New Videos Alert

Last night, as Greg and I were watching a news program together, some new videos available to our kids were shown. I was SO disturbed by them. A mix of anger and sadness swirled together in my heart.

Planned Parenthood has launched a new web site for teens that are VERY explicit. They cover a variety of topics. One encourages them to use condoms. One promotes recognizing STD’s (one teen is asking other teens if they see it – this is in mixed company!). The persons in these videos are young people themselves.

I share this information with you for two reasons. Part of me wants to “upset you”; to shake all of us who bear His name so that we not be lulled to sleep by our daily busyness. The other part of me is bringing a warning. The times our teens are growing up in is NOTHING like the times we did. They are daily faced with problems and lifestyles that we only heard about (if that!) when we were growing up.

Be bold with your kids! Do not be afraid to talk about the things they are facing. Do not be embarrassed to bring up what their friends are doing; your kids may be in on it too! They want SO desperately to tell us what is going on in their world. They are afraid. Afraid we won’t understand; afraid we will reject them. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you words to open doors to have these conversations with them. He gave them to us and they need us!

If you would like to know the site for these videos so that you can block them on your computer, email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you. You can also go to This is Vicki Courney’s blog – check out August 4th. She informs us on what to do to make a change.



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