Confidence for When You Are in Over Your Head


We all have times when we lack the confidence we need, just when we need it.

So is there a way we can prepare for those times? Get our confidence ready for when we are in over our head?

Absolutely! When can start, even today, to fill those unstable places within with the truth of who He says we are.

We are His.

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We are loved without condition; no strings attached.

We are defined by the love that caused Jesus to leave His home to make us His home.

That is amazing love.

Through His word, we can cultivate the wisdom we need even before a confidence-challenge presents itself.

That’s why I’ve got two give aways today.

First, a gift for everyone! Lock screens you can download onto your phone or device that will fill those unstable places, each time you pick it up!






Second, a gift for one blessed reader: a copy of my new Bible study for women: Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures. It’s a great way to get your 2018 heading in a forward motion!

To enter to win, simply share one area you want to build Christ confidence in your life in the coming year in the comment section below. 

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I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, December 14th.


*********This contest is over. The winner is Nichole H. who posted on 2017/12/11 at 3:03 pm. Congratulations Nichole!*********



  1. Demi-lee Jacobs says:

    Dear Mrs Cowell,

    Love reading your blog posts via Proverbs 31 Ministries, as well as your own page.
    About building confidence in one area of my life – I wouldn’t know which one to pick or where to begin. I’m only 25 and have been battling for the longest time with fear and anxiety in most areas on my life, I battle to let go and let God… Here’s to really and truly hoping that your book could be the extra resource I need to find my confidence in Christ!


    1. Lauren Rose is a young lady that is transferring from a small college to a large university. Lord give her confidence to make new friends.

  2. Thank you, Lynn. This is such a needed encouragement for me. It’s quite ironic and funny, but I feel like I just lived through a very similar situation at my job. There was (what I felt like) a door of opportunity open, and while I was standing right in front of it trying to work up the courage to walk through it and see if it may be for me, I just found out that it shut. That is a true example of what you write about in the devo- how we may mess up with our own hands and lack of confidence something that could be great for us. But I found you prayer comforting and hope-giving, ”Dear Lord, help.”
    I definitely need to learn how to be confident and better filled with God’s wisdom so I can act when I need to act and how i need to act despite timidity of the flesh when it’s least needed.
    I love the screenlocks!Putting up faith vs fear one today. Thank you so much for sharing them with us :).
    I’d love to read your book too.

  3. Lori Curtis says:

    I want confidence in my career. I have an interview today for my dream job. I searched the bible yesterday for verses pertaining to confidence, and I awoke to this devotion! God has been showing Himself to me this weekend in amazing ways. He is so good!

  4. Thank you for your words of encouragement and strength. I, too, doubt myself so often and question my every decision, even after praying for wisdom.
    I need reminders that my confidence is not in myself, but in my loving Savior. He is my strength, and this is what I pray others may see in me. I want my confidence in Christ to be an example to my children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues.
    Thank you!

  5. Such encouragement today. Especially relevant for I’m at a crossroads in my life with my job. I don’t know if I should stay or leave. I’m 55 years old with many chronic illnesses. My employer is kind to me when it comes to taking time off when I don’t feel well, but I don’t have any benefits, ie, medical, retirement, etc. I am worried about what the future holds and my medical bills are horrible every year. My husband’s job has no benefits either. So there’s my dilemma. I’ve been looking elsewhere and have been offered times for interviews but lack the confidence to go further. My migraines and the meds that go with them have effected my brain, memory and concentration and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to learn as well as I used to. My faith on myself has been shattered. Your devotion really hit home today. Your book would be a wonderful read and inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I need to have Christ’s confidence in my marriage. We have had our struggles over almost 30 years, yet I know we love each other. I want to trust completely that the Lord will restore our marriage to His design and redeem the years that have been squandered. I am confident that He has a plan for and a call on our lives, I need the confidence to trust Him with the timing of it all.
    I would love to read the book and go deeper into the study. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of both.

  7. I need the Lord to help build confidence and courage In my writing.
    I too have a particular ability to allow fear and insecurities to sabotage my growth, specifically in this area. But I sense the Lord calling me to take courage and trust Him. To step boldly into the passion that’s in my heart for writing and speaking.
    Perhaps, my word for 2018 May be courage!

  8. God’s timing is always perfect! God is not random. Thank you for this lesson in confidence. I am 60 years old and facing a job change. My personal concerns are handling stress in the job market. I want to be patient and let God lead
    me. Having a book to read with focus on feeling ready for something new would be so beneficial.

  9. These words speak directly to my heart. I know God is using you to help me. I have returned to teaching after a 15 year absence. The children in my classroom have a wide variety of disabilities that I have never taught before. Then there is the staff I have to supervise who have different opinions on how to educate the children. I am completely overwhelmed. I haven’t slept a full nights sleep in several months. I either don’t eat or overeat depending on the day to help manage my emotions. I cry all the time. I know the only reason I have made it this far is because God has supported me. I pray for strength, confidence and wisdom multiple times a day. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  10. I need confidence to begin preparing for the next chapter in my life–what to do, what ministry to become involved with and how to prepare for that ministry after I retire in a few more years. And the confidence to go where God leads me!

  11. I loved your devotion today and if I’m honest, fear has been a big factor in my life. Mainly, to let go of old fears and love again. I need to love my husband, I need to love this older child we adopted. I need to not be fearful and failing every time I want to try something.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. I needed your devotion today! I lack confidence in many areas of my life but I mostly need more confidence in my career.

  13. Deena Lundine says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I pray and ask for prayer for confidence around people. I honestly don’t know when this started but even as a young person I have never been comfortable around a lot of people even if I know them all. Now as a senior (65) I still have this fear in me. It stops me from doing things that I really think I would enjoy and going places I want to go. I’m very new to your blogs and this one really hit home. Thank You and You and Yours have a very Merry Christmas.

  14. Good Monday Morning Lynn and sisters reading this blog! Soooooo, I was scrolling through my inbox, which has been overtaken by a ton of junk mail?, and I almost passed this Crosswalk by. God has shown me through several of my own life experiences and that of friends, that there are no such thing as “coincidences”, only God’s intercessions when we absolutely need to feel and know He’s near the most! Except for a short 2 month contract this summer, I have been out of work due to a layoff since the end of June of this year. I have a very unique background of skills and experiences of 20 years in education administration and project management, but I do not have an advanced degree. So although I know I can likely run circles around those that do have them, I become almost severely anxious and doubtful when it comes to applying to roles in which I know I can compete and be a viable candidate because I convince myself that I have a shortcoming that is too much to overcome. But the Lord has shown me once before that I am more than capable and that His will prevails, not mine or those interviewing me. But like the what I have dubbed “the retarded Isrealites”, I have allowed my mind to convince me once again to be fearful for a very important day long job interview I have on tomorrow. After two successful phone interviews, the rubber will meet the road when I meet face to face with several members of the project team, complete a writing and PowerPoint assessment and all in a field that’s new to me-bio pharmaceuticals?. So even though the Lord has opened the door for me to even have this chance via a personal referral of a friend that works there and has prepped me about as much as she possibly can, I am still letting fear creep in, but finding the gift of your message this morning has greatly suppressed my angst?. I am now feeling some calmness of mind, but I also know that I’m only human and on my drive tomorrow and throughout those interviews I will be inwardly repeating the prayer “Dear Lord, help. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for this right on time message, and I thank the Lord for bringing me to it. I would love to be the winner of your giveaway but know that there are other sisters that may need it more than I, so thank you for the opportunity of the gift and many blessings to the one that receives it.
    Make the rest of your day a great one!??

