You Are Loved No Matter What {GIVE AWAY DAY}

No matter what we do, there is nothing we can do to loose God's love.


“If you were going to share the good news of Jesus with a group of people, where do you think you would first go to share that message?”

This was the challenging question in my First 5 Experience Guide.  Suddenly, I was transported back to a restaurant in India on a trip I took recently with Mission India and Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Though my mouth was timid to take in the fiery foods in front of me, my ears were soaking in the conversation swirling around. A church planter, who I’ll call Naveesh, shared the steps he had been taught to share the good news of Jesus and the love He offers to all.

The first step: he simply asks, “How can I pray for you?”

How can I pray for you?

There is so much wrapped up in this uncomplicated question.

How can I pray for you? says, “I care.” It communicates a desire to listen and learn about the person’s life.

How can I pray for you? says, “Life can be hard. Can I share your burden?”

How can I pray for you? says without saying, “I believe in the One who answers the prayers I pray.”

Such a simple door opener creating an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Friend, maybe you are the one who needs to be introduced to Jesus and His love. He died to give you a new life – here and in heaven one day. Today is the day you can begin that new life! Click here to learn about the new start He wants to give to you!

Today, let’s you and I look for someone who needs our prayers.

The lady in line at the coffee shop.

The neighbor you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

Your boss who is stressed out; over her head.

A simple question can open a powerful door.

Jesus, show us who needs You. Open our eyes to see who needs your love delivered through us today. Create a situation where we can offer to pray for them and open the door to share Your love with them. Amen 

Today I’m giving away a copy of “His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You”  to one reader who comments on this post.

For the girl who needs to know: Jesus is the One she's been looking for!His Revolutionary Love, helps teen girls and their moms:

  • Create confidence leading to higher self-esteem by discovering Christ’s life-altering love.
  • Replace loneliness, rejection, and pain with acceptance, affirmation, and approval.
  • Make wise choices that lead to a fruitful future, rather than becoming a victim to emotionally-based decisions.
  • Shift faith in Jesus from just a parental influence to a personal, growing relationship.

This is a great resource to give to the young woman in your life who needs a greater understanding of the depth of Christ’s love for her. It is also perfect for a summer small group or that mother/daughter time you’ve been longing for. {Free resources to compliment this study can be found here}.

To be entered to win, please leave a comment sharing someone you want to share the good news of Jesus’ love with. We can pray for you and them! If you’re in a hurry, simply post, “I’m in.”

To be entered, you must post on the website

Stop back tomorrow and I’ll share my own exciting story of asking someone,

“Can I pray for you?” after I wrote this post!




  1. Kathleen Cash says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. How do I start to tell someone about Jesus, his love and what he did for us? What a simple way – to ask “How can I pray for you?”

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      It is that simple! I’ve tried and it works!

  2. I want to share the love of Jesus with my teenage daughter.

  3. Gloria Irving says:

    Good morning! I would love to share this book with my daughter in law who is struggling to truly see the uncondi ty ional love of God for her. Please bless us with this very powerful resource. She keeps looking back at her mistakes instead of looking forward to his love, never failing love. Thank you too for bestowing your love upon us through writing. Pray for me as I pursue the same.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, thank you for Gloria and her love for her daughter-in-law. Use many avenues to reach her heart with Your perfect love for her. Open her heart and eyes. We pray for open doors for Gloria to use her writing for Your glory, Jesus. Amen

  4. Lynette Hughes says:

    I love this simple reminder. Just by asking someone how I can pray for them is so powerful. Not because I’m super spiritual, but simply because I pray to The One True God. I will use this as I seek to love others more and look for ways to blessave them. Lord, please prompt me by your Holy Spirit to reach others for you.

  5. I’m raising two daughters and it scares me to death that I don’t know what I’m doing! I just want them to have strong roots in Christ so when the waters get rough they don’t get lost. At times I worry that I am very ill-equipped to raise these girls. I would love to have this book to help me guide my girls and possibly others in their journey with Christ. Thanks for all that you do and your encouraging words!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Ginger – Jesus promises us that He gives us “all things that pertain to life and godliness”. Do not be afraid. He knew what He was doing when He chose you to be their mom!

      I’d love to help! If you will search in my blog under “Wednesday Wisdom Tips” for over 6 years I have written tips for moms raising girls. I have also written 3 girls specifically for girls. I sure hope some of these resources alongside the most important resource, God’s word, will give you the confidence you need!

    2. YES!! Ginger, I can so relate to all that you are saying as I have 2 daughters as well.

  6. A person in the nursing home.

  7. Kim Profitt says:

    It’s odd how we spend our time thinking about all the complicated was to share the love of Jesus when it really should be simple. I want to share Jesus love with my step daughters.

