10 Verses for Building Unshakable Confidence {Give Away Day}


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I am so excited! Today is the release day of Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures!

In my devotion today I shared:

When you make your move toward Jesus, like Mary, that means the enemy intends to move as well. Even while you are in the very act of advancing and growing in your faith, the enemy will try to stop you. When he presses, pushing us to abandon God’s gift of confidence to us, we must push harder toward Jesus and remind the enemy he is not qualified to do that.

This is one reason that I wrote Make Your Move: Finding Unshakeable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures – to prepare ourselves for when the enemy tries to stop us from moving forward in our lives.

Maybe you have an area in your life where you need to move forward but don’t have the confidence to do it.

Hang there … you’re normal. Most of us women struggle to be confident.

So let’s get the Christ confidence we need so we can boldly to do what God calls us to do in life!

Make Your Move: Finding Unshakeable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures explores how doubt keeps us from boldly experiencing what God intends for our lives and then goes on to empower us to leave behind the insecurity this world induces to find confidence in Christ.


If you are ready to discover Christ Confidence and reach the potential God has created in you, Make Your Move is your resource.


Lynn Cowell has crafted my favorite kind of Bible study — practical, relatable, doable — wrapped around stories of women in Scripture.” – Liz Curtis Higgs

Grow with God-confidence as you work through Make Your Move and take a deeper look at the false beliefs that are holding you back everyday.” – Kathi Lipp

If you need a confidence boost—one that won’t evaporate in the heat of real life—join Lynn as she digs into Biblical stories of women who discovered a God-delivered confidence they could count on. Always.” – Michele Cushatt

The Make Your Move Bible study book can be studied individually or in a group, and with or without the DVD. ChurchSource has the best price right now.

Now for all the celebrating and give aways!

First the free download, 10 Verses for Building Unshakable Confidence. I hope you will post this beautiful download in a place where you can read it over and over and over again and build your confidence on Christ alone!

Second, I am giving away five copies of Make Your Move to my readers. Comment below and let us know what area of life you are looking to find confidence in. U.S. Addresses only please. Winners will be announced here on Monday, November 27. **if you are reading this on email, click here to enter.

This give away is now over. The winners are:

Martha – 11/21 1:55 p.m.

Kunbi – 11/21  4:50 p.m.

Susan Bricker – 11/22 4:27 a.m.

Courtney Parrish – 11/21  8:09 p.m.

Tylene Headley – 11/21 – 1/43 p.m.


“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lordwhose confidence is in him.” Jeremiah 17:7 



  1. Finally a new book and study comes out that reaches my spirit and says, READ THIS!!! 🙂

    Congratulations Lynn!

    I’m so excited to see that you have a new book and Bible study to accompany this book!
    I’m hoping to join you all soon with both the book and study.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving friends!

    June christine

    1. Dede Henderson says:

      I have been reading verses on confidence because I find I don’t always communicate well in my marriage because of lack of confidence. Sometimes I find myself being passive aggressive or resentful when I can’t say what I need to. I’ve been praying to overcome this so your book comes at a great time for me.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Hi Dede,
        I have had the same struggle all my 30 years of marriage. For me, it has come down to fear; fear that I will be misunderstood or rejected. The more my confidence in Christ grows, the more honest I have been able to be. I am finding because I see myself as Christ sees me, I am less fearful of the ways other’s see me. I pray that as you build your Christ confidence, you will see fear of others lessen as well!

  2. (I am not sure why I can’t capitalize any words?!?) god’s timing is perfect! I am so thankful for this morning’s p31 devo! I interviewed for a career advancement vacancy last week. Yesterday morning I received a phone call offering me the position. It’s on the east coast… I live in the mid-west; I’ve been in this career field less than ten years and my current position less than three; I’m over 50 blessed with three grandboys and elderly parents – so what am I thinking accepting their offer?!? I am trying to listen to God’s voice, take the next step, and focus on Him and the path placed in front of me. Needless to say by yesterday afternoon Satan had been digging through my baggage and knocking me around… then when I got home and my husband and I were talking about logistics Satan reappeared to cause angst between the two of us. I am trusting in God’s providence and stepping out in faith. He is already providing all that I need…words of encouragement, especially about confidence, were just what I needed to read this morning, thank you!! I am just finishing up Lysa’s The Best Yes and your new book will be what I will be reading as I pack! I start my new position with the New Year!! 😉

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love hearing of your bravery to step out into the unknown, Julie. You are so right. Satan is a master at “digging through our baggage.” Thank you, Jesus, for helping us to spot him when he’s doing just that.

  3. Joan horick says:

    Great devotional. I would love to read this book as i often struggle with confidence.