  15. Cecilia Bellon says:

    My confidence is shaken when I’m put on the spot by a non believer. I know what I want to say but sometimes I get tongue ties and fear I don’t sound like I am 100% a Jesus girl. Thanks for your wonderful message! I keep your devotionals and reflect back on them for help. God bless.

  16. Stacey H. says:

    I need to have more confidence in my ability to be a great mother to my girls. I know it seems so silly! I homeschool them and volunteer in multiple things they’re interested in, but I’m constantly doubting myself. I question whether or not I play with them enough, discipline with love or fuss too much, you name it and I question it. I have to start reading the word more so I can push these thoughts out of my mind!

  17. Of course God provided this devotion this morning. I asked a few friends to pray for me yesterday because of my self-doubt over so many things I feel like I’m failing in. Just one-I am interviewing for an amazing promotion at work and Satan has convinced me that there is no way I’m good enough. But with God I am good enough and strong enough for everything.

  18. Thank you Lynn. Since a devastating and publicly humiliating loss of a job as principal of a school in VT (due to reasons that were never disclosed to me and I was too insecure to fight), I have deeply struggled with insecurity. I have found, in fact, that it has plagued me my whole life as I was a shy, quiet, chubby middle child of 5. I never felt “chosen”. I know God chooses me every day. I am now struggling to keep my almost 30-year marriage alive and this devotional would really help. I am clinging to God’s truth but there are times that I sink into despair. Help! This will be my prayer today to our Lord and my refuge. Thanks again.

  19. Courage to talk to people; to feel liked I have something to say and they would like to hear it; to feel interesting enough that I can talk to others

  20. Hi
    I would like to build my confidence in the area of relationships. I am introverted and find it difficult to initiate conversation with people, especially at work where I meet new people all the time. My newest position requires more interaction and initiation.
    And it would also help with my marriage and step parenting

    Thank you!

  21. SandraAnn Clark says:

    One area I want to build Christ confidence in the coming year is in believing what the Lord puts in my heart to share. I want the God Confidence to go boldly and speak what He has placed on my heart with the right words not stumbling and without lots of preparation or notes.

  22. I need more of Christ’s confidence when I’m visiting with co-workers

  23. I need to confidence in a few areas…parenting, work, and finances. Or maybe it’s faith I need! 🙂 Love to hear how you intertwine the two.

  24. There are so many areas I need Christ confidence – parenting, a job search, confidence in my own abilities.

  25. Julie Woodman says:

    I need more confidence at wirk.

  26. I am 35 years old and still single with no prospects on the horizon. I am struggling with fear of loneliness during this stage of my life. I need more confidence that God is in control and He is my all in all!

  27. Marlene Thorn says:

    Just what I needed today, I love you Jesus

  28. Amanda Smith says:

    My desire for 2018 is to be able to step out in confidence and faith like Mary’s when God is calling. I want confidence in knowing that it’s Him and confidence in His plan – confidence that I don’t embarrass myself or fall on my face.

  29. Alexandra says:

    I need to start believing more in the abilities God has given me.

  30. Jennifer Norwood says:

    Looking forward to rebuilding my confidence in Christ alone, after my husband of 26 years chose to dissolve our marriage, severing our family. I have never felt so insecure and uncertain of my future as I do at this time, so thank you for offering this timely book.

  31. God’s timing is incredible! My 35 year career has been successful and fulfilling, yet, professional confidence is one of the biggest targets Satan has found in my heart. Your devotional words today caught me off guard and were exactly what I needed.
    Tomorrow I leave for an important meeting, far away from home. Traveling with 10 men from my own company, the other side of the table may be all men as well. I have been tearing myself down for a week, telling myself I don’t belong at the table. Please pray for me. Pray that tomorrow I will arise (very early) for my flight and depend fully on the energy, wisdom and creativity of the Creator. And, perhaps more importantly, approach each encounter with the humility and servant spirit of Jesus, the Messiah.

  32. I need more confidence in my new roll at work.

  33. Where don’t I need to build my confidence…as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a student and employee, but most importantly as a chosen child of God?!?!

  34. I want confidence that God can provide in 2018 in the realm of relationships, particularly the realm of dating.

  35. Confidence to move forward, to make decisions, to know that I AM favored and that He is for me and I AM worthy and I AM the best for my kids and my husband. Confidence in proclaiming His greatness in song, the dream that has been bound up for so long, but is drowned by fear. That I am capable and am not doing EVERY.thing.wrong.

  36. I desperately needs confidence in my life as I am continually filled with fear. Large, irrational fear – you name it, I’m afraid of it. I know that “perfect loves casts out all fears”. I also know that “God did not give me a spirit of fear”. But I cannot seem to take these into my heart and believe. Thank you for your kind words this morning. A breath of fresh air for sure. God’s blessings on you!

  37. Lynn, thank you for this encouragement. It’s like it was written for me. Your email arrived as new tears started. I need confidence in overcoming anxiety. I need courage full stop. I hope this makes sense. My life is about to TOTALLY change. I am PETRIFIED.

    Blessings to all. \o/

  38. I need to trust that Jesus will always provide even when I am afraid we don’t have enough.

  39. kathy burlend says:

    I need confidence in who I am in Christ! I need to not fear others, but be confident in who God made me to be! Confidence in my relationships as well as myself! God is so good and I am so glad to have read this today!

  40. I would like to have more confidence in who I am in Christ and sharing more with other about my relationship with him. I would also like to have more confidence in my abilities and skills at work but also in not having fear to try something new when an opportunity presents itself. I have let one or two pass by because of that.

  41. The area I need confidence building is at work. Sometimes the tasks are so many, so urgent, so daunting that I’m easily overwhelmed. I was reminded this morning that God is SO big and SO powerful, so I can trust Him to be big enough and strong enough to handle what comes across my to-do list. In Him I have the confidence to face each day! I easily lose sight of that fact that He is able, even when I am not. Praying for God to grow me in this!

  42. I need confidence in my business. I lack the confidence to go forward and believe that it is right for me and my family. That I can help others and help my family.

  43. Melodie Mandanis says:

    Struggling and need wisdom with a situation with my adopted son. I want to respond and react in my flesh but know God calls me to something different. Praying Help right now.

  44. I want to fully trust and rely on God this year. I am doubting myself and fear takes over some days and I pray for peace to wash over me.

  45. I want to grow in my confidence as a mom. My husband passed away in August so I am a newly single parent who worries about failing every day! I’m praying for God given confidence in this new season!

  46. I feel this word is so timely for me right now – God’s timing is incredible. I love His sweet “surprises”. You see, I recently lost my job after 20+ years in the fashion industry. God blessed me with knowledge, wisdom & favor as I too was not educated or experienced in the field. Yet I learned, grew and was promoted. However in the past couple of years I yearned for more – to work and hopefully reach retirement working in my passion. So, now we are looking to make a move and relocate to another state near my brother-in-law in the next 6mos. and I am terrified. Yesterday we visited a church near his house and the message was about making a “move” in faith. The church itself in fact was having its last service in the rented school gymnasium- after 5yrs they would be moving into their newly built facilities this coming Sunday. We felt the Holy Spirit and received such a beautiful word of confirmation through the pastor’s message. Today your devotional opened my day with a word of confidence and making moves. Wow! I’m speechless and in awe at God’s orchestration. I cannot wait to see and hear what he has in store! I pray this study reaches all who need that word of confidence. I do.

