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So if I haven’t read Magnetic yet, what is it about?

So many thoughts can swirl in a young girl’s mind…

What does she have that I haven’t got?
Why doesn’t he ask me out?
What makes her popular? Why not me?
What’s wrong with me?

Maybe it’s time to help her change the questions she’s asking and instead help her to ask, “What does it take to become magnetic?”

Packed with revealing quizzes, interviews with guys and the tools she needs to become the girl she wants to be, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants empowers her to:

  •  Stop feeling powerless over her emotions and people’s opinions as she gains unshakeable confidence.
  •  Limit the draining affect of “girl drama” so she can invest her time in becoming the best she can.
  •  Replace the agonizing frustration of wanting to be noticed and liked with a deep assurance that she already is.


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How does the Blog Tour Work?

The blog tour will take place September 16th – October 17th. Please feel free to create what you feel best communicates the Magnetic message. Should you like some prompts, here are a few to help you, with graphics to match. If you prefer pre-made posts, those follow. All quotes are from Magnetic.

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Packed with honesty, encouragement and perspective-changing truth Magnetic by Lynn Cowell(available at AmazonB&NCBDeverywhere books are sold), will empower girls and young woman to reach their fullest potential by focusing on becoming who God made them to be! A girl who reflects God’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. A girl who will attract the right type of guy one day: one who loves God with all his heart and who will cherish her!


Topic Prompts


Quote: “Build your confidence not on something that can be taken from you, but on the One you can never loose.”

What have you built your confidence on in the past that you would encourage a girl not to?



Quote: “Build your security on God’s stability.”

When was a time in your life when your security was shaken (preferably when you were a young woman) and you saw the faithfulness of God come through?



Quote: “The girl who chooses others above herself is rare. She’s hard to find, but easy to spot.”

Share a story of when you saw the fruit of the Spirit displayed in the life of someone, preferably a young woman, and it was beautiful!



Quote: “Basing your joy on something, someplace, or someone may bring short term happiness but never leads to long-term joy.”

Share a time when you felt life was at it’s best, but as seasons in life change, the happiness didn’t stay. Share the way that you learned the difference between long-term joy in Christ versus short-term happiness.



Quote: “The God who keeps the world spinning can take care of my spinning.”

Did you experience “girl drama” at some point in life? Did you see God bring you His peace? How can a young girl find God’s peace in the middle of emotional chaos of the teen years?



Quote: “We have to switch our script from ‘It’s just the way I am’ to ‘God, refine who I am’.”

Do you have a personality trait or family trait that is easy to pass off as “It’s just who I am?” How has God refine you over the years? Were you young or when you got older? How can we help young women start this refining now?



Quote: “The type of guy who will like you is the type of guy like you. So what kind of girl are you?”

Did you experience rejection as a young woman? Was God protecting you? If you are married, what captivating characteristic (fruit of the Spirit) was your man attracted to?

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Pre-Made Posts:

For those of you who prefer pre-made posts, please find three Lynn has already written.

[expand title=”My Selfie Needs to Die”]

I had waited so long to have this time with my girls; our weekend away was finally here! So excited for this special road trip with them and their friends, one girl called out, “Selfie”! Snap! I made sure I got my smile onto the tiny screen just in time. With a giggle, my girl lovingly laughed from the back seat. “Mom, you always find a way to get in there!”

The selfie, the famous snap shot taken by over one million people a day. That spontaneous picture taken to capture…

To capture what?

Sometimes, like the road trip shot, it’s to capture a special moment and the people we love. Other times, I wonder if it’s more than that.

My daughter’s tease gets me thinking. Do I always find a way to get in on what is going on? If I do, why?

Do I turn these selfie moments into an opportunity to make the moment about me? Shift attention toward me?

I wondered about myself: Shouldn’t I be way past this? To the point where I want to make each moment about others and not about me?

I think sometimes the young girl we once were, the one who wanted to be noticed, looked for the boy’s attention, or needed the parent’s approval is not completely gone. Maybe there is a side of me still wanting acceptance and acceptance is seen through attention.

This thought makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to be that woman. I want to be the woman who reflects love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control – the true beauty listed in Galatians 5:22-23. A beauty that isn’t about me, but about serving and loving others first.

I not only want that kind of true beauty for me; I want it for my daughters as well.

And to get there, I’m going to have to die first.

Die to me.

Die to the me who is all about me.

When I die to me, another woman can be born. A woman whose beauty is found in the love she gives, the joy she lives and the peace when she forgives. The woman who makes life and love about others. That woman is truly beautiful.

Romans 6:6 encourages me. Because of the work Jesus did on the cross, I can become this beautiful woman: “For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin.”

Christ died so I don’t have to struggle with the sin of my self-centeredness; the pull to make life about me. Christ’s new life in me means I no longer have to be a slave to needing attention. I can confidently put the spotlight on others and be genuinely happy.

And here is the twist: The woman who possesses this type of beauty, who chooses others above herself is hard to find, but easy to spot. Though she doesn’t seek attention, attention comes to her. Through becoming the woman God wants, she has become magnetic.

