It’s Time

The tooth had been hanging there for a day or two. Not in, but not out either, it tried to occupy the space that it once did, but it just didn’t look right. Not only did it not look right, it was also causing her pain. We would ask, “Can we help you get that out?” “I don’t really want you to; I’m afraid it will hurt.” She listened to our advice on how to get it out. Later in the day, while eating an apple, my child discovered the tooth was no longer there. Where it had gone, she didn’t know. But sure enough, it was gone. It was time.

John 9 describes a man who needed healing; he had been blind since birth. Jesus came to help him, but there was a part for him to play in his healing. He had to go and wash off the mud that Jesus had put on his eyes. He could have been stubborn. He could have said, “This is ridiculous. I am not going to do this.” But he would have missed his miracle. It was time.

Just like my child and the man at the pool, I, too, need help. There are areas in my life where the Lord is saying, “It’s time”. I need to submit, let Him help me and obey any word He gives me to do. His word to me has been obedience – NOW. When I sense He is telling me to do something, sometimes I obey when I get around to it. Call someone who is hurting. Take a gift to a friend who needs to be remembered. Send a card or email of encouragement. The thing about this type of obedience, is that if I don’t obey WHEN He tells me, I can miss being His hands and feet to someone who needs His touch when they need it. It’s all about timing.

Is there an area in your life where the Father is saying, “It’s time.”? He always has our best at heart. Don’t be afraid to obey. Like the man at the pool, your results may be nothing short of miraculous.


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  1. Lynn, this morning I awoke with an idea in my heart. It’s one that has been there for awhile, but I didn’t want to rush ahead of God.

    Your writing here today….and the two “simple” words, “It’s Time” are God’s message to me.

    Just like your daughter had to lose a tooth to make room for new growth, I need to let go of my fears and trust God as I enter uncharted waters.

    Your encouragement here is great: “He always has our best at heart. Don’t be afraid to obey. Like the man at the pool, your results may be nothing short of miraculous.”

    Now is the time,

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