Climb Up in His Lap

If you are joining me here today from Encouragement Today at Proverbs 31 Ministries, welcome!

Typically, Wednesdays are the days I write about all things pertaining to teens. Since I have three teens at home, teens are close to my heart and I believe they are even closer to God’s!

Could you relate to my story of my lost necklace? It really wasn’t lost at all! I just couldn’t find hidden behind the bulky chains on top. That’s just how our lives can be; the treasured things get lost as the bigger than life things crowd out the lovely.

The treasured thing I am struggling to see right now is this thing called “letting go” and the beauty in having a child find their own way in the world. In just three short weeks, my first born will graduate from high school. Where did those elementary years of homeschooling go? Memories of those precious days together rarely come mind as we fill out financial aid forms, sign up for college orientation and try to discern what life with a college bound is suppose to look like! The struggle to release more and more independence tries to crowd out the joy of earlier days as we all try to figure out our new roles. What I wouldn’t give for one more day to snuggle next to the fireplace and read “Shiloh” out loud, crying together and ending with the little man next to me begging, “Mommy, can I please have a dog?”. (I guess that is why I have that beagle in my back yard!)

How often must God experience the same trying times with us? We wrestle with “growing up”; struggling for our independence in calling the shots in our lives, while all the while, the King of the Universe, our father, is just waiting for us to snuggle up next to Him to embrace a moment together. We pray, we cry, we worry as we contemplate the next step we should take with our jobs, how we should discipline our children or what it is going to take to pay those bills, but the Father is saying, “Child, come next to me! Put your head on my heart and hear it beating out of love for you. Here you will find rest. Not when you find the answer. Not when life settles down. Here…next to me.”

In my devotion, I wrote, “Sometimes, pain or uncomfortable circumstances try to block us from seeing our treasured thing. It is hard to see God at work. We may think that we won’t experience love again or that a relationship we treasured can never be restored. That is when we need our faith to help us to keep believing that God is in our situation and He will help us to find His treasures again.”

Friend, in what area do you need to climb up into Daddy’s lap today, put your head on His heart and ask Him to help you to find your treasure? Like the little girl pictured above, He is waiting for you to look upon His face and receive His warmth and care!



  1. Lynn,

    Wonderfully comforting words today, that I really needed to hear. Thank you, and speaking from experience, get ready for a roller coaster ride of comings and goings with your children. They will venture out into the world and back to you, out and back, over and over, just like when they were toddlers exploring the world beyond Mommy's lap. Hang on!

    Peace and Gratitude,
    Michelle in New England

  2. I have been struggling the last few days with what I am calling a spiritual depression. My life is going fine but I am feeling sort of lost in my relationship with Christ. maybe it is a transition time for me to go deeper, but sitting in His lap sounds like a place I should go to find out what he has for me now and show me how to get there.
    thank you for your devotion today that speaks to my heart.

  3. Wow… exactly what I needed to read today.

    Thank you!

  4. Isn't it so comforting to know that with our Father we don't have to "completely grow up"? By that I mean that His lap is always open and always big enough to hold us through whatever comes into our lives!

  5. Lynn,
    I've climbed up into the Father's lap with you today. What comfort and peace I've found in His loving and strong embrace. Thank you for putting into words what is in my heart.

  6. "He will fill are hearts with gladness.. " I want the joy – and dreams from Him… thanks Lynnie.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement we as women are Gods daughters, I'm going through a divorce and I have my days but with todays word I will be at peace in my fathers lap. I need prayer for my marriage and my husband that he will repent and know our fathers love.

  8. Lynn,
    Words I truly needed to hear. I am going through many 'losses' right now. I have a daughter that just graduated high school, I recently broke up with a boyfriend of 3 1/2 years, my pastor was very recently reassigned. It has all been overwhelming lately. I try to take it all to God, but sometimes it gets difficult. These reminders from the devotions help guide me. Thank you all P31 girls!

  9. Thank you for this today – just what I needed to hear. Last night I was just reflecting on the many losses I have experienced in the past year and was overwhelmed! I know the Lord is just asking me to climb into his lap – thanks for reinforcing that! I have sent two to college – and it is not FUN! I am still dealing with our last one leaving this time last year – but God is faithful! This too shall pass!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Lynn for a great devotion. I am resting now between his shoulders! I will pray for you and your soon to be graduate. I can only imagine how you must be feeling excited, sad, anxious, proud the thoughts of a mom! I am certainly praying that my 12 year old son who is lost in emotions and behavorial issues will one day leave my home with a better understanding of life with his heavenly Abba fathers help, but I know the the mix of emotions that will surely come.

  11. Karen Solis of Gastonia, NC says:

    Your devotion reminded me of a time when I, too, was fervantly looking for something. As I looked more and more, I felt God convicting me that He wanted me to search for Him with such fervor!!!
    I stopped and dropped to my knees, ashamed and yet feeling blessed for Him to tell me so lovingly and tenderly. Indeed, there is nothing or noone more important to seek, than God! Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  12. Lynn,

    You hit it spot-on when you asked about where in my life I feel lost. It is in believing that a relationship I once treasured could ever be restored. Perfectly worded. I begin to hope, and then that hope is smashed to pieces, and I just want something new to believe in. I know God wants me to stay in this relationship, but I want to feel loved and important and treasured. I believe God can do anything, but the process is lengthy and sometimes disheartening.

    On the other subject, I would like to share with you that I have two sons in college (home now for the summer – yay!) and an older son out on his own. While there are days that I miss my little boys, and the fun, happy times of their youth, I love the adult relationships I have with them now and cherish seeing the young men they are becoming. God is good, and our children are such a gift!

  13. Yes, pain does try to block us, but God keeps reminding me of how useful painful circumstances can be. It certainly increases my longing to jump up into his arms. So….the end result of pain is good for those of us who are being renewed…day by day. 🙂

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