  4. I am so thankful for this devotion this morning! my husband is being considered for a pastorate position and it will be his first time pastoring. our confidence is being attacked in both of us and i needed this to help me, so maybe i can help him. please remember us in your prayers. The Lord didn’t lead us to this position to leave us now.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Judy! Lord, if this open opportunity is Your best for Judy and her husband, fling it wide open and help them to turn to you for the strength and wisdom they need to move forward. Amen

  5. I enjoyed your devotional this morning. I often lack confidence in my job and would love to read your book.

  6. Thank you for sharing this devotional this morning. It was right on time. 2017 has been a really tough year… physically and emotionally. My confidence is definitely being attacked by Satan. But, I am clinging to the Lord to show me where to go from here. I know that the plan God has for me is the best. Congrats on your new book! I am looking forward to reading it! God bless you!

  7. I can remember back to middle school, when I would know the answer to a question and not raise my hand because I lacked the self confidence. I still feel like that little girl sometimes and need constantly to remind myself of my place as a daughter of the King of kings. Thanks for the reminder this morning. <3

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sarah – I think we are all that little girl from time to time. (In fact, that is why I wrote Brave BEauty. I believe the foundation to Christ Confidence can be build early on!) Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I live close to the USA! Thank you for blessing me with this timely blog post and verses! Its much appreciated for my day job!!! Xo

  9. Christi Bilderback says:

    I’m nearly 60 years old and struggle with confidence daily. I would love to have the confidence to become a full-time artist so I can retire from teaching, be available for my grandchildren, and create! Thank you for your devotional!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, you know the gifts and talents you have given Christi. I ask that as she fills her heart and mind with Your word, that You will fill her with Your confidence to be brave and move into using those gifts in the way her heart desires. AMen

  10. I would so love to go through this devotional. At 54 years old, you would think I would’ve learned the lessons of confidence.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Well, Laura, I’m 50 and I needed to write a book on confidence 🙂

  11. Shelly king says:

    This was so perfectly timed as our family just “moved” into something new. Its bold, crazy, different & scary but we know it is exactly what god wants us to do. And so here we are, pressing into him for wisdom & discernment. Trusting his guidance for each word & subsequent action. The enemy has Definitely pressed hard on us, but we are pushing that much more to jesus. Our prayer is that we continue to do so.

  12. I would really love to read this book. Im a newly wed and struggle with confidence all the time . Once I got married I feel like my husband pays little attention to me and prefers to entertain his female friend rather then invest in our marriage . Many times it’s hard because I keep telling myself to look to God for my confidence and validation but I wont lie it’s very hard . This morning I feel a little discouraged… in need of a pick me up ! God please take over this day !

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Cece!
      I can hear your pain.

      Jesus, show Cece how to look to You to fill that love and confidence gap in her heart. As she does, I pray that confidence will beam from her face, her smile and in her actions. May it be absolutely magnetic! Amen

  13. Nikki Wise says:

    Lynn, thank you for this new book! I would love to read this book. Being confident is something I️ have battled with since I was a child. This is an area where the enemy continues to attack.

  14. THere is so much change happening in my life right now — college age children, one back home for a while, parents with health concerns, career struggles, feeling like I am not connected to friends, challenges with looking to the future and not yet seeing the same vision as my husband — and living far away from family and missing them greatly.some God-confidence would be awesome for me to develop! 🙂

  15. Lately I feel like all areas of my life ”ganged up on me” by targeting my confidence: my work life (where funny enough out of several degrees that I have, I do not have the one for this job- but I have the skills that I’ve gained by doing it for a decade- but then the criticism from others comes that I cannot advance because i do not have that piece of paper and it doesn’t matter what I know and can do, which later translates into an inside voice repeating the same when i try to dare to grow and ask for more serious responsibilities); the failures of my personal life often make me question if I can ever be a good wife I want to be despite the criticism of my ex and even my own mother (really pulls me between the two: whether it’s really me 🙂 or it’s just other people wanting me to change completely to their liking…)
    I love the title of the book- I think the title itself generates the desire to rise and try again ”despite your fears and failures”- would love to read the whole book too. Thank you so much for writing it- I hope it will serve as a blessing to many other women to equip them with confidence to persevere and be active partakers of God’s work while we are here on earth.

  16. Loved this devotion this morning. I so needed it. This has been a year of major transition for us. My husband is a pastor and recently have felt God calling us to move to another level of ministry and since the church we were in was not on board we took a huge step of faith and left to see where God is calling us to ministry.

    I have personally gone through very similar situations as you described and have been struggling with confidence because of it. I know that God is calling me back into a greater ministry and He will equip me for it. I needed that reminder to keep my eyes on Him instead of getting distracted by past failures and my own insecurities.

