Choosing Faith Over Feelings {Guest – Barb Roose}

As a young mom, I truly believed that if I gave my child all the teaching and training I could they would simply by-pass the hard things, make great decisions and life would be rosy. If I had heard this podcast conversation that Michelle and I had with Barb Roose, I would have been more prepared and possibly stressed less.

Yes, this week on Raising Brave Beauties, Counselor Michelle Nietert and I are joined by Barb Roose; author, speaker, and podcaster. Barb’s online home is

Barb and her family live in Northwest Ohio. She’s the author of Surrendered: 40 Devotions to Help You Let Go & Live Like Jesus.

On this episode, we’re talking about:
* Surrendering to Jesus as your child grows and goes through life transitions
*️ Choosing to live by faith instead of rushing to follow feelings
* Allowing your child to discover their need for God (my personal biggest take away!)

* The 5 types of friends you need in your community to build a strong support system

Enjoy this conversation by listening via the link in bio or wherever you listen to your podcasts!   And be sure to check out our new devotional for young girls Loved and Cherished releasing next Tuesday! 


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  1. Rachel, Granddaughter would soak this book up! She loves to read, color and needs self assurance!

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