Not the Same

You might be like me. You’ve gone to church for years. Prayed for years. Read your Bible for years. And some days, it feels like you have struggled with the same thing… for years. It might be a struggle no one even knows about.

If you were to spend some time getting to know me, you might get the wrong impression that I have it all together. Walking with Jesus for so many years has really helped me to get many areas of life under His control. I watch my words more than I did years ago. I am careful who I listen to and who I hang out with. I’m picky about how I spend my time and the things I invest in. The thing you might not pick up, though, is my struggle. My struggle with my thoughts.


Here is where the real battle takes place. Just like Encouragement for Today from Proverbs 31 Ministries spoke of, our thoughts are the place where victories are won or lost in our lives.

Last week I read this comment in my study Bible, “Every impure thought leaves a bit of pollution behind.”

Pollution. What’s your’s?

For me, every time I think of how mad I am that my daughter’s room is SO bad; it leaves behind a residue of anger towards her. If I allow myself to dwell on my son’s shortcomings as a college student, it breaks down my tenderness to his challenges. Each time I ponder on why my husband doesn’t do this or does do that, it chips away at my respect for the man of God he is.

That’s why I have  to get in God’s presence. Each day; every day. I am desperate to have the glory of His perfection get right up next to the imperfections of my heart and rub off on me. In His presence I am changed; my heart and mind renewed. (Romans 12:2) 

I was so blessed to have some godly women teach me the power of turning every thought over to Jesus (2 Cor. 10:5) when I was a teen. Would Jesus have you learn this and teach some girls in your life this powerful truth too?

Today, I’m giving away a signed copy of my book “His Revolutionary Love” as well as a Starbuck’s gift card. If you are the blessed winner, you could take this book, meet your favorite teen girl for coffee and learn to renew your minds together!

To be entered to win today, click on “comments” below and share why you need to get in God’s presence each day. If you’re on the run, just say, “I’m in!” Stop back by tomorrow for my Wednesday Wisdom Tip to see who the winner is!



















  1. So often I just get through my day. I do all my needed tasks and can feel that empty and lost feeling at the end of my day, Thankyou for reminding me that its through Jesus and Him alone that I will feel loved, cherished, peace, and strength that I need to get me through my day. I was challenged to go to Him first for everything. I know I am supposed to do it, but sometimes I lose sight of it and just go through my days trying to survive.

    1. I am so guilty of the impure thoughts and can so relate to what you are saying. I guess I never thought of how damaging a simple negitive thought could be ! My daughter is 16 and i wish she could realize how beautiful she is just the way God made her, but she is falling prey to the world view of beauty. I am so thankful for blogs like this were I can come for a renewing of my mind, in addition to my bible study.

    2. Thank you for these words today! I am that person today!!! Changing my thoughts and getting on my knees! Thank you Proverbs 31 for your daily Encouragements with the word of Jesus!!!!!

    3. Lynn,
      Thank you for being honest with your feelings of inadequacy. I feel that way everyday, trying to balance my work day and my family responsibilties. Then as a christian I feel guilty for having these same feelings. I feel as a christian I should be doing better and I have many examples of christian women who communicate how effectively they deal with everyday circumstances. Yet, I feel like I’m always struggling. I think other women struggle too but feel ashamed to express it.
      thanks for giving us a voice.

    4. I have to be in His presence daily for my whole family. I am a 42 year old, full time working mother of three daughters ( 16, 11, and 5), two step sons (22 and 17), a daughter in law (20) and a grand baby on the way. I function like a single parent while my husband serves our city in law enforcement. To write the many negative thoughts I battle daily would be like writing a book. Without God, there is not enough of me………. So, I am in! I have been looking for material like this and just yesterday, I focused on “When you pray, I will listen. If you seek me wholeheartedly, you will find me!” Jeremiah 29:12 Praise God!

    5. Pam Davis says:

      I have a granddaughter who needs to read this book!

  2. This is just the encouragement I needed to get the day started today. Thank you so much! I’m in!

  3. Hi Lynne
    What an amazing ministry. I am so far short of the Proverbs 31 woman that our Lord would like me to be – I am struggling with my mouth. I would love to learn from all your books. I have two lovely teenage daughters who would benefit …. and a precious son…. do you have anything for sons?

