It’s No Secret

Today I am so happy to introduce to you my friend, Rachel Olsen. Rachel has just released a book titled, “It’s No Secret: Revealing God’s Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know.” I have enjoyed using it so much during my time with Jesus each day, I thought I would share a copy with one of you! (I give all the details below!) I asked Rachel to come and share today and the topic that struck my heart last Friday: generosity.

“One of the sweet things I’ve experienced since my book It’s No Secret released this month is hearing how the biblical truths within are impacting people.   So it was great to hear from Lynn that the chapter on living generously struck a God-sized chord in her heart.  I’m especially humbled to hear that because generosity is truly not my strength. 
I’m not a big giver by nature; I’m a stingy giver by nature.  I’ve taken multiple spiritual gifts questionnaires over the years measuring 20 some spiritual gifts and attributes. And I always score lowest on “voluntary poverty” and “mercy” – clearly I’m no Mother Theresa!
But I discovered a divine secret that has helped me live more open-handed.  I found throughout the Bible God promises to reward us – both here on earth and especially in eternity – for being generous.
Does it seem wrong to you to be motivated to give by the reward you will receive, rather than by sheer loving kindness? I agree it’s ideal to give out of altruistic motives – out of a love of God and others. I’m just not sure it’s always possible.  And I disagree that it is wrong to be motivated by the rewards God offers.
I’d like to say I give consistently because I’m commanded to. But let’s face it, my track record at simply obeying rules (such as do not covet) is not stellar. And that can be said for every single member of the human race.  God knows this – that’s why He had to send Jesus.
Jesus knows this too, that’s why he mentions the word “reward” seven times inside of eighteen verses in Matthew 6:1-18. Jesus told us we’ll receive a God-ordained reward if we give without drawing attention to ourselves. If He didn’t want the promise of a future reward to taint our motives, He wouldn’t have revealed it.  But He did, and He wants us to be motivated by it because when we give, His giving nature is displayed – that very same giving nature that desires to bless us for being generous.
God expects us to give – to bless and provide for others.  But He doesn’t expect us to have the impulse to do so all on our own.  He fuels our desire to be generous with His Word, with His character, with His Spirit, with the example of others, and with the promise that He will bless and provide for us in return. 
So I hope that if you can get your hands on a copy of my book, you will.  And you will read chapter 5 and do the Bible study section that follows, and let God grow a generous heart in you. Because giving truly is one of the smartest things a Yahweh Sister can do.
In the spirit of generosity, Lynn is offering a free copy of my book today. Here’s how: Answer this question: If you were given $20,000 that you could give away, where would you give it and why. Click below on “comments” to enter to win and share where you would give; leaving your email address so that I can contact the winner..  (If you are receiving this via e-mail, just pop back over to Lynn’s blog at And if you just don’t have time for that today, comment with “I’m in” and Lynn will make sure your name is enter. If you just can’t wait until Tuesday to find out whether or not you’ve won, click here to order your own copy! Be on the look out…Lynn will be sharing very soon just where she’d give $20,000!
I am also giving away a Kinde e-reader at my blog this week. Stop by to enter there.”
See you Wednesday~ Lynn



  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win It's No Secret.
    I am looking for advice on how to live each day of my life fore Christ.

  2. I make and give prayer shawls. There have been many times when I felt God telling me to make one for someone I frlt I did not have the money for the yarn at that time, but I have just done and trusted the Lord to provide. I have recieved the most heartfelt thank you cards at these times. It was Gods way of showing me that my "little" gift does make a difference and does help.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. Dana,
    I wish I could figure out how to do that! What a great talent and gift!

  4. The spiritual gift of giving is not one of my tops either. Would love some Godly wisdom on the subject.

  5. I would give it to the woman's shelters for the still sick and suffering woman with addictions because my city (Toledo, Ohio) is sooooo sick……and in need of soooo much help!!!

