Living Water

Yesterday, while running with my friend Kathy, my body began to feel…well, just weird. Not quite crampy. A wee bit achy. Not at all happy. I began to describe to my friend what it was that I was feeling. Her conclusion: I was dehydrated.

Dehydration. A pretty simple thing to avoid; I simply have to remember to drink. Not too difficult. Yet somehow in my day, I manage to forget.

On what the Bible calls the last and greatest day of the Feast in John 7:37, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

This is what He saved for the last and greatest day – let him come to me and drink.

Friday, Zach and I were out cutting bushes together. “Mom, I have something to share with you that I have wanted to, but haven’t yet.” The heart of the mother of this 17 year old boy was beating like the wings of a hummingbird about now. What is he possibly going to say to me? I mean, do I even want to hear it? “I have read my Bible every day for a week.” OMG! That is it! That is what I almost dialed 911 prematurely for?

Of course, I was ecstatic to hear this great news! My son is making his faith his own. Maybe there is a part of him that understands what Jesus is saying; in order to be alive – in order to have a life on this planet that counts, we have to believe in Him. Believe that today, He can take the concern that I have for my friends. He can take the weight of my future. He can give me a life each day that is MORE than worth living – it is a place where streams of living water flow out from us to others. A pretty simple thing actually, but we have to remember to drink.


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  1. Oh how we need to "come thirsty" and drink from the well that never runs dry.

    Rejoicing with you as your son is diligently seeking God on his own. My 16 year old son and I were having this very conversation in the car as we travelled around doing errands today. My guy is still 'hit and miss' on his own in regards to a personal quiet time, and how I pray the Lord will give him that desire to spend daily time in His Word. Desiring this to become his delight before he leaves home for universtiy in a couple of years and doesn't have his mother giving him little reminders.

    For now I will continue to let him see me 'drinking' and pray God will ignite his thirst.

    Love & prayers,

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