Chapter 12 – “He Speaks to Me”

“The more you trust your concerns to the Lord and see Him working in your life, the more willing you will be to depend on Him in the future. God NEVER disappoints!”
Priscilla Shirer (p. 132).

I have seen this come full circle in my life. Four years ago, I wrote a Bible study for the teen girls I was mentoring called Crazy 4 U. When I had it completed, I began to look for a publisher. Last week, I was rejected by a publisher for the sixth time. And you know what? That’s ok. Because if the Lord wants His book to be published, He’ll do it. He doesn’t disappoint! In the meantime, I must continue to be obedient in what He has called me to do today. Here is where I will find peace; in daily obedience and pursuing Him with a heart of love.

“Peace is a crucial component in hearing God’s voice and deciphering His will. Peace results from God’s presence in our lives.” That’s what I want more than anything else: His presence.

May you experience that today. His peaceful presence. In the middle of Target. While cooking supper for your family. Folding your third load of laundry. May His presence come over you and give you rest.


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  1. OK…once again, I’m behind commenting here because I had to catch up on my reading (I was a chapter behind – which reminds me – I’ll have to look for a post you did on Chapt 11. I loved that chapt.)

    I think one thing that really spoke to me in Chapt 12 was the opening verse, “My soul finds rest in God alone.” Psalm 62:1

    I really want that to be true of my life. It’s so easy to try and seek peace elsewhere, but it is false peace and it doesn’t last.

    I found such truth in what Priscilla wrote on page 134, “When we get off track, we experience symptoms of dis-ease – dissatisfaction, guilt and anxiety.” I don’t want that dis-ease.

    The opening illustration she used with Samuel on page 130 has also spoken volumes to me. “Samuel lay down until morning and then opened the doors of the house of the LORD.” With all that was going on, Samuel still lay down and rested until morning. She writes, “Samuel could sleep well and go confidently about his business the next morning because his life was aligned with God’s plans for him….He was resting in peace, depending upon God to show Himself strong in him.”

    WOW – what a picture of trust and quiet confidence in God.

    God is continuing to speak to me through this study. So glad you are doing this!
    Love ya! Have a great day!

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