  47. Fear has always been a strong-hold of mine. I want the courage to walk confidently into what God is calling me. To be obedient and not fearful.

  48. I need Christ’s confidence to step into working in “the ministry”. I don’t want to fail again, to fail to commit , to fail to provide what the people need.

    This blog post came on the day that I asked the Lord for strength to be transparent with my leaders about what I hear the Lord speaking to me about in this season.

    Thank you.

  49. Judy Belbin says:

    I needed this encouragement this morning… when asked to play the piano and lead worship in church… fear and insecurities take over… I know that fear is not of God and that we need to have confidence in Him…. but flesh gets in the way and questions like “what if I mess up” come to my mind. Then I keep quoting “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Thank you so much for your devotional today…. and the opportunity of your book.

  50. Michelle Vasquez says:

    Confidence is such a needed subject for me! So much in life has beaten me down to the point that I tend to “hide” away. I need to get more involved and connect with people. I know it’s part of our calling as Christ followers.

  51. I’m praying that my God confidence grows in the area of parenting my teen daughters.

  52. To get out of the boat.

  53. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for the devotional today(I read it on Proverbs 31 Ministries.) I have struggled with fear my whole life and has affected my confidence with most of my life. This upcoming new year, I want to have God help me not fear my decision making and guide me in his will. 2018 might be my craziest year to come in my life: going through the adoption process/adopting, possibly move to a new area away from friends, job changes, celebrating 10 years of marriage, and traveling to a place I have always wanted but never thought it would ever happen. I was actually talking to a few friends about starting a Bible study and your sounds perfect to do, too! Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!!

  54. I pray for Christ confidence in retirement vs. changing jobs. Time for a change – confidence to go forward and watch/wait for His word as to my direction. Not easy to let go after working so many years. I know He has a plan and I know that He will be there and care for me if I but listen and have confidence. Thank you!

  55. I want to quit feeling guilty for everything! I need confidence that when I make a decision, that it is the right decision.

  56. I want to build Christ confidence in my career. I’ve been contemplating some new pursuits for a while now, but fear has held me back. This devotion was right on time for me. Thank you!!

  57. Lisa O'Quinn says:

    I am looking to God for more confidence in parenting. All I can see if where I fall short.

  58. I have always struggled with fear and a lack of confidence. I recently did make a career move. I know it’s where I’m supposed to be, because God opened all the doors for it to happen, however I sometimes still doubt my ability and second guess myself. I need to trust God more and have more confidence in what He has provided me. I seem to let fear hold me back. Thank you for this devotional. It spoke directly to me. I would love to win a copy of your new book. Thank you for your commitment to God and sharing these words of wisdom. May God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Angie – congratulations on taking the leap of making a career move. My closest friend recently did this and it has been a daily walk, more like a daily struggle, to hang onto the confidence she has in Christ while she is in this huge learning curve. Like you, she knows God has her there, but most days it has been overwhelming. But here is what I am seeing in Julie – her strength in Christ, because of her dependence on Christ – is growing daily! I believe the same will be and is true in you!

      1. Karen Land says:

        It’s amazing to read Angie’s comment and your reply, Lynn. 9 years ago the Administrator at my office had to retire for medical reasons. I had been training with her and was the obvious choice; however, I told the supervisor that I didn’t want the job. I’d been a supervisor before and knew the stressors of the position. Finally one day I stopped and prayed about it, giving everything over to God telling Him that not my will but His be done. If that’s what He wanted and use me to help people, then I would acquiesce. That VERY afternoon the State Attorney himself and our supervisor came to me and told me that he was putting me in that position. I honestly couldn’t believe it on the human side but wasn’t surprised spiritually. I earnestly, fervently prayed for God to give me wisdom, knowledge and discernment and am still seeking all 3 daily. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize God put me in that position for a reason, yet I have DAILY struggles with my fear. Fear of failing, inadequacy, making wrong decisions and the list goes on. I also believe that God will let me know when it’s either time for me to move on or step down and those are the struggles I’m facing at this very moment. I contacted our HR director and asked for help for my support staff but because of my request (I suppose because I couldn’t come up with a solution myself), I came underf the gun. To say my plate is full to overflowing at work is an understatement as I work most days from 8 to 6, 7, 8 pm to try to stay on top of things. The year I became Administrator, I lost my Dad a month later to melanoma and 6 other friends/family during the next 6 months. It seems like the devil has thrawted me on every turn since I took this position and this year has been equally as hard. My husband of 29 years became I’ll in Feb and has been on leave without pay for the majority of 5 months now. He has lost interest in EVERYTHING. We barely talk to each other and he does absolutely nothing around the house so my resentment is growing. I was raised to respect your husband, not talk back to them and be submissive but something has to give. My youngest son(23) tried to take his life the end of Aug. But the gun didn’t go off, praise God!! THAT is another miracle I claim in the name of God and give Him the Glory!! Then 2 months later I almost lost my oldest son due to a medical condition that the Drs haven’t yet diagnosed. Yet, as I read these other ladies comments, I feel that their needs are greater and I want you to give the book to one of them as I have intentions of purchasing it myself. I’m not commenting (replying to your reply, actually) for that purpose. My greater need is prayer! From anyone/everyone who may read this. My desires are to be the best in whatever it is that God wants. I want to be a better wife, a more Christ-like Mother and now a new Grandmother to a beautiful 15 m/o little doll. Lastly, I want God to use me as He sees fit in my professional life, whether it be to remain the Administrator or be of use to Him elsewhere. I truly love each of my support staff and only want what’s best for them, even if that means me stepping down now. I apologize for the length of my comment, not my intent. Thank you, God bless you and I hope you and yours have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!

        1. Lynn Cowell says:

          Thank you for taking the time to share in detail, Karen! I am so very glad you did! I know it will encourage others who read.

          Lord, You know Karen’s heart. You see everything in her every day. Bring the wisdom only You can bring. Bring the power, strength and boldness to do and say what You would have to do. Do the work in her heart that she is asking for: to be a better wife, more Christ-like mother and an influential grandmother. Work in her the fruit of the Spirit of God that is living inside her. In the name that is above all, Amen

  59. I need confidence that God will take care of finances since I had to leave my job. Also that I can deal with the outcome of my breast biopsy tomorrow no matter the results, trusting God’s plan.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, You are Jehovah-Rophe, our healer as well as Jehovah-Jireh, our provider. Fill Tammy today with Your confidence, Your peace and the faith she needs to take her life with You and in You one day, one step at a time. Amen

  60. Jennifer Stone says:

    I plan to speak with God every time I get in my car each day ( which is a lot!)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love this very practical plan, Jennifer! A great one for us to copy!

  61. Hi Lynn, thank you for this on-time message! I would like Christ-given confidence regarding my purpose and the next steps for my life. I want to stop wavering between ideas and truly want to know what God wants me to do next concerning His will rather than my own.
    God bless!

  62. I need to learn to seek Christ before making decisions in my life, even the small ones. I am the worst at thinking that I can do most things without Christ, rather than I can do all things through Christ. Prayers to all of the ladies above with their health issues.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lisa – I was just reading this morning in Matthew 1, the story of Christmas. What stood out to me today was how it says verse 20, “But after he had considered this …” Joseph stopped when he saw that things were not going as planned and he gave time for God to speak. And He did!