    He has been teaching me that in order to walk on water i have to step out of the boat. And in order to keep walking on the water I have to keep my eyes on Him.

    Thanks again

  17. So glad I saw this, Would love to read/study your book, Lynn! My confidence struggles: making (the RIGHt) decisions..big and small; my appearance; when meeting new people, what to say when getting to know them, without appearing stupid. Want to get past my insecurity and be encouraging to them! I, too, desire to empower young women, (and my own grandchildren and nieces and nephews) to live in the confidence of Christ and I must model that!!!

  18. I have been struggling with this exact situation. Something from years ago has been haunting me. This devotion gave me a new perspective. I am blown away by our Lord’s timing and love for us.

  19. this sounds like the perfect read for me right now. But I also want to share it with my daughters. we live in a world with many opportunities for women, but this also means there are many opportunities for the enemy to reach into our minds and create new stresses in our lives.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You nailed it, Robin! I so see this in my daughters lives. So many opportunities, so many opportunities to let anxiety, fear and insecurity come in.

  20. AH confidnce… that elusive quality I think others have but I lack. I am considering making a move in ministry and need the confidence of the Lord. Looking forward to this study. (And my capitals aren’t working either…weird.)

  21. Martha parrish says:

    I need confidence in so many areas. Most importantly, confidence in sharing my faith with others. I also need confidence in my parenting and in decision making. I would love to read your book. Thank you for the encouraging words this morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Congratulations on your book– the topic is very relevant. I enjoyed the devotional on it today. I have a job that requires a lot of confidence — i work in nyc and have had some exciting but a little scary opportunities come about. 2 timothy 5:8 is a verse i have kept close. I think your book would be a good resource and possi ly one to share with others.

  23. Twelve years of Catholic school education, I work for a thriving parish and I’m almost sixty years old- I still don’t understand the Holy Spirit and his place in my life. Devoted friends tell me to look there for confidence and strength, but I come up empty. Please help!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hello Vicky!
      Just today I was reading about the promise of the Holy Spirit in our lives and was thinking on how this gives us confidence.

      When we begin a relationship with Jesus, every single day when we awake, we have a member of the Godhead living inside of us. Guiding us, empowering us, leading us in the right way we should go.

      “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever – the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.  I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:15-18 (NIV) 


  25. Dawn smith says:

    I loved this devotion! At a time when I feel God is pushing our family in a new direction my husband and I desire the holy spirit’s guidance more than ever to Be obedient! Change is scary, but to glorify and honor our creator we must maintain confidence in his calling and decipher the voices between satans attempts to lure us away and gods calling for our family of 5.

  26. Casey Brozovsky says:

    in February, our first child will be born–a daughter! I need confidence in being her mother and confidence for shepherding her soul as she grows up.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Congratulations, Casey! Father, I pray that you will direct Casey to godly wisdom built on your word that will build up her confidence in You as she becomes a new mother. Remind her to not build her confidence on how the world determines “successful” parenting, but instead on her ability to hear and obey the Holy Spirit each day as she nurtures her girl. Amen

  27. Andrea coppock says:

    I would love to read the book ❤️ I need confidence in so many areas, but mainly in starting my new business after recently closing my business of 11 years. Thank you for this opportunity!! (Not sure why I cannot capitalize any letters, sorry)

  28. Great post!! I lack confidence in all area’s of my life but i think the biggest one is in my job. I do not feel like i am smart and able to learn new things at my age of 48. it is so hard to compete with these younger smarter people.

  29. Thank you for your beautiful devotional…when we are closer to God, the devil certainly tries everything to push us away…thanks for the reminder, that no matter what the devil does, Jesus already died for me and i am saved and love…the devil has nothing on me!

  30. I would love more confidence in the places i work, serve, and build connections.

  31. I heard your Interview on the Compel broadcast last week. (I can’t capitalize anything here – but I have no problem elsewhere) Anyway, I am lacking confidence in writing & sharing a particular part of my story – the death of my infant daughter 25 years ago. A part of me says this has been written about by so many people. but some of the things you said in the compel interview made me realize that my lack of confidence is not of the Lord. Again, no caps! I ordered this book as soon as the interview was over. If I win a copy, then I will share it with someone else.

    thank you for writing this book and I look forward to reading it!

    1. This is so weird…as I type I can’t capitalize anything, but when it posts there are capital letters!

    2. Lynn Cowell says:

      HI Mary, I just got a brand new refresh on my website and for some reason the caps aren’t working. We’ll figure it out!

      There is someone, somewhere that needs your story. I don’t know in what form, but that is the reason the “nudge” won’t let it. Someone needs your brand of encouragement.

