Go Crazy!

When my husband goes out of town, I go c-r-a-z-y! Crazy, I tell you! I don’t make my bed nor don the pretty pillows. I don’t wipe down the shower with the squeegee. I don’t make a nice meal with nice dishes. I don’t put on make-up.

What I do do is play music….really loud! I don’t know if I just never got enough of that as a teen or what my issue is, but I love to play music and I love to turn it up until the bass starts thumping!

Today, as I made breakfast for my girls, my worship music was cranking and I felt a flood of joy, peace and anticipation. Starting our day with praise to my Love set my heart rejoicing. It made me realize just how desperately I need Him. As I danced around my kitchen and sang as loud as I could, at first I thought “My girls will think I am crazy!” But then I thought, “No, my girls will just witness a mom who is crazy in love with Jesus!”

I went on to read Isaiah 55: 1 – 2. Click here to read it as it is written. I took this portion and made it my prayer for today:

Lord, I am coming! I am thirsty and I am coming to the waters. I have no money, but I am coming to receive from you what you freely give me. Lord, I do not want to spend my emotions and energy on what doesn’t satisfy me. I am listening to You; You give me what is good. You give me the best that this life has to offer. I am coming, Lord, so that I can truly live! Thank you for your promise, Your promise of a love that is faithful and goes out to me for forever. Amen

Friend, we don’t have to wait for our husbands to be gone or for anything else in our lives to be different before we can go crazy! Today, we can run hard after Jesus like He is running after us!

Be an example of a woman gone crazy to your girl. If you aren’t crazy about Him or your girl is not crazy about Him, go crazy together! “His Revolutionary Love” is a great resource to help you do that! And I’ll help you…just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you a free guide!

Be sure to stop back by on Friday. I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Renee Swope’s new book, “A Confident Heart”. 



  1. I used to (kind of) feel the same way about the times my husband was gone during the nearly 30 years of marriage we shared. But now that he has met Jesus (this past Christmas Eve) I find it very difficult to go Crazy about anything.

    I don't make my bed, don't eat nice meals or even at the table, I stay up Way too late staring at the TV and cannot seem to even open my Bible let alone blare worship music.

    I pray those days return but in the mean time, I agree with one part of your post! Don't wait for your husband to be gone to worship, make it who you are in front of the world, not held for the alone times!!! Because in the 'real' alone times ~ you just may not have the strength to sing out loud!!

  2. Dear Cindy,
    I am so sorry my friend! When my father passed away, I watched and comforted my mother as she went through the rough road of grief.

    After re-reading my post, I realized I made it sound as though I look forward to my amazing husband being gone. In fact, I don't. I just could not have a better man. Forgive me if I communicated in a way that made it sound as if I relish his absence.

    I too pray that the Lord brings comfort and restoration to your heart as only the perfect Love can.

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