It’s the Letting Go

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Welcome to those of you who are joining us after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

The letting go.

Maybe that is why I started graying in my twenties.

You might not see it on the outside, but on the inside, I’m a “hang on mom”.

I want to keep giving advice; even when that time is gone. I want to call the shots when that call is no longer mine to call. And I struggle to know the difference between knowing what to say or when it’s time to only pray. 

Soaking in the wisdom of the father in Luke 15:11 – 32 really encourages me. While we do not know the age of the youngest son in this story, we do know that the father knew the wise thing to do was to give the son what the son wanted. He knew the time for advice and lectures was gone. He knew his child was no longer listening. So, the loving father prepared to watch his son learn hard truth … on his own. Some children learn best through experience.

The wisest thing then is get out of the way, knowing all along God will get in their way. 

God tells us in 2 Samuel 14:14 “…he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him.” (NIV, 1984)

This is our prayer to pray. No matter what pathway our loved one takes, God, devise a way so that they will not remain estranged from You.



  1. I’ve been all over the board on this one, from pleading, to getting angry, to giving up hope, to finally, thankfully, just loving him and trying to turn my fears and hopes for his life over to God…it’s been 18 yrs after all, and my brother has still not returned. I was not familiar with the verse in 2 Samuel 14:14, but I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Im in too..we have 4daughters. All have issues and need for prayer.. I like to t as me them out individually fo err lunch and let them talk..they let m know if th err y want my on bbbhhnnnnnbnnnnjnnnkkjjii licensing or just my prayers. Doesn’t ever get easier to watch them hurt…but God is faithful all the time.

      1. laurie bower says:

        I pray often, especially for my husband who is not a believer yet. I do still nag him though and have a hard time knowing when praying is enough. So, I’m in!

    2. Some ways that I show love to our estranged daughter, who is 23, are by texting now and then with something that might be relevant to her world. Also, I may send a small Starbucks giftcard for her to use on her way to and from work. Sometimes I even send a family photograph from when our four kids were little, if I think it may make her laugh.
      There are no strings attached, just mom putting some love out there. The grief I have gone through was a hard road but I still try to put forth a strong side of myself when I’m dealing with her. I think it shows hope, and we can all have hope. Jesus will never fail to be there for us.
      My hope in writing this is that it helps the next person, God bless you sisters.

      1. Thank you soooo much Laura for sharing your ideas and words of strength. We too have a daughter who is 23 and estranged. I feel very weary after years of struggles and stress on our marriage/blended family. Thanks again and God bless!

    3. Lezlie Steiner says:

      “I’m in!”

    4. It has been nearly three years since my two adult children chose to turn away from me because of my boundaries. They are not Christians and have a lot of unresolved issues due to pain from their past. I am the scapegoat. There is nothing I can do but trust God. I wait patiently with hope that God will work in their lives. God is the only answer!

      1. Laura D. Fallin says:

        Sandra, I’ve just reached the 13 year marker with my eldest 37-year-old son and his wife of 13 years. I have yet to meet my nearly 6 year old granddaughter, and nearly 2 year old grandson. They live in France and my health circumstances kept me from meeting them years ago when my granddaughter was young. Due to a misinterpretation of a Facebook post, I’ve been completely cut out of my second sons life, and was not invited to his wedding 1 1/2 years ago. My third and youngest 31 year old son, is still in my life, but it is only on rare occasion. Their father and I am divorced nearly 25 years ago after our return to the states after 12 years abroad. Our lives were very unique, and we all became accustomed to depending solely on each other, and not feeling the need to rely on anyone else. Family was so very far away so, our “family” was solely each other. Unfortunately, the way we lived our lives, has taught them how to live theirs. And I was raised in the church, but their father was not. At this point, and for a long time, they have lived a life more similar to their fathers. For years, I constantly questioned how could I have found myself in this situation after all my years of dedicated devotion, and hardwork. The guilt through the years was often hard to live with, until I finally decided to stop blaming myself.

        It was then that God showed me the way. It was then, when I finally allowed myself to grieve and most importantly, heal. It was then, I was able to let it all go even though, I have my bad days where I long for them to be those small little boys who need their mama. I look at them with great pride, even though I don’t get the chance to see them face-to-face. Trust in our Lord, and in that, you will be blessed with immeasurable peace.

  2. This came at the right time. God knew. My husband and I are struggling with our teenage son. In the last couple of days (especially yesterday) I’ve just felt this tugging at my heart. I want what is best but more importantly I want God to be glorified. I love the story of the prodigal son. Maybe it’s because my husband and I are right where the father is in the story. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in!!!

  3. I share the P31 web site whenever someone shares a problem. Today’s devotion meets the need of the last dear friend that I introduced to your web site. Such a blessing. Thanks to the entire team.

    1. I am definitely in, I would love to share this journal with my son, my experience is like onto yours Lynn with your son. With my son I never forget the day he told me that he is moving out, I cried so much begging him not to go, if a bird wants to leave its nest and fly away who can stop that happening. The minute that he left I just kept on phoning to see if he is ok, even up to this very day I still cook his Sunday dinner. I just prayed daily for him that the Lord will guide him and keep him safe, because I know that he is my Blessed child.


  4. I’d like to share this journal & book with a dear friend whose son is in a lot of trouble. I know her heart is breaking right now. While her son is a young adult, mine is still young. Maybe she will pass on the book to me if/when I face similar challenges as my son gets older.

  5. I’m in!! My husband and I are just learning to turn our parenting to God and his word. Its hard to know what the right thing to do is especially with an extremely strong willed child!

  6. Angela Carlberg says:

    My son is 12 so I am just beginning this process of “letting go”. Even in the little, tiny decisions he makes, I am learning to bite my tongue and pray instead of speaking out first. God has definitely been very gracious to me in this area because I struggle daily with the when & how, but I know time is fleeting & so I ask God to remind me of the man I want my son to become and that means prayer is a MUST!

  7. This struck me hard. This was our ministers text this past Sunday but I sure didn’t see it from this perspective. It never ceases to amaze me how God’s word is so full of instructions for life. We are constantly facing challenges with our children especially the 15 year old. It hurts, but we realize we can not stop her from making some of the choices she makes. She is determined to hit the proverbial brick wall, yet we keep trying to keep her from hitting it. Thanks for sharing. My prayer is that we will recognize when to stop talking and step back. It’s not easy, but with the help of God and the love and support of friends and family, we’ll get through it.

  8. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s hard to watch your chil make the wrong choices and go in the opposite direction of how you have raised them. But just the father of the prodicsl son… I too expect to look up and see my daughter returning.

  9. Marie Roberts says:

    You’re timing is God-perfect as usual. I just put my 20yo prodigal on a plane back to where he lives in Oregon. I paid hundreds of dollars (of a single mom’s teacher salary) for him to accompany me, my daughter, and youngest son on our vacation/study abroad trip to Puerto Rico. I did this because his Oregon National Guard Infantry Unit has been activated and will deploy for 400 days to Afghanistan. My son will be a gunner on a humvee surrounded by people who want him dead. While he was here with us, bought a bottle of rum with his own money to take back with him. I didn’t say a thing. He went out drinking one night and came back at 7 am. I didn’t say a thing. I prayed and cried out to God just like I’ve done for years. Then I thanked God that He had got him back safely and without incident. I thanked God that He decided to give him another day. Another chance. In case you’re thinking, “Wow, what a mom!”, don’t. You should (thankfully, you can’t) have seen me years ago before I put him out of my house. The nagging, yelling, and threatening was a constant in our home. It took years before I got to the point of letting go and letting God. During that time of trying to be in control, the rest of the family suffered and I only served to drive my son further from God. I do not send my son money except for a small amount for Christmas and birthday because he is a prodigal and he is a grown man, but I graciously accept every opportunity to be a positive, loving presence in his life and I pray and thank God for giving me another day with him and another day to grow closer to God at the same time. Thank you for sharing your heart and this devotional today, Marie

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, surround Marie’s son with an army of angels right next to his unit. Bring into his life godly men who will love him and share your truth with him…living out your favor in front of him. And may he want you. Amen

      1. Marie Roberts says:


        Thank you for taking the time to pray that perfect prayer for my son. It means more than you know. I am praying for you and your ministry as I’m typing this.

        I can’t wait to give you a hug one day. If not here, than in our eternal home.


  10. Even when my loved ones are not going in the direction they should be, I am always going to listen to their point of view and always let them know how much I love them. Then I pray earnestly pray for them to turn their life around and follow God.

  11. Elizabeth S says:

    I am in- prayers for my son

  12. My oldest daughter lives with us along with her 2 children, the youngest is 2 months old. It is possible to have a prodigal child living under your roof. I pray daily for God to soften her heart and not to lose Hope that it’s taking sooooo long to see signs of change. Knowing when to close my lips and walk away without walking away from her because I know she’s hurting. Does that make sense?
    I also have a prodigal son who left 4 years ago. He is living a lifestyle that pains my heart. But he connects with us via text and more regular phone calls. Hope is a mantra for me. This word means so much. Hope that both my prodigals will return to their Heavenly Father and know they are worthy of His love. And ours!
    Please pray for them.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, I ask that Terri’s daughter will see You in her mom. May she see joy, love, faith, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control, peace. And may she want it!