      Share your story whenever and however you can. Do not limit it to a book. It can be on social media, at a grief share, an article, blog post … or with a woman on an elevator. The medium that your story is shared is not nearly as important as your story getting out!

  32. God has recently confirmed his purpose for me in my Spirit. And while I am so thankful, I lack confidence in moving forward in to him and that purpose. I am excited, yet doubt. I want to run free in him!

  33. Danielle Geissinger says:

    Yes! I have struggled with self confidence due to some medical issues that i’ve been dealing with the past couple of years. This would be such a great read!

  34. Godly timing for this to be released for me. I am facing a new challenge and struggle with keeping on due to my lack of confidence. I am excited to begin your study!

  35. Linda Neely says:

    The one area in which I need to grow more confident is in growing older on my own. i’m a widow and now that my sons are grown and beginning lives and families of their own, the loss of my husband is felt that much more. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your new book.

  36. Jessica fort says:

    I hope I can explain this well enough that it makes sense lol I want to improve my confidence in discerning Gods voice. Sometimes I doubt that he’s speaking to me or that he will speak to me and I ask for continuous confirmation because I doubt that I’m good enough to even from hear him. Having low confidence in this area holds me back from making decisions and moving forward bc I don’t want to let god down and I really desire to be obedient. Bascially my low confidence can be paralyzing at times and I think that’s what the enemy wants. I just want to have more confidence in myself and in gods ability and desire to want to communicate with me.

  37. Tylene Headley says:

    I need confidence in knowing that I don’t have to try to do things in my own strength. God’s ways are so much greater than mine and my strength is weak. I need to remember to stop and seek his will and he will give me the strength to do what he wants me to do. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Congratulations, Tylene! You are a winner of Make Your Move! Please email me your full name and address to [email protected] and I’ll get it sent right out to you!

      Believing He will use Make Your Move to help you find His strength to do what He wants you to do!

  38. Thank you for the encouraging devotion and for the opportunity to receive the book. I look forward to reading it.
    On another note, I’m Wondering why my phone won’t let me type upper case letters…. 🙂

  39. Huh-the letters displayed (almost) correctly in the published post…. mysteries of cyberspace.
    Have a great thanksgiving week. Thank you for your devotions and blogs, Lynn. You are a blessing.

  40. i could really use more confidence as a mom. I find myself questioning my decisions and even my conversations with my kids.

  41. I would like it for my daughter to find confidence as she moves from teen to adult. Thank you!! ?

  42. Lynn,
    This looks like a great book. Thank you for sharing your heart and having the courage to write this.
    My struggle with confidence runs deep and affects all areas as I doubt my abilities to make a difference – but I fight to remember that God made me exactly as I am and he believes in me. He is my confidence and my rock. Thank you for the reminder of how Satan tries to bring us down with hurts from the past.

  43. I would like to have more confidence in my relationships. I don’t go deep, even with longtime friends, because I fear if people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me.

  44. Blessings on your new book and all who read its pages! Id love to be one of them! 🙂
    Your message today was timely in my life journey. I’ll continue to keep my focus on Christ and keep my ear bent toward his heart! Thanks for your own perseverance and determination that brought us this book’s message…..

  45. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Last year and part of this year were a lot of challenges. my father died after fighting a long battle of diabetes and amputation. My husband and I separated after his job loss and so many obstacles that I almost felt like I was losing my mind. But God kept me into this year. Now my husband have reconciled and after laying my father to rest I’m in a place that I want all the best God has for me. I’m working to believe God for miracles in my husband finances and starting our family. we’ve wanted a child for so long but so many emotional and life situations have caused a delay. I’m working on TRULY believing and trust God like never before so that he gets the Glory and building my confidence is key. I’d love to continue reading about how to do this with increasing my faith for my destiny. Again, thank you for allowing God to use to bless others.

  46. Im so thankful for the devotion on confidence today and look forward to reading the book. Satan has been attacking me in my faith and hearing God’s voice. Thank you for the reminder I can have confidence in god.

  47. to tell you the truth, i need confidence in many areas of my life. i’ve always had low self esteem and haven’t stepped out in faith to achieve many of my goals. i seek guidance from God to achieve this and pray that someday i gain the strength and confidence to fulfill my dreams. i have a teenage daughter and i want to be a good role model for her. many times i feel i’ve failed. i want to end this vicious cycle of “i’m gonna do it” and actually move ahead and do it!!

  48. What a wonderful message. Would love a copy of your book to share with my daughter who is struggling with life!

  49. Trying to build confidence in Orlando FL.thank u for giving us a chance to win

  50. Thank you for this Light from God! Like so many others in this season of life, I need to keep my eyes on Him to have confidence to make the bold moves. I have put off listening to His Voice when God is opening all of the doors for me. My husband wants a divorce after 27 years. The Lord is strengthening me and surrounded me with God fearing and God loving women in all facets of my life. He even works through non-believers to provoke thought in why I lack confidence. I can’t wait to read it!