  4. Kimberly Smith says:

    I need to be in God’s presence every day because I let my expectations and disappointments in people change my heart. I start out my day in God’s word and quickly my flesh rises up during interactions with my family especially with a negative thought or word instead of God’s love and compassion, or His patience and kindness. I realize how imperfect I am and how I need the perfect God to fill me again. As I begin this day that I will take Him and his word and his spirit throughout all that I have to do today. Each day is filled with new opportunities and challenges to respond to his spirit and thoughts. Definitely having the understanding of God’s love makes the difference in my life makes me more of the woman God wants me to be. Thank you for sharing your life and encouragement.

  5. Good Morning Lynn! Thanks so much for sharing God’s word from your heart today. I, too, may seem like it all together most days, and on the outside, I do but my mind is a constant battlefield. It’s amazing how those negative thoughts and self doubt can destroy, not only your day, but the day of those you love the most. I am learning to not rely so much on others to make me feel better about myself–thanks for this reminder today. Thanks you once again and God Bless You! It’s gonna be a great day!!

  6. Lynne, Oh what words I needed to hear today. My daughter is not a teen yet but I know it will happen before I know it. I already see the internal struggles she is faced with. I’m praying she will grow up to know the love of Christ and His Truths! Thank you for the give-away.

  7. Hi Lynn! I can’t think of a message my heart and mind needed to be reminded of more than this today. I woke up just like you described in the P31 devotion. I am struggling with my thoughts and the thoughts that keep me from being joyful, prayerful and thankful. I am feeling the “pollutions” left behind by all the thoughts that I let flow instead of “putting my mind on things above”. Thank you for all these reminders…God really spoke to me this morning through your words. He always is there just when I need him the most. I am going to go sit in His presence for a few minutes right now!

  8. My mind is just full this morning; this post was such an uplifting word and powerful thought. It’s so easy to feel discouraged, so easy to put yourself down and forget that He mad you perfect. This is something I so badly need to get through to my teen girls at church. There is so much out there that knocks our girls down, that strip them of their confidence. I need to remind them of God’s love for each of them. Thank you so very much for this!

  9. I’m definitely in! My “stinking thinking” can ruin a whole day sometimes. If I remember to say a sincere prayer in the morning before I get out of bed, the day usually goes smoother. Even then, one thing can go wrong and I can allow it to ruin the rest of my day because the self defeating thoughts take over. If I had or hadn’t done this, I can’t do anything right, what’s wrong with me, and on and on. I’m better than I used to be, but I’m not there yet! Thank you for this helpful reminder this morning Lynne.

  10. I would love to learn myself to capture my crazy thoughts and then teach sweet girls in my life to do the same thing. That’s what we do..we mentor! I know that I desperatley need Jesus! Looking forward to reading more of your blog and looking around your website. A friend told me about it. 🙂

  11. Oh how my daughter is struggling, I ‘ m praying scripture over her now. I’d love to win this book!

  12. I so needed this encouragement today! I get so busy and caught up in just surviving the day that I forget to allow God to work in my life. I am so quick to be critical of my family and I so want to change that! thanks for being a blessing!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this morning! As I was reading, I kept thinking Yes, Yes, that is me! I grew up in church, I know that God loves me and I am His, so why do I continue to struggle with the same things and let my thoughts steal my joy? It is a daily battle and I know my girls will face the same struggles. Thank you for sharing here and on the Proverbs 31 site. Looking forward to reading your book!

  14. Angie Nicley says:

    I am blessed this morning reading this. I have felt all of these things lately and not being able to recognize why. Thank you for Sharing!! I’m In!!

  15. Adrienne H. says:

    I already know I need to get in God’s presence each day because if I don’t I start getting cranky, needy, and doubtful about many things. It is such a joy and renewal to come to the Lord each day. I truly enjoyed the reminder in encouragement today.