      I ask that you will also draw her son to You, Jesus. You are their hope; and our’s too! Amen

  13. I’m in! I send texts, emails, Facebook messages and lunchbox notes to
    Encourage my children.

  14. I am excited about sharing this message with a friend who has been struggling with her adult children… I know it will bring her comfort!

  15. I’m in prayers for two of my daughters. (ages 20 & 21) One tries to harm herself the other is wild and rebellious. My heart breaks for the both of them. I love them with all my heart but my guidance, love and support just isn’t working. They are adults and have a mind of their own. As a mother it’s a struggle giving it all to God.

  16. Christine says:

    I loved today’s devotion. I so need to hear how to pray for my children. Mother of two grown daughters, one was divorced last year after only one year of marriage……unfaithful husband. I know she hurts so much and I was to intervene all the time with advice , but she is 28 and I also know at times I need to be silent and let go . It is just so hard ,as a mom I ache for her. Please pray that I can hold back and allow God to be at work in her. Thank you.

  17. This really hits home today. thank you for the gift of your words. I’m in

  18. Im in awe and speechless as tears flow almost uncontrollably. Yesterday was a very difficut day with my youngest of prodigal son who is 24. I was on my knees, seeking Gods wisdom yesterday…not my nirm, I usually get frustrated, yell, and make snap decisions. God had been working in me…and yesterday while seeking and praying answers just didn’t come immediately. I was determined though to keep seeking…instead of trying to figure It out my way…God did answer and I was able to be peaceful and have His peace…my dear sweet, precious daughter who is my best friend and prayer warrior text me this am and just said the Proverbs 31 today is really good. As I read it I was overwhelmed with adoration of our God…and how He uses others in mighty ways to help us as we struggle to learn and do what He has called us to do…thank you for being obedient and writing this one today. It was exactly what I need and needed. Ill forward it to my Mom, also one of my dearest best friends who has guided me always back to the Lird for strenghth and guidance. May God bless you more than He did me with your words…and that was a lot!

  19. My son will be a junior in the upcoming school year. At almost 17, he is stretching his wings. He is close to God and usually makes wise choices. I teach high school and know far too much about the life of a high school student. I have the letting go issue. My son is one of those that learns best from experience. He needs to understand the “why.”

    So, with much prayer I am trying to talk/advise less and listen more. I speak from experience. I was a prodigal daughter. Our Heavenly Father does always welcome us back with open arms.

  20. Your message touched my heart today. My oldest child will leave for college in a short time and it’s so difficult to let her go. I continue to pray over her and know that she is in the palm of God’s hand My two sons are also going through many changes and it’s difficult as a parent to know that time is passing so quickly. Thank you for your encouraging words this morning.

  21. Brenda Miller says:

    I am in …. Prayers for my daughter.

  22. I encourage my son to seek God and just keep praying for him.

  23. I have been following Proverbs 31 for a little bit, this letting go and letting God is a work in progress, I am a new Christian. I have witnessed the fruits of this many times over but it has been very difficult. I share that with my daughter who is now a new Mom and was once a prodigal herself. We have been through so much which I won’t go through that on here but it does get better and my reliance on God each step of the way has given me the peace of mind, like the Footprints poem, He has carried me. Thank you for your ministry.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Welcome to the P31 family, Katt! I am so glad you are here! I pray each and every God uses this ministry to pour His truth in your heart and You will sense Him continuing to carry you!

  24. Sharing resources such as this with parents prayer group.

  25. I try to be ON MY KNEES as often as possible on behalf of family and friends. I realize that is sometimes the ONLY thing I can do, and is the BEST thing to do! I have an ‘unbelieving’ husband, a prodigal son, and then a daughter who is weathering some very difficult storms, but is holding on to the Lord for her strength, and she amazes me every day. It can be hard to ‘hope’ sometimes, but the Lord is my STRENGTH!

    Terri Kirk

  26. I pray daily for my prodigal and try to keep the lines of communication open.

  27. Anne Griffith says:

    Oh do I need this today!! Thank you Lynn! I would absolutes love to win this!

  28. I cannot believe my eyes as I saw today’s post.
    My 15 year old son seems frustrated with everything I say.
    I was very short with him at bedtime last night.
    He is really kind and gentle but as he sees it, mom doesn’t t get him.
    I literally froze and stared at the words to today’s devotion.
    I just feel sort of disconnected from him.
    What I’m trying isn’t working very well–I need so much more wisdom and guidance from HIM.

  29. Melissa Brewer says:

    I would love this book for my parents as their hearts break for my sister.

  30. Peggy Polvado says:

    Thanks for this devo – it was just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling with what to say and what not to say and I believe God sent this to me to tell me to back away and let Him handle it. This was just what I needed to hear and I want to read this book.

  31. Linda Maynard says:

    Sometimes (oftentimes) the most supportive thing I can do for my prodigal is to be quiet! Be near, but be quiet, so that he has the space to think and share in an unthreatened way. Nine times out of ten, my silence leads to his speaking. As I listen, I hear my child’s real heart — his struggles and his questions. It gives me more clarity about how to pray, and it gives him a safe place to unburden his heart. Sometimes it is excruciating! But I know that God loves my boy more than even I do, and that I can entrust him fully to God’s tender-loving care.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are a very wise woman, Linda!

  32. I am praying for my four adult children that Jesus becomes lord of their lives.

  33. Prayers for my son as I struggle to let go, that he will make good decisions as he launches into adulthood.

  34. Addiction has stolen my son’s life. Prayer has sustained me & The Lord continues to remind me that he’s in charge.

  35. This was perfect for me today, my son is going through a divorce and my heart is breaking. He is the one pushing for the divorce and he is the one sinning with another women. Thank you so much for your devotional.

  36. I recently started meeting with a counselor mostly because I want my relationship with my adult daughter to improve. Things have been happening that I know are orchestrated by God. We are doing better communicating with each other. I am working on my attitude and control issues and she seems to be more patient and forgiving of me.

  37. I pray for family and friends. So many of our young adults have taken the wrong path. They have grown up I knowing right from wrong, but have given in to temptations that have drawn them into a lifestyle that is so scary. Thank you for your post today. I need to remember to turn these situations over to God daily and love my people!

  38. I always make sure the last thing I say to my children is “I love you.”

  39. I stumbled across this and I’m glad I did. I was feeling rather alone. I am not sure how to answer that I show support, love, prayers for my son. Yes, I do indeed prayer for him and about him…a lot. I try really, really hard – it feels like I do to me, but not so much to him. I try not to push. I try to just be there. In his eyes, I fail repeatedly, but I do my best to love and accept everything about him, and to always be there when my grandchild needs me.

  40. Jessica W says:

    I pray for my 4 kids daily. I pray for my husband too.

  41. My adult son, nearly 40, has messed up not only his life but the lives of his wives and children. When he calls me in desperation, I tell him he needs to find a place to worship his Savior. Maybe I need to shut up but when he asks, what else can I say. He calls when he needs money or a place to stay while he and his current wife are at odds. We used to live close enough so that he would just arrive at our door and sleep in our guest room, or go home later in the night, or whatever he did. My husband is also a prodigal so I should not be surprised by this. Both are in need of a relationship with Jesus. I surely need to know how to pray for them better or something. I have asked God repeatedly for wisdom in living so that He would be made real to those I love. I keep thinking that I have missed something or overlooked something but am still in the same place all these years later. I just want to see my son and husband serving Jesus and then I can go home to Heaven in peace!

  42. I read this this morning after no sleep. In about an hour my son( 17) heads to court again. We adopted him from foster care a age 7. He was the most compliant child and loved Jesus like crazy. Then one day all of families lives changed as he was arrested. I as a mom was completely shocked…not my son. (I teach a Bible study and married to a pastor…my children are perfect…ha ha)We spent all last year trying to help him. Then last July we had a horrible tragedy as my nephew and our sons best friend took his life. Our son has since found his biological family and moved out. I cry often and fight Satan hourly. He also has an adopted sister and brother who think he was Superman and now my daughter too is question her adoption at times. It is very hard. I wanted to enter to get this book for my sister-in-law (who lost her son)andI hope to purchase one for myself. Thank you so much for this devotion. I have shared it with many this a.m.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Friend, my heart breaks for you and the pain you are experiencing. Jesus, fill the broken, hurting places with your healing. We need You, Lord. This joy of raising kids also brings so much pain. When we are weak, you are strong. Amen

  43. I have a prodigal that continually stretches my faith and trust in the LORD. She keeps my anxiety level high which in turn turns me back to the LORD where I have to remember his sovereign love is in control..

  44. Ernema Boettner says:

    This is where I am today-letting go of my only child and daughter who is 23. She has made some serious mistakes in her life. But instead of nagging and pleading as I have done before, I wait on God and pray for her. Thank you for the verse on II Samuel 14:14.

  45. Dorothy Erdely says:

    This is so appropriate because I’ve been struggling with my 22-year-old daughter, we’ll she’s almost 22. I need to remember to leave her in God’s hands rather than keep taking her back and trying to be in control so hard when you’ve been the one in control of their lives for so many years to just let go & let God be in control! Just having this devotional today reminds me that God IS in control and he WILL take care of her but I need to LET HIM do it!!!

  46. My daughter is at Butterfly Ranch, a faith based recovery program. Snail mail is her encouragement from us (no technology allowed there). And almost daily The Lord gives me a verse for her to pray. Thankfully He can see and knows what she needs.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, do your permanent and deep work in the heart of Renee’s daughter. Restore what has been stolen and may she be completely whole. Amen!

