He Cried Too

We sat on the floor in the empty house. Why did we have to go? We loved our church, our house, our town. Just two days ago, the now empty house had been filled with Christmas: people, laughter, and tasty treats. Now all that was left was an empty shell.

As we wept on the floor, my family knew it was time to begin our move. Our broken hearts and bloodshot eyes wouldn’t change the fact that we had to go.

Tears. Like a flood busting a dam, they may spill out of our eyes, but they begin in our hearts. Hurting friendships, broken families, disappointing outcomes.

Jesus wept too.  John tells us in the shortest verse in the Bible:

“Jesus wept.”

John 11:35


His dear friend Lazarus had died, and his heart had crumbled.

Maybe it’s a bit twisted to think this way, but I’m glad Jesus felt this loss. I’m glad because it makes me feel less alone when I’m hurting. Knowing he felt the same pain I feel comforts me; helps me know he gets me.

You’ll feel sad sometime in the not too distant future. A friend will forget you. Your spouse might yell at you. Your kids disrespect you. When those tears well up and course down your cheeks, shut your eyes. Picture yourself crawling up in Jesus’ lap. He’s stroking your hair and whispering in your ear, “I’ve been there. Just let me hold you.” You’ll be amazed at the comfort he will bring.


Jesus, I am sorry that you experienced loss when you were here, but I am glad that even in sorrow, you get me. Amen.


Jesus had such compassion for his friends, he wept. Show some of that compassion to the people you interact with today.



  1. Oh, how it hurts . . . Whether its a mother’s heart, a broken heart never to see your loved one again until heaven, all of it is so similar. They heart that aches so, so bad. Jesus felt it even worse. He knew. Thank you for the reminder to be attentive today to those around us that need compassion. May the Holy Spirit lead. Thank you.

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