  16. I have had a lot of stuggles in my life within the past 6 months. The birth of a new baby. My husband being in and out of jail and rehab and now we are in the process of a divorce due to his habiltual drunkeness. I need to be in the presence of God to help me get thru all this. My husband left me with nothing when he left me and my baby girl. If it wasn’t for God’s presence, family and friends I would not have made it this far. It would be nice to win a gift card to Starbucks and this book. I would be able to get away for a little bit. Enjoy some coffee with my niece who is soon to be 16 and we could read and discuss the book together.

  17. I need to start the morning with the Lord to remind myself that He gave me this day and He will lead me through this day if I allow Him too.

  18. I can always tell when I don’t spend time with God. Things seem to not go as well as if I do spend time with him.

  19. Fran Kuennen says:

    It is so easy to let the evil one take over. I need to be reminded every day of how much God loves me. I need to leave by the opposite gate. …I love this scripture comparison.

  20. What an encouragement! I felt exactly what you described today. I felt such a mess, after walking with the Lord for a while, i felt abadoned today, wanted to cry the whole morning, asked the Holy Spirit to help me because i was at the verge of even breaking off a relationship am in. I felt totally unloved and un appreciated, the lies of the devil that polluted my mind! The Lord came through and comforted me, am reminded of His amazing love and grace.
    Indeed at times you just have to get away and cry to the Lord, just you and Him!
    Thank you.

  21. Kimetra T says:

    Thank you so much for this post, your blog, and your transparency. I pray I will use these tools you offer to help with my negative thoughts and also to help young girls in my life.

  22. Oh wow! You wrote this just for me, right? 🙂 God’s words to your fingertips. I struggle with this all the time. Good days it just bleeps in every now and then, bad days I struggle to get rid of it but it just comes back to me. Then the mommy guilt of how that frustration comes out on my family. Then I have moments of clarity in my journey on asking God to guide my steps that day. But is it that? Or am I missing it and in your prayer to “change” me is more what I need to be focusing on. Love the prayer. Exactly what I needed today.

  23. I work for my church as the secretary, janitor, and Children and Youth director. To be honest our church is small and thankfully after a year of being here we are starting to see some new families. I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis with what God wants me to do. How long do I have to wait until I can see a fresh move of his spirit in such a dry place. I was raised in church, but being raised by a single mom and having a father who could have cared less if I was or wasn’t made it’s mark on me. These days the lies are the same, just in different forms. These last several years have been hard road filled with betrayal, rejection, and frustration and the one thing God has been teaching me is I didn’t depend on him enough and allowed the devil to lie to me about what God felt towards my damaged and battered heart. I received the P31 devotional today and it touched my heart! Exactly what I needed today, thank you so much for sharing your heart with us 🙂 Just like we want to spend time with those we care about, God wants to spend time with us. And that is why it is important just to “Have a little talk with Jesus”, because he cares for us and wants to help us deal. Blessings!

  24. Dear Lynn: I stand amazed that God answers my prayers through such different ways. I struggle with doubts about who I am….always feeling like I don’t measure up. Your share from Ezekiel 46:9 and your message from God was an answer to my soul. I have shed many tears of late and so want to be genuine in all that I do….getting rid of all the negative. Thanks for sharing your heart. with me. My favorite song is “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and the line “strength for today and bright hope for the morrow” also helps me get through the day. Again, thanks

  25. I believe this is the first time reading a devotional by you on P31. This is totally what I needed today. I struggle with the lies satan brings up quit a bit. I work on this continually as everyone does. Currently I am participating Renee Swope’s Confident Heart Study and she posted a You-tube video of a women saying a poem that totally uplifed me and reminded me that no matter what I think of myself or what other’s think of me He doesn’t care. He loves me just the way I am. Here’s a link if everyone wants to watch it: Enjoy. And i’m totally in on captureing my thoughts and leaving out through the other gate.

    1. Thanks for sharing this link, Melody!

  26. Jessica Ludwig says:

    Dear Lynn, I have been struggling with many feelings of anxiety for the past month. I have been trying to “do it all” and be “supermom/wife/friend/etc” only to find myself getting frustrated daily. Even though I have been a Christian all my life I still try to rely on myself rather than my Father to get me through each day. I am so encouraged by your words and want to take that step back with Him so that I may be the woman I want to be through Him. Thank you for your perspective! 🙂

  27. Karen Jones says:

    Hi Lynn!! I can relate to this in so many ways. I am a young married wife and mother to amazing man and beautiful baby girl. My husband just finished his contract with the marines and now we have moved back to his hometown in tx. It feels like I am the only person here that is young and married with a baby. I know my papa God is with me but I know I need a deeper relationship with him. I want to teach my daughter from the very beginning how to love God and fallow him wholeheartedly.your book would really help;) I am always looking for something new to learn from so I can share it with my friends around me. Thank you fro writing this blog it encourages me so much. Thanks Karen.

