Did You Wash Today?

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I’m a freak about being clean; especially when it’s hot (which it still is here!) If I’m working in the sun, I get dirty; sweaty…stinky! When the work is complete, water is the first thing I seek. Water cleanses; refreshes.

It is not unusual at all for me to shower twice a day in the hot months. I feel so strongly about feeling clean; sweat is not my friend!

I had to ask myself recently: I feel that strongly about washing my heart several times a day?

Ephesians 5:26 – 27 says: “to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

Our worlds expose us to all kinds of messes: media, relationships, work environments. Sometimes we get dirty; filthy even. Stinky attitudes, smelly viewpoints. We’ve got to shower! We have to set aside time, in the middle of it all, to be washed and refreshed by God’s word. It may be a notecard by the sink. Perhaps your Bible laid out on your desk allows you to take a sneak peak. What about “bookending your day” as Ann Voskamp calls it; beginning and ending your day in God’s Word?

We have to be continually washing ourselves in His word. Cleansing our hearts. Then, we can begin to wash our children’s. They too need to be cleansed of their environment smudges with God’s truth. Through conversations, reading His truth together and through prayer they are made holy. Maybe not right away, but I believe, no, I know, that His word will not return void. It is the hope I believe; the hope I cling to.

I believe that not only will I one day be radiant, without stain, wrinkle or blemish, but that He will work His Word into my precious children and they will be as well.





  1. It is posts like yours I get in my email everyday that help lead me towards cleansing. Thank you for your encouraging words to help guide me through this crazy world we live in.

    1. We all need encouragement, Lynn! You all encourage me too!

  2. Love this Lynn. What a great analogy. Cleansing our minds too and making them captive to Christ. Our thought lives can be hidden dirty little secrets. We need to air them out with the Lord and let His purity wash over us!

    1. When we do, we can respond better to everything and every one around us! I got a call today saying I have to go back for a second mammogram. I was so happy I had just spent time in the Word. No fear! He is my provider!

  3. Oh, amen and Amen! God has really been bringing this fact back to me lately. My mind is such a playground for me and I tend to allow too much play… and not the kind that would bring glory and honor to the Father.

    Renewing and re-energizing in His word is key!

    1. It sure is…alll day long! Thanks Danielle!

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