  51. So grateful that God led me to this devotion. Several friends and I are dealing with issues self confidence stemming from multiple sources. Would love to receive this book and study it with my girls.

  52. joanna kearns says:

    EMPLOYMENt, finances, and trusting god for the future to do all he has promised us and we have waited for upset for years ! and still are now !

  53. Specifically–being a parent.


  55. Marian Hindall says:

    I have always struggled with confidence all of my life. Being told as a young teen that I was ugly then overweight as an adult, has given me such low self-esteem and confidence.

  56. Wow, what an inspiring devotion for today. I have been slipping on my personal devotions over the past few weeks as i have let my busyness get in the way of my time with God. *my capitals are not working* However this morning I got up heavy hearted with a lot burdens i am carrying despite my praying and giving it god because i am not fully giving it god because i am still assuming the responsibilities of the burdens and lacking the confidence of allowing him to take over and take control. i am also finding that confidence in general is taking a huge hit in general in all areas of my life that i use to find myself being so confident in. i am struggling as a wife, mother, nurse, daughter, sunday school teacher, mentor, and friend. How can someone so strong willed and strong on the outside be so down and broken on the inside. how can i be so determined yet so weak. I am hoping that getting back into my routine of my daily devotions and looking to my bible for answers will help me to find what i am hungering for and to help me with the confidence i need to press forward. with thanksgiving fast approaching i am so thankful for this life that god has so graciously blessed me with and family and friends he has placed in my life and yet i still feel so out of place with my own mother i lack the confidence to even talk to her when we use to be so close. please continue to pray for me and thank you for this lesson today.

  57. I think as a woman I’ve struggled with confidence in many areas of my life, but I want to be confident in my relationship with Christ!

  58. Shelley Sisson says:

    I look forward to reading your book. I want more confidence in the gifts He has given me, to take that leap of faith.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Amen! Father, build Shelley up. When she hears Your voice to go forward, help her to do just that … in Your strength, wisdom and power. Amen


  60. Growing up I was always told I was not good enough…that turned me into a peace keeper door mat..as I have grown in a stronger relationship with the Lord, I have gained confidence in who I am in him. However, Satan does still use the same labelers in my life to speak things that contradict the truth. I want to be so firm in my Jesus confidence that the arrows of the enemy just clink off my armor…that I don’t even think to receive the lies because the truth is so embedded. It’s a journey, thank you Jesus for walking it with me, never giving up on me even when I’ve wanted to give up on myself.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love this testimony. In my life, it doesn’t mean the the labelers no longer have the power to hurt, but it does mean that I know where to go with the sting and I allow His balm to do it work deeper and faster than in the past.

  61. Confidence…..that’s exactly what I lack to make a move God is tugging at my heart to GO and DO. Or, is it lack of faith?

  62. Jennifer Palacios says:

    Good morning! Thank you for the 10 free verses. I need confidence today with restoring my marriage after being separated for 3 years. Any time something goes wrong, my confidence slips and it makes it harder for me to move forward. I know it’s the enemy trying to stop us. I know he is trying to make me believe I have nothing to offer my husband. I am in desperate need of confidence!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Jennifer, Betrayal or rejected love is one of the hardest confidence fights there is! Last week on my Facebook page, I did an interview with my dear friend, Julie, who I dedicated Make Your Move to. It is really powerful if you have the time to watch it. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/lynn.m.cowell/videos/2109750165919381/

  63. I lack confidence in making friends. Also communicating/socializing with people, especially people who have known me my whole life(high school classmates).

  64. Thanks, Lynn. I got up early to the pray and write, and Satan immediately began attacking my confidence. This was the first email I opened! You said that when you make your move toward Jesus…that means the enemy intends to move as well!
    Thank God for the timeliness of His response, and the obedience you had in writing. God is using you in more ways than you can imagine. I am encouraged!

  65. This book sounds great! I have always lacked confidence in my life and as I look back , I can see where the enemy has been attacking me.

  66. Betty Koch says:

    Looking for more confidence in sharing my faith and living a life that speaks loudly without words.

  67. Betty Koch says:

    Looking for confidence to living a life that speaks louder than words by serving others and then confidence to share my faith with others.

  68. Dori sheese says:

    i am always looking for confidence to do my job at church – being PRaise Team coordinator.

  69. Want to get closer to that place where I’m seeking out my confidence in God more so I feel the Spirit as the strong one in every situation, empowering & strengthening me.

  70. Thanks for writing a book about confidence. It’s something I’ve been working on lately as a result of some abandonment issues in my marriage.