  28. I struggle with many doubts of my worth and worthiness of the Lord.

    1. Most of us do Kara! That is why I HAVE to get into Jesus’ word every day! I am an empty girl who needs to be filled up with His truth!

  29. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. Such a battle goes on in our minds (at least mine). It seems I far too frequently need the reminder to take every thought captive. What a transformation though when we see from His perspective.

  30. I so needed to hear this! What an encouraging way to begin my day. Myself and two of my four boys are really struggling right now. Negative thoughts and emotions have taken hold. We will not let them take root, we will focus on Gods promises and wait for him to restore us. Thanks so much for sharing. “I’m in!”

  31. Tammy McKinney says:

    “I’m in”! Thank you for your encouraging posts. What a great example of how one seemingly little negative thought can leave behind “pollution”…the frustrastion of the messy room leads to anger building up at your precious one. That example shows how important our thoughts are and how they affect us. Need to shift my focus onto things above today and everyday!

  32. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thank you so much for your site and your work with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  33. Thank you for your encouraging words this morning! As a single mom, I have to start my day off with God to survive. I have two beautiful daughters, age 18 and 15. Their personalities are very different, but my prayers for them are the same. It’s hard raising godly confident young women in today’s world. My prayer is that they will know Him and love Him on their own and not because their mama says to! I am always looking for ways to encourage them!

  34. My son’s 4th grade class is studying the environment and pollution. In reviewing his vocabulary this morning we defined pollution…..any material man-made or natural that damages and disrupts….pollutants can be visible or invisible to the naked eye, they can quickly cause a problem or slowly corrode over time. Pollution can move from one resource to another leaving a path of damage in it’s wake. Wow, how that speaks to the message today, let God’s presence was over us ….amen

  35. I need Jesus every moment. I feel so empowered when I hear Him speak to me saying things like today, “you don’t need that pop-tart, I will sustain you, trust in Me & I will fill you up” or when I feel lonely because my husband is not living up to my expectations of affection I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me and remind me that Jesus is all I need & that He loves me unconditionally.

    Thank you SO much Proverbs 31 Women for being obedient to God’s calling for your lives. Your annointed words are such an encouragement for me that I’m not alone or weird!! 🙂

    1. Karen Jones says:

      Becky I know just how you feel I am in the same sitchuation.we have to rely on papa gods love he is all we need. We haves to emerse ourselves in papa gods love and our husbands will see and feel the love of papa God in us and want to love us more.

  36. Great post! What a few weeks it has been aroun here-surgery, crutches, teenage daughter battling a severe case of anxiety (again), son having trouble focusing in school, work pressures, marriage concerns….. Sometimes I feel like someone knocked me over, put a big ol’ rock on top of me and is proceeding to jump up and down.. Though I don’t battle the self-esteem issues as much, I certainly feel overwhelmed and can generate some serious negative thoughts at a moment’s notice. Though I can’t go for a run right now (though I’m sure it would be rather entertaining hauling down the road with crutches), I need to step back and have a long conversation with Jesus. That ALWAYS helps! Thanks again-I would love to read your book.

  37. Deborah H says:

    I’m in. I so need this. I’ve got to stop the negative thoughts and feelings I have towards my husband so much. I need to get closer to God and let him rub off the rough edges I have. You are a great inspiration.

  38. Lynn,
    I am always amazed at the way God speaks directly to me through Proverbs 31 Ministries! Today is no different. I just spent last evening letting God fill me once again. Ridding me of lies swarming around in my thoughts. God is molding me and changing me everyday. He is so good to me. I work with teen girls at my church and have been looking at His Revolutionary Love for them. I used your illustration (pitcher/glass/koolaid) recently at our lock-in. I want them to know the Truth. I’m going to buy the book anyway. I sure would like to win it!
    Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life!
    JoAnn H.