  8. Sandra Petrin says:

    I want to share Jesus love with my siblings and coworkers.

  9. I want to share this book with my 15 yr old daughter. In the summer of 2015 her dad, my ex-husband, was killed in a car accident and it turned our world upside down. Of all the people in my ex-husband’s life, I was notified first and had to break the news to my daughter. My older daughter was actually living with him at the time…long story. He was not a pleasant person and I was treated miserably by his family after the divorce, which is normal, so I was relieved to be “done” with his family only to be re-united with them 10 years later because of his death. It has been such a difficult year full of questions and my youngest daughter doesn’t know where God’s love for her went. My current husband and I decided to try going back to church and she showed a little interest and seemed to like it.
    This book would be perfect for her and I to read together this summer because we’re both struggling in different ways.

  10. Hi Lynn.

    I would like to share the good news about Jesus with my co-workers.

    Have you ever thought about writing a His Revolutionary Love book for older women? I would be the first to buy a copy. ?

  11. Wendy G. Bronson says:

    Thank you for sharing Lynn. I want to be bold for Jesus. My life truly began 20 years ago when I gave Him my heart. God bless you!

  12. We assure do try to make it harder than that. Love this simple advice!

  13. A friend was just sharing with me yesterday how she is concerned with those in her circle who do not know Jesus and wanted to have ways of sharing Him without pushing them away. Your devotional was so timely and I was able to share your words with her! I’m asking prayer for coworkers.

  14. Prayer is a powerful tool!

  15. We have new neighbors, a single Mom and her two boys. I know they were placed here for a reason. My husband has started cutting their grass and I believe this was the first step in our lives intermingling with them. Mom’s name is Lynette and I’m asking for prayer for all of us. May my husband and I be the light to these amazing neighbors. It can start with the simple question of Hiw can we be praying for you.

  16. Would love to give this book to my daughter’s best friend. She needs to know God’s love is more powerful than that any boy can give her.

  17. Jadeana Colby says:

    Good morning Lynn…
    My daughter is going to be 16 in August and I’m so worried about her spiritual safety. When she was 6 years old, she went to a church with my mom and she loved going until about 6 months later when she came home… eyes red, lips quivering, in a panic. For a long time she wouldn’t tell me why… Finally, when she was 13, she told me that the Sunday School teacher told her she was going to hell because she was a sinner. And if she died before she got saved and baptized, Jesus couldn’t help her… OH- and she couldn’t get saved/baptized until she was “of age” at 13… For years she wouldn’t go outside to play for fear of getting hit by a car. When we left in the car, she would scream and cry that we would die in a horrible car accident… That one person took away the light in my baby girl.
    In 2013, I was saved and baptized, a new Christain… And I wanted to share the GREAT NEWS of Christ with my 3 children… My daughter wouldn’t have it. She lives in Texas with her dad (I’m in Ohio), and hasn’t spoken to me since Christmas 2014.
    I named her Zoe, life giving, because when I found out I was pregnant with her I was heading down a dark downward spiral… I was suicidal, self-mutilating, doing drugs and drinking almost every night. She gave me life.
    After reading this devotional, I sent her a text. I asked her, “How can I pray for you?” I wasn’t expecting a reply because… well, she has never replied before… But something AMAZING happened. She sent me a message, a reply and answer… To pray for peace and happiness in her heart. To pray for balance in her life. And for happiness to return to her.
    Jesus is AWESOME!! I believe He puts things in our life (like this devotional) and if we just open our heart and spiritual ears, we will hear Him LOUD and CLEAR… Then all we have to do is put into action, what His Voice, His Spirit, tells us to do. And I want to THANK YOU for this article, that opened that door and line of communication between my daughter and I!!

  18. Marcia Whaley says:

    I”d love to have this book to first read myself and then share with my daughter. i have been working on introducing her to Jesus – she is 9, and she is full of questions. We attend church and Sunday School when we can. In this hard world, she needs to know that not only to I love her unconditionally but God the Father does as well.

  19. Cammi Hevener says:

    Thank you for this reminder that I always need to express my unconditional love to my kids!

  20. I very much needed this message today. Thank you for sharing your heart. What a beautiful story of how deep our love for one another can reach, and also how it can display the Lord’s love. Parents are earthly representatives of our loving Heavenly Father. He is so good to remind us how much He loves- in good times and bad.