  63. Stacey Altepeter says:

    I need the confidence to be a stronger parent. I need to stand up for my kids more with the school. I need the confidence to keep my resolve & not give in so much. I need the confidence that I am loving them how I should be & how He wants me to.

  64. I am currently a college graduate with no direction or plan. I have what feels like 1000 ideas for a future constantly swirling in my head but I feel like I have no idea which one God is calling me to do. I need confidence, God’s peace, and peace so that I can only hear Him and clearly know which one is His purpose for my life.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Erin – I can only imagine how it feels to be in your position. I’m praying that the Lord will help you to see this time in your life as your great adventure with Him. The sky is the limit. Holy Spirit, empower Erin with bravery and courage and help her to see her next step – even if it is just a small one. Amen

  65. Thank you for your great words of encouragement and for the lock screens, I love them all!

  66. Thank you for this message. I definitely struggle with my confidence. I try to do what God’s will rather than my own. Not sure I am succeeding at that.

  67. Tina Hutchinson says:

    Hi Lynn, I think this book would be an awesome book for my daughter, she in is her first year of medical
    school. I has been a long journey even to this point. She is very thankful for the gift the Lord has given
    her however has a difficult time feeling confident. Every exam, struggle she questions her self and how
    she is doing. I would love for her to get confidence in our Lord whom has given her the strength to get this
    far and continue to give her that confidence for the long road ahead.

  68. Thank you so much for this encouraging word! Always appreciated on a Monday morning! I am needing confidence to believe in the promises of God for me which are a husband and children. It’s very difficult in this season of singleness but I know God is using it to prepare me as well as my husband. However, that does not mean that I still am able to stand firm against the lies of the enemy about my value and worth. So yes, again thank you for your encouraging words! They are like a breath of fresh air!

  69. Hi Lynn! This is my first visit to your blog (though it won’t be my last!)….I googled Bible devotions and a link lead me here. I need Christ’s confidence in my relationship with my daughter…especially regarding my grandson. They live with us and things can get…um, sticky at times. 🙂 I so appreciate your encouragement and this sweet gift/drawing. Blessings!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Welcome, Diane! I hope you will be a regular in our community here! Lord, give Diane the wisdom she needs, just as you promise us in James 1:5. If we ask, You will give it. As you give it and Diane walks in it, build her confidence in You. Amen!

  70. I need confidence in my parenting. My first of six has just left the nest and I’m questioning a lot right now. I truly want to be the parent God wants me to be.
    from NC

  71. Patricia Jaracz says:

    I would like to be more confident as a women’s bible study leader. Even though I’ve gotten positive feedback, I still feel inadequate.

  72. Andrea Coppock says:

    I need more confidence in each and every decision I make on a daily basis, as well as confidence that I am doing the right thing when it comes to my new business I have ventured into. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  73. I need to trust God and to jump when he says to even if I can’t see the bottom.

  74. Thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes when I’m in doubt I wonder just how everyone else is so confident and I’m the only one in this position. i’ve been trusting the Lord in my health and finances, but once un a while doubt creeps in. Thank you for honesty.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Gabriela – I know it may appear everyone else is so confident, but really, I think it is something most of us struggle with. I think that is why the Lord had me write Make Your Move this year. The enemy doesn’t want us to be confident, because he knows that if we do, we will change the world.

  75. Alyson Foy says:

    To start each day with a small prayer I heard on a Deepak Chopra meditation “Use me God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be and what I can do and use it for a purpose greater than myself” and continue to pray to God not for things I need but just for who He is!

  76. I need more of God’s confidence in my family…….my adult children.

  77. I need confidence to rest in God…to know that it is not up to me to pray longer, confess more scriptures, read the right book ,or find a way to “fix it”,….to REALLY release the concern to Him and trust that He will take care of my loved one.

  78. I need confidence in making decisions about my everyday life. Confidence in who I am in Christ and not comparing myself to others and using what God have given me to glorify him and not be afraid.

  79. My daughter has decided not to speak to me, as she feels I am “weak” and not nurturing. I need the confidence to speak up to her. Only in the last few years have I come to realize how much God loves me and has been faithful to me. I pray constantly that she will want to change her hard heart, that she will want to love her family again, that she will realize that God wants us to love one another, that her broken heart will be healed. I need God’s wisdom and confidence to speak the truth. I love her dearly and always have. I pray for the confidence to know that I am loved by God just the way I am and that God will give me strength to face each new day.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Nancy – this is a hard, hard thing. Relationships can be one of the toughest areas for us to be confident in, especially when harsh words are spoken over us. Can I share an interview with you that I recently did with Suzie Eller? This is exactly what we talked about!

      1. I would love to listen to the discussion with Suzie Eller, but I don’t do Facebook. Is there another way for me to listen to this? Thanks!

  80. I need more confidence to be myself, and not feel judged by others. I also need the confidence to pray aloud, which I am not comfortable doing in front of others.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Shelly – I am so glad you want to take these steps. They are hard, but He will help you as you move forward. I did an interview with Nicki Koziarz about feeling awkward. We talked about social settings, but I think you would find it helpful as it pertains to praying out loud as well.

  81. I want to build my confidence in God, I know he will take care of me but it’s so hard to let go of the reins and let him lead.

  82. I need more confidence in using my gifts.

  83. I need Christ strength and unshakeable confidence as I have to start my life over again at 51. Career, chronically ill child, and I have nothing.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lisa – I can hear in your post your feelings of hopelessness. God has not left you alone, although you may feel that way. Lord, in faith for and with Lisa, we ask that as Lisa reads Your truth and fills her heart with Your truth, that You will first fill her heart with Your confidence. We believe that You will empower her to take the steps she needs to take. Fill her with hope for her future again. Amen

  84. Oh my goodness your word came at the right time this morning. After, hearing
    of a friends great weekend, and the places she shared with a mutual friend. I became
    shaken in my thinking. My self esteem, my confidence. Why don’t get this same
    treatment or attention.
    Is it because I am not that important?. God says ” I am LOVED” Why then, is this
    not enough?

  85. Veronica Morales says:

    I need more confidence as a mom, so that I can help my daughter become a confident woman.

  86. Lynn,

    Thank you so much for writing this. I am just another woman who suffers from confidence. I would like to have more confidence in myself as a whole. In my marriage, I am to the be the “SuperWoman” of my household. It’s what my husband expects out of me (at least I think so) and I seem to fall flat on my face when things gets overwhelming. When that happens, I am so hard on myself because I’m not perfect. I can’t juggle being a full time working mom who manages the household in its entirety. When I continuously re-discover that about myself, my lack of flawless perfection, I am crushed and disappointed in myself. It’s hard to find a balance as a woman!

  87. Kimber Pulliam says:

    I’m working up the confidence to take the leap into running my own business…full time! That means I must step down from my stable, solid career. A scary move for a single mom. I think I can make it work!

  88. Amie Reiterman says:

    Thank you for your encouragement today! I too struggle with confidence. Most especially in my job. It’s easy for me to look at everyone else around me at work and see how much better at the job they are than me. I desperately need to turn to God and listen to what He’s saying to me. Thanks!

  89. I want to build Christ confidence in my faith and my prayer life. I’ve been struggling with that a little lately, but I’m still trying and I believe God us using it to teach me something.

