Let’s Do Summer Again!

“What would you do if you could do summer again?” my husband asked at dinner last night. Greg is referring to those carefree days when you were a child and summer was filled with lighting bugs, kick-the-can games, and sleeping in the camper. Why not do summer again – like a child is my question.

So…here is my summer list:
1) Sleep out all night under the stars on my trampoline
2) Go camping in a tent
3) Make s’mores several times a week
4) Eat lots and lots of homemade salsa
5) Have a late night bowling tournament on Wii
6) Listen to the frogs by the moonlight
7) Have a summer movie night with a projector and white sheet
8) Drink tea by a lakeside early in the morning with the Lord
9) Canoe with my husband at dusk
10)Wear lots sundresses and no make-up

What is your list? Post your comments below and let’s share some ideas of how we can make this summer one to never forget with the everyday events of summer!



  1. Here’s my summer list:
    1)Enjoy an orange creamsicle on the front porch
    2)Roast marshmallows and sing camp songs by the campfire with friends
    3)Sit in the sunroom in the evening playing Board Games as a family
    4)Take a blanket and a picnic lunch to the park
    5)Walk barefoot at the beach
    6)Make a Coke-Float (my Dad used to make my sister and I one every Sunday night after church in the summer)
    7)Go biking and skip with a jump-rope
    8)A long, slow cruise on our boat into town for an icecream cone
    9)Coffee & Bible, early morning, at the lake
    10)Fly a kite

    YIKES – at least half of those involve food – good job I included some activity too!

    Fun idea,

  2. Here would be my summer list:

    1. Chase down the Ice Cream Truck and get a Bomb Pop
    2. Get my sister and our old Barbies,put a blanket in yard and play for hours
    3.Get the kids and neighbors and play Red Light Green Light.
    4.Plan a bicycle route around town and end up at the candy store.
    5. Show Noah, Nick n Molly how fun it can be to just play board games.
    6. Tom and I go to a simple park and just swing n swing.
    7. Get a game of good ol’ kickball going.
    8. Teach the neighbor girls what it is and how to play Chinese Jump Rope, play jacks.
    9. Play marbles, hop scotch, catch lighting bugs, just the good ol’ summer things we did years ago.

    Wow I must be really old. !!! ha

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