  6. Melissa Kiker says:

    10% of my winnings would go to my church. The remainder I would give to build a place for extremely needy women (mothers coming from abusive relationships, the homeless, teenage runaways, "sex slaves") a place to live and grow in their Christian walk while gaining the skills needed to survive. It sickened me to see the "castle" that Jim Bakker built just lie in ruin while there were 1000's of homeless sleeping on the streets of Charlotte.

  7. If I was given $20,000 to give away, I would give it away to Colon Cancer Alliance, in memory of my step mom Pam Skelton, to help raise awareness for the importance for Colon Cancer screening. In April this year, my step mom passed away from Colon Cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in July of 2007. She fought hard for 3 & 1/2 years. She is my role model, & the one who lead me back to Christ. Honoring her memory would be the least I could do to thank her.

  8. Honestly, if I was given $20,000 today it would be hard to give it all away. Recently, my husband lost his job. He is working for a temp agency at less than 1/2 his normal pay. But, I would hope that I would be obedient to give. So, I would give to my local christian radio station whose fall fundraiser is coming up, support a 'compassion child', give to our church's special offering planned in December then wherever God would lead.

  9. joyful mama says:

    With 20 thousand dollars in hand I would give back to the ministries that have blessed my life over the years. ( My home town church, Joyce Meyer, TBN,& Aglow )
    ♥ Joyanna ♥

  10. It would be hard to just outright give away $20,000, as it seems that my family has many needs right now, but we have learned that you can't outgive God… So, the 20K would go to the special fund-raising campaign hosted by our church for the next week. The goal is to finish renovating our new outreach complex, complete with a gym and ball fields to be used by our Christian school and the surrounding community. An investment in many lives.

  11. If I had $20,000 to give away, I would divvy it up among those near and dear to our heart serving God around the world.
    -Jeri Labell teaching a Tecate Missions International, in Mexico.
    -The McDaniel family with YWAM in Tokyo, Japan.
    -The Malloy and Abts families in Jos, Nigeria.
    -Bridges of Hope orphanage and bible school in Burkina Faso.
    -The Hutchens and Dower families with Cadence Missions in the U.S.
    -Compassion International and our sponsor child Marcos.

  12. My $20,000 would go to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. As a 25 year old with CF I know all too well what a monster the disease is. I know that a cure most likely won't be found in my lifetime but I raise money for the CFF so that maybe babies born with CF now will be able to live more than 30 something years. So if I had $20,000 it would go to the CFF!

  13. I would give it all to one of our favorite "charities", ICDI. They build wells in the CAR (Central African Republic). they are beginning a new program with seeds and helping people learn to plant their own gardens. To eat from these gardens and take some to market. The group also brings the word of God to the peoples of the far reaches in the CAR.

  14. I would divy up the $20k and spread it around….
    10% to my local church
    Local charities and food banks in the area, International groups helping people in other countries "to fish" rather than just one time help, as well as various Christian groups to help continuing to spread the word.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I could give $10,000 to our church missions team, and $10,000 to the orphanage our church sponsors in Sudan. I was an orphan, so this is very personal.

  16. If I won 20,000, I would give the majority of it to the Yahweh Center Children's Village, a Christian non-profit agency that provides psychiatric care for traumatized children (histories of abuse, neglect, etc). I worked there for over 8 years as a therapist and they do amazing work and God does financial miracles to keep them going, but it is a definite "daily bread" situation!
    I would also give a portion of the money to our local crisis pregnancy center, as I want to support the preservation of little lives.

  17. Also, helping the "widows and orphans"

  18. I would give it to my parents, so they could live out the rest of their years debt free and a bit more comfortable. They are on a fixed income and do without a lot of things. We are not in a financial position to help them, so being able to bless them with $20,000 would also be a tremendous blessing fr me too!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I would pray about it first to see where God wanted me to donate. I would like to give it to my church to help in the building of our new church, and I'd give to Canadian Cancer Society.

