“Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson? Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength? “It is I, proclaiming victory,
mighty to save.” Isaiah 63:1

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was beauty like that I had never seen. If you’ve never been there, take a second and Google Images “Bryce Canyon”. These pictures can’t capture some of God’s very best work; it’s simply beyond the camera lens, but you’ll be able to picture this story a whole lot better with an image in your mind.

I figured “What better way to see the canyon than on a seven mile hike through the middle!” Ok…maybe I was a bit ambitious, but I couldn’t just look at it, I had to get in it!

The beginning of the journey was fun, but after awhile, the trail just seemed to go on and on. My family was over it.

Wanting to encourage them, I got out front. Walking backwards I used my animated hands and words, “Come on! Don’t give up; you can do it!” Problem was, I wasn’t watching where I was going. Missing a turn in the path, my foot slipped, threatening to send me plummeting off the edge. I have no idea how deep this drop off was, but some in the canyon are 8,000 feet down! Quickly, I stuck out my arms, leaving me hanging off the edge by my forearms. Within seconds, Greg was there, pulling me up from what might have been my sudden death!

Friend, sometimes in life, we’re heading on the right path when we make an unwise decision. We might not be out to do something wrong, but like me walking backwards on a path with a cliff on one side; we make a dumb decision. We don’t take the time to think through the ramifications of our choice.

Just as Greg was right there for me, Jesus is right there for us. When Greg came over to me, I didn’t say something like, “I got this one; it’s ok.” or “It’s too late, just let me drop.”

No way! As he stooped down to get me, I grasped his arm and let his strength pull me to safety. His love compelled him to do everything he could to save me. He didn’t think twice about it; his reaction was love.

When you find you’re slipping, don’t waste before you cry out to your Savior for help! Don’t let pride or lies from the enemy hold you back. Jesus is very near; he’s there to give you his arm of strength, getting you out of your situation.

That day on the path, I lost my shoe; a small price to pay compared to losing my life.  I gladly let it fall as Greg lifted me to safety. Whatever you have to let go of in order for Jesus to pull you up, let it go. A habit, a fear, control? Let it go; let him pull you to life.


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