I Go After Him

In chapter five I encourage your girl to go after God hard. I encourage her to develop a history with God which creates a strength that can only come through experience in trusting Him.

One of the post powerful stories that created history with God in my life came when I was 18.

My first “love” was a boy from my church; I was only in 6th grade…yeah, 6th grade! Our moms were best friends; it just seemed like the perfect fit from the time I met him. The crush that started young lasted for seven years; he never reciprocated. Somehow, I just knew, though, that he was the one for me.

After high school, I went on to a Bible training school. At this school, I discovered that the love of a lifetime, the soul mate that I was looking for was Jesus. I had grown up hearing he was my shepherd, savior, best friend…but no one ever told me that He wanted to be the love of my life. As I began to study His word, specifically looking for the way He loved me, my heart began to be filled up. The loneliness and fear that I would never find the “right” one began to go away as I grasped hold of the truth that Jesus was the Right One. During this time, I committed to spending my time at school not dating so that I could focus on the true love of my life.

Guess who should call me during that time? Yep…Greg! He was coming a 1,000 miles from our home and wanted to come and see me. I was so elated! Finally, the desires of my heart were going to come true. That is until my counselor pointed out to me that I had committed myself to not dating. I was so torn! I just knew if I passed this opportunity up I would never find someone so perfect for me like Greg was (let alone Greg himself!).

I decided to trust God. I decided that I would go after God as He was coming after me.

I called Greg and told him he couldn’t come and visit because I was committing this time in my life to focusing on Jesus. He said he understood. Then he began writing me notes that were filled with scripture; words for me from the Lord. I love it! But once again, I knew my heart was becoming attached where it shouldn’t so I told him to stop writing me as well. I just can’t tell how much it pained me and how scared I was that I was giving up the best thing.

I honored God during that season. After school was over, I went home to visit my parents. Greg was in church that night. He saw me and asked me out. I knew it was ok then. We were married a year later and tonighte we are going to celebrate being married for 24 years.

I know that Jesus had me “lay Greg down” so that I could find Jesus to be my one true love. You see, now I don’t look to Greg to fill my heart; to make me happy. Jesus is still and always will be my first love and Greg is an amazing, God-honoring second.

Ladies, we want to model for our girls this type of heart; a heart that wants Jesus more than we want anything else…a career, the love of our kids, the attention of our husband, a house, boat or vacation home. Nothing comes before Him and we want nothing more than Him. As you go after Jesus, your girl will see. Our prayer is that she, too, will go after Him.


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