  21. I would love to share it with my daughter. She is 14 and just getting ready to begin high school.

  22. Thank you Father for the reminder of Your love. I don’t always ‘feel’ loved. I hope my children know how much I love them. I desire for them to realize that God loves them so much more than I ever could. I have three beautiful daughters. My 19 year old is running so hard away from God. She needs to be reminded of His love. It breaks my heart to see the choices she’s beginning to make. I have to trust her to God no matter how it hurts. Prayerfully she will remember God’s love for her and mine. My 12 yr old has such a sweet heart for people. I fear she has a false sense of salvation. My 6 yr old hasn’t accepted Christ yet…. Praying that even in my failures as mom, that they know His love for them.

  23. My daughter as she heads off to college.

  24. Erika Dalen says:

    I love the proverbs 31 ministry & what a great blog this is.
    Id love to continue deepening my faith this summer. I would like the opportunity to share my faith & pray for a new friend Ive met so he can know Christ’s love.

  25. I’m in!! I want to keep sharing of Jesus’ love with my daughter. I don’t want for her to grow up with the same fears that I had of God that He is similar to my earthly father (angry, punishing, had to earn his love & could lose his love).

  26. I am a 6th grade youth leader at our church. We try to share the good news that Jesus is in their lives but it can be so hard to hold onto in those moments of crisis. I love that “How can I pray for you?” Can still point to God in those moments showing them God’s unconditional love. I love your book Magnetic! I appreciate your heart for teen girls as I have three of my own but so many others that I am trying to share this amazing news with! Your words always inspire me.

  27. I would like to give this book to the girl that is staying with me. Her parents moved to the other side of the states and she wanted to stay here to finished college but didn’t have a place to stay for the summer. I am praying for times and the right words to share with her.

    1. Carol, God Bless you for being able to have her stay with you. I too will be praying for both of you for the summer.

  28. Such a great message. Thank you for the reminder.

  29. Ann Marie says:

    Thank you for this precious reminder. A few years ago, my friends & I started asking this very question of the wait staff as they served us. I can’t even count the number who said “no thanks” on one hand! Most of the time, we got pleasantly surprised responses (& prayer requests!). I needed your reminder today, that this simple question stirs the heart of every person asked. You have greatly encouraged me to continue this simple but sweet practice of sharing the Love of Jesus with others! Thank you!
    And, yes, I’m in!

  30. Delores McPherson says:

    “I’m in” How can I pray for you? Such a great conversation starter. Thank you.

  31. mandi hall says:

    I would love this book for myself and my 2 teenage daughters!!!

  32. Dori Sheese says:

    I’m praying for a co-worker today, whose father is in his last days.

  33. Thank you for your post today. It is funny that my “non-christian” friends think of my girls and I as “prayer warriors” They will message me when something is going on in their lives that they need prayer. I have never thought to send them a message just asking “How can I pray for you?” I just call my girls together when they send a request.

    I would love to share this book with my daughters, as well as, the teen girls in my neighborhood. They all come to me to talk and this would be a great opportunity to open up and share more.

    Today, I will also be sending notes and phone calls to my friends, before they message me, asking them “How can I pray for you today?” Why wait until they feel desperate. We all could use a prayer every day.

    Ms. Lynn, How can I pray for YOU today? Again, thank you for your post.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cindi – thank you for being a young people investor! And thank you for asking how you can pray for me!

      I’m at a crossroads of sorts both in my ministry and my personal life. Ministry wise it seems I am moving more to focusing on adult women. Personal – I have two of my three college age kids home this summer. Enough said!

  34. I am praying for a girlfriend who has turned away from the Lord after her husband passed away suddenly.

  35. To share the love of Jesus with my 2 daughters.

  36. I have learned these past 5 years just how much God truly loves me…. even when I willfully disobeyed something he warned me about not doing. I don’t approve disobedience to God – but honestly, when I fell flat on my face that’s when I seen how much Jesus truly loved me, and it changed my life around. His love never stopped pursuing me, and he protected me from going down a path that was not His will for my life. I’m so thankful today for God’s mercy and grace. His love has changed me from the inside out… I’m still “under construction” as Ruth Graham stated one time. I would love this book, so I can share with others the amazing love that changed my life and give them encouragement that God can do the same for their life as well. Thank you for your obedience to God, and for allowing God to speak through you. Loved this devotion today! God bless each of you!

  37. Courtney Garner says:

    I’m in, I want to share God’s love with my family so together we may share his love to the community.

  38. Thank you, Lynn! I have searched for a simple way to start a conversation of how Jesus has changed my heart and life but couldn’t found a comfortable way until now. “How can I pray for you?” Easy and Simple! I can do it, I’m in!

  39. Although I am going through many challenges myself, it is good for me to not be the only “focus” of needed prayer in our church, family and inner friend circle. I love that I can change the focus to another person. It makes me feel useful again to pray for others and have that ongoing list. How can I pray for you?

