Dreaming of a White Christmas

Here in the South, a white Christmas is unheard of. In fact, snow in Charlotte is a very rare commodity. Each year, my family and I hope and pray, do the “snow dance” and wait to see if this will be the year it snows. We really do miss seeing it!

This morning, I was challenged by my friend, Luann, to see “White Christmas” in a new light. That this year, my prayer for a white Christmas would be the condition of my heart before my King. That this Christmas, more than any other, my heart would be white before Him because of what He has done for me by forgiving me for my sin and because I make a choice daily to follow after Him in all I do. That is a big request to ask for, but one that really has already been bought and paid for, I simply need to open it up.


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  1. What a beautiful analogy of a “White Christmas”.

    This morning while shovelling my parent’s driveway…and then later our own driveway…I hated to see the dirt under the snow. As the snowbanks grew on the side of our driveway, the white was spotted with brown, looking messy.

    May the “white” in my life be more than surface deep. May the Lord cleanse me through and through so that when others see beneath the outer covering, my heart is pure.

    I’d only be too happy to share some snow with you…and some shovelling ;o)

    May all your Christmas’s be white,

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