ChatRoulette.Com: Stranger Danger isn’t just on Barney

I can still hear the words from many years ago called from “Barney and Friends”:
Never talk to strangers, that’s very good advise; ‘Cause you just can’t tell if they are good or bad; Even though they may seem nice

For those of us with teens, we may think that we have finally gotten past that point. Maybe we were…until now. It’s time to bring stranger danger out again. (Just the concept, please! We’ll really make our kids think we have lost it if we start to sing the song again!)

A new website has hit the trends which takes stranger danger to a whole new level. The new site: ChatRoulette.

ChatRoulette allows persons to connect with complete strangers just to chat. First thought: My child wouldn’t want to do that! They only use the internet to connect with their friends. Think FaceBook.

But what if your child had the chance to connect with their favorite celebrity? It is rumored that Hollywood is using it as a way to connect with their fan base and what teen wouldn’t want that?

The problem is that is site is not just for fun. 1 in 10 visitors are n*ked or other disturbing images that are inappropriate for anyone let alone our children.

Please take a moment to click here and learn more about how you can protect your child and open conversation on this new rage.

What methods do you think are most effective for keeping your child safe? We’d love to hear…just click comments below!



  1. As the mother of a 16 year old and a 12 year old, I SO appreciate your post today. Thank you for sharing such vital information.



  2. Thank you Lynn for the heads up on this. Yuck!

    I will plan to talk with my teens about staying away from this for sure!!!

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