Get Moving!

Madi and I had an incredible weekend with the moms and daughters from Forest Hill Church. Weather in the mountains was beautiful! I hope to share some pictures with you very soon.

Over the next couple of days of reading in Exodus, the Lord shows just how important it is to listen, listen, listen, because the direction He gives changes and if the Israelites didn’t listen, they are going to miss what He had for them. In Exodus 14:15 “The Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!” NLT

There are days in our lives when discouragement, depression or just plain old lack of motivation keeps us from moving forward. This morning, I was processing fear. Fear that the desires of my heart will not come to pass. I was SO blessed to be able to share with these precious moms and daughters this weekend – I can get fearful that I won’t have the opportunity to do it again! (Silly, I know. But most fears are not rational, are they?) The Lord’s word to me is get moving. Look for people to share my passion with. Set a fire under my prayer life. Invest in others knowing what goes around comes around…get moving!

Is there an area in your life this morning that the Lord is saying, “Daughter, you need to put one foot in front of the other. That is how you are going to accomplish what I have set before you!”? If so, pick up that foot and get started. I know it is hard. I know the enemy will pull out all stops to keep you from saying “yes” to God, but I want you to know, there is nothing that compares to being exactly where He wants you when He wants you!

Hope the sun is shining today in your world like it is shining in Charlotte!



  1. I hear you on the ‘setting a fire in my prayer life’. God has really pulled me into deeper realms of prayer – not just for myself, but for others.

    So glad you and your daughter could go together. I pray you have many more open doors, Lynn.

  2. Lynn, I have to say your post title made me laugh. I just came from Zoe's blog post entitled, "I will not be moved" – and then your writing, "Get Moving!" HAHA!

    Once God clearly speaks to us we need to move! You're right. It can be hard. It may involve risk. That first step may stretch us in ways we never thought we could grow, but we must move in obedience. Sitting still is not an option if we want to move forward with the Lord.

    And, for the record, it was a beautiful, bright sunny day in Canada too!

    Love & prayers,

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