A Double for Me or Sacrifice for Him?

Ever have one of those days where the members of your family just can’t agree? We certainly do! The subject this time? When to go to church. Greg likes to get up early and go to the first service; then you have your entire day ahead of you. Mariah likes to go on Sunday night because that is when all the youth goes, but she likes church so much she’ll happily go twice. Madi (the youngest)piped up, “I like to go on Saturday night. Mom, I just can’t get into worship when we go so early in the morning and I’m too tired to listen.”

Now, since I grew up in the “old days”, I often heard that we were to give God the sacrifice of worship. Madi, of course, has never heard of such a thing, but since she is a softball player, I figured she get it another way. I explained to her a sacrifice in baseball. Dictionary.com says:

Sacrifice: bunt made when there are fewer than two players out, not resulting in a double play, that advances the base runner nearest home without an error being committed if there is an attempt to put the runner out, and that results in either the batter’s being put out at first base, reaching first on an error made in the attempt for the put-out, or being safe because of an attempt to put out another runner.

In terms of a 7th grader, one player makes a play that benefits another instead of what would be best for her. That is what our praises and worship are to God. We don’t go to church and worship Him so that we can feel great (although I love that side benefit!). We go to worship for Him! No matter how we feel, we worship Him because He deserves it; He is worthy.

I was reminded of this today in my time with the Lord. In Nehemiah 12 the people are so happy! The Lord has restored the Israelites back to their land and helped them to rebuild their city. In verse 43 it says “Many sacrifices were offered on that joyous day, for God had given the people cause for great joy. The women and children also participated in the celebration, and the joy of the people of Jerusalem could be heard far away.” (NLT)

Does our worship, our sacrifices of praise, look anything like that? When Mariah got in the car after church last night she said, “I don’t think I have ever clapped so hard in my life!” She was excited. She had used her energy and heart to praise her God.

Let’s give Him that type of praise today in our lives. With our words, our songs, the thoughts in our minds; let’s worship Him. He is worthy of it!


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