    1. That’s great JoAnn! Be sure to check out the free leadership guide under “Freebies”. There is so much truth that these precious girls need to know!

  39. Lynn…thank you that in your struggle, you allowed the Holy Spirit to sift out pure gold! Your words today were truly “apples of gold in settings of silver.” My heart longs that my own daughter would find such treasures too.

    Please pray for her as she is looking in all the wrong places. She is living with her heroin-addicted boyfriend. She struggles with having been overweight her whole life. I have cried with her and told her she is beautiful and precious to her dad and I and most of all to our Lord, but she must not believe it. Please pray with me that she will exit her wanderings into the loving embrace of Jesus!

    I’d love to share your new book, His Revolutionary Love, with her.

  40. I need to keep my focus. It is so easy to wander off to unwholesome thoughts and just waste time if I don’t have my focus on Jesus. Thanks for the good words! I would love to read your book!

  41. LaToshia Jordan says:

    Lynn, I am so glad that I am subscribed to your blogs. I shut my phone off yesterday for an undetermined amount of days. I so need to hear from God, not only did He tell me months ago to detach from the phone for some days, but i was disobedient and I was so overwhelmed this weekend. I think that this time from the phone I will hear clearly from My Husband, the lover of my soul, my father and the father of my girls for clear direction as only He can give. Thank you for confirming what decision I had to make. So far it is refreshing I know my friend and family are probably worried but I am totally dependant on God to take care of me and this is my act of total submission and going out one way to not return the same. Thank you so much and be blessed, Love LaToshia

  42. I need to be in our Father’s presence to read his affirmation for me each day so I may be a beaming light for His glory.

  43. I’m in! I so often struggle with my worth and who I am in Christ. I want to be a reflection of Jesus and to not only be able to share these precious truths with my daughter as she enters these teenage years, but to live them out on a daily basis!

  44. Elaine Segstro says:

    I have had many of these times when I forget how God has fashioned me as beautiful and loved. Thank you for reminded of whose I am! Bless you – I’m in!!

  45. Meleigha Veal says:

    Needed this…thanks!

  46. I so needed to read this today. Yesterday I struggled with those thoughts, and there are some remnants today. Although I spend time with God daily, I realized while I was reading that I’m not always open to His Truth. Sometimes I’m too focused on my own perceptions to be willing to really meditate on who He says I am.
    And thank you for sharing the quote about impure thoughts. That really has me thinking about what is left behind even after I discard a lie about myself and my life.
    I hope to pass these truths on to my 11 and 13 year old daughters.

  47. I have to several reasons. I need his help with the desire to eat the right food, not talk or think negatively towards people that can really irritate me, and other things too. Spending time with God just seems to help my day go better.

  48. Michelle T. says:

    I’m a mom of 5 girls. Ages 13-20. The Lord has blessed us with wisdom, but most times I feel like I’m lacking in great bucket fulls. I feel frustrated for not being able to come across with the words and the RIGHT way of saying something. Thank you so much for sharing this today. I would be honored to be placed in the drawing. God bless you!

  49. I’m in — I have been struggling with food and self esteem issues and a path has led me here. I will even admit pairing it with a Starbucks card spoke to the coffee enthusiast that I am and nudged me to respond. I want to grow in spirituality to be a Godly woman and your resource seems like it is calling me.

  50. Elsa Turner says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling with feeling overwhelmed and stressed by every little thing, causing me to feel depressed, not confindant, etc… I know that I am trying to cope with those feelings by searching out everything else but GOD. Every reminder that HE is the only one that can really fulfill me is helpful!! I”m in!!

  51. I’m on the run! But count me in. Blessings to you as you go about your day.

  52. My current battle I am taking head on is, loving God more than I love the food. Food, whether about what I can eat, cannot eat, how much to eat, what diet to do, how can I get my exercise in, etc, constantly occupies my mind. Well Now when I am tempted to go that route, I turn my thoughts to God instead! He is so much better and I love him more! Thanks for the great read Lynn!