  71. I would like to build confidence in being an overcomer.

  72. Delores McPherson says:

    There are so many areas of my life that could use increased confidence. The one that I struggle with most is in listening to His voice so I can teaching His Word. I have been teaching in various situations and to various age groups since I was a teenager. I am currently teaching adults on Sunday morning and 3rd and 4th graders on Wednesday night. I always feel less than “enough” when I go to teach and often feel like I have failed to reach my target. Feeling less than “enough” can be a good thing as long as I remember that He is more than “enough.” I know in my heart that results are up to Him and it is my job to be a seed planter. I want to be able to always go away knowing I have allowed Christ to do His best knowing He will always cause His Word to accomplish what He desires. I need the confidence to know that as long as I am listening and being obedient to what He has called me, then He will receive the glory due Him. After all it is all about Him and not me. Thank you for all you do to be a seed planter.

  73. Merry Amoth says:

    This seems like it was written just for me.
    God started giving me music when I was in a severe depression 23 years ago. I would take His truths and Word and put it to music to fill my mind with God’s truths to combat the lies I was believing. Then, I slowly learned how to play them on the piano. I even made a website and have been recording them and putting them on my website.
    I have tried singing them for other people but I always feel like I am not a good enough singer or that I will mess up or that my songs are just not very good.
    I joined the choir at my church 20 years ago and have learned a ton and absolutely love to worship – singing worship songs just does something to me that nothing else does. Little by little, God has helped me gain confidence but I still struggle whenever I try to sing in front of people when it is just me.
    I have stepped out to lead my women’s bible study in worship a few times and I always struggle with confidence. I have even been asked to sing for the church but I am always too nervous. So I figured, if I am not able to do it, then I wasn’t really meant to do it and people have said maybe those songs are just for you and not for others. But, It seems like God just keeps saying sing your songs and they are meant for others too, to minister to them the same way they minister to me.
    So when I read this devotional, that is exactly what the enemy has been doing to me when I step out and glorify God.

  74. I am paralyzed with fear, lack of confidence, direction and motivation in my life. I’ve spent the last 6 months in intensive caregiving for my family’s health needs. I now need to make a move toward regaining my life and working….. this sounds like a great place to start.

  75. The timing of your devotional is perfect! I just committed to a huge role with significant responsibility in a non-profit ministry about a week ago, and sure enough, the enemy has begun his attack on my confidence in making that decision. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

  76. denise coop says:

    Looking for confidence in parenting and my career.

  77. My new job. Moving forward with my life. Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless.

  78. Thanks so much for the devotional today! It is true that confidence is difficult to press in to, especially when you need it most. It’s also super important to know where we place our confidence… in Him and who I am in Him. I marvel at His wonderful ways. 🙂

  79. I am going through a very challenging situation with my daughter’s father and though I fight daily to stay strong in the Lord, Satan’s attacks are relentless. He knows just the right fears and past struggles to use to shake me to my core. Reading your post today on Proverbs 31 was just the confidence boost I needed to keep my eyes focused on God and his Truth today! I look forward to using the free verses to keep doing so!

  80. Only God can understand the battle in my mind that rages whenever I “dare” to venture into the dream I believe God has placed in my heart; so much so I begin to doubt the heavy impression upon my heart confirmed by God’s word, devotionals (just like this) and other people that come into my life to deliver the encouragement and assistance I need to egg me on the path God has laid out.

    Doubt + Fear of Failure are such great impediments to my faith walk and I REFUSE to let them reign in my life anymore. So by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the SO sweet fellowship with His Holy Spirit, I pray for the fortitude mentally, physically and definitely spiritually to make my move into the path with Christ as my only safety net. Shalom

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      congratulations, Kunbi! you are a winner of make your move! please email me your full name and address to [email protected].

      I agree with your prayer and know it is one the Father wants to answer!

  81. What a blessing to read your devotional! I am stepping in a new direction professionally, and the push back from the enemy has been tremendous. I so desperately need to keep my confidence in Him, not in my circumstances or the people around me. Thank you for the reminder!

  82. Trina Underwood-Bailey says:

    Lynn, your book came on time for Me!! Actually, I just saw your post on Twitter, and This Girl has been in the Thick of It.
    I know it’s MY SEASON to Stand, but I NEED HELP!!!
    I feel the Promises of God are so near to Me and My Family and I’m struggling to hold on to the Life Preserver( Jesus).
    Even if I don’t win the book, your post was a Word in Due Season

  83. Melissa Chambers says:

    The timeliness of this message is incredible. I went through the ” 5 Days to Unshakable Confidence” right when I needed to be empowered to follow through on attending a new church and connecting after many hurts and it has helped me with my own writing! Thank you Lynn for letting God use you in this mighty way!