  47. As my son is stepping into his Senior year at high school and will turn 18 by the end if the year…my heart is full of conflict. He was once this baby that needed me for everything and now for the past 2 years it has been this actually metamorphes before my eyes and I am faced with reality that my son now can determine right from wrong (with some gentle guidance at times). It’s hard to face that he is on the verge of being an independent young man. I pray for him daily but honestly, I pray for me a lot too… And that pray is that I let go and give him the wings to fly where God wants him to be. My heart needs to be satisfied , without guilt that both me and his Dad have deep roots in who he is in Christ. I can turn that hurt of losing him that may creep in and wait in expectation of what God will be doing in his life!!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have a senior too, Maria. My youngest. God will prepare us for our new seasons as we seek Him for the guidance we need!

  48. Jess Barr says:

    I’m in!…prayers to let go and pray for my son rather than nag, tell, criticize.

  49. Corinne Renauld says:

    Thank you for your article of encouragement and bringing 2 Sam.. 14:14 to my mind to pray for our 39 year old son. We have been loving him “even though” he has hurt us numerous times by his use of drugs and alchohol. By the grace of God and many prayers we have finally ” let go” and are letting God deal with His child. God has shown me that we feel hurt but our son hurts God the most. We live our son but God loves him more. Our son’s life has taught us many lessons on God’s love for us….. Unconditional. I would love to write in this journal the story of God’s love for us while ” going through.” Trials come but they don’t last forever. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love what you said, Connie: God hurts the most. May our prayers and praise for the future we are believing for be a healing balm to our Jesus’ heart.

  50. This “letting go” is my biggest struggle now that my oldest is turning 12. I’m so grateful for the wisdom that you share. BTW, I have 10 girls (6th-8th grade) in my Revolutionary Love group! I’m so excited that they will be equipped with this Truth at a young age! 🙂

  51. I call my loved brothers who are addicted alcoholics daily and pray with them and meditate with them encouraging them on scripture from 2 Pet. 3:9
    I know God will grant them salvation through my prayers, I trust in Bible scriptures.

  52. I’m in! One way I pray over my younger son is that every morning as he leaves for work, I pray that he will go through his day with an awareness of God’s presence & love and for God to keep a protective hand over him. I pray the same for my older son & his wife along with a prayer that their marriage will continue to grow strong with God at the center.

  53. I pray for our children to get caught if they become involvedin something displeasing to the Lord. The Lord has gotten “in the way” of one of our children. There are serious consequences which break my heart. I told her and the Lord that we were prepared to do “whatever it takes”to get her on the right track. Well, I didn’t realize this was”whatever it takes,” but the Lord knew we needed to surrender her to Him so He could restore her unto Himself. He is faithful and has been working in her heart through His Word! Praise the Lord for His infinite wisdom in dealing with our prodigals!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kimberly, when my kids were younger, I prayed those same prayers all the time. You are right. We do want damaging behavior to come to an end, but it sure is hard walking through the consequences with them.

  54. We are praying for our adult son who made a decision he knows is not in God’s will and that we would not agree with. After some shocked silence my husband and I explained our concerns and said we wanted to keep an open conversation about this. Our son is willing to do that. We are praying about our next phase of the conversation (taking place over the phone and email since he lives out of town).

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, please give Sue and her husband the wisdom and love they need in this conversation. Help them to love, even when they don’t support his decision. May he see Your unconditional love through them. Amen!

  55. I’m in! I pray for God to draw near to each of them as they draw near to Him….and if they aren’t doing right, for God to convict them.

  56. Having adult children is so difficult. Praying for daughter…..I’m in!

  57. I’m in..I pray that my daughter uses God’s love and his word to make good decisions.

  58. Our daughter hasbeen running away from The Lord for 18 years. Prayer and trustingl God’s promises has Kept us going as we raise her 12 year old daughter. Your devotion today was just what I needed today. I need the wisdom that only come from my Heavenly Father to know what my grandaughter and daughter need. I thank God for your ministry.

  59. Kimberely says:

    I don’t know why. I don’t know when but I trust God. I know that what has gone astray in the life of my child has become a driving force in fueling me to teach and speak God’s truth into the lives of other children to help them stay on God’s path.

  60. I’m in. Thank you for words I needed today. Our grown daughter has been gone from our lives for almost 3 years. She needs Jesus. I pray for her daily to return to Him.

  61. Thank you so much for this article. I have been praying constantly for my twin boys, and their friends. Ironically just the other day I thought about the prodigal son story in the bible and prayed that my boys would have a happy ending like that. I find myself worrying, but then stop and pray instead…trying to focus on Jesus instead of problems. It has been a difficult journey but I’m thankful for continued blessings and encouragement from Jesus through others, like yourself. The prayer at the end was perfect.

  62. Thank you so much for this great reminder and encouragement today. I pray lots and specifically find Scriptures to pray.

  63. Elizabeth N says:

    I love reading the comments to know that I am not the only one struggling… I have four children: 21 – 16. We thought we had sown our wisdom, faith and love into our children just to have our eldest decide that he wants to leave because his needs are not being fulfilled with us and that we are treating him like a child. It is heartbreaking. We thought we had given him all we could. But what he needs is something that only God can give him; a personal relationship with himself. He is the true vine that my son needs to learn to draw upon… I certainly don’t know all He has planned for me or my children but I cling to Psalm 5:3 In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. I love the word expectantly. We CAN expect that HE loves our children more than we do. We CAN expect that HE will never leave us nor forsake us and we CAN expect that HE will be faithful even when we are not. Though it tarries, wait for it…

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are not alone, Elizabeth. This is why we need each other. To know we are not alone and support each other with God’s word and prayer 🙂

      1. Elizabeth N says:

        Unfortunately I live with self doubt… am I the cause of my son’s issues? Could I have done more? Did I love him too much; not enough discipline, boundaries. Can a mother be too given, too nurturing? I am so thankful for this blog… it helps to keep things in perspective 🙂

        1. I relate so much to your post. I have the same self- doubt. The enemy knows this is my weak spot and pokes it all the time! If he can keep me focused on all the ways I could of done better he knows its not long before I become self- sufficient instead of God sufficient and I crash. Im glad I’m not alone and I pray for you to remember Christ died on the cross and paid for our mistakes and shame.

  64. I needed this today. Letting go and watching your child make mistakes is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Me, too, Kathie!

  65. This really ministered to me today. I messed up big time with my 23 yr son bc I saw him going into the wrong direction. I said things I shouldn’t have said to try to get him to make wise decisions…it didn’t work. I’m praying for him & Gods will in his life. Would have been better had I done like the father with his prodigal, I’ve never thought about it the way you explainsed in the devotional. I am taking notes & pray to do better next time. Thank you!!

  66. I AM IN ! I am sad to see my son enter “tween” years but I know I am not serving the Lord if I do not prepare him and let go…..

  67. Our son has struggled in school this past year and we found that he has anxiety disorder. He has been bullied in school by a teacher and peers and also by other youth at church. He isn’t sure what he believes anymore. I have prayed fervently for him and as parents we are thankful he makes good decisions outside of his schoolwork. We have given him the foundation to become a Christian from an early age. He has recently found a part-time job that has already had a positive affect on him and he trust him to be honest with us about what he is doing when he is away from us. Thank you for sharing this with us today-it was timely and greatly needed!

  68. I have been a praying momma for the past 23 years. Praying that my two girls would never leave the safety of Gods plan for their lives. My oldest daughter got pregnant at 18 her senior summer, unwed and to a boy who wasn’t living a Christian life. It rocked our little world! I kept on praying and crying out to God for help and redemption! They have been married now 3 years, and this young man has become a great Christian husband and father! He has prayed over me many times! It has been a true miracle! I am still daily fighting for my youngest daughter to fully trust Jesus and live for him alone. She has been sexually abused, and rejected by girl friends. She tried to kill herself at thanksgiving last year. She is currently dating a Muslim. I am standing on Gods faithfulness and promises to bring her heart back in alignment with Truth. I would love any new tools to help. Thank you for this resource! We can’t trust what our kids will do, but we can trust what our God will do! My expectation is in Him!

  69. Wendy Downey says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement this morning. I am a recent empty nester and have found it so incredibly difficult to not share my own thoughts / advice, especially when it is unsolicited! Both of my young adult children are estranged from the church after spending their entire lives learning about Christ. They have been hurt (and watching me get hurt) by church members during their teen years. I so want them to see Jesus in their lives again, but it is obvious that I can’t make that happen. Thanks for reminding me that I can continue to pray while they make their own choices.

  70. I’m in! And sometimes I think our kids or hubby’s just need us to listen and give them a big hug.

  71. always and forever always tell you kids that you love them….no matter what. You may not “LIKE” them or what they did….but, you will ALWAYS LOVE them.

  72. Kim Heilwagen says:

    My teen daughter is really pressing all buttons and testing boundaries. I’m so afraid of losing her to the social world and falling away from Christ. I wasn’t a Christ follower as a teen and didn’t have many boundaries so parenting in Christ is hard but necessary.

  73. Michele Morin says:

    Remembering their favorites — whether it’s a meal or the kind of socks they like to wear.