  20. Andrea Brouwer says:

    I would donate most of it to The A21 Campaign! When I first heard about the injustice of human trafficking – it brought me to my knees with grief, and it was then I knew that this is what God had placed on my heart.
    I would use a few hundred of it to help a young woman I don't even know get a reliable car. I just got and email from a friend of a friend of a friend about a young woman who has 70 days left to finish High School but the city bus transportation schedule just changed and she is unable to make it to school on time. In order for her to get her 2 year old little girl back she needs to finish school. She's really trying to turn her life around and at this point is feeling very hopeless. I'd love to bring a little hope into her life.

  21. This is a no brainer for me!

    I'd give it to seminary families. When hubby and I were there….we were surrounded by hungry ministry families. {THAT SHOULD'NT BE!!}
    I know what a sacrifice these families make to FOLLOW THE CALL to serve!
    It's a big one!

    So many of them were financially struggling! To serve God!
    Us included!
    We had friends who were charging groceries on credit just to eat.
    I would love to help these families out.
    I've been there!

  22. After giving to my church for the new facility fund, and the fellowship fund (helping those in our community in need) I would make a donation of atleast $6,000.00 to LifeWell Inc, which is a group that is drilling fresh water wells in the remote villages of western Nigeria. Each well with generator is $6000.00.


  23. If I had $20,000.00 to give away, I would give $5,000.00 to my church for missions, $5,000.00 to Compassion International for various funds they have like unsponsored children, etc. (my husband & I sponsor 3 children through Compassion), $5,000.00 to our local rescue mission and $5,000.00 to Treasures, a ministry in California who ministers to women who work in the sex trade/strip clubs, etc.

  24. As soon as I read the question I immediately thought of two organizations that take care of orphans in Haiti. IF someone gave me $20,000 I would have to divide it between these two who give so much of themselves and expect nothing in return. Both only want to see Gods kingdom furthered.

  25. If I had $20,000 I would give it all to a women named Carol at my church. She is always giving everything she possibly can even though she works for almost half of what she used to as a teacher. She never complains though it seems as though she has nothing she keeps on giving. She supports her 2 children both in college as much as she possibly can. She is currently in need of knee surgery but can't afford it. Just to survive and keep a roof over her head she works 3 jobs and many little extra side jobs. Even with so many jobs she still has time to help at church and to help anyone who needs it. She will occasionally come out and watch my kids for me and when I try and pay her she tells me she just loves my kids and could not take money. I always figure out a way to pay her even when she won't take it.

  26. I would give it to my parents. They literally live on the bare minimum, they have never owned a home, and a car that is on its last legs, they can ot afford health insurance and they never have been on a vacation and they do not very often get new things- YET- my mom has faithfully stayed home for over 30 years to raise my brother (now 27), me (now 32) and baby sister (15!) and my father has been a hard working blue collar worker all his life, who often wears holy pants just so his family could have what we needed. They have had great financial hardship over the last few years YET they continue to give and give to others- they are full of love and Christ compassions. They raised all ofmy siblings and I to love, rely on and trust in the Lord and we are rich indeed!!! Yes, I help them out when I can and so does my brother- but how cool would it be to hand them the money and say- this is just because … 🙂

  27. I would have to divide the money in half and give $10,000 to Katelyn's Fund and the other half to Shaohannah's Hope. Both of these organizations are near and dear to our hearts. They give out grants to families to help with the cost of adoption. We have been awarded a grant from both of these wonderful organizations and to be able to give somethig back to them would be an awesome experience. They helped enable us to have the family that we prayed for so much!!

  28. I am a product of someone elses' giving. without another person's gift I would probably would have dead of AIDS by now in my teen yrs.So I know how a little gift can be the difference between life and death.

    I would set up a clinic in kenya for simple patient education. To teach signs of strokes, signs of heart attack, diabetes managementment and teach women how to perform basic wound care.

    if i couldn't open a clinic, I would rescue as many women as possible from hospitals who are held in hospitals after child birth simply because they can not pay the child birth hospital bill.

    Or I would send as many children as possible to school.

  29. The passion God has just put into my heart is for teenage girls/young adult woman. I would use the $20K to help them.
    I would buy a lot of Vicki Courtney's books to pass out and pray for older women to lead these groups.

