Faithfulness and a Coffee Table

To most, it is just a coffee table. A table that has seen better days; maybe is slightly out of fashion. But to her it is an altar of sorts. The coffee table is the place where she found Him; the day she received a new life in Jesus.

My mom has looked for new tables. Ones that match her decor. Ones that turn into spiffy serving tables. Ones with glass for displaying things of beauty. But still the table stays; almost in it’s place of honor.

The table serves as a reminder. A reminder of the things that God has done. A reminder of His faithfulness. A reminder of what He can do and lives that He can change.

The Israelites had reminders too. Hebrews 9:3 tells us that in the temple, in the Most Holy Place there was a gold incense altar and a wooden chest called the Ark of the Covenant (yes, go ahead…think Indiana Jones). Inside this Ark was a gold jar containing manna, Aaron’s staff that sprouted leaves, and the stone tablets of the covenant. All reminders. Reminders of things that God had done. Reminders of His faithfulness. Reminders of what He can do.

I am a person of change. I love new things. Greg and I headed to Home Depot over our Christmas break and I as I passed my favorite counter I announced, “I love paint”. “You love paint?” he repeated. “Yes! I love the change that comes with new paint; new color.” I like change. I don’t like to buy expensive things like designer purses or diamond jewelery; things I feel I have to keep. Things I feel I have to use.

But this verse reminds me of the importance of “old things”. The importance of the things in our past that remind us of God’s faithfulness. My things: The dishes that remind me of Greg’s grandparents marriage – one that was full of true unconditional love that lasted a life time. The marred chairs around my table that were for our “new” home when my now eighteen year old son was still crawling. The quilt in my bedroom handmade to keep my child-mother warm in the wagon on those below freezing Minnesota mornings. Piles of scrapbooks that document the life that Greg and I have built with our children. All of these testify, that though life is hard, God is good.

I haven’t told her yet, but I hope that one day, Mom’s coffee table will be a reminder in my home. You see, it is by that coffee table that I knelt with my mama as a young girl and began my new life with Jesus. Nothing more on this earth would bring me joy than to one day kneel by that table with another and create the most perfect memory of God’s goodness. That would be the most perfect reminder of all.

Happy New Year, friends! Look around your home today. Look in your life. Where do you see reminders of God’s faithfulness? It is a new year; what better time to thank Him and we look to seeing His faithfulness again this year.



  1. Lynn,
    Thanks for the reminder of God's faithfulness. As we start a new year, it is appropriate and good that we stop and reflect on God's love and faithfulness to us. I love you sister. You are a joy to me and others.

  2. Lynn, appreciating what you do must make the heart of our father glad. He is good for all HE promises.


  3. the older I get the more I'm (slowly) becoming a glass half full type. it's because of God's reminders that the glass never does go dry.

  4. What a beautiful reminder–the table. Thank you, sweet friend, for this. Much love. Susan

  5. Oh Lynn– I have just finished a day of sorting, purging, rearranging and organizing three rooms of my house. In our bedroom, I displayed some items that are reminders of the past and hope for the future and a set of candlesticks that are representative of Todd and my marriage (will fill you in later as I am writing a devo about them)….Then I hopped on my laptop and read your BEAUTIFUL post…. Thanks for the words of encouragement to all of us… I love you, friend!!! Cyber {{(HUGS))}

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