For the Last Time

I am so sorry that I have not written in so long! I’ve been fighting being sick for a week plus preparing for two speaking engagements, so I am a bit behind.

A month ago as I sat in the dark waiting for my running partners to arrive, I listened intently to the radio program. The guest on Focus on the Family (I wish I knew her name!) was sharing truths about the time period as our kids are growing up. We are careful to write down all the firsts: the first time they walk, the first time they talk, their first haircut and each first day of school. Yet, what about their last?

Being sick hasn’t been entirely bad, because Zach has been sick with me. And though we are often in different places doing different things, it has been nice to not spend the days in the house alone. On Monday, I went up to my room, where he had taken up residence, to check on him. He was laying there watching Tom and Jerry. There is something amusing to me to see a 210 pound seventeen year old boy watching cartoons. I decided to make the best of this opportunity and crawled in next to him. After Tom and Jerry was over, he headed back to the guide channel to check out exactly what is on daytime television. He landed on Thomas and Friends. For those of you who have known me a long time, you’ll remember that Thomas was Zach’s very best friend from the time he was three until around seven or eight. This little train had a place in his heart like no other. We had 3 Thomas the Tank Engine birthday parties; this was no fad for him!

As we laid there together, knowing all the train’s names, singing the introductory song, I knew this for sure was a last. For way too soon, I’ll be sending my man to school, not for a day, but for a semester and the day’s of being mom’s boy will be truly different. I will thankful for that half-an-hour on Monday. In my heart, I cherished his last.



  1. Lynn, I've heard that message too. I wonder if it was the same person? It's hard to remember the 'lasts' when sometimes we don't realize we are in them. To me it's a lesson in cherishing every minute because we just don't know which ones will be our last.

    Glad you enjoyed such a precious time with your son. Hope you're both feeling better.

    Love & prayers,

  2. Lynn, those times are priceless espcially at their age. Its like when Nick feels like talking or is in a I feel like letting mom in on my life right now, it never seems convienent times for me, but I try to make a concious effort to stop and take advantage of it, cause I don’t know when he’ll be in that mood again. Hope your all well.

    Love Terri

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lynn and all…I love the web site!
    Thankyou so much for the great picture of Greg,you and kids? !I”m just aamazed how they grew too fast;treasure the cartoons and Zach; all 5 are gone and the house is so quiet! I remember babysitting Greg!!You have a wonderful guy and he you and family with God as the head,I love you Lynn,please keep Patrick and I in your prayers, we haven’t been in good health this cold winter and saying goodbye to Aunt Mary and my best friend who went to nurse’s school,although they are not suffering anylonger, it leaves a hole or emptyness, which I have been asking help with in my this BEAUTIFUL IOWA SNOW! Send Greg and you LOTS if you want it UPS?! kidding. Love YOU, Aunt Colleen

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