5 Strategies to Get Your Girl in the Word {Guest Post with Give Away!}


As my girls continue to grow, my husband and I marvel at the velocity with which we pass from one season to the next. Just yesterday, we were enjoying tea parties and Legos. I blinked, and my daughters grew into middle and high schoolers.


These days, our lives are less about sleep schedules and playdates and more about homework and activities. I’m less likely to trip over a toy and more likely to trip over a dance shoe. However, one thing remains unchanged—my role as a mom. As mothers, we have have been entrusted to care for our babies.


Everyday, we see alarming acts of violence, destruction and a general lack of humanity in our world. Yes, there is still kindness and community, but let’s be honest. Parenting today is scary business, and we should remain alert.


Because there is a lion in our camp!


Satan is cunning and tireless in his pursuit of our children. Part of our role as a mom is equipping our daughters with the tools they need to fight an enemy that they cannot see. He slips undetected through words and images that plant dark seeds of untruth in their hearts.


“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.

He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8 NLT).”


Spiritual warfare is real, and our children must be taught how to guard their hearts while living out the call to know God and to make Him known.


How do we do help our children know God and share Him with others?


There is so much hope and Good News in the instruction manual God has gifted us. His Word. The Bible is the best offensive weapon we have against the enemy (Eph. 6:10 – 20). If we ground our daughters in Truth, we can teach them how to defend themselves against Satan’s schemes.


Here are five strategies to help you do just that!


  1. Be intentional. Time is a common tool the enemy uses to distract us from fellowship with God. I have to schedule quiet time for myself and then time to spend with my girls in the Word. God is one priority that should never be scratched from our long list of to do’s.


  1. Let your girl see you regularly reading your Bible. Remember when your daughter caught you eating the super secret stash of ice cream after getting out of bed for a drink of water long after you tucked her in? Then, she wanted ice cream too! We learn by imitation. Modeling the priority of God’s Word in your life will plant a seed of faith deeply and firmly within your girl’s spirit.


  1. Find a Bible translation she understands. I was well into my college years before I found a translation that spoke to my spirit. When selecting a Bible translation for your girl, it’s important to choose one she understands. The New Living Translation (NLT) and the English Standard Version (ESV) are great options to explore for tweens and teens.


Listen to your heart, mamas, as you know your girl best. I took my girls to a Christian bookstore and let them peruse several translations. We made our decision based on which translation each girl understood. Your girl may like character studies and devotions within her Bible. There are so many wonderful choices available. If your girl doesn’t have her own Bible yet, I encourage you to plan a mom and daughter shopping day soon. Make it fun and memorable!


  1. Dig into God’s Word together. Some of the best conversations my girls and I have had stem from time we’ve spent together in God’s Word. Whether working through a formal Bible study or reading together in your Bible, dig into God’s Word together frequently.


  1. Investigate creative methods of study. My tween and teen girls love art supplies, so they took to Bible journaling like a duck to water. I encourage you to explore creative ways to delving deeper into God’s Word. Try writing out the Word in a fun notebook with colored pens, Bible journaling, or combining Bible study with another creative activity you love. The sky is the limit!


God reveals Himself to us through His Word. The more time we spend with Him there, the more grounded in His Truth we become.


Be encouraged! The Gospel is called the Good News for a reason, and we already know the battle has been won. God delights in His creation of each and every one of us, so soak up every second of that mom and daughter community for which you were lovingly crafted.

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Catherine Bird is the author of Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & their Moms, Building Circles of Grace, A Girl of Grace Study, and Preparing a Way: An Advent Devotional for Tween Girls and their Moms.   She is an author, speaker and Bible teacher who is passionate about moms and daughters and loves to encourage each—small and tall—in their own journey of faith.

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