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When you have been reading the Word for a long time, sometimes it seems like you’ve read the same verses over and over again. It may help to try a new translation or look at a different view point from a Bible study.

For my birthday, Madi got me a new Bible. It is gorgeous…my favorite color combination – brown and green. If any of you have ever tried to switch to a new Bible, you know it can be really hard! My other Bible has been my companion since I was 16. I can find things in it that I could never find in your Bible – I know exactly where they are.

The good thing about a new Bible is that all of the familiar verses are not old and familiar because they have yet to be underlined, highlighted or tagged. It is in this situation that I found John 3:34 “For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit WITHOUT LIMIT!” Did you hear that? WITHOUT LIMIT! My question: What am I waiting for? The Spirit of the living God is available to me each and every day, without limit. He is there to help me to say the right things, think the right thoughts, share Him with my neighbor, serve my husband, wash another load of laundry and ask for the miracle healing that friend in need.

As you know from my blog on John 2, I am asking the Lord for more “new”. New ways of seeing Him in my life. New ways for Him to use me outside of the way He has before. Not because He is new, but because He is everyday making me new.

Today, let’s ask Him to give us His Spirit without limit. Blow our minds away, today, Lord! I can’t wait to see and hear from You!



  1. Kay Martin says:

    Asking God for “new” will be answered quickly and dramatically. Our Creator creates new every moment. My own chaos could depress me if I didn’t know that this is a setup for Creator.

    “New” every morning and His Word will be our mining field for “new” revelation forever. L

    I love your voice in your blog. I will return.

  2. I love that verse you highlighted..”for God gives the Spirit WITHOUT LIMIT”! WOW!

    There is a ladies ministry here in Ontario called, “Women Unlimitied” – women walking with Unlimited Joy…Unlimited Peace…Unlimited Knowledge…Unlimited Desire…Unlimited Faith…step by step…hand in hand with the Father who gives an Unlimited supply of each of these things. I just love how that verse ties in with this so well!!!!

    I’ll be praying that God will do this in my life!

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