  74. My oldest daughter has turned her back on God and it breaks my heart. She’s a grown woman in her 20s and in every other way is a “good person”. I just don’t even know how to talk to her any more about this. She knows how I feel so I’ve pretty much given up talking about it so we can maintain a relationship. And our relationship is better than it has been in a while. As long as we don’t talk about God or Christianity, we’re fine. So I pray… a lot! But the prayers are getting harder. Thank you for your devotional this morning. It was exactly what I needed to hear to keep going.

  75. It’s amazes me still when God puts People like you in our life right when we need it.. My husband and I have been struggling with our 21 yr old son for several years.. Standing back and watching him self destruct is the hardest thing ever.. Praying is the only thing that helps us make it through.. God is so Good!! And he sends blessings even small ones all the time.. I’m in!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Vicky! God’s greatest to you and for our sons!

  76. I too was not aware of the 2 Samuel verse. I will hold this verse close to my heart, while I continue to pray for my prodigal. Also, while I continue to pour love on them.

  77. Sharon Cockrell says:

    When I walk on our neighborhood trail in the mornings, I can see our daughter’s house through the trees. I pray over her, our son-in-law and 4 grandchildren, asking God for His protection and covering over them.

  78. My 21 year old daughter is a single mother to twin girls (16 months old). She’s made much better choices since the girls were born, however, there are still times I’d just like to get ahold of her by the shirt collar and ask her what the heck she’s doing!! This is neither loving NOR the way to handle any situation. LOL she’s like her mother though, it would get her attention. I’ve had to back away and pray many times. I’ll still say some stuff from time to time, but now it’s a lot of praying and leaving it in the Lord’s Hands. <3 He's capable!

  79. Jessica Goolsby says:

    Your blog post today on P31, really spoke to me and blessed me. This whole week has been really rough for me and I’m to a breaking point and feel like I’ve lost myself completely in the midst of being a new mom, a fiance, buying a new home, starting a new job, my fiance losing his job this week and the list goes on and on. I’m so far from where I want to be in my relationship with God, so that I can be a better Mommy to my baby boy and to be a better fiance to my future husband. Thank you for the chance to win your prayer journal and book.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jessica, Jesus sees your heart and hears your desires. Keep pursuing Him; filling Your heart every day with His truth. He will empower you with the wisdom and power you need to be the mom and wife your family needs. 🙂

  80. My lovely daughter was married 2 weeks ago and none of her family or childhood friends attended. She married a man who was a volunteer in our church youth group, married then, 18 years older with 3 children. They were in a secret emotional affair in HS and continued in college when we found out her second year. We have pleaded, cried, begged, yelled, prayed, seen counselors and finally let her go. We don’t see her or talk to her very often, even though they now live in the same small rural town. Our hearts are breaking, our younger children miss her along with us. I don’t know where we go from here. I haven’t talked to her since the wedding. We don’t trust him with our children, one just a 14 year old daughter. But, we love her so very much. Please pray for us, for our family. She loves the Lord, it’s clear how this man has used the Lord’s name and the Bible to twist truth and lure her in to the belief that they are being persecuted for following Christ. So many lies and such deceitfulness. I need help in how to love in this horrible situation.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh sweet friend! My mother heart is so broken for you! I am so very sorry!

      Jesus, we know you hear the pleading of our hearts. Please bring reconciliation Jesus! This situation needs your miracle hand on it. Open blind eyes. Peel back the darkness and may the power of your light pour in. Please give Leann supernatural wisdom according to James 1. Help her to discern what love looks like in this situation. Daily, give her prayers to pray and show her the next step to take. You can do ANYTHING Jesus! Amen

  81. We have 5 children ages 28, 23, 15, 12 & 2… I’ll take all the encouragement I can get! The older two have completely stopped going to church, the 23 year old apparently enjoys the inside of a jail cell more than the pews at church 🙁 The middle two go because they have no choice, but make it very obvious to everyone around us that they are there by force… Our two year old however LOVES going to church… My husband finally began joining us at church for the first time ever and was baptized a year ago… I’ve been raised in Church my whole life and attend church every time the doors were/are open…
    God was serious when he warns to not be unequally yolked with an unbeliever… No matter how hard you fall in love… Don’t do it!
    I’m open to suggestions as to how to get everyone on the same spiritual page AND how to encourage my husband to take the spiritual leadership roll over our family, something that has always been left up to me since he never saw a point in attending church until now…

    1. Leave it up to God! He will take care of it! My 22 year old son is learning some lessons from the jail cell too! God is working on him in His timing! We just need to stay strong in our Faith and trust God’s will WILL be done!! 🙂

      1. Thank You Colette!
        I’ll pray for you and your son too!

  82. Thank you for the words today. They were what i needed to hear again. I read them earlier in my Bible study. I so need wisdom in knowing if I need to speak or be silent and either way I need to know what to say and or pray. I am holding on to the words from 2 Samuel today for my son-in-law. He suffers from PTSD and because of this and the lies of the enemy he has and continues to take a path that seems right to him. It is hard to watch him as he heads for the path that leads to destruction but even harder to watch how it affects my daughter and their two precious boys who live with me while he is in treatment and away from them.

  83. I am in. I have a husband who continues to claim”whatever is harder” as his path to take. He as to learn the ard way over & over & now our 15 yr old son is choosing to do it dads way. I use the prayer cards from “Power of the praying wife & power of the praying parent” to cover them daily but need more resources to encourage my heart & continue to wage war against the enemy as he tries to lead my loved ones down the wrong path. Thank u for sharing ur wise words! Blessings over u!

  84. sometimes i feel so alone, like i am the only one struggling with a prodigal. its so hard not knowing what to do and what not to do. This week i feel hopeless and angry that my years of praying have not produced the results i want so desperatley for my 21 year old son. the one thing i do is send him scripture via text most days. Im in!

  85. I’m in!!!! Our adult prodigal son is on his way back!! Watching and waiting expectantly in God’s timing in his life! Trusting God through the storms and praying for addiction chains to be broken forever!!
    This whole ordeal has brought me closer to God and I am thankful for Him!! God loves my son even more than we do and He has it all under control! Thank you God! Thank you for the great message this morning!! 🙂

  86. I’m in !! Prayers for my son !!!

  87. I’m SO in! My story is a little bit different. My oldest son has always been a young man after God’s own heart. He loves Jesus with all his heart. However, after some time had passed since his father and I divorced, he believes that we are both living in continual adultery as we have both remarried. He won’t have anything to do with either of us until we repent and leave our 2nd marriages. This group of believers have separated from the church and have formed their own “church.”. Many families have been torn apart because of this teaching. Being the mom that I am I’ve tried everything I know to fix this, except leave my 2nd husband. I finally have had to COMPLETELY leave it at the feet of Jesus. And this was very hard for me as I felt it was my job to fix this. But after completely giving it over to Him my relationship with Him is even richer and I have a peace that He’s got this. I may never see my son and his precious family again while on this earth but I KNOW we will be together in eternity. Don’t get me wrong, my heart aches so deeply that the pain is indescribable BUT God sustains me and gives me the strength each day to carry on. And I still hold onto hope that this will be mended before I leave this earthly body. Thank you for these encouraging words today. God bless all of you.

  88. I’m all in praying for my son

  89. I’m In!! 🙂
    Thank you!

  90. Hi.
    Needing prayers for my daughter and for our family. I am in.

  91. As my daughter is 12 and my step son is only 7. We try to give them decision to make in their life so maybe when it’s time to let go just MAYBE it won’t be so hard. But a few months ago I started praying two to three verses a day over my kids and some of their very best friends also. I was a child and teenager and an adult now who has to learn from my mistakes and from others mistakes.

  92. Thank you for sharing that beautiful verse and the story from your own life. You and your husband are testimonies to faith that God is in control.

  93. Mythyl T. says:

    I have a sister who succumbed to the temptation of sin one day and it led to other sins. It was hard because she knows and loves God but during those times of tests in her life she drifted far from the Lord. My family and I prayed for her a lot before I got to talk to her. I shared with her God’s Word and not my opinion, we showed her love and God’s grace and forgiveness. All these, we were able to do ONLY because of GOD’s HELP and GUIDANCE. We praise the Lord that she came out victorious in Jesus!!! Thank you, Lynn for your words of encouragement and wisdom… what a blessing!

  94. Your devotional is helping me to see that I too am a “Hang On” mama. My 18 year old son has been pulled away from God’s will for over a year. As we try to provide encouragement, structure, consequences, and love, he continues to drift away. His mind seems to have been kidnapped by the world. In our despair God brought a voice of wisdom that has suggested that I give him more space, echoed today by your wisdom to seek Gods knowing of when to say anything. Why is it so hard, so counter-intuitive, not to guide those we bore into this world? But I know this is wisdom. Your post is prompting me to begin writing God’s inspirations to me each day. Thank you for the idea to journal this journey.

    I will pray for your children and the children of each person responding to your post along with my precious son that God’s unpenatrable hand of protection and his infinite wisdom be poured out on them for His glory. I am also inspired to pray for our young men to rise up out of the world’s distractions and reclaim their role as son’s of our living God to be examples to younger men that they will avoid their mistakes.

    Thank you, with all my heart, for your encouragement!

  95. It is so encouraging to read your devotion today and the comments of others who are Christian parents experiencing similar situations with their prodigals. My son is 20 and home from college for the summer. We have discovered several life changing decisions that he has made since being away at college this past year and I honestly am having a very difficult time discerning what to say or what not to say, how involved to be, who to talk to, what to pray for….thank you for sharing this devotion and even if I don’t win it, I definitely will look for your book. Sounds like it would be very helpful. To all you other moms….hang in there! Keep praying! Be strong!