  30. The passion God has just put into my heart is for teenage girls/young adult woman. I would use the $20K to help them.
    I would buy a lot of Vicki Courtney's books to pass out and pray for older women to lead these girls.

  31. If I received the blessing of 20 thousand I would gratefully give it back towards two areas that are close to my soul…
    Local Suicide Awareness & family support and local Save a Life crisis pregnancy groups. Im a Home Missions kinda gal. These two areas have impacted my life in very intimate personal ways.
    Thank you for the chance to win Rachael's new book!! Be Blessed~Isaiah 61:1-3

    [email protected]


  33. I would give it to the Bridge Ministry at New Hope Worship Center. They feed 250 – 300 homeless and/or low-income families both physically and spiritually every other Saturday. They pass out clothes, hygiene items and coats in the winter.

  34. I will give it to my sister-in-law Nellie Flores who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 11 years old and now at the age of 44 needs a kidney transplant. The money will cover all her medicine expenses after the surgery. She is a single mom and has raised her 19 year old daughter alone. Her husband died of kidney failure 10 years ago. Nellie is trusting in the Lord for healing. Today, she was given the news that her only child match and is able to give her a kidney.

  35. I would give it to Becky : I'm a college student working towards a dream, with a passion to help others. I've been on several projects to try and help restore the lives of those broken; traveling to Haiti, Panama, Mexico, and states in the US. I recently published a story, and I'm training to volunteer at the 2-1-1 hotline.

  36. I work with abused and neglected children and would give the money to them for camp, new clothes, new shoes, sports fees, prom tickets, for books at book sales anything to help them feel more "normal"

  37. A couple of years ago my little church merged with a slightly bigger little church to combine resources. My childhood church is now sitting empty, badly in need of repairs. I would use the money to repair the building and establish an annex to use for women's studies.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I would pray and wait on the Lords guidance. I know I would love to give to furthering God's kingdom! I would hope to be able to help River Of Life Church in NY and the Vision God has given them. The Lord has really stirred my heart for women and children specifically teen girls. I know that I would want to be in God's will and give how he would want me to. Rene F. [email protected]

  39. Anonymous says:

    I would give the biggest portion of it to my brother & his family to get back on their feet after both losing their jobs last January. Since then, their family has been split up between family and 2 different towns! It's heart-breaking, and I want to get them back under the same roof! And I'd give some to my church, and also send a gift to my sponsored child in El Salvador.

    ([email protected] / Rhonda)

  40. Dear Friends,
    It has done my heart good to hear how you would bless others. My heart definately skipped when I read of those who have passions similiar to my own: for teens and for those who are caught in human trafficking. God is doing something big in my heart…I can no longer learn more; I have to do more. It is not an option for me. I hope to share with all of you very very soon exactly what that looks like! I'll announce the winner of Rachel's book on Wednesday. Don't forget to share your email address!
    His, Lynn

  41. I would give it to area Rainbow Rooms. Rainbow rooms are rooms at the Department of Family and Children Services (CPS) offices that people can donate to. This room stocks new clothing, shoes, diapers, stuffed animals, etc to provide to children that have been removed from their homes but were unable to bring any personal belongings, either through CPS decision (drug infested) or through the parent's anger and refusal to help in any way. Some children literally leave with barely the clothes on their back. We are foster parents and our most recent placement came to us at 3 weeks old, from a drug den house and all of his belongings were unusable. The only available outfit they could find in their Rainbow Room was a girls outfit. 🙂 I think most people are not aware of this need.