  90. Lynn,
    This Devotion is just what I needed today.
    To only pick one area where confidence is needed is a challenge. I can most definitely narrow it down to 3.

    1) My husband and I are expecting our first Child in March of 2018, and I already feel as though I am going to be a failure at Raising my Daughter to love Jesus with all her heart. I have only been a Christian for 5 (almost 6) Years and am still learning myself.
    2) My job can be very stressful at times, I work in an office and am not always confident in the work I put forth. I know what I am doing but I don’t always feel like its done well enough or good enough. This week my co-worker is off and I am in charge of literally everything. So I am feeling like I am in way over my head, I have done this before when she is off and everything always turns out great but at the beginning of the week I always feel like I can’t do it.
    3) Finally, I lack confidence when it comes to being a witness to others. I am a non-confrontational person and the idea of stirring the pot by bringing up Jesus and peoples beliefs is very unnerving as I do not want to offend anyone or receive a negative response.
    *If there is any advice that anyone has for any of these areas I will gladly accept it.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your heart. I am so grateful that you did!

      Maybe you won’t find this encouraging and then again, maybe you will find some relief in this: when it comes to your daughter following Jesus, you can only do what you can do. You pour truth in every day and live out that truth before her. THIS is something you can do. After that, the rest is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit and is your girl’s own free will. Don’t buy into the notion that there is a “formula” for raising a child to turn out “right”. I did and all it did was put wrongful pressure on myself, which I passed onto my children. Pray, live your life His way and trust the rest to Him.

      Jesus, thank you for this beautiful work you are doing in the life of Danielle. Guide her to fill her heart each day with the truth found in Your word. As she does, build her confidence on You and You alone. Do the work only You can do. We love You! Amen

  91. I would love to build confidence in the new year by shining encouragement to others in dark and dreary places. I want truth and love to blind the world so there is nothing in the space to fill them but light and hope.

  92. My current job and continuing to be a single parent to my 3 children

  93. I need to rebuild confidence for being a working mother with two little ones. The struggle is real and I am so blessed to have healthy children. But each day seems to get more trying right now and I need God’s wisdom and confidence to help pull me through the storm. Thank You for sharing your faith with us.

  94. Hi Lynn,

    I loved the devotion, it really spoke to my heart. I am at a transition point in my life, I feel very strongly I know what I need to do, but I keep putting it off. I guess I need the confidence to follow through! Looking forward to reading more of your work!

  95. Lynda Pitzer says:

    I am working on having confidence in my relationships so that I can have a better balance in my life.

  96. It’s amazing, the stuff that we carry around with us! Your devotional last week encouraged me sooooooo much. Soon afterwards the Lord gave me a vision of myself carrying an ordinary-looking cardboard box around…but that innocent-looking, average, medium-sized box must have weighed a TON. We went to a place that has important significance in my life and Jesus told me to PUT IT DOWN. I did, and I felt so much lighter. I remember looking at the box in contempt, and then walking away from it! Recently I have been finding more and more devotionals like this. I thank you for your ministry. God Bless!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love this testimony, Beth!

  97. Dori Sheese says:

    Thank you for that one word prayer! I will try to remember that every day!

  98. Yes, I need unshakeable confidence in my God and in who I am in Christ. I have been praying for God to remove my insecurities and inadequacies and have those things founded on Him alone. I will need this in 2018 as I learn how to live after the loss of my dad and replace lies/fears with the truth of God’s word.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Carla – I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, loss my dad. It is difficult, but with the comfort that only the Holy Spirit can provide, He empowers us to find this new way of living. Lord, bring YOUR supernatural comfort to Carla. Amen

  99. Courtney Parrish says:

    I want to be Christ-confident when it comes to the stage of life I am in & the circumstances. I need to believe that He will finish the good work He has started in me & will not allow my life to be left a mess, like it currently is.

  100. Ellen Graciella says:

    Your post today gave me a lot of hope as I struggle in the 2nd post divorce year. My ex husband decided after 35 years of marriage to end it. I was devastated as I went to the ends if the earth to keep it intact. I made mistakes that I’ll morn a lifetime over. In all of it, God has been faithful, loving, caring, providing hope. My prayer today is for me to continue to move on w/ my life, create new beginnings, traditions, live on my grandchildren. I had hoped for at least amicability yet it’s far on the horizon. God I hope it’s your plan too. I don’t want to be stuck, bitter, or angry. I look forward to getting your book and embracing what God has instored for me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Ellen, thank you so very much for sharing your story and your pain. In Make Your Move, I dedicated it to my close friend, Julie, who I have watched her build an unshakable confidence in God after her divorce. I share her story in the study as well. If you would like, here is a interview I did with Julie on gaining God confidence after divorce. (Forgive the fact that I recorded it sideways! I hope to redo it someday!)

  101. Great truth. Fear is so crippling.

  102. Jaimie Trussell says:

    I have to get over my fear of failure. It’s crippling me and keeping me from doing the things I am called to do!

  103. Thank you for your perfect words. They are encouraging and so appreciated.

  104. very timely word of encouragement. been reflecting on what my one word for 2018 might be. CONFIDENT may be a contender, as I have been struggling with so much fear and doubt since I’ve been suddenly thrown into the privileged role of unwanted stepmom and the growing pains have been strong

  105. I find myself lacking God’s confidence often. During every season of my life there are areas where I lack that confidence; some old, some new. In this season of my life, I really need God’s Confidence as a wife and mother. I consider myself a transparent and authentic person, at least I try to be. It is very difficult for me to be around people who present so perfectly as wives and mothers. They seem to have it all together, all the time. So here I am sharing my struggles and challenges with Christian women and the responses I get amaze me!!! The responses are from people trying to be helpful and offer Christian advice. However, there is very little connection because nowhere is there comfort offered with saying, “I was where you are once and this is what helped me…” Or, “I struggle with that too let’s pray for each other.” There is this strange need to be “private” and put up a facade. Please understand, i do understand the need to keep initiate challenges private and to be careful about what you share and who you share it with. I’m simply talking about not putting on a persona of perfection. We Christian women are challenges with comparing our inner self with the outer self of others. So we feel that we must present a perfect outer self for others to compare themselves with so we can feel better. Lord help us all!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi friend, thanks for your candidness. It is a bit crazy for us to pretend that there is such a thing as perfection in marriage and parenting. I used to think, when I was a young mom, that there was a formula and if you followed it … booommm … all was right.

      I was so wrong. My husband and I followed God’s word and instructions as best as we understood them for raising kids to love God and follow His ways.

      The thing we forget to remind each other is that our spouses and our kids have free will. Yes – it is the very thing that makes our relationship with God intimate and real. And it is the very thing that empowers those we love to walk away from Him as well.

      I’m not really sure where you are having these interactions with those who are wanting to put on a perfection personna. I try, as well as my friends at Proverbs 31 Ministries, to be as absolutely transparent as I can be. (Have you read Lysa TerKeurst’s blog post on her husband’s affair and her filing for divorce? You can’t get more vulnerable and transparent then that! Here it is: I encourage reading the updates as well, because God is on the move!)

      Sometimes it is not possible to share all of the details, as our struggles are with our children or other relationships that involve other people who would want their privacy protected.

      If you dig through my posts, you’ll see where I have shared my youngest daughter’s struggles with mental illness. She has been diagnosed with bi-polar and OCD. Because of her generosity in wanting this stigma in the church broken, we have tried to share here and on my Facebook page, to help others know they are not alone.

