Keeping My List

It’s been in my back pocket for days. My Christmas list. Lists of gifts I am giving and gifts left to buy. It’s there as a reminder; when the time and item is right, I make my purchase and cross it off. It’s there for safe keeping. I don’t want those I’m giving to finding my list; so it’s always close by.

As I put my list in my back pocket this morning, I thought of God. He’s got my list in His back pocket. The list of the things I’m asking for; the list of “if” and “when” I am to receive the answer. He’s always aware; doesn’t forget.   My cares and concerns are safe in His care; always close to His heart.

Are there things on your Christmas list this year that you have been wondering if God has forgotten? Like us, does He just get too busy with other people and other things that something has to give and it feels like it’s you? Not so, my friend. He’s just wiser than we are; His timing and purposes are perfect.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know you are right. God's timing is perfect. I'm just not sure if adding to our family is in His plan for us or not. Either way is fine, just hard to know.

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