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There is a wedding happening here.

Right here, as in my backyard, this Saturday.

Just as this verse says, my dear friend, Julie, is being set in a new family.

She has a family now, a very good family. Parents and a sister who love her dearly, but who are also very far away. She also has children she loves with all of her heart.

She’s also been a part of my family. Walking through the highs and lows of life, we’ve enjoyed many years of being her family away from her family.

But this Saturday, something new is beginning. A new family is coming together; a new place for God to do His work and blend his love.

God does set the lonely in families; in different ways and in different seasons. As His children, we can partner with Him in this work. We can be aware; look around, for those who need a family, a place to be cared for.

Who can you open your doors and heart to become family to today?




  1. Thanks for the reminder to reach out & ‘be’ family. Our western culture has become so fragmented & the enemy is taking people out as we isolate. So thankful in the way God is growing us in this area – having people over (even if it’s for a frozen pizza & salad) & the appreciation they express. We need to get over the mindset of having things perfect – just get together, ask questions, learn their hearts! Lynn, you have some good conversation starters for teens – I’ve used some of them to initiate conversations as we have people over – who change into friends! Thanks so much!

  2. Lynn, God knew when He placed me in Charlotte what was to come. AND even BETTER .. when He heard the heart of a 12 year old girl pray that she could live by her best friend, have their kids grow up together.. HE KNEW it would be YOU .. and HE brought you AND ADDED your ENTIRE FAMILY back in my life.

    When GOD does things… AND WE STEP BACK … WOWZA!!! Look what He does!!

    I love you. We love you.


  3. Tears, emotions and gratitude are bubbling inside me.

    A long time ago we met a teenager named, Lynn Martin. Buddy said, “She’s a winner.” Julie knew there was something very special about Lynn. She knew you were a winner and grabbed on to that quality of heart.

    Thank you for walking with God, Lynn Cowell. You and your special family are the heart of God’s love.


  4. Connie Hale says:

    Pouring God’s truth into your heart every day is the most important thing you can do. We receive our strength and wisdom through studying God’s word. To hold on to that strength and have peace as well as hope and love , we need God as our priority. Knowing he is with us and knowing his word can help us through daily trials and help us feel peace in our heart whether we face trails or no trials. So I feel that the 4 step is the most important.

  5. This touched my heart so much. It is exactly the promise from the Word of God I’ve been clinging to through all these years away from my family.

    Please pray that I would have a family away from my family. Sometimes it is so so hard especially on holidays and seeing my children grow up without their grammy and other relatives around them.

    It’s also hard as many close friends have recently moved away.

    Feeling alone but I know God has great things in store for us and He hasn’t forgotten about us.

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