    [email protected]

  42. My Father in Law just passed away and left no money for my mother in law, fortunately the Lord was able to move through us and help her pay for the expenses (He had told us to put money away for 6 months, we had no idea thats what it would be going to! He always makes a way!), I would give her the $20,000, pure religion is taking care of widows, thats what the Lord told us when He showed us that they money was for her! I still cry thinking of His greatness! Other places I could give, the Lord is opening doors for us to have a full time ministry (it will include creation and biblical womanhood, thats all we know so far!) on the road (with our 5 children!) so I would use it for an RV that would fit us so we could serve His kingdom from our traveling home. I also would give it to my best friend to adopt a baby with downs syndrome because thats something the Lord has on her heart, she just needs the money to do it (though she just had a new baby so it may be a while until shes ready to adopt!). Wow, there are so many ways money can serve (and expand!) His Kingdom! I could list more and more! The Lord is faithful to meet our needs! 🙂

  43. This is something my husband and I talked about a couple of times (just for fun). First and foremost, we would tithe. What is left after tithe, we would take 1/4 and pay off some debt, 1/4 to put into college fund for our children, and the remaining 1/2 we would help pay utility bills for low income families. That is a great desire of ours, to help people with utility bills.

    My husband and I truly get great pleasure giving to others. However, we live paycheck to paycheck (like many others) and it can be hard to give as we want to.

  44. If I was given $20,000 to give away, half would go to a boys home and the other half to a crisis pregnancy center. I have two boys and I know how much they mean to me, and how having a stable family life impacts youth. Also, I don't know anything about teen pregnancy first hand, but I can imagine the fear and unknown. There are so many things that young women and babies need that I would hope that $10,000 would impact someone in a wonderful way.

  45. Anonymous says:

    If I could choose where twenty thousand would go, I would first ask that 5 thousand be sent to the salvation army, with winter coming, they will be strapped..they have been helping more and more people lately it seems…
    I would then ask that 5 thousand be sent to west of the brazos military troop support, so they could send some awesome christmas to our children overseas..
    I would also ask that 5 thousand be sent to our own Brazoria County Calvary, the motorcycle group that honors our military..they have honored my family twice, and are such precious people.
    My last 5 thousand, I would ask to be sent to Kenzie has mission (thru the 1000 hills ministry in houston texas) Kenzie is 10 years old, and decided last year that she wanted to feed the hungry. So she got to work, and raised enough food and drink, to feed over 300 people a hot meal and two sack lunches in one day under a bridge in houston texas… With the help of her friends, they also supplied coats, socks, toiletries, bibles, and something we couldnt fathom… plastic grocery bags so they can carry their stuff in…. It was an awesome day, and she wants to do it again…I would love to see her and her friends be able to do this more often, or at least for a few more years…. thank you for letting us have the opportunity to share our favorites people I dont know how to give you email address this choose an identity thing doesnt make sense to me…my email address is [email protected]

  46. If I had $20,000 I would give it to the March of Dimes. My son, Jaxon, was born premature and had to spend a while in the Level 3 NICU. I would ask that the money go toward NICU support groups to help parents cope with have such sick babies. It is a hard road to go down and one that tests your faith daily. My hope is that one day they will find a way to help babies stay right where they need to be until it's time to meet Mom and Dad. 🙂

  47. I would have to split it between a person and a non-profit. I met Susan last week. She is a new widow and single mom trying to open a restaurant and feed the poor as well as those who can pay. The organization is City of Refuge in Atlanta, GA. They provide free services such as child care and tutoring to area moms for as long as they are working or trying to make their lives better. They also have a shelter for abused women and children, a food bank, and free medical and mental health care for the community.

  48. If I had $20,000 to give away I would choose The Jesse Brooks Foundation. A wonderful, Godly group of people making a difference in the world for Christ.

  49. Andrea Stanley says:

    I would give it to my church to start a school fund. I so want our church to start a school but the money just isn't there. So if I could I would give it to them to help start the process.

  50. After I had tithed 10% I would give the rest to any organisation that protects woman and their rights. All over the world woman are being exploited, terrorised and abused, simply because they are woman. Actually, no, I changed my mind. Dont give it all to the suffering woman to help turn victims into survivors, but give it to the mens organisations to teach them that God didn't put them on this earth to abuse their help mates and doing whatever they want to a woman is not in Gods plan. Its a win win situation. Educate the men and help the woman. Any amount of money put into this cause is worth every cent.