In celebration of the release of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants, we’re giving away a copy of Magnetic – a study on the fruit of the Spirit for young women. To enter to win, leaving a comment letting us know why you’d like a copy for yourself OR who you would give the book to, if you won.



[expand title=”Our Best Plans… Or His?”]

Shaken and terrified, I forced myself to wake up. My dream felt so real my sadness threatened to carry into my day.

In my dream, my oldest daughter had gotten married and I had no part.

I wasn’t in on the news of neither the proposal nor the planning. No part whatsoever. In the dream, I sat in the back of the church watching everything take place. As her favorite music began to play, my mind swirled. My girl is getting married! Why am I just sitting here? 

Rushing to the bride’s room, I found my girl. Her bridal outfit was a reflection of her unique style, completely different from anything I would have chosen.

She was fine; I was not.

When I awoke, I knew the dream wasn’t random. There was truth I needed to wake up to.

I can be one of those moms; yes, “those moms”. The ones with the built-in expectations. The ones with unspoken yet idealistic dreams of what “should be.”

The truth is God wants me to recognize my ideals, my plans, and my dreams are not always the best. But His are.

Isaiah 55:8 – 9 tells us God’s thoughts and our thoughts aren’t the same. His thoughts and His ways are always higher and better than our ways and thoughts.

Although I envision the perfect birthday, vacation or future wedding, God may have a different plan. A better plan. Maybe not “perfect” in the way I imagine, but perfect according to His plans and purposes.

This is especially hard as a mother. Wanting the very best for our kids, we can get our hearts set on what we think best looks like.

The problem comes when we forget the most important part of the plans: God’s thoughts and His ways.

Although there is value in our wisdom and experience, we must be intentional to give attention to God and His perfect wisdom for their future. Because without it, we can hinder the process of our children learning to hear from God for themselves.

While I can say I’m growing every day when it comes to expectations, I will always be on my knees asking God to help me because this struggle comes almost daily it seems. I find comfort, through the power of the Holy Spirit living in me, to come to God, surrendering my thoughts and plans to Him.

It’s there I can lay down my thoughts and plans for my children as well.

Maybe like me, the idea of taking a step back from directing all of your children’s ways scares you a bit. Here is where I find my comfort: my Father God is my children’s Father and He loves them even more than I do.

Let’s rest securely knowing when we encourage our children to follow God, His plan for them and their lives is much better than ours.

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[expand title=”Picking Out The Best Go-To Outfit”]

Airlines can sure make traveling difficult! We can either take one small bag or pay extra for checking a larger one. Not wanting to add any more fees, I go with carry on luggage only.

One small bag to hold everything I need.

Since space is so limited, when I pack, I have to take my time. I’ve got one shot to make the right decisions. One chance to be sure I have the perfect outfit for every occasion I’ll find myself in. Dress or pants? New shoes or comfortable ones? Cute purse or functional?

How I can struggle with deciding something as simple as how I should dress!

There are times when I don’t just struggle with how to dress on the outside. I struggle with “dressing” my inside too!

Like the decision between my new shoes or broken in ones, my choices easily gravitate toward what “feels” comfortable. Feeling slighted by another, I create a whole speech in my head to deliver as soon as I get the chance. In a conversation with my husband, my mind naturally thinks of what I want to say rather than listening to the words he is speaking. When dialogue with my kids heads toward becoming heated, I can slip into demanding respect, before I hear what they are trying to say. Caring about me, my feelings, my desires, my agenda, comes first.

I want to change.

Just like when I’m packing, I want to slow down, carefully choose the words I say, the attitudes I have and the actions I take. Each day, I’ve got one shot to make the right decision.

God’s word tells us the first step in making these right decisions: choosing the best “outfit” to put on our heart each day. Colossians 3:12, 14 says we are to “put on”: a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience and more than all of these, we are to put on love.

I want love to be my “go-to” outfit; my first choice. My initial reaction. But getting to the place where love becomes natural can be a bit uncomfortable, like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Pushing past the messages of our me-first culture, with daily wearing though, love can become my favorite, “go-to” choice. Instead of allowing myself to react to situations that arise in my family, at my work and in my friendships, with the power of the love of Jesus working through me, I can choose love.

No matter where I am going or what I am doing today, I can confidently put on love, exactly the choice I will be most beautiful in!

Do you know a girl who you want to learn to wear “her best” and live in the fullness of her God-given potential? If so, Lynn Cowell’s new book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants is for her! To purchase this new resource for her, click here.



About Lynn

Lynn Cowell is a Proverbs 31 speaker and the author of several books including her newest Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants. Her passion in speaking and writing is empowering wise women to raise wiser daughters. Her husband and their three children live in North Carolina where they love to hike, raft and enjoy anything combining chocolate and peanut butter.

“Thank you so very much, friend, for helping me to share this message. I believe that as we empower young women to switch from fixating on a guy to focusing on the Guy, they can reach their fullest potential.” – Lynn