Honest…All the Time?

I’m not a newspaper reader. It has just never appealed to me, but this week I had a resurgence of a desire to save money on my ever-growing grocery bill, so I thought I should pick up the Sunday paper (just after I had dropped $22 on birthday cupcakes for Madi). Obviously, I splurged. What can I say? It’s her last year in elementary school and those puppy faces made of frosting were adorable!
So, while Greg watched Boston whop up on New York, I decided to not just clip coupons, but actually read the paper. (The frugal side of me just cannot handle recycling a paper that has never been read!) On the front of the Local & State section of the Charlotte Observer there was an article titled “The gas was cheap, but at what cost?”. Tommy Tomlinson tells of a gas station in Wilmington whose employee accidentally set the premium gasoline at $.35 a gallon, instead of $3.35. This was done at 9:00 a.m. By 6:00 p.m. the line was so long, it was backed up into the street. That’s when they started to wonder why (go figure!). So, nine hours passed by with not one person making a comment (obviously they were commenting alright…to all their neighbors, co-workers and relatives!)
The question I throw out is what would you have done? Would it be one of those days when you said the prayer of Jabez was working for you? Would we just say that the Lord must be blessing us, slide our card, gas up and drive off? For a coupon-clipping women like myself, I would have to say the temptation to do that would be awfully strong. But I hope, that I would also remember that what I sow I’ll reap. If I am comfortable ripping off a gas station, I have to know that someday, somehow I will find myself being the one who is on the other end of the stick.
From time to time, I have found myself in this situation. When I have pointed out to the cashier that the price is marked incorrectly or I wasn’t charged for something, it is amazing to see the reaction. More than once I have heard, “No one has ever said that to me before.” Many times I hear, “Oh that is ok.” Yet, I know that it is not ok . Maybe it is to the employee who it costs nothing, but it certainly is not to the owner of the business.
Next time you find yourself getting a deal that is really costing someone else, think of who is the silent one it is effecting and who is watching. Almost always, my kids are watching. Maybe my husband is along. One thing for sure, My Love is always watching and hopefully is also very proud when my actions shout out that I belong to Him.



  1. What kills me is that these people not only stole the gas, they told their friends so that they could get some. I must admit that many years ago, when I was a youngster, I may have joined in the line but now that I am old and wise, haha, I would have gone in and told the owner. I like you, always think, about the shoe being on the other foot and that like you said, someone is always watching. Thanks, you gave me an idea for a post.

  2. Lynn thanks for the great comments about honesty. It’s unfortunate that we don’t see honesty displayed as much as we should. I have run into that situation twice in the last week. I wasn’t charged for certain items I had received and the clerk in the store encouraged me to take them anyway. One item was $13! I told her I needed to pay for it. I later thought I should have told her that I have the Holy Spirit convicting and guiding me to do what is pleasing in God’s sight in all situations. In doing this I find true peace. I knew her boss wouldn’t have been pleased with her decision just as God feels when we choose not to obey Him. I left the store with peace but also a sadness for the ways we’re so easily lead to make the wrong decision especially if it’s to our gain! Let’s keep our ears open to His voice.

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