  84. I would really like this book and study to help build my confidence in the Lord.

  85. I loved the devotional! I am so glad you shared and I know you touched so many people today with your words! I really need this, I am struggling with feeling confident about what I know God has called me to do. I would love to read your book, I know it would be helpful!

  86. Peggy Harris says:

    I would love to read your book. I need confidence to share my faith and to live out my faith.

  87. I appreciate your time and talents to create this book. I am in a transition learning a completely new job skill outside my comfort level. The younger generations seem to catch on so quickly to to this skill and my confidence is shaken. But I know it can be done and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I can do all things through Christ.

  88. Seeking to root my confidence in the character of God as it manifests in my parenting and writing/speaking ministry.

  89. Kacy Tonkery says:

    I would like to have the confidence through Jesus Christ to be able to walk up to anyone and start sharing the gospel with them. Or basically always be aware of the situation I’m in to open up about Jesus with others.
    Just like last night at the “At Home” store in my area. My family and I were just window shopping. Looking at new Christmas decorations ideas etc. and I saw that they sell the UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREE and stopped one of the employees and asked her if she remembered the meaning behind it. We both couldn’t remember so we looked it up. And sure enough it’s a symbol of Jesus Christ when he was hanging on the cross. So then another employee walks up and she said she didn’t quite get it. And she stated that “wasn’t Jesus’ arms like this though” and she showed me a way. Then all I said was “well, who really knows” and I left it simple like that. When I should have dove in and took that chance to witness to her. Gosh ??‍♀️ I realized later on when I got home what I had done.

  90. Melissa Dworak says:

    I find it pretty miraculous how God speaks to us. I am on thanksgiving break, sipping coffee on this 80 degree sunny California day, when I hear God say “The battle is not over, come to me for strength and dwell in my presence”. So I quick went to Proverbs31, and today’s devotional is exactly what I needed to hear. I am in the last two weeks of student teaching and will soon get my credential to become an elementary school teacher. My confidence and security throughout this 14 week student teaching experience has oddly declined. I love teaching, I love the students, and I know this is where God has called me. However, the enemy has tried many things to get me to not move forward in my life. I have experienced intense anxiety, horrible thoughts, and literally the feeling of being physically sick, when in truth I was perfectly healthy. The enemy is trying to tell me that I am not good enough and I never will be, that I am not qualified. He has tried to steal God’s glory in me. The truth is, is that God does have a plan for us, that we are more than qualified, that we are daughters of the King, and that the Holy Spirit lives in us which gives us life and confidence in Christ. I want to honor the Lord and give glory to his name in what I do everyday! I need prayer and Gods truth in my life; the weapons that will defeat the enemy’s tactics!

  91. Alicia Webster says:

    I would like to have more confidence in my marriage. My husband always seems profoundly disappointed in me, as though I let him down in all areas. I try to be the wife that he wants me to be, but I always seems to fall short in his estimation.

  92. I am feeling a call to write a book. I have dealt with fear for most of my life and also allowing people to dictate how I should live my life. I have been cracking through that wall with God’s hell and I want to completely break through. I heard you of the Feathers podcast this morning and am ready to step into my calling.

  93. Areas I need to build my confidence in are my calling and learning to live to please God alone.

  94. Courtney Parrish says:

    I need confidence in several areas of my life right now. Please pray that God will help me each of these areas.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      congratulations, courtney! you are a winner of make your move! please email me your full name and address to [email protected] and i’ll get it sent right out to you!

  95. Thanks for these truths today! A great reminder when we know God and His Word the enemy doesn’t stand a chance!
    I want more confidence in witnessing (to be bolder), and to teach the Word of God.
    Bless you as you continue to encourage others.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  96. Hi Lynn! I’m a little bit giddy that I happened to discover your blog today and that the topic of today’s devotional on proverbs31 was confidence. I haven’t made time for daily devotionals or prayer in months. I’m a full time college student and finals are right around the corner and I have SO much to do, but I decided that I couldn’t let another day go by without taking a step in the direction towards fixing my relationship with God. I’m not only struggling with moving forward in my spiritual life but in my academic and professional life as well. I’m 24 years old and I don’t have my bachelor’s degree yet. I took a year off after high school because I didn’t have any direction I wanted to go. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life at 19. I began attending university full time with the same lack of direction. I’ve been working on it for almost four years now and I’m not going to graduate on time because it took me so long to choose a field to major in. I feel like I’m at that point in my life where I should be moving forward, thriving even, in every area of my life; spiritual, educational, relational, professional, etc. But I feel stuck. I want to grow my God-confidence because I know confidence that stems from faith in him is the first and most important step towards getting un-stuck and living a fruitful life!

