Beyond the Numbers: A Prayer Before a Test

My oldest girl will take her SAT in two weeks. I know she is nerveous. The pressure that comes from the school and colleges in the junior year is just too much. Between now and that morning, I’ll pray; pray that all the knowledge that has been poured into her mind will pour out that day. Most of all, I’ll be praying that she senses Jesus and his peace right next to her; in fact, right inside of her.

I read a prayer to pray before a test a few years ago. Here is a version of my own:


Sometimes my life it seems like is a combination of numbers. My test scores, my cumulative average, my GPA, my SAT score, my audition scores.

It frightens me at times because these numbers seem to have so much power; power to determine my future. It’s hard not to feel pulled under by the weight of it.

There’s another test coming up. Another grade, another number. Jesus, I need your peace; I need your perspective. Help me to take this serious and study as I should. At the same time, help me to know that You have the power to determine my future and this number is not going to define the person I become in You.

Help me to be diligent to study and prepare. But Lord, help me to also remember that the things I do are more than just number. I am precious, treasured and loved wildly by You.

I ask you to help me on this test, Jesus. Thank you in advance.

In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen!


Would you say a prayer for my oldest girl today? We’re heading up to Appalachian State where she is going to spend the night in the dorm and try to determine if this is the school for her. I am asking the Holy Spirit according to Colossians 1 that He will fill her with the knowledge of his will and all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

How does your child need knowledge and spiritual understanding? I’d love to pray for you!



  1. I prayed and will continue praying for your daughter and family. I asked the Lord to give you all wisdom and discernment concerning her college choice (and for traveling mercies, SAT, etc).
    If you’d like to pray for my 2 college students, I’d be grateful:) My freshman daughter is having trouble with time management and with figuring out exactly how to study the right way. My junior son is is trying to narrow down what kind of psychologist he wants to be. My husband and I just want the Lord’s Will for their lives:)
    Thank you for all you do!
    Have a great trip with your daughter. They’re precious times!

    1. Jesus, this is such an important time for our kids who are freshman. Please help them to be disciplined and to figure out what time management means! Help us to know as moms when we need to intervene and when we need to let them figure it out. Give her son the information he needs to make the decision about his career. Thank you so much Jesus that we can rely on you!!! Amen

  2. I will pray also that your daughter remain focused and that He will calm any anxiety she may have at test time. My daughter is a senior and I have prayed this many times. She is now finished with these tests and facing the college application and scholarship application stress. If no one has yet told you, it will be good for your daughter to take the ACT in early June. My daughter did much better on the ACT and is only submitting those scores to colleges. We purchased a ACT test taking tip book that really helped her prepare for this test. If you would be praying for my daughter as she attempts to take her EMT basic test over in January. She did extremely well in the class, but the test is very hard. She only failed the test by two points, but took it a few days after I had major back surgery last week. It is very hard to know you are so close to passing and I’m sure the stress of worrying about me and schoolwork also affected het test score. ASU has had a lot of capital improvements and the campus looks great. I hope everything goes well for your daughter this weekend! God Bless You!

    1. Thanks for the great advice, LC! I appreciate you!

      Mariah loved App State. (She also really liked University of North Carolina at Greensboro and University of South Carolina!) Brother already goes to Application State and is so happy there.

  3. Lora Kuhn says:

    Lynn I will pray for your daughter and in the mean time please pray for my son Robby, he takes his test on December 10. He will then apply for Toledo University. So many big decisions have to be made the last 2 years of school. Thank you sooo much. Love in Christ Lora

    1. Jesus, thank you that your presence is with Robby on December 10th. I pray that you will open doors for Robby at Toledo University should that be the school where he will most glorify you! Amen

  4. Hi Lynn,

    It sounds like we are in similar stages of life. My oldest is a junior right now too, wrestling with big tests and scheduling college visits. May your daughter have a wonderful time at App State and may she feel clarity and peace one way or the other. May her test go smoothly too.

    For me, you are welcome to pray that things move forward smoothly –for our house to sell and for wisdom for a new home too. Thanks. And provision of borrowed winter jackets too since I naively packed ours. 🙁 Oh well.

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Jennifer. Father, I ask that Jennifer’s daughter will also have clarity and peace. When she takes her tests please recall to her memory the things she has studied. Settle her heart and mind. I also pray their family and their moving situation. We know that peace is what you have for us. Holy your work!

  5. Thank you for sharing that prayer. It is so easy to get caught in those everyday details and forget what is truly important. I would appreciate prayer for my daughter, in 8th grade this year. Trying to decide what route to take for high school next year. She has struggled in middle school and we are in counseling with her right now for cutting. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

    1. Lord, please give Debra wisdom as to where her daughter is to go to school next year. Please provide clear direction and clarity. Amen

  6. Connie Williams says:

    Lynn, thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts about your daughter. Last year, I was where you are now. As I finished reading your prayer, I immediately praised the Lord, again, for what He did in my daughter’s life and what He continues to do for her now that she is a freshman at Baylor University in Waco, TX. Seemed like no matter how many test preps I arranged for my daughter, it didn’t have much affect on her test scores. She scored well on the SAT prep tests but not on the actual tests. She was accepted to Baylor provisionally and had to take 2 courses in the summer. I did not do a Proverbs 3:5,6! I thought the Lord would “fix it” that she wouldn’t need to take these two courses because of her excellent grades in school. Well, she took the courses, excelled in them both, she felt very comfortable once classes began, and as her freshman year continues, she continues to excel! I discovered it was my PRIDE and lack of trust in what the Lord knew she needed to be successful. You are so right! Don’t look to the numbers! Look always to the Lord. He knows exactly what we need and His love for our daughters and sons is already prepared according to their needs. Both my daughter and I learned a great lesson of faith through this preparation that I viewed as a trial only! I prayed and I will continue to pray for your daughter. I am sending this to other young ladies who are in the same place RIGHT NOW! Blessings!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Connie! So glad to hear your girl is doing well!

  7. LaToshia Jordan says:

    Where do I begin. All I know is I’m raising my first teenager she is strong will and we are in a new state. I will continue to thank God for you and stand in agreement with your prayers for your daughter.

    1. LaToshia….we can encourage each other!

  8. Can you Please Pray in Jesus name for Nathan to get at least a 31 on SAT test so that he can get scholarships.That he can read fast enough to finish ever question..Lord you know how hard Nathan has been working on he’s school grades all of he’s life.Thank you God for allowing Nathan to score at least a 32.

  9. Michelle Moore says:

    I was grateful to read this prayer. I have a child hoping to attend Virginia Tech. She graduates in June, 2020. I ask you to please join me in praying that her will is aligned with the Lord’s will. I pray that the Lord will give Isabella the tools to understand her school subjects and the desire to learn them. Thank you for remembering my precious girl.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, thank you so much for the bright mind you have given Michelle’s daughter. We agree with her that her will and Your will will be in agreement. We ask you to guide and direct her path and may she have ears that hear and a desire to follow You in it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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