News That Makes Your Heart Sing

My heart soared when I received a message through FaceBook about my post last Friday.

One of my closest friends in elementary school (yes…I did say elementary school!) came to know Jesus personally in the past month. She wanted to reconnect and let me know that she remembered all of the talks we had about Jesus as young girls and although her journey toward Him was a long one, she had finally arrived.

All weekend long, I was so happy! It reminded me that while we are here; going about the things we do every day, others are watching. Whether it looks like it or not, when our faith is real; others see and listen. One day, the Lord will use those seeds. He will send other people to come along the path of our friend and water what we have planted. It may be thirty years later, but He is faithful.

We need to not only remember this in our day to day interactions with others, but we can share this truth with our children. When they are bold to share Jesus with those they are friends with, their words are never wasted. Jesus can bring the truth that is spoken to draw someone to Him; even years later.

Be a light today. In your home. At your work. In your school. Others are watching; they really are listening!



  1. If I had $20,000 to give away I would buy each resident at the nursing home where I work clothes that fit – pants, shirts, undershirts, socks, jackets and prizes for Bingo for both Men and Women! I would give my church $5,000 to put on supplies for the Youth house and childrens church. I would also like to feed the hungry, homeless people in Meridian, MS and provide a place for them to go to sleep, bathe and stay warm during the cool weather. I do believe that would take all of the $20,000. I know God would bless me for taking care of his children:)
    Lynn Watts
    [email protected]

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