In the Know – What Does the Future Hold?

Do any of you have a graduation right around the corner this spring? Millions of seniors in both high school and college are counting down the days, maybe even hours until they have that diploma in hand. So with this big event right around the corner, what are they hoping for in their future?

The Barna Group has just conducted new research by sampling 602 teenagers. The question: What do you think your life will be like roughly 10 years from now, when you are a young adult, around age 25?

The biggest thing on their mind: finishing college for high schoolers and professional careers for college grads. “81% of teenagers felt they are likely to have a “great-paying job” by the time they are 25. Displaying their we-want-it-all perspective, 80% of teens also believed they would be serving in a “job where they can make a difference” by that age.” (1) In this economy, it is good to see that they have a positive outlook on the future

If our teens truly do want to have a great job and make a difference as well, how can we point them in the right direction? I remember having similiar thoughts as I came out of high school, but didn’t find myself surrounded with those who could offer good advice or direction.

Maybe the Lord would use you to do just that! A great place to start is dialoging. When you ask a graduate, what they want to do, really listen. The Lord just might use you to be able to pour into this teen and help to point them down the right path.

Most teens will answer, “I don’t know” or “I don’t have a clue” when asked what they would like to do for work. Deciding what to major in or where to begin a career is a huge decision at such a young age. Take a moment at that Open House or celebration dinner to ask them what they enjoy, what they are gifted at or how they want to make a difference. Share with them some of your work or service experiences. Give them ideas of peers you know that are in the work force who have similiar gifts. Don’t be afraid to offer advice and encouragement. Many of them are very scared of the future; even if they don’t look like it! You might be just the person that the Lord would use to help a wanderer to find his way!



  1. Your ideas for conversation starters at the grad parties is very relevant. My husband just started teaching at a high school and we just received our first open house invitation in the mail. This will be a great time to connect with those kids, as you said, and ask them about their future.

  2. My daughter is completing her freshman year of college at a Christian school that is highly esteemed for the program she is majoring in. However, she is planning to transfer to a public school that is, let's just say, a C- when it comes to her major; and it's ultimatly no cheaper out of pocket, since the public school does not help with any scholarships or grants. We have advised her to consider many things for the future (to make a long story short), but she thinks she will have more opportunities at a larger institution. We realize that at the age of 19, she has the right to make this choice, but it is a struggle as her parent to watch her travel a road that we think is much less wise. If anyone has any advice for us, we would love to hear what you have to say.

  3. Crystal, Thanks for sharing your heart concerning your daughter. I can feel your concern! This isn't really "advice", but one thing that keeps coming back to me when it comes to my own kids is that they have to write their own story. Sometimes, I am none to happy about what they are writing, but the none the less, they have to write their history with God. In the meantime, I need to prayer like crazy!

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