Fun on the Lake & in the Mountains

Our family had the opportunity to meet my incredible in-laws in the mountains last week. We had a terrific time doing a whole lot of nothing!

My in-laws are the best in the world! They pray for us often and are so precious to our family! (My father-in-law, Gary, is smiling because he is trying to throw my husband off the tube!)


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  1. Fun pictures Lynn!

    I love my husbands parents. His mom, unfortunately passed away about 8 years ago and I miss her terribly. We used to have such wonderful talks together. My husband only has one brother, so I truly became a daughter to them. His dad is the sweetest guy ever! A pleasure to be around. Unfortunately he moved a couple of years ago and now lives a good 15 hours away, but we talk often on the phone. We have been greatly blessed with our extended family.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! You have a beautiful family.
    Love & prayers,

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