A Part of Himself

Christmas and newlyweds. What a wonderful time! Greg and I were both working full time; trying our best to be wise with what we had and get ourselves off to the right start before we started a family.

Requiring him to travel every day, Greg’s work was demanding and brought him home late at night. The times we did have together were cherished.

As Christmas day grew closer, we made our plans for when we would leave our place in Greenville, South Carolina and make our thousand mile trek back home to Iowa. But first, we wanted to celebrate Christmas – just the two of us. Greg’s idea was for us to meet for dinner after work one evening and then go home to open our presents. I quickly agreed; eating out was a special treat for us!

Finally, the long awaited evening rolled around. Work had sped by that day with anticipation of our time that night. As we ate dinner, Greg seemed to be on a schedule of sorts. He glanced at his watch, ready to leave the restaurant by a certain time. Unaware of his scheme, I complied.

We pulled into our quiet little drive-way; the house was all dark from its day alone. Then, Greg pulled out a bandana. “I’m going to blind fold you.” he said. Blind fold? That meant a surprise! I love surprises!

He carefully guided me through our front door; leading me to sit down in our family room. All was still and quiet.

Suddenly….bong, bong, bong….There was the sound of chimes right there in my very simple home. Greg removed the cover on my eyes, revealing his big surprise. A grandfather clock. A beautiful, six foot, cherry wood grandfather clock! I was speakless.

How did he do it? He was such a busy man; every day hundreds of miles from home. Yet he had found the time. He had made a way to give me the best gift of all – his thoughtfulness, his heart to plan ahead. I felt so loved that night, not because of the size of the gift, but because I felt like he had given me a part of himself.

Our Father has done the same; only SO much more!

Romans 5:5 “And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.” NLT

We know He loves us because of what He has given us…He has given us a part of Himself, the Holy Spirit. It is that Spirit within us that reassures us of His great love for us. That is what will fill our hearts this Christmas season!


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