      I hope you will come back and hang out here more often. I feel like we are trying to be real and help one another in this tough thing called life, bringing encouragement and hope.

      He will help us all. 🙂

  106. Laura Smith says:

    I have been stuck for soooooo long! So afraid of failing once again and so I simply allow myself to give way to the fear and it paralyzes me!
    Help, Lord! I sure could use some encouragement!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, reveal to Laura small steps she can take, relying on Your Holy Spirit within. May these small steps build her faith and confidence not in herself, but in You … the God within her. Amen

  107. I want to grow in confidence as a Christian. I have tried to change my confidence in work and as a mom, but my everyday Christian life with consistent Bible studies needs work. I feel overwhelmed at times.

  108. I am a newly retired nurse and am finally able to devote time to participate in many church ministries that I was unable to do before because my schedule conflicted too often. When my children were younger, I was a stay at home mom and was very involved. The problem now is that I don’t feel that I am as qualified as those who have been doing it for the last 20 plus years. My greatest concern is that I know I am good at organization and teaching with a nursing hat on – but lack the confidence in my abilities to serve and be effective for the LORD.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Joan – I hear your words, but see the source of it. Remember – the enemy wants you to believe all of that. He doesn’t want you using your gifts in this new way to draw others closer to Jesus. Don’t listen, Joan. Fill your heart, mind and soul continually with God’s truth. He is the source of ANYTHING we have to give. His word says that He gives all of us good gifts. “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”1 Peter 4:10

      Trust His gifts in You to be displayed His way. 🙂

      Go, Joan, Go! 🙂

  109. Debbie Chrisman says:

    Right now, I’m Broken, it has been a very trying year with 5 surgeries, and then a month ago loosing my Brother In Law suddenly to Leukemia in which no one knew he had, when He got sick, he passed within 7 days. Although Rejoicing that He is with the Lord, that was the last straw to be completely broken. Broken as in where to go next, although I Love God and try my best to follow Him. It’s hard to Praise through the not understanding, it’s even hard to read uplifting material. I am Thankful that I made myself read this, as I Pray it’s a way to help heal.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Debbie – you are so very, very brave. I love that you have admitted: “It’s even hard to read uplifting material.” But you are! If you choose to pick one thing to read, my friend, please pick God’s word. It can reach that place that one one else’s words could ever reach. His words of love, truth and wholeness can do what you cannot see ever happening: restoring you.

      Jesus, thank you for this courageous woman. Thank you that like Job she can say, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.” Job 15:13. Bring light, Your light, where it seems only darkness exists. Amen

  110. There are several seemingly “little” areas of my life I would like God to build “God-fidence” in, but if I were to choose a category that encompasses all these things it will be my confidence in His purpose for my life- I realize that if I really dig to the root of the issue, it points to not believing fully that God will do all the things He has said He will do through me. I pray for confidence in my daily purpose, confidence in my abilities (intelligence) as a medical student, confidence in my words as a writer and sharer of God’s truth in word and deed. Because I know for sure God will do GREAT things through me, if I can live in the fullness of confidence in Him.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Lord! Keep building that foundation of confidence on You and You alone. Amen

  111. I need to have confidence for wanting to change careers as I am in my 50’s and have a fear of failure and rejection. ~Lisa~

  112. My struggle is with matters of the Heart: Forgiveness & Trust
    1. Complete forgiveness of one person who intentionally lied (good intentions) and pleaded for forgiveness & complete forgiveness of the second person who intentionally hurt me, offered an apology but doesn’t want or see the need to repair the relationship.
    2. Complete faith in the renewal of a relationship that seems lost forever.
    3. Guarding my heart while keeping it open for His perfect healing, trusting another person again, but at the same time, keeping it closed to anger/pain that Satan throws upon it at the most sudden, unexpected times!

    The pain is SO real and SO sharp.
    I am in awe of how God can love us SO much but yet can see us turn from Him voluntarily. How does HE NOT collapse with the overwhelming pain?? I’m in awe of how BIG and strong His heart is to withstand the pain from ALL people together turning from Him? He IS an AWESOME God!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Angie, thank you so much for your comment. I am struggling with some of the same struggles.

      Lord, we need You. We need the wisdom only You can bring. You promise us in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” This is what we need: Your wisdom. We also are desperate for Your help in forgiving. We take the steps even though we don’t feel the feelings. Help us, King Jesus! Amen

  113. My struggle is with matters of the Heart: Forgiveness & Trust
    1. Complete forgiveness of one person who intentionally lied (good intentions) and pleaded for forgiveness & complete forgiveness of the second person who intentionally hurt me, offered an apology but doesn’t want or see the need to repair the relationship.
    2. Complete faith in the renewal of a relationship that seems lost forever.
    3. Guarding my heart while keeping it open for His perfect healing, trusting another person again, but at the same time, keeping it closed to anger/pain that Satan throws upon it at the most sudden, unexpected times!

    The pain is SO real and SO sharp.
    I am in awe of how God can love us SO much but yet can see us turn from Him voluntarily. How does HE NOT collapse with the overwhelming pain?? I’m in awe of how BIG and strong His heart is to withstand the pain from ALL people together turning from Him? He IS an AWESOME God!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Angie, your post encouraged me so much! I need some of the same things in my life.

      Jesus, we need the wisdom You promise us in James 1:5. You said, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” We need Your wisdom to know how to navigate relationships. We need Your help forgiving as you forgive. Help us, Jesus. Amen

  114. one area I want to build Christ confidence in my life this coming year is
    Christ Confidence in Who I am In Christ and that I do not have to worry or doubt!!

  115. I want more confidence in applying for jobs. I want to focus on what I have to offer in the workplace instead of areas where I have deficits.

  116. Martha T. says:

    I need more confidence and less fear for the future!

  117. I would like to be more confident in who God made me to be and would like to stop feeling insecure and afraid that I’m just not good enough.

  118. Something I need to remind myself of and accept, but my confidence is rooted in that God gives me the strength to face anything and has granted me a dignity that no one can take from me!

  119. I took a job as a dean at a college…way over my head, but God closed doors and opened others, and at the time I knew it was Him. Now six months in fear of failure overwhelms me. What was I thinking? What was God thinking? Did I miss His leading? One of my many assignments is a struggling inmate education program in a state prison. Something tells me this is God, but part of me says, “Why me?” Tonight as I was searching for comfort on the brink of utter despair, through sobbing and tears I found your blog and the the devotion that ended with the simple prayer, “Lord, help. Amen.” And so I wait for morning where His mercies are new and I pray His strength will renew mine.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – You knew what You were doing. I pray that during this time, You will build in Cathy a confidence that is solely built on You. A confidence that is unshakable and cannot be taken, stolen or lost. May she know in the deepest part of her soul, that You are in her and because You are, failure is only a worldly perspective. In You, we do not fail. We may not have success the way those around us define success, but You define success as us being closer and more like You. Do what only You can, King Jesus! Amen

  120. I want to put Christ more into my everyday routine, I live alone & tend to feel sad.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, please help Doris to find the relationships that can fill her lonely places. Give her courage and bravery to reach and be vulnerable with others. May she spend time soaking in Your love for her each and every day; Your truth in how much You care for her and about her. Amen

  121. What a powerful story in your devotion today! Thanks for being brave and authentic in your sharing. I am trying so hard to have confidence in my parenting but realize I am just living afraid that something will happen to my girls. I need to trust God instead of rely on my own will.

