Being a Confident Mom with Maria Furlough and Faith

Raising Brave Beauties podcast with Maria and Faith Furlough

Listen in this week on Raising Brave Beauties! We’ve been gaining so much practical help and wisdom from these mother/daughter conversations! In our thirteenth episode, my co-author Michelle Nietert and I hear from Maria Furlough and her 12-year-old daughter Faith, teaching us how to have confidence in our parenting.

Maria’s powerful post, “But What About When It’s True?”, helped us wage war on our insecurity when she wrote for us here on my blog last year. As the author of Confident Moms, Confident Daughters” which released last year she brings her wisdom again. She is back, only this time with her daughter, Faith as together the four of us talk about building confidence in our parenting.

?? How you and I can become better listeners of our kids

? How we can better manage our tough emotions of sadness, fear, and anger, especially during the pandemic, to improve our communication with one another.

?‍? Being a student of our children as those God has created improves our relationship with them.

? God created you and I to be good mothers – don’t doubt your abilities.

Join us by listening via the link below or wherever you love to listen to your podcasts! 

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