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Happy New Year to all of you!
This year I have purposed to do something I have never done – read through the Bible in a year. Like many of you, I have started this several Januarys before, but this year I have a new plan that I think will work!
I purchased new Bibles for Greg and I called “The One Year Chronological Bible. Not only does this Bible break the Bible down into 365 segments, but it also puts all of the Bible in the order in which it happened.
My friend, Wendy Pope is also reading through the Bible and is inviting others to join her in discussing what they read each day on her blog. So far, over 1,000 people have ordered these Bibles through Proverbs 31, so there are many who are on this journey together. I think it will be great to have friends along the way!
If you would like to join us, you can order the Bible on the link above. While you are waiting for your Bible to come, start in Genesis and you can catch up quickly when it arrives.
Happy New Year and happy reading His Word! It is a New Year’s resolution that will have an impact through eternity!



  1. Lynn, I'm so excited to be joining in this too – and, as a way to stay accountable, on my "Pondering in His Presence" blog I'm daily posting something that the Lord reveals to me as I spend time with Him. (Yesterday's post was kind of lengthy, but I was so excited to be doing this!) I have read through the Bible in a year a couple of times before, but it's fun to know I'm participating with so many others.

    I was thrilled to be able to purchase that exact same Bible at a local store here that had declared bankruptcy. They only had one copy and I bought it at great savings!!!

    Great to know you're doing this too!

    Love & prayers,

  2. Lynn, I just finished reading August 31st, in my wonderful Chronological Bible. The NLT translation was fairly new to me, and I have enjoyed the way it reads as a story Bible. I admit I have fallen behind a little this year, but I am absolutely loving it! My husband finished his copy before the New Year Came, and we started the end of February 2008! I have learned so much reading it chronologically, and the LORD has revealed so much to me. I am excited for your family and the other 1,000 women who are starting this journey. It is awesome! My goal is to finish by May when before baby #6 arrives …. and then to repeat again in 2010, hopefully on time! There is nothing better in all the world than filling our hearts continuously with God’s Word. Sweet Blessings, Darci

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