  96. Prayer for when to hold my tongue and when to speak and what to say when I do. I’m in!

  97. Beth Reinert says:

    Even in the midst of a spiritual battle, I’m praising God because I know he has already won the war!

  98. When i start to worry I pray Gods promises about my daughter. He is with her, will never leave her, he loves her more than I do, he has a good plan for her, she belongs to him, he is working, her story isn’t over! I lay her at his feet every day. Sometimes every minute. Thanks for your encouragement

  99. My prodigal son is 37 and he has been running away from God since he was 14. I started a journal of my prayers for him 17 yrs ago and use Wednesday’s to fast and pray on his behalf. I am praying that before I leave this earth I will see him following God and choosing His path. I could use some fresh encouragement to pray for him.

  100. I’m in–prayers for my 19 year old son as he struggles with his sexual orientation. There’s no pain quite like the pain of watching the struggle of your adult children. From all the comments above, I am thankful that I am not alone. HE is watching over my son and our family and all of you as well!! May you sense HIS presence always.

  101. It is so hard to just stand by and let my adult daughter just keep making mistakes and wondering why her life is such a mess. I love her beyond words and I know her Father in heaven loves her more. My heart breaks for her. I pray for her daily and when worry creeps into my mind I try not to dwell on it or let it take up residence in my heart and mind, but give it to God. She gave her heart to Him years earlier and I know He is continually drawing her to Himself. I believe with all my heart she will come back to him some day. That will be a day of rejoicing! Thanks for keeping things real.:)

    1. Stephanie Encinia says:

      Lisa, I could hv signed my name to ur post, its so familar. It is a comfort n encouragement to hear anothet other who is walking a similar road.
      Forever in His Grip,

  102. I’m so in! This has been a struggle for me as I prepare to send my daughter off to college. I play tug of war with this…give it to God, take it back, give it to God, take it back. I’ve been praying for wisdom and would live this book. I would use the journal to record this journey then give it to her when she has children to guide her. Thank you.

  103. Satan has been working on destroying our family. Sometimes I am immobilized and my ministry put on hold because I have let our 20 year old daughters decisions get to me. This is a hard road and seems hopeless. Sometimes I don’t just want to let go but I also want to give up. Please keep me in your prayers.

  104. Our youngest son, who just came home 2days ago after being in jail and then a psychiatric hospital for 5 months, has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and adult autism. I so needed to hear what you said today! It gives me hope and strengthens my faith that God will bring Him back to Himself. How can I show love to our son? He loves night time walks, so joining him means much to him.

    1. Stephanie Encinia says:

      PERFECT! Meeting him in what he loves! THAT speaks VOLUMES! I wish more parents would do JUST that. Thecwalls can begin to crumble with that Lind of love and grace.
      Thank you for sharing…..and encouraging.

  105. I have a 16 year old son that I am having so many battles with. He is my child that has to experience everything on his own. He is past the listening part. He knows it all. I still try to sway his decisions and the friends he hangs out with. But I have learned that I make my point and give the advise and then let him make his decision on his own. If he chooses the wrong path then there will be natural consequences for him to deal with. I have been praying asking God to show me how to be the parent that my son needs. I seek Godly wisdom in dealing with him. I have a controlling personality and letting go of my son little by little is very difficult. I react a lot of times due to my fear that he is going to make the wrong decision. Please pray that I can do a better job of learning when to speak and when to remain silent and let God take care of the situation. I would love to be considered to receive your book.

  106. Julie Urban says:

    We have two teenage boys….I needed to read this today! Thank you.

  107. Judy Midgett says:

    Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your heart and God’s wisdom in this post! Both of my children are adults and I realize that “letting go” is a life-long process, because they will always be our children. Dealing with the emotional ups and downs of letting go and trusting God with my children has taught me a lot about how much God loves my children, and it has deepened my love and devotion for my children!! I love the scripture from 2 Samuel 14:14 that God is always in the business of restoration!! The heart of mother rejoices in knowing this!

  108. Stephanie Encinia says:

    Hello, good timing, your post today. Have been on receiving end of sarcasm and combativeness from oldest daughter ( 26yr) in recent weeks. Not completely unfamiliar but certainly unecpectd at this stage n age.
    I’ve cried n prayed…..prayed n cried. I found even tho I ” let go ” yrs ago…I have to go to God and allow him to pry my fingers open the test of the way so I CAN FIND FREEDOM in these recent times. Freedom to say no, to draw personal boundaries, ……to be kind, and gracious.
    I “Stay n TEXT” w/ her…this way I can share and encourage in short ” bursts”, asand receive positive remarks in return. When she wasn’t responding I was able to find peace and assurance in the KNOWLEDGE of Him…..who knows me.

    Forever in His Grip,

  109. My 17 year old daughter has been spiraling for over a year now into a very dark place, she disappears for days and comes home and sleeps for two days, she cries a lot, has major entitlement issues and can never seem to be accountable for any of her actions because she claims she is doing nothing wrong and nothing bad has happened. I feel completely desperate and at times hopeless that I have lost her to this genre of rave music and ongoing festivals and concerts that sometimes last for days. She dresses provocatively and I am in constant fear of the horrible possibilities and risks she takes in these environments. This is a child with so many God given talents and natural ability to succeed in so many areas, yet she has given up on everything important and cannot resist this dark temptation that surrounds her. I am a single mother, I have full custody of my 3 daughters and she is the oldest and has basically instilled fear in both of her sisters with her fits of rage whenever I say the word ‘no’ which is a trigger that causes a hostile environment in our home. I have stayed in prayer and I have realized I have to let go, but when she comes home I can’t turn my back, it’s breaking my heart every day and I’m completely at a loss. Prayers are welcome, thank you.

  110. Jadeana Colby says:

    My oldest daughter is 14 going on 30. She is the spiting image of me, and I hate to say it but my mom’s curse, “I hope she is just like you when you were that age” has come true. I was a problem child and until a year and a half ago, I didn’t believe in God. I had my ups and downs, mostly downs, and I grew to hate the Lord then deny him all together. But now I have a good relationship with God and I want to share what I have with my daughter, but just like I was at her age, she doen’t want to have anything to do with it. So I have had to step back and let my baby girl believe what she wants and just pray to God that she will come back to Him.

  111. Oh, the Father’s timing. We just plunged into this new season with my oldest. 18 and newly graduated, she can “do whatever” she wants, wants to move out, and is being heavily influenced by ungodly people, mostly guys. Our hearts have been breaking, but I reached out in desperation to some close friends who have been lifting us up. Without these prayer warriors I would still be feeling down. If I had the Divine Prayers book I don’t think I would let it out of my hands much. I am sad, but comforted at the same time, to hear other mommas are having the same struggle. God hear our prayers and protect and bring back our and your dearly loved children. Give us wisdom and strength. Amen.

  112. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts. I’m in!

  113. As a daughter who has strayed in the past as far as finances, I got a whole new perspective from reading this devotion. Also, my mom has shared with me that my being the “helicopter parent” to my older sister, she feels that she has pushed away my sister. It is a tough balance, I am sure, between allowing your child to go and possibly suffer and want to protect your child from that potential.

  114. Amy Taylor says:

    When even telling my son that I was praying for him seemed to push him away, I began to write down prayers for him as often as I could. I also wrote encouraging things to him in this prayer journal. At the end of the year, I gave it to him. I have no idea if he has ever read it or if he has it any longer, but I continue to pray that the Lord will use it in my son’s life. The Lord is the One who gave me the idea, so I trust He is using it! The giveaway of a journal is a wonderful idea 🙂

    1. What a great idea! I can relate to the feeling of being pushed away, even in an attempt to set an example to my son. Thank you for sharing this post – I need to start writing down prayers as well and I will also pray that God will soften our sons hearts to not only read the messages written; but also to seek Him in prayers of their own!

  115. Elisha Goedel says:

    Sometimes I just done know how to love and support those I love. .. working 50 hours a week, going to school full time and trying to raise3 daughters, I just don’t have much to give. Expecially, since so much of my “giving’ is to total strangers! That’s when I lean hardest in prayer! God had put me in my place many times and with my hard core type A personality, letting go of the steering wheel is often the hardest thing to do! Thankfully, we serve a loving, graceful, forgiving father that despite my controlling nature, is able to release my tight grip off of the wheel of life and protect those around me!

  116. Thank-you for this post and this verse, I will pray it over my son daily.. I have been praying for years for my son to come back to the Lord.. he is living a live apart from God , living in the world leaving God out. I get so discuraged at times and wonder what I did wrong.. Why aren’t my prayers working, why isnt God answering… I’s hard to hang on to hope sometimes

  117. Melodie Baas says:

    I’m in! Loved reading this today, I’m a busy mom and I found the time to read this today and Im so glad I did!

  118. Lynn, your devotion today, 6/20, for Proverbs 31 Ministries was encouagement that I needed and had prayed last night for Father to show me in some way. Thank you Lord for your grace! My youngest son has been away from us for 20 months. Long story short we have not had any communication from him, don’t know where he is, but from small things that have been shown to us we believe he is o.k. It’s a very tough thing to go through and it is only by God’s grace that I’m able to hold on to his promises for our son. Praying, talking to God and believing that God has it all is what I can do only through his grace.

