A Prayer Guard

Stepping out of our comfort zone to share the revolutionary love of Jesus with those around us can be no easy thing; sometimes in fact, it can feel like a war zone. That is because it is. There is a battle going on in the hearts of men and women and both sides are in it to win.

When we take the initiative to get out of the ordinary and walk on the wild side with Jesus, we need to know that a cost will be involved. Upon laying down our desires, our fears or our ease, we can then grab hold of the Him; his way for us being rich with purpose and meaning.

As you say “yes” to living the particular gifting and calling His has given you, begin to look around for a prayer guard; others whose gift and calling is to pray and ask them to be part of a band of people who will pray for you.

Nehemiah was bold; he stepped out into his calling to rebuild the city wall of Jerusalem. He began by calling other capable men and women to join in his vision. As they began their mission, the opposition gathered strength; first with words only, but not for long. Nehemiah 4:11 says the enemy said they would be right there among them and would kill them and put an end to the work.

Nehemiah fought back with wisdom. He stationed some people behind the lowest points of the wall at the exposed places, posting them by families with swords, spears and bows. He encouraged them to not be afraid; to remember that the Lord who is great and awesome and to fight for their brothers, sons, daughters, wives and homes.

When the enemy saw that they were prepared to fight back, they backed down. But, from then on, Nehemiah made sure there were always those who were positioned ready to fight; ready to defend the work they were doing for the Lord.

You, my friend, need backing too. As you step out in faith for Jesus, you need men and women behind you, praying for your defense. A prayer guard who is covering you, your family and your work in prayer to the Lord who is great and awesome. I have six people who are that for me; my prayer guard, as I write and speak about Jesus’ radical love.

Nehemiah also gave a command to those who were to carry the supplies. He said to carry the materials in one hand and the sword in the other. He also commanded those building the wall to wear their sword in their side while they worked.

As we are daily listening to the Lord, asking for opportunities to share His love and good news, we also have to be prepared to fight the enemy. What you are called to do is not for the weak. It is not for those who love comfort or want to simply get by in this life. Our calling is to make a difference; to change our world and be salt and light. Strap on your sword – daily spend time in His word and prayer. Make a difference in your world: in your school, neighborhood and workplace today.



  1. This is so true. I have a prayer team that I am so blessed, humbled, and thankful for who interceded on behalf of me and my ministry!

  2. My kids are 21 and 14 and I couldnt agree with you more.


    Thank you for the wisdom Lynn.

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