Just Stay Calm

The last few days, we have being listening to the Lord’s instructions and promises to the Israelites as they embark on their new life toward Canaan.

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you. Just stay calm.” NLT And therein lays the crux! Just stay calm. So often, our minds spin and whirl, trying to figure out our next move – what we should do and where we should go. His command to us is to just stay calm – He’ll do the fighting.

Give Jesus your battle today and watch what He can do!


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  1. AHhhh…”Just stay calm” – almost seems impossible some days! I love that He can give us that peace that passes understanding and we can rest even in the center of a storm.

    Praying for that ‘calm’ and trust in Him tomorrow as my 83 year old Dad has surgery. I know He is able.


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