.
  • Position yourself to not lose your poise—even in the worst circumstances.
  • Identify and address the fears that keep you stuck, with practical steps to walk in your calling with confidence.

I want to be all God’s created me to be; do what I was made to do. So what’s holding me back?

Doubt. Doubt that you have all you need to do all He’s given you to do. What you need is confidence.

Lynn helps us to uncover the confidence that holds up, even in the worst situations. She’ll share how to:

  • Increase your confidence, empowering you to fulfill your purpose.
  • Position yourself to not lose your confidence – even in the worst circumstances.
  • Build your confidence on the one thing that cannot be taken from you.
  • Recover from confidence-defeating decisions to move forward toward spiritual maturity.
  • Stop the agonizing mental chatter and replace it with security-building truth.

{full conference or single session message}

This journey you’re on is filled with many twists and turns. Some of those will lead to advances, yet others will feel more like retreats. No matter what season of trials and triumphs we are in, we can be empowered with God’s confidence to keep moving forward no matter what comes.

Based on her own experience with triumphs and defeat, Lynn empowers women with 5 practical steps learned from the Daughters of Zelophehad in the book of Numbers.  In this session you will:

  • Realize you’re not alone in wrestling to move forward in life.
  • Recover from defeat to move forward toward a strong self-worth.
  • Recognize the pieces you’re missing to help you to keep going.
  • Restore the hope you’ve lost by arresting your fears and empowering you to accomplish your personal assignments.


We had a wonderful day of worship with Lynn, who shared two messages reminding us of our unshakeable confidence in an unshakeable God. The conference was a partnership of two churches in our area, with women joining us from all ages, backgrounds, and levels of faith. Lynn has a gift of sharing Scripture in a way that connects to today’s woman without watering down the timeless Truths of God’s Word. Her heart for women and her desire to see lives changed by hearing the Good News of the Gospel is evident from the first planning phone call to the last woman to whom she offers a comforting hug at the conference. What an incredible day! We look forward to hosting Lynn again!

Brooke Hamrick, Women’s Ministry  Leader, First Baptist Church of Gaffney
Laura Bailey, Women’s Ministry Leader, Macedonia Baptist Church