  122. Confidence of who I am through Christ and believing His value of me, not man’s value of me.

  123. Thank you Lynn for sharing your devotion! Oh and what perfect timing as I embark on a new journey beginning January 8, 2018. I am have taken a leap of faith and stepping out of my boat of comfort. After 20+ years of teaching, I am making a mid-life career change and returning to school to become a nurse. The last several years of teaching has been extremely challenging. On top of the new demands as a teacher, new class and school, I had a reoccurrence of depression and onset of anxiety. Last year, my mom passed away which I took very hard. My confidence plummeted. Through time and lots of prayer (along with support from my doctor, therapist, church, husband, sons, sister, and close friends), I began to live again – go outside, walk in the park or at a nearby lake, laugh again, get together w/ friends. It is still very challenging but I am learning to focus on one day at a time. My confidence is building yet I have a ways to go. I had enough confidence to take the entrance exam for a nursing program, complete and submit the required forms and documents, and most recently take another exam (which was really tough). Each step I took gave me more confidence to take the next step. Great news!!! I am one of the 27 (out of 100 applicants) accepted into the program! Now the hard part and the one area of confidence where I need so much help…is in myself so that I can complete this program. The fears and anxiety have begun to surface so much that I am having dreams about it. My past fill my thoughts especially times I have failed and became so overwhelmed that I left and quit. I so much want to complete this program so that I can become a nurse – to serve the poor, the sick, the orphans.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Leah – You are so very brave! I can just sense the Lord’s joy with seeing you stepping out! I can picture Him smiley, pointing you out to all the angels and saying, “That’s my girl!”

      One step at a time, my friend. One thing that I think helps us to build our confidence is actually a bit of backwards thinking. Expect to fail. I know, that sounds crazy! But here is the thing – if we are going to do things we have never done before, it is only logical to expect to fall a few times. Learning to walk. Riding a bike. All those things we learned as a child involved falling. A parent would never expect a child to walk the very first time they tired, and yet, we expect that of ourselves when we step out and try new things.

      Falling down is part of the process and if we expect it to be, we can be less hard on ourselves when it happens.

      He is with you; holding your hand. When you fall, He’ll pick you up and the two of you will begin right where you left off.

      1. Thank you so much for your words of true encouragement! Learning to walk or ride a bike reminds me and puts into perspective that “falling down” is to be expected AND IT IS OK. God is with me. He has been and always will be. One step at a time.

  124. I want to know that I know in my heart that God is active and aware of my sad life. I want and need to know He hasn’t forgotten me. He has good planned for me. That I won’t be alone forever. That He created me and my heart’s desires. That someone can love me and be faithful. Without me making them my god. But in a healthy and godly and lasting relationship.

  125. One area I’d like to build confidence in is being able to learn to share the good news of Jesus without being afraid and not caring how others will react (to me). The confidence of learning to dig in, share and learn, I’m not a scholar but I have an open heart and open mind.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Marcia, this is a prayer Jesus is ready and willing to answer! Can I encourage you to simply begin with your story? We don’t have to be theologians to share our experiences with interacting with God. Others want Him … they just sometimes don’t know He is what they are looking for.

      Lord, give Marcia a new boldness in 2018, to share You … Your love, Your forgiveness and Your restoration in 2018! Amen

  126. I’m in a situation that has completely stripped my confidence and I know the enemy wants me to stay here. I can’t stay here. I’ve been so sick and it needs to stop. I need to find the confidence that the lord has for me.

  127. I would love to have the confidence in the Lord to be able to rest in Him instead of turning to food for comfort. I turn to food often because something in me thinks I can’t turn to Him because He is displeased with me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, we ask that You will remove the untruths in Kim’s heart. You are crazy for her (Psalm 45:11). She is Your daughter and You want to be the Father she can turn to for comfort and help. May this be her revelation in 2018! Amen

  128. I need to be confident in the area of household finances. I’ve spent way too much time worrying about finances (and countless shouting matches becasue of some bad financial decisions by my husband). I need to trust in the Lord that He will get me through this, give me wisdom to make sound financial plans, and mostly, to guard my tongue and not bring up the past when arguments start to escalate.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I hear the wisdom the Lord is giving you already, Tammy! Lord, may this post be our prayer for Tammy. We ask that You will get her through this, give her wisdom to make sound financial plans, and mostly, to guard her tongue and not bring up the past when arguments start to escalate. Amen

  129. diana callahan says:

    When I get focused on other “career” women I loose confidence. Everyone seems to have some kind of great talent/gift she is using to help her household. I have been a stay home mom of 5 kids. The youngest is 16. I have my teaching degree and was once even a flight attendant. I am now substituting to help our income but still be able to be there for our 16 year old. I am not sure what plans the Lord has for me, but I want to be confident in whatever direction he leads me.

  130. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for sharing this! I found myself in a situation very similar to this about two years ago. I accepted a job and after starting, felt extremely unqualified. I experienced anxiety all the time; it stole my peace. Then, the Lord spoke to my heart and showed me that He gave me that job. He showed me all of the ways that it didn’t make sense, in the flesh, that I would have been offered that job. It was by His hand that I was there. When I truly understood that it was His will, I felt the peace flood in. I still had rough days of unchartered water but each time, I remembered that He went before me and it gave me a renewed sense of peace. Thanks again for sharing your heart! God bless you!

  131. Stephanie E says:

    I know that God has called me for more…I want to walk in it. There are souls waiting on me and I want to meet them.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I love the way you phrased this deep conviction. You beautifully state what I feel deep inside, but could never have conveyed so eloquently.

  132. Cathy Burnett says:

    I am feeling the pressure from all around at this time. I am a stay at home Grandmother and I babysit any time my children need me. I also do bookkeeping at home for my son and my husband. I lead a Bible study at our Church. I prepare silk floral cemetery arrangements for my friends for their loved ones. I take my Mom to her doctor appointments. I try to keep my house clean. I try to help anyone I can. The end of the year is always hectic for me, preparing year-end tax information. I just feel really overwhelmed right now. I just celebrated my 62nd birthday, and I know that my time on this earth is getting shorter and shorter and I pray that I have touched someone in some way with the light of God. I want to be a good and faithful servant.

  133. Laurie Guzman says:

    2017 has been the very hardest year of my life. Shortly after our 13th wedding anniversary January 16th, my husband decided he wasn’t sure he wanted to be married anymore. I certainly can’t go into the roller coaster this created this year, but it’s been heartbreaking. I just moved out December 1st with my 10 year old son. The divorce is not final. My husband is already indicating he doesn’t want to finalize the divorce and see if we can repair things. This should be great news and part of me is happy, but we have a very long road to go to repair and I need confidence in standing strong with what God wants. I believe God is for our marriage of course, but I also think there are some very important lessons both me and my husband need to learn, really learn, and I’m worried that my husband is only want to get back together because of money. I just need confidence to let God’s voice be the strongest voice in my soul.
    Thank you,
    Laurie Guzman

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Laurie – it has been a hard year! I think you are listening to the voice of wisdom when you say, “I also think there are some very important lessons both me and my husband need to learn, really learn.” My family has found so much help in professional counseling. It makes all the difference having a non-bias, trained person speak truth into your lives. I highly recommend it!

