Does the Source Matter?

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I hadn’t even thought of it; didn’t recognize the words I said as potentially hurtful. That was before my daughter pointed it out.

With kindness and respect, Madi helped me see what I had not.

Hours later, Madi asked, “Why are you quiet, Mom?” Not realizing I was quiet, I let her know I was just taking her correction to heart.

“I didn’t mean to correct you! Correcting someone is bad.”

And that is when our teacher/student role reversed.

Psalm 141:5 says, “Let the godly strike me! It will be a kindness! If they correct me, it is a soothing medicine. Don’t let me refuse it…” (NLT)

David tells us correction is a gift; an opportunity for me to change for the better. Every time we are presented with this opportunity, we have a choice: take it or leave it. In this verse, David indicates the wise person takes the chance to grow.

When I accept correction, no matter the source, I model for children how to resist pride. Since pride has always been a struggle for me, this is another verse I need to take to heart.

How do you deal with correction? Does it matter who that correction is coming from?



  1. Yep – it’s a challenge to receive ‘correction’ – especially when it’s true! I like to think of my self as kind & compassionate but oh so often the ‘words of my mouth’ do indeed reflect the meditations of my heart – which can be sarcastic & critical. God is ever so gently drawing this out of me, as He heals the wounds of the past. Thanks for this word of encouragement today!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Deb! Have a great Friday and a super weekend!

      We’ve got a wedding tomorrow…in our back yard! Please pray that I have extra kindness, compassion and patience too!

        1. Lynn Cowell says:

          Thanks! Been starting my day soaking in God’s word and I can feel His strength already 🙂

  2. This touched my heart today. In a recent arguement I had to confess, hard to do with my pride. Sitting and reflecting in the words tossed back and forth I realized how often I do waht I can to deflect the pain and point the finger back or elswhere, what pain that deflection creates. It goes full circle right back at me. It feeds the arguement and the pain. When I sit down with God for a moment and listen for His direction I see clearly my opportunity to grow when I look at my part and my part alone. It is all I can take to God and work with. He alone can open my eyes, teaching me to grow. Wow God’s timing is so perfectl planned;)

  3. I have started 2 new part-time jobs within the last year and a half. They were my first “new” jobs in many years. I found that as I’ve grown older I’ve become more accepting of “correction”–and with that I’ve realized that in the vast majority of cases, the one doing the “correcting” has my best interests at heart. I am blessed to work with nurses who are kind and caring and I’ve tried to be like them in correcting the nurses who are now the “new” ones.

    1. I really needed to hear this! Timely

  4. Great and timely devotion

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