  97. I have so many areas of my life that I need more confidence in godly results especially my college work and dorm life. I pray that He guides me as I finish my 2nd year.

  98. I love your devotional today Lynn, it hit me hard as I’m struggling with an issue now. Your words bring light to my situation. I feel as if I need to make a decision whether or not to stay involved in a women’s ministry. I love the teaching, and it challenges me each week. I am in a leadership role, and have been feeling so unqualified! Sounds like I need to read your book!

  99. Sheila Watson says:

    Hi Lynn! I’m trying be more confident in the person God has designed me to be. I’m slow moving away from my comfort zone. But I continue to have small hang ups.

  100. I find myself entering into a new season of singleness while questioning and re-questioning where God wants me to go next. I need the God confidence to push past the fear of the unknown to become all He had called me to be.

  101. Cathy Burnett says:

    My confidence is being shaken at this time in my life. My husband and I are trying to make the decision to move from our very large home where we raised our children, to a very small home in order to make things much easier for us in the future. I have prayed about this so much, and at some points I feel it is the right thing to do, at others I feel unsure. The struggle has wormed its way into other parts of my life. I have lost my focus. I have lost my confidence.

  102. Hi lynn. sorry, my capital letters are not working… I am in the process of conversion and this specific book looks wonderfully suited to learning relevant specific scriptures and how to have strength during the process. I love and trust God immensely… and I am determined to get strong in Him and follow through with the plans he has for me.
    Thank you for sharing all of the things God has planned for you to share!!! you are a blessing!!!
    Lynn 🙂

  103. Susan Bricker says:

    Congratulations on the launch of your new book Lynn! I’m sure it was be a blessing to so many and I can’t wait to read it! I love the message! I need confidence in being who God created me to be and walk in being His beloved. It’s sometimes hard to take in how much He loves us! I want to honor and glorify Him in all I do. Thank you for writing this beautiful book Lynn!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      congratulations, Susan! you are a winner of make your move! please email me your full name and address to [email protected] and i’ll get it sent right out to you!

  104. Carolyn R says:

    Incredible message in your devotion today, Lynn. So true. Often we think of Satan as a comic with horns, but he’s very real and a vicious liar. I hope I can call to mind your lesson today that the evil one is trying to steal the victory Jesus won for me and I don’t have to let him do that. Thank you, Lynn, for your prayers and helping us do that. God bless you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  105. Julie Spearing says:

    I need more confidence in writing /blogging. I need to make more time to do so. TY for this post! So glad I got to meet you this fall!! You inspire me! ?

  106. I have been wanting to learn who I am in Christ – this book sounds like just what I need! My confidence has been shaken and I need a resource to help me to be the woman God created me to be. Thank you for writing this book!

  107. After some infidelity early in my relationship before my marriage, I still struggle to be fully confident as a wife. Like you said, years after the incident has been over and I have put it behind me, the devil will try to push the memory into my spirit and shake me up. I am getting better at banishing those thoughts immediately but my anxiety still triggers.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Laura, I have been struggling this weekend with a fresh, painful memory. One thing that has been helping me is to remind him, “Not today, Satan! NOT TODAY!”

  108. Becky Tarver says:

    How exciting for you on your new release!!! Thank you for doing a giveaway! I need more confidence in being to able to completely and utterly know that I can get through Satan’s attacks on my mind with God’s help and love and strength. Just on Monday I started recovering from anorexia, and Satan doesn’t like that; he wants me to die and continue sinning against God so I can’t do His will. But I know my God is stronger than Satan and that I can beat him with the Lord’s help and enough confidence in Him.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes! Through the Holy Spirit you can do all things!

  109. Congrats on the release! My daughter is,a college student . Since she moved out , I am struggling in my” empty nestness”. She too is struggling w/ all the changes taking place in her life. I would love to be encouraged & become more confident in this next phase of our lives!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’m in that stage too, Colleen! It can be hard to find our place in this new season. The Lord has so many places and ways He can use us to spread His love to others!

  110. I am new at bible study and find myself totally lost. There are many people with so many different views about God’s word. It’s confusing and almost feels like it is a riddle I have to try and figure out. Today I understood the message and this is exactly what I need. Confidence in God and that He will guide me. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I am so glad, Gabriela! God doesn’t want us to be confused so I am glad this was easily understandable!

  111. I have definitely struggled with having the belief in myself to let go of a business I own to develop another business I believe God has been directing me to pursue. I’m so afraid of the uncertainty of the change even though I’m “stuck” where I am in my current situation. Even though it’s not productive, it’s comfortable. Routine. No risk. I’m terrified and so uncertain I’d be making the right move. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  112. Really need this book.

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