  119. Elaine Ehrhart says:

    I have 3 adult children and I often share the wisdom that I get from God’s Word, as well as insights that I glean from websites such as yours, and other Godly writers. It seems that God brings to mind the things that I should say. At times I just sit back and pray for God to speak to them His words of wisdom.

    1. HI,
      I have posted a comment but it went in April’s group. I have a 23 year old son and I find it difficult to communicate with him at times, so I just pray for him mostly using the Word of God throughout the day.I use Psalm 23 or Psalm 121. I think the gift will help a lot. God bless you.


  120. I have a prodigal daughter, and I have learned many lessons through the journey. The journey is not complete, and I feel I’ve prayed every prayer I know. I’ve learned to love in spite of the situation and not only my own child, but others, as well. My daughter is the most sensitive and loving person, but has made some decisions that hurt her and my heart cries. I want to be more like my Father who is watching over the situation and is still in control, but I struggle. I would love to have your prayers and want to buy the book if I don’t win it.

  121. It breaks my heart to say that I have a prodigal daughter…something I never dreamed would happen to “me”. I have complete faith though that God will bring her back around to Him and to us. It’s just the waiting that is so, so hard! Although she is no longer communicating with us, I send her texts every couple of weeks. Nothing deep…no questions, because I know she will not answer them. Just an “I love you and I’m thinking of you” kind of text. And I pray for her without ceasing. I have had it on my heart to start a prayer journal…actually 2 prayer journals (one for prayers for her and one for her younger sister). I want to fill it with prayers that I find in Scripture because so many times I find that I am at a loss for words as to what to pray. I know that Scripture is full of prayer that is perfect for a mom to pray for a child.
    Thanks for all you do, Lynn, to help support us moms and to further His Kingdom!

  122. Tonya Emberton says:

    Thank you so much for your inspired words from God. I too am learning to go and Let God! I’m in!

  123. deb dininno says:

    I have 2 teenage boys. One is truly a prodigal (as I was). Your words today really helped me refocus my heart and mind and give him the freedom to make choices and not just us saying no. I have spend the year on my knees. One thing I do is pray protection around his school every day when I drop him off. I drive a loop road that allows me to ‘circle’ the building in prayer.

  124. ela camps says:

    The Father’s timing is always right on! I have been praying and asking the Lord for the peace and wisdom on how to speak to my son. His rebellion has been going on since he was a child and now he’s 33 and still making unwise choices.
    He rejects anything that has to do with the Lord. Thak you for this Website and thank you for the message today. I’m tired and worn.What do you do when they will not listen to wisdom from anyone?
    I turn to the Lord and always seek His face ,but the man continues to reject any wisdom that has to do with the Lord. I feel like it maybe my fualt for being too controlling when he was young.You know trying to save him and all….

    1. Remember Ela, GOD is Sovereign & HE is the ONE Who saves a soul! Try sharing GOD’s word with your son when it’s appropriate & PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for HIS wisdom for when & what to share! Get acquainted with the stories of other “prodigals” – i.e.; Franklin Graham, Andrew Palau, Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham’s grandson). They share what GOD used in their lives to draw them back to HIS heart. (Jerry Bridges’ book, TRUSTING GOD – Even When Life Hurts helped me tremendously!!!) Staying in GOD’s word day & night is vital! On those sleepless nights…see it as our LORD’s “wake up call” to pray for your prodigal! Pray that GOD will speak to your son even as he sleeps! GOD is bringing Muslim’s to HIM with dreams & “visions” in the Middle East – HE can do the same with our lost children! Try not to go back to past mistakes & regrets – we have many – draw close to the LORD Who has been dealing with prodigal’s since Adam & Eve! <3


  126. I’m In. I have a 15 year old and I am feeling overwhelmed lately.

  127. Katie Burke says:

    I’m in! Praying for my bf to make good choices that will change is (and our) life for the better. I’ve tried to lightly encourage for quite some time but I’m tired of supporting him and obviously enabling him. It’s either he move forward with his life or I am forced to love forward with mine without him. I ask for prayers for guidance and clarity.

  128. I say “I Love You” in word and deed as often as I can. Not sure if as a parent, you ever know if and when it’s enough… just try to remember that is our greatest commandment.

  129. I ask my children regularly how I can pray for them and then I text them that I’ve prayed. This is just one way I encourage them. I always enjoy your comments, Lynn. I have 3 daughters and also am a girls youth leader at church. I find your writings very helpful! I’m in!!!

  130. Mary-Margaret says:

    Thank you for this post! I need to let go and let God get in the way!

  131. I’m learning and claiming to “be Still and know that He is God” to still my heart when anxious thoughts and reactive words come so easy. Letting and knowing The Holy Spirit is at work .

  132. Josephine says:

    I’m in. After reading the devotion and the comments, I know that we are alone yet not alone. God understands the father’s heart because He has many prodigals himself. Keeping our faith and hope in Him.

  133. I had to get out of God’s way with an ex finance. I didn’t know it would mean we would have to go our different ways, but it really paid off in the end for both of us.

    Letting go and letting God isn’t always easy at first, but it’s the best.

    Thank you for today’s encouragement!

  134. I’m in! I started a journal with my daughter where we can occasionally write to each other about anything. It’s amazing how well we can communicate when we don’t interrupt or get angry. I am thrilled when I find it under my pillow (our delivery system). During really strained times, I reread some entries to help me regain hope that we will survive these tumultuous days of “letting go”.

  135. Im in! This would be very helpful in the season of my life currently.
    Thank you for all your prayers and guidance! ♡♡♡♡

  136. I’m in! praying for my 19 year old son, who is determined to do things his way; and wisdom for me, to know “when to speak and when to be silent, when to get involved, and when to get out of the way.” that prayer really spoke to me. Thank you!

  137. Sarah Massey says:

    I’m in!! Thanks for your encouragement!!

  138. As a mom of 9 adult children, ages 20-37, I have had more experience than I ever imagined or expected with parenting prodigals. The Prodigal Son story has been read, meditated upon, and prayed over so many times over the past 20 years!! While I am better now about not speaking too quickly (i.e., what they often hear as “preaching”), I still struggle with self-doubts and guilt as a mother (“What could I have done better as a Christian parent to prevent this??”). One thing that has helped me tremendously is to remember that God is the Perfect Heavenly Father and every single one of His children, including me, has gone astray! My focus is to pray for these young adult children to have their eyes and hearts opened to how much God loves them, and to do my best to live my own life as a model of one who continues to seek Him and grow personally. While it is difficult, we moms of prodigals cannot give the devil a victory by allowing these painful situations to immobilize us or neutralize our faith!
    I can relate to the personal lesson of learning to lean on God for His strength when in a life situation that is beyond our own human strength or abilities! As a foster parent and adoptive parent (also a biological parent and now grandparent), I have had to learn to open my clenched hands and lay down so many struggles, worries, cares, and even heartaches at His feet instead of trying even harder to handle them myself.

  139. nancys1128 says:

    Absolutely love this line: “The wisest thing then is get out of the way, knowing all along God will get in their way.” But it’s so hard to get out of the way sometimes! (yep, a mom with control issues – is there a support group for us someplace??)

    With three kids there will be three sets of issues, courtesy of their having been created as unique individuals. And with two boys and a girl, the differences in each set of issues is another part of our parenthood puzzle.

    Would love to have this resource to draw from when I reach the places where I’m not even sure how to pray anymore.

    1. Love your post. Goes along with what I feel. Yes, a control mom as well. Would be nice to have a therapy group, lol. The wonderful thing is that we have an Awesome God who knows what we need even when we don’t know how to pray for our children or for ourselves.

  140. Debbie A. says:

    Thank you for today’s message! Prayer works!

  141. Laurie McSpadden says:

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak into my sons life, while he is awake, and when he is a sleep.

  142. Praise God whom knows what I need to hear or in this case read with perfect timing. I have three grown children, my oldest who is married and twins (son & daughter). My oldest has a family of her own and I have the pleasure to see how she has matured and has become the wonderful mother she is, you make me proud Alissa Alfaro. My son is a Lieutenant in the Air force and has been on his own for a year now. His twin one day decided to leave and joined the Air force also. But after two years on her own and like the prodigal son she returned because she had no place to go to.
    I admit I have been a controlling parent all my life because of fear of them falling apart from God. I have been blessed to see them grow and still continue to trust God. However with my daughter’s return, also comes the struggle of when to talk and when to remain silently praying. For she is now an adult who reminds me ever chance she gets. But I can still see all the hardships she has to endure because of her decisions and this drains me daily.
    I pray for wisdom because sometimes I don’t know what to do anymore. And it is very hard to let go if I see what is happening. I agree with nancys1128 comment, “is there a support group for us someplace”.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Carmen, thank you for sharing. Off the top of my head, I do not know of a support group for moms of prodigals. It sounds like someone needs to start one!

  143. Cheryl Borek says:

    I have been praying for my estranged husband, reflecting God’s love back to him even when it hurts, keeping our children’s heart soft toward him, returning blessing for evil, and letting go – getting out of the way, as your blog says – so that God can do HIS work. It’s hard, but God has been as close as breath. I trust He will do what He promises to do; I loved that verse from 2 Sam!!!! Such hope!!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are a brave woman, Cheryl! May God pour back into your life all the good you have sown!

