A Win-Win-Win

There is nothing I love more than a win-win-win and this gift for a girl for Easter is just that!

A perfect combination coming together where everyone benefits.

And that is exactly what this collaboration with Fashion and Compassion is! A win for this amazing organization, a win for you, and a win for the one who receives this gift.

This spring, just in time for the special celebrations of Easter, confirmation, and baptisms, my co-author and counselor Michelle Nietert and I are partnering with Fashion and Compassion to offer these precious LOVE bracelets for girls!

  • This bracelet includes the statement loved on 20mm gold plated charm handcrafted by women overcoming in Mexico.
  • Purposefully¬†assembled by women overcoming poverty and injustice in Charlotte, NC. 100% of your purchase brings community-based love, hope, and empowerment to women in need.

Can’t you just see why it is a win-win-win?

  • You win becoming a difference-maker when you purchase this gift reminding the precious girl in your love just how much she is loved.
  • Fashion & Compassion wins as they continue to empower women in building new lives.
  • A girl in your life wins each and every time she sees this powerful reminder!

And if your girl doesn’t have Loved & Cherished yet, you can purchase the bundle from Fashion & Compassion as well!

Click here to order the Loved & Cherished bundle, book and bracelet or just the bracelet here!

Happy Easter, Friends! He‘s Risen!


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