  40. Thank you for sharing this simple way to start a conversation with someone you may not know very well that would likely lead to genuinely sharing God’s love . I would love to encourage our new middle/high school girls leader by sharing this book with her and asking her “How I can pray for her?”.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Wonderful, Andrea! Those who invest in young people need lots of encouragement!

  41. Today was my first visit to First 5 and Proverbs 31 Ministries (besides yesterday when I signed up for devotions and downloaded the First 5 App). This was my first blog read. I am thankful for this resource. Although my husband and I have continually told our daughters (ages 13, 17, and 20) that their value is not in what anyone thinks of them, but in the fact that they are heirs to the throne of the one true God in heaven who, by His hands and in His image, created them, it’s a difficult understanding for them to grasp. All of my daughters are beautiful, but all of them feel they’re ugly. I desire to instill in them – even at this time – what true beauty is. I don’t want it to be a one-and-done type of thing. I appreciate that this is a resource that I can use for a small group with my girls and their friends. I have had a continued conviction to do something personal with them and I believe this is a great start. One of my daughters was sexually assaulted nearly three years ago and we weren’t told until a year after. Her sexual behaviors have become voluntary and I think sometimes she feels like there’s no redemption so she doesn’t care. She’s voluntarily been with two other people since the assault. She knows about God and I pray that she experiences Him so deeply that she grabs hold of Him and draws closer with every breath. I downloaded the Leader’s Guide and other freebies to get started. My request for prayer is that this resource would draw me and my girls to Christ, improve our understanding of who He desires us to be, increase the evidence of Him in our lives, and strengthens our bond together. God knows the intricate details of each of our personalities. I know that nothing is impossible with Him. Thank you for your ministry.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Candance, I am so glad we are connecting! I believe the books I have written partnered with the most important resource of God’s word will do an amazing work in your girls!

      Lord, draw Candances’ daughters to Yourself. Instill in them the truth of how You made them and how you see them. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  42. I want to share the love of Jesus with my daughter.

  43. Anna Grace says:

    I want to share the love of Jesus with my co-workers. Each day since I got this job, my husband and I have been praying that God would use me here. I pray each morning that God would shine His light through me. I try sometimes to BE the light, but that is not my job. I am not the light, Jesus is. I just need to let His light shine through me! One of my co-workers told me that I helped him re-strengthen his faith. I was in tears that day. Thank you Jesus for using a broken vessel like me! I told my co-worker it was not me, but it was all because of Jesus. There are several others here at work who do not know Jesus. I can see in their eyes they have no light inside them. I want them to know the love of Jesus! Please pray that I could encourage them.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love this, Anna! So intentional to pray and ask Jesus each and every day to shine through you!

      Lord, you see Anna Grace’s heart. Open doors and help her to boldly walk through them! Amen

  44. Lynn God has been pressing on my heart to start a young ladies Bible Study on my block. I live inWest Philly and I have 5 girls of my own who play with the girls on my block but I see a strong need to encourage a different way of them doing life…. I would love to introduce them to Jesus and encourage them with this book during the summer the girls range from the ages 10-17 like my 5 girls but I see them admire teens who walk through our neighborhood wearing less to nothing clothes and having boys and men hawk after them……. I want them to know there is someone who Hawks at them everyday with a pure love and that they don’t have to look far because it’s Jesus ??

  45. Cecilia Espinosa says:

    I would like to share the love of Jesus with my teenage sister who seems to be very lost in the world around us but I know will soon be found again.

  46. Christy Bailey says:

    It is simple to let the love of Jesus shine through us to others and let them know we care and He cares through us. Thanks

  47. I loved what the church planter said! I recently attended an “Introduction to ALPHA” class at my church. ALPHA is a class for people who are either atheists or are exploring Christianity to come to a 10 week long class where they watch a video, get to meet people just like them, ask questions, get answers, and enjoy good food. The question phrased by the church planter reminded me of ways in which we can minister to others, even unbelievers through a simple offer of help. I will definitely think of who I can pray for each day.

  48. Carolyn R says:

    What a great question. Thanks for sharing this simple door-opener and a way we can help someone through prayer.

  49. Marian Hindall says:

    In my women’s Bible study we end with asking the person to our left how can I pray for you? I keep a journal and write their request down. I pray for that person everyday, I’ll send them Bible verses to encourage them, or drop a card in the mail. Then we share the following week what happened when a particular sister in Christ prayed for her and the outcome. Praise God how He answers our prayers. I would like to pray for my ex-son-in-law, Joel. Thank you Lynn and God bless you.

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