  144. I’m In…

    Real quickly, when ever something is wrong I pray on the spot.

    I love the comments and i am learning alot.

  145. Im in…!
    I’m a mother of 4 beautiful children- 2 grown up sons: ages 21, 18 (stop going to church with us); 15 years old twin daughters. Aside fromSunday preaching, DVBS, church camps, etc… we personally share the good news of salvation to our children and they prayed the prayer of accepting Jesus ad their personal Savior & LORD. But as soon as they reached their teenage years they slowly let go of what they were taught of the truth- the Word of God! Often times I run out words on what to pray for them. Winning a copy of the give away might be a great help. ^_^ ! Thank you for sharing your heart Lynn!


  146. We have lost all connection w/ our 18 yr. old son. The only resource we have is an email address he had a few yrs. ago. We send emails of love, prayers & scripture but have no idea if he gets or reads them. We pray scripture over him throughout each day & trust our Savior with our son’s soul as we know HE loves him even more than we do. Our “journey” with our son began when he was about 12 & went steadily down hill from there. Our hearts are shattered but know our LORD is Sovereign over all. HE promises to work ALL things together for our good & HIS glory! And, HE WHO began a good work in Sam will be faithful to complete it til the day of CHRIST JESUS! (Romans 8:28-29 & Philippians 1:6) My heart breaks for all who are on this journey with their child – whether they are 14, 18, or 28 or 35 – it’s a pain like no other. Knowing we are not alone & knowing that other’s are praying for us & our child is a comfort, but don’t forget the prodigal’s story in Luke 15:16b – “…and no one gave him anything.” Pray for all those who are “enabling” your prodigal – that GOD will bring an end to their enabling & that GOD, HIMSELF will step in & “get in their way”.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Trish – my heart breaks for your grief. I am so glad you know the comfort of going to the Father.

      1. HE is our only Comfort! We have drawn closer to HIM than ever before. Our now 14 yr. old daughter has grown closer to our Savior through all this and is now able to comfort friends in their tough times. Reading godly wisdom from respected writers – as you & others – has ministered to my heart more than I can say! THANK YOU, Lynn, for sharing your heart with us!!!

  147. I am in! My daughter will be 14 this month & this first year of teenage hood has been a real challenge for me! When to give them their space, when to give advice, when to say nothing, when to give them some independence. What a ride it has been & the journey is just starting. Sometimes I feel like I pray the same prayer & feel overwhelmed & nothing comes out. This book would be great when you feel like your brain is in a cloud & you need something to refresh it! Thanks for sharing!

  148. cathy costabile says:

    I am in. My 17 year old son is continuing on a downward spiral, my heart aches.

  149. Katie Rettig says:

    I’m in! God is in control!

  150. Christina Steiner says:

    I’m in!! My children are quite young still, but I do have a 14 year old, and her future has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I’m worried if she will make the right decisions, if she will follow God’s leading. Praying is my lifeline! Now I know what I put my mother through 😉

  151. I’m in. And constantly amazed at the maturity that oozes out of my oldest son who’s 14 sometimes. Lol. Really I know I’ve done something right. He is protective of his sister and younger brother too. He is my “easy” child. My daughter is more of a challenge and our youngest son has cerebral palsy presenting his own unique spin on everything. I pray for them all, I encourage and I praise them.

  152. I’m so in on this! My #5 child went off the deep end with heroin when his dad left us for an old college girlfriend. Kicked heroin then went to booze. Did not finish high school altho extremely bright. His writing and poetry is almost creepy insightful. But a learning disability (processing) has always tripped him up and impacted his self image.
    I am trying to be grateful for the small successes……..has job, pays his rent, is very loving here at home. However, he is also very lonely because most of his siblings have turned away from him, and even his troubled high school cohorts have moved on. I figure my job is to talk straight to him and talk God, which he rejected about when the family split. Loving him unconditionally is also my job, but that’s easy as I always have (he was born after I was 40). My prayer is for his growth, maturity to be gained and to find God again. He was always an extremely Godly child……….

  153. I’m in! Thank you for ideas that will be put to use for praises, thanksgiving, prayers, blessing to Our Father! Amen

  154. I would love this prayer journal. I too have a “prodigal son”. God has pretty much told me I get in the way and it’s so hard step aside and let him do his thing in my son’s life. I am learning though and trusting God more and more with my son. But sometimes I don’t know what to pray for. Thank you for your devotionals. They are so timely and remind me to look up and fix my eyes on God, who gives me peace.

  155. My oldest is 11, and she has always been one who needed to learn the hard way. I struggle to let her Lear thru experience, it is so hard to watch her fall down. I’m learning to trust that God loves her even more than I do.

  156. I’m really trying to keep quiet in regard to my prodigal. I constantly pray for her and I support her by being there to help with her children when she lets me know of a need that they have.

  157. I’m in. I think this is something I need to really chew on.

  158. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Thank you for sharing your struggle and God’s truth which we can use in our time of need. I totally struggle with this as my kids enter the teen years where I need to start letting go. Thank you! I so needed to read this.

  159. I’m in. Struggling every day to let our youngest son go. He is stubborn & we knew God would take him down a hard path. He had almost died because of physical problems, & various serious situations where we thought this would be the time he would turn to God. I am at peace & then it creeps up again, & my heart breaks & I worry. Them moment by moment I place it in His hands. Would love to have this extra in put. God bless your ministry.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kathy, I think that cycle is pretty normal for a mama! Keep hanging in there with hope and faith!

  160. I’m in. I know there are times I just need to let go and let God. Thank you for this encouragement.

  161. I’m in! Our youngest son turned 23 yesterday and 2 years ago told us he is an atheist. This after following the Lord for many years and serving Him well. We are heartbroken but realize that God in in control and only He can bring our prodigal back. We just love him and every so often share something of God with him….he is presently at home and hears much of our christian music…see’s Christian books, the bible around the house. We are waiting expectantly for our prodigal to return! I would love to start a journal to share with him when he returns to the Lord.

  162. I’m in! My prodigal is named Hope…kind of ironic! But, I know that every time I pray for her she I am reminded of the hope that gave us through the wonderful blessing of her! Thank you for your devotional today!

  163. joleen weller says:

    I am in too please! I dont know what it is about senior year, turning 18 and getting a “real” girlfriend but I have apparently lost my son… he has turned into someone i do not remotely recognize anymore… he has always been fun loving and carefree and had a great faith life that he didnt mind sharing with others very openly… now he has staopped doing all of the things that have meant so much to him for so long and hasnt spoken to me more than twice since his graduation party a few weeks ago… please pray for him to listen to the Lord like he used to since hes obviously done listening to me and to stop listening to his questionable worldly influences… i really do not want to watch him suffer because of bad choices! Thank you!

  164. Lynn, even though my children are adults, 2 with families of their own, I still have trouble letting go. I only want what is best until I remember that God already has a plan and I am not in control of anything…then I give it to him and pray! Thx for sharing!

  165. God is so good. I have been struggling so much with this issue. I was in tears tonight on the way home from my prodigal son’s house. I was so frustrated with falling into the devil’s snare, to give advice to get upset to be unhinged emotionally by my son’s bad decisions. I feel like I have failed my son and God. this devotion reminds me that my son’s choices are his. He was raised in the word, he became a Christian at eight, went on several mission trips before he was sixteen, rededicated his life again at 19. Now he is 32 in the midst of a divorce living with someone 10 years younger and has no interest in God. My heart is broken. I often think I have no more tears to cry and just like that, they pour from my eyes. Tonight your blog helped me. Your verse encouraged me. I have to know and believe that God will not let him go, but I have to let him go. Thank you again for sharing your heart and a word from our Loving Father.

  166. Great P31 devotion and blog post! I have a 23 and 21 year old. I say the phrase, “That is just a suggestion,” a lot when giving my “kids” advice. It is so hard for me to sit there and watch them make their decisions sometimes, but I know I am not trusting God with them if I am constantly hovering. That’s what He impressed upon my heart anyway, so I am just trusting.

    Thank you for the give-away opp!!

  167. Mary Lang says:

    This came at the exact moment. I’m in!

  168. Beverly Newsom says:

    God, help me, I am sooooo IN!!–I have a 19 yr. old daughter, youngest of 4 daughters, that rather than watch and learn from her older sister’s….she has decided to do life the hard way….her way–we are in the throes and depths of dealing with that decision and the consequences…….prayers to all the hurting parents living with these prodigals…..

  169. I’m in! Your devotions in the past have really spoken and given me encouragement as my husband and I have been learning to “let go” of our son. It hasn’t been easy; sometimes I am having to turn him over to God on a minute by minute basis. We have had to implement some “tough love”, but through it all God has given us the strength to weather situations that seem to keep happening. We are beginning to see how God is working in our son’s life through circumstances we would not have chosen from him and a broken relationship is slowly being restored. Recently, both my husband and I wrote separate letters to our son sharing our thoughts with him of how we see God working in his life and letting him know that we constantly pray for him. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your struggles with your prodigal; it helps to know that as a Christian parent I am not the only one struggling with a prodigal as well.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Linda, thank you for your sweet words! It’s not just our kids…it’s our family, friends and others that we pray to follow hard after God. And it’s not just our kids that “run” from God. It’s our kids that love God but make bad choices sometimes. Bad choices just like the ones we made when we were trying to figure out life. God, help us to love unconditionally. I mean REALLY love unconditionally. Without the attitudes, the judgment or the cold shoulder when life doesn’t go accord to plan. The plan isn’t our’s anyway…it’s yours!