      Lord, like Laurie, we believe You are for families and for marriage. I ask You to empower both Laurie and her husband with the humility, patience and wisdom it will take to restore this marriage. May they fill their hearts and minds with the truth in Your word so that that healing will come. Amen

  134. Thank you for your message on P31. I would like to find confidence in my work.

  135. I would like to build confidence in the vision that I believe God has for my life and career as an artist, photographer, and singer to give Him glory.

  136. I want to build more Christ confidence in sharing who Jesus is in my life. I feel I lack the words that will be meaningful to others, although Christ is everything to me.
    Thanks for this!

  137. Hi. I could really use a little Christ confidence in every area. But mostly in relationships. I need to constantly remind myself that it’s ok that I don’t have a million friends or that I didn’t get invited to something.

  138. I need strengthening regarding my anxiety that seems to cause trouble with my mouth and my attitude. Sometimes I don’t feel like a good Christian witness.

  139. Thank you for these devotionals that help build us up through, fellowship, Christ and his teachings. At a time when the world is changing so much, with so much negativity all around; these positive and encouraging devotional teachings bring the building blocks of hope, confidence, empowerment and action. It is encouraging to see God’s work in action among so many believers, to help us remain strong in conviction and trust and devotion even during difficult times. I am looking forward to this program, and to help me be confident to rely on God’s strength, when I feel like I am out of my own.

  140. I need confidence in who I am in Christ to help me with my relationships!

  141. Lynn, thank you so much for this message! I would love to win the book. Next year, I want to gain confidence in being a Mom and that what others think does not matter. (Can I say adoption is hard?? And I feel judged by many people around me who just don’t understand all the issues my kids have. I never dreamed our lives would turn out this way, but I can’t force my kids to make good decisions.)
    God bless you and your family this Christmas, Lynn!

  142. Strangely, I am applying for a job tomorrow that is a bit large for me – I used to say that about my pants but I eventually grew “into (and out of) them” About 7 years ago I had a similar situation happen with a job I took, and I too let the fear get a hold of my head, heart and confidence – shaking me in ways that makes this next move even more scary. Your blog today resonated with me so… I would love to continue to keep Christ at the center of all I do, including my confidence in my abilities.

  143. stephanie whitley says:

    I would first love to build my own Christ confidence so i will always trust the still small voice that guifes me daily.its easy to point a friend to scripture that remind them them that all things will work together for their good. It not as easy to swallow the pill you itself when challenges arise. I would the to see my teenage son build christ confidence so he an lead his peers to Christ by example . Lastly I would like Christ confidence for my my aunt who trusts Jesus but thinks she can’t get a break.

  144. My beautiful daughter. She she comes across strong but she struggles with her confidence and second guesses herself which is creating anxiety in her life. She feels responsible for other people’s issues and puts herself into their mess and is dragged down and even blamed for the problems. She needs Christ’s confidence to help her stand strong.

  145. Diane Nichols says:

    My long time friend, Jill. She seeks hwr confidence in worldly things.

  146. My Daughter, she has been blessed with talents and is so afraid to try.

  147. For my granddaughter who is raising her beautiful daughter, going to University for her degree in Social work, she is a god mom and has a lot on her plate which she lots of times tells me “grandma I’m running out of confidence when my plate gets overloaded and always tell her let’s talk and pray “
    Thank you for this chance to be part of this wonderful devotional and teaching
    I’m so looking forward to it

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jackie – both of my daughters are social work majors. I believe God is calling these women to be a part of His plan to bring His change to the world. It is no wonder they face opposition.

      Jesus – I pray for Jackie’s girl and my own – may they look to and rely on You for the strength, hope and confidence they need to do the work you are calling them to do. In the POWERFUL name of Jesus, Amen

  148. I need to build confidence and trust that God is going to help my twin daughters walk one day and be independent. It feels as though I have been praying for the last 15 years and although they’ve come far, they’re still not independent and I must be there for them daily. I love them with all my being and I continue to pray that He will help them in due time and they’ll be taken care of when I am gone.
    I know He’s brought me through so much this past year and I know nothing is impossible for Him but I cannot wait to be able to see it and know that they will be okay. I fear for their future and the life they will have.
    I also fear and need confidence that my oldest daughter will be able to overcome her depression and anxiety and come closer to God one day. I know God has a plan and He knows already how and when to help her but I cannot stop praying for her and her well-being.

  149. I lost my son to a drug overdose in 2016. I have started a foundation in his name to help those in recovery. This is also great healing for me. I know nothing about running a nonprofit and sometimes my confidence is very much in question. When I lost my son, I lost all confidence in myself as a mother. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I am rebuilding my confidence in Him. Thank you for your devotion. It is point on.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Julie – what a beautiful way to use your pain to help others. Thank you so much for being that healing source and light!

  150. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate your blogs. I pray for my dear daughter as she is seeking a life partner. I pray that she will hold true to her beliefs and be confident in who she is . I also pray that I will be able to be an encouragement to her.

  151. I want to see my friend Gail gain more confidence in God. She’s getting there but could use a nudge to give up worry and control and hand them over to God through prayer. Please bless my friend with a peaceful heart!!

  152. I want to see my daughter gain more confidence. She just graduated from college and will be going out into the world to start a profession. I pray for her to gain confidence during this new phase in her life.

  153. Geralyn Miller says:

    I want to build Christ Confidence in my own life with the stories God has given me to share. I have so many encouraging stories about the power of God and what depending on Him really means. I am praying for my sister, Rhonda to come to a HEART FAITH IN JESUS. I PRAY FIR HER TO BUILD CHRIST CONFIDENCE IN HIS LOVE FOR HER! I want her to KNOW that love to the core of her spirit and soul. May God’s Holy Spirit so fill her with that LOVE TO OVERFLOWING. May she experience for herself the security, peace, joy and comfort He gives. Thank You Lord Jesus!!!

  154. Rebecca Gurk says:

    In the coming year, I want to build confidence in who I am as a woman and in how I live out what I know about Christ. I just turned 40, my kids are older, and I am now feeling the Lord stirring me towards something new but He has not revealed it yet! I want to show my kids how you can live free and full of faith in God in every area of their lives. I need to learn to hear God’s voice above anyone else and have an unshakeable belief in who I am in Christ.

  155. Cathy Burnett says:

    I would like for my sister-in-law Vanessa to receive Christ Confidence this year. She has been so down and discouraged.

  156. Hi Lynn, the person I would live to see get more confidence is my 16 year old daughter. She is bombarded with youtube videos, instagram posts, snapchat stories and all other social media sights that talk about make up, clothes, hair styles and alike. This ends up leaving her with a disaticfied view of herself. She is a little bit bigger than most of her friends and of course the social media stars that put these videos out there. She really tries to follow girls that are spiritualy minded but she still ends up feeling like she could never measure up to their beauty or statis. My prayer is that she finds just how valuable she is to her Father in heaven. She has many friends and truely is liked by everyone. She is a possitive influence and a strong spiritual leader. so I would love to see her confidence match that side of her. She just doesn’t see what a truely beautiful girl she is inside AND out.

  157. Hi Lynn, the person I’d like to see grow in confidence in Christ is my husband. He sometimes carries a burden of providing for our family. My prayer is that he would grow in his confidence and trust in the One who provides for us all and that he would rest in His perfect plan.

  158. I’d like to see my neighbor and Friend Sharon grow in Christ. She’s already sweet and kind but I’m not sure if she’s saved and there is an underlying sadness that runs deep. I pray I can be a good influence.

  159. My teen aged daughter. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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