  51. I'm a big giver to children and animals 🙂 All I usually have to give is time but imagine what could be done with that kind of money!

    I would love to do something for teens and preteens for the summer. Something fun but that would help keep them making good choices!

    [email protected]

  52. Margret Reddecop says:

    If I were to get $20,000. I would give half of it to my Ant & Onkel in Mexico he was kidnapped for randsom a couple months ago and the family had to give the whole amount that their farm was worth; thy had a verry hard time getting that much money together the kidnappers had him at gunpoint for 9 days; thy are realy strugling right now, and the other half I would give to start a Christian church there,

  53. Ruby Phillips says:

    If I was given $20,000 to give away, I would give it to pay for my 19 year old step-daughters funeral that she wanted as she was losing her battle for leukemia. She had very specific desires for it but at this time we are having to put her funeral on hold because we do not have the funds for it and the funeral homes WON'T take payments. God will provide!!! We have faith in that. We just have to wait for His timing.

    We were praying for a miracle of a healing for her. We did not receive that but my husband & I got to be with her in her final week on this earth. My husband & his children were estranged & it had been 7 years since they had seen each other and I hadnt been able to meet them. God has healed this family and now we get to be there to help raise her 8 month old daughter that she left behind.

    God Bless all who read this. He has us.

  54. Wow if I had $20,000 I would be very tempted to keep it or just simply share it only within my own family. However, I pray that I would trust in God's love to move from my heart out my hand (and wallet) to divide the money between my home church, my childhood church and "the Mission of Hope" a local outreach organization the provides food, clothes, job training and so much to low income families.

  55. Wow if I had $20,000 I would be very tempted to keep it or just simply share it only within my own family. However, I pray that I would trust in God's love to move from my heart out my hand (and wallet) to divide the money between my home church, my childhood church and "the Mission of Hope" a local outreach organization the provides food, clothes, job training and so much to low income families.

  56. I would give it to Mercy Ministries. It's an amazing ministry that takes in girls (ages 13-28) that are dealing with issues, like eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction,depression, physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, and unplanned pregnancy. All free of charge. It's very very close to my heart because of my struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

  57. I would give it to They go around the world in developing communites and dig a well. $20 provides clean water for one person for 20 years!

  58. I would give it to They go around the world in developing communites and dig a well. $20 provides clean water for one person for 20 years!

  59. I would not want to give it all to one place. Instead, I would let God guide the amounts, the people, the situations and then just stand back and watch how God had chosen to bless others.

  60. I have to be perfectly honest. I would give some to my local Christain radio station. But I would also pay off some of our debt so my husband can see that God is real and that he does provide. I am unable to work do to illness and my husband is the soul provider for our three special needs children and myself. He does not believe that God cares about our struggles and so I would give it to as a gift from God. I pray and hope that trough that gift that his eyes and heart would be open to relationship with Christ. That he would see that God provides. I don't mean to sound selfish but I truly believe that when you have an unbelieving spouse, and children ministry starts at home. I pray everyday that God would reveal to my husband that He (God) is the ultimate provider that my husband needs to trust and believe in Our Heavenly Father.

  61. Anonymous says:

    If I won $20,000 today,I would give it to my church to use around the community or the world. I know I could use it but, I also know I am doing better than some who need it more. God will always bless you in return and that is worth more to me than $20,000. I want to be able to help the world in some way, to give all I can…that is love.

  62. $20,000, O WOW, I would split it up, First to my Church then my local Christian radio station, I would give a large portion to our local Backpack program, I am blown away at the number of children in our community that go hungry when not in school. I would buy yarn and supplies for our Prayer Shawl Ministry. So mnay good things could be done with $20,ooo. Thank you & God Bless You

  63. Beth Rivenbark says:

    I would want to split $20,000 between my home church and Samaritan's Purse. They both do so much to minister. I would love to bless them back.

  64. Anonymous says:

    If I had $20,000 to give away it would be to Compassion International. I would love to one day meet my sponsored child in Africa.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I'm in. I would love to win a copy of the book.

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