  170. I”m in! And perfect timing. I let go this week. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. This will be a new favorite website. I love the wisdom here.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cindy – you are so sweet! I don’t think of myself as a wise woman, just a woman trying to do life God’s way! I hope you have signed up to get my emails each week and we can all keep supporting in this thing called “motherhood” 🙂

  171. Lynn Cowell says:

    Talk about letting go…today my oldest daughter is going shopping at IKEA for her first apartment!

  172. It’s so hard to let go! With one teenager and another about to become a teenager, it gets harder and harder to see them grow up and know that they’ll eventually be out on their own, much sooner than I want them to!!!! Praying for them is the best thing we can do; the second best thing is modeling a life dedicated to Christ that we want them to follow. Those two things, along with loving them unconditionally, are most important.

  173. One way I comfort other parents when they are struggling with their kids is asking them if they think God is the perfect parent. When they say yes, I simply reply, “Have you met his kids!”

  174. I’m not so much struggling with my children, but with my husband who is a non believer. I pray for him daily that one day he finds The Lord & realizes what’s he’s been missing. So, I’m in!

    1. I’m right there with you!

  175. Marilyn C says:

    Praise God for His perfect timing. It is always encouraging how God hears our prayers and sheds Hope thru all things such as this devotional and blog. We are in the midst of letting go of our 20 year old daughter. It is hard to see the path she is walking. We’ve talked, pleaded, most importantly prayed. In the last 2 years since she’s graduated from high school it has gone down hill. Never thought this would happen with her as she saw what happened to her 24 year old brother (although his lifestyle is not godly, he has come around and has been spending time with us. He has actually tried to talk to his sister saying it’s not so easy out in the world, which speaks volumes to us and gives us hope for him still). This letting go is not easy. Thanks again Lynn, God is good all the time…im in for the drawing! God bless you, God is using your gift of writing to minister to many – as seen on the many comments…my heart goes out to all those who have prodigal children.

  176. I have been reading all the comments and they have brought me to prayer for my daughter. She is 28 and a new wife and mom. She is my youngest of 3 (2 boys as well). She was the one I thought I would never need to worry about, my bonus baby who walked with and served God. Then she went to college, started experiencing life the world’s way, got raped at a party and stopped going to church. It has been downhill spiritually ever since. She is highly intelligent and got a degree in anthropology, philosophy and liberalism (my addition). She told me last week she was an atheist like her husband. Up until then she led me to believe she still believed but it was private and she didn’t believe in organized religion. That atleast gave me some hope. Now she seems to have forsaken God completely. She gets very angry when I talk about God. I asked her what should I think if something were to happen to her. She told me to think what I want. I fear for her soul. I too want to fix her but know I have to leave her in God’s hands. We are close as long as I don’t mention God. I love her, pray for her and make sure she knows I am there for her. I babysit for her adorable 6 mo old baby girl and help all I can. It hurts when she compares me unfavorably with her atheist in-laws. I am not suppose to talk to my grand baby about God. However I told her I could not promise that as I love her and will answer her honestly when it comes up… As it will in my home. I did promise to tell her these are my beliefs and not try and force her to believe. I sing Christian songs in her ear. It’s so hard… It’s hard to let go and let The Holy Spirit do His work. I pray for all the verses she knows to bombard her mind and heart and not come back void. She knows the Bible better than most Christians… That’s how she was raised and she used to eat it up. I too think there should be a group. We could start a Web group maybe. Pray for one another… Agree together for our prodigal. I would love to know how to go about that. Prayers with you all…

    1. I will pray for you and your family!

    2. Jan, my heart aches for you but NEVER GIVE UP PRAYING for your daughter, her family & that precious grand baby! Pray GOD’s word over each one & as Lynn said, “Pray that GOD get’s in {their} way!” My prayers are with you! <3

  177. I’m a day late, sorry but I’m in! This is much needed in my life right now. Blended family, one together and 3 step children, trying to find balance.

  178. I’m in! Need prayer for my son who is away at college having temptation and struggles making good decisions

  179. I’m in! Thank you so much for the encouragement. Just knowing other moms out there are going through the same thing helps. I continually quote Isaiah 54:13 “ALL my children are taught by the Lord and great is my children’s peace.”

  180. I’m in and feeling extremely grateful that I have found your blog and the words of support and ideas of ways to show love and support for our prodigals! Thank you!


  181. Stephanie says:

    Oh, how I have needed these words of encouragement!! Your P31 devotional was powerful as well. Trusting God to do a work in my daughter’s life as she continues to be away from Him. Even if I don’t win, I have to get the book and read it!! Thank you for your encouragement 🙂

  182. I am amazed at the timing of this. I am struggling tremendously right now with this very thing! My 20 yr old son is at home, not in school and will not go out and find a stable job. He also will not help out around the house, take care of his room, or do his own laundry without a flight from me. Unfortunately, his dad is not backing me up with discipline and insisting that he follow the rules. My father is a minister and counselor and I have spoken with him about the situation. He reminded me of the prodigal son and I proceeded to draw up a contract in order for my son to decide whether he would follow the rules or go out on his own. My husband refuses to partner with me on this for fear of what might happen to my son. The situation with my son and discipline has been a point of contention in our marriage for 15 years. Tragically, this may be the end of our marriage. So not only am I praying for my son but I’m praying for my husband that he may come to know Christ. He claims that he is a Christian and that he was saved when he was 16. However, that has never been reflected in our marriage. I have been the one to make sure that we all attended church and I involved my children in all of the programs and tried to have devotions with them myself when they were small. My daughter, thankfully, is well grounded but I know that this will be devastating to her. Our family needs much prayer!

  183. Count me in. I try to pray for my son daily that he reaches his full potential in Christ. Pray for me and the loneliness I feel as my daughter is moving away, and the only adult child we have left in our area is the prodigal. My husband and I
    need support.

  184. Cindy Borody says:

    2Samuel 14:14, will now be highlighted in each of our Bibles
    Thank you
    We have 3 adult children who have chosen their own paths to walk right now. We have learned (the hard way) not to ‘preach’ to them, but to show by example Christ’s love.
    Just found your blog at the right time

  185. Janet Sheldon says:

    I am so glad a friend sent me this site. My husband and I just recently had to ask our 19 year old son to leave our home due to drug use and refusing to pay the fine and do drug treatment. I volunteer for a deliverance ministry where I pray each week for people to get free from addictions. It has been really hard not to feel ashamed, condemned and cruel for asking him to leave when he refused to get help. Your words of encouragement were straight from The Lord. Thank you so much. I am starting a prayer journal again. The book looks awesome also. Thanks again, Janet

  186. Thanks for the encouragement. My son is 24 and is making some bad choices. It breaks my heart. I have scripture verses taped to my mirror in the bathroom and the refrigerator to remind me to pray God’s Word over him. I will not give up hope!

  187. Found this blog through a friend. Have to let my just-shy-of-18 year old son go because he doesn’t see a problem with smoking marijuana. I cannot have compromise under my roof because there are two precious teenage girls here as well and his behavior is destroying us. Thank you for your timely devotion. “I need thee every hour, Jesus, and often, every second”.
    I’m in.

  188. I did not have access to my computer this weekend, so just now saw Friday’s post – and thank you for your encouragement. I did not remember the verse from 2 Samuel, and now it will be posted on my dashboard (where I spend most of my time lately!!). My daughter, 26, had a very strong faith as a young teen, and into her college years. There she met a non-believer, a self-proclaimed atheist, whom she decided she was going to “help save”. Despite warnings to make sure to guard her heart, and when it was obvious to us she was getting too close, she told us she had it under control and she knew better than to fall for an unbeliever, etc. Now, 4 years later, she is eagerly anticipating a proposal, and has told us she no longer thinks she believes the things she once did and that she thinks his thinking, and lifestyle, are more “fun”. We have taught and lectured and preached to her – only to find we were alienating her also. So we have decided we need to continue to pray for the young man’s salvation, for God to draw her near to Him again, and to do our best to love them both, while making it clear that we don’t agree that it is God’s will to be yoked to an unbeliever, but letting her know our love for her is unconditional and that we are continuing to pray for her. And we pray, that if this ISN’T part of His plan to draw her back to Him, He would intervene quickly. We know that God often uses painful things in our life and consequences of our choices to show us our need for Him, but we never want our children to feel that pain. However, we also know that her eternal salvation is what we have always prayed for and trusted Him for and will continue to do so. It is so hard!!!

  189. Melinda Smith says:

    I’ve made so many mistakes – I didn’t show the love and compassion, respect, faith that I should’ve – I was not a prayer warrior over my son – but I know that God has forgiven me and I know that He has a plan – I know that He created a good work in me as a mom and is not finished- Faith brings patience – I will trust in the Lord and He will fix this. I love and miss my son, God will give me the desires of my heart and my son will return to the Lord and to his family.

  190. I’ve been a single mom all my life and God saved me @ the right time when my 2 boys were teenagers and boys will be boys. Without a father in their lives their bad choices have really drained me and I blamed myself when really I did ALL I could do but now I’m learning to stand still and see the salvation of God and praying aalways, reading his word and attending church is where I go to get strength and love that I need from God. He is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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