  53. I’m in! Thanks for your ministry!! I’ve been using your book with a struggling teen girl in my church. Praying for awesome God-centered results! Love the resources I just came across on your site today. 🙂

    1. Keep investing Amy! He’ll bring the results!

  54. Kim Gearhart says:

    I have been praying about starting a small group with teen girls who need to hear truth about His Revolutionary Love. We women are bombarded by lies daily and I have been praying for someone to work with in making this happen for our teen girls. Do you do conferences? We are in Central PA. This has been on my heart for quite some time and I “stumbled” across your site one day while reading a devotional through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Keep speaking the truth.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Yes…I do conferences for teen girls all across America, but at this point the only conference I have scheduled in PA is for adult women. I would LOVE to come and invest in your girls! Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you some information about a “Revolutionary Love” conference. Check out yesterday’s post – ’80’s Style. You’ll see the conference I did this weekend in Louisiana!

  55. I really enjoyed the post today! Its amazing I had asked God for his touch today! I just needed to know that he was still there. Thank you! God has also blessed me with those like you who always send encouraging words. As we sow the word, it always returns in a good measure at a good time!
    Thanks, so much.

  56. Lynn, thank you for this post… I’m in!

  57. Wow, what a wonderful reminder, I am not a runner, so that would not be me, but Ido need to at least recall to take a “time out” to read scriptures I have been challenged to read daily to remind me I am a creation of God thru Christ. “I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind so that I might discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” Rom. 12:2

    Thank for your thoughtfully prepared devotion and added scriptures, I will be adding them to my list!

  58. Thank you! I SO needed to hear what you said…I’m in!

  59. I don’t have a teenager to share this with, but I think it would do me some good. And I would share it with my neighbor for her girls, too. Thanks for the encouragement, Lynn!

  60. I have 3 daughters and a son (ages 15-20). I spend a lot of time with High School and College girls. Your words are almost exactly what I would write. I recently total one of my little friends….”God made our tears as a release valve and it is important to let them come out…but it is important to guard the words we say”. I told her my new Motto is: Cry more, speak less.” Word said in anger or frustration are a real problem when you are 15 and worse I think when you are 52.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement. A book and Starbucks that is truly a fine gift.

  61. Negative thoughts turn into negative words and then into actions, and it all happens so quickly that I so often don’t realize it’s happening til damage is done. Thank you for the reminder that I need to get back to the source – my thoughts.

  62. Stacey Bower says:

    How refreshing. Tough message with abundant grace. Thank you.

  63. There truly is no joy or satisfaction in taking one’s frustrations, false beliefs, bad attitudes out on another. I have two teen daughters and one nine year old daughter at home and it’s much too easy to be short or critical of them when I don’t have the proper perspective. Thank you, thank you for your gentle, encouraging reminder to go to God for comfort and healing so that I can model HIs grace and love to my girls.

  64. Wow. I needed that message in my life today. Thank you, and I’m in!!

  65. I have been feeling like this for so long that it has become my “normal”
    It was nice to read your post this afternoon.

  66. I needed this. I struggle with being a single mom, trying to raise my two kids, one a 14 year old daughter, and a 10 year old boy with ADHD and trying to be that Godly example daily in between homework strugggles with my 4th grader and my daughter who needs mom. And then welcoming a new future step daughter and a fiance’ who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Thank you Lynn for all you do !!

  67. I sure needed this one today!! Thank you!!!! I’m in!!

  68. Thoughts….Wow! Since I was a very young girl I have struggled with my thoughts, trying to sort them out. Growing up in an unchristian like atmosphere, it was my thoughts that kept me clutching the garments of Jesus as I struggled to hang on and do what was right in life. At that time, I did not know of his promises, I just believed and trusted in Him. I have always longed for the mentoring of that older woman in Titus 2:3-5, and now that I am growing older, my prayer is that I am becoming her. My desire is to spend time and connect with young women, teaching them that Jesus will always be there first, if we direct our thoughts to him first. Thus, laying a good foundation for them to grow up, make it through those trying adolescent years, and to raise their families. I believe I can be that restored vessel that God can use. Thank You so much for your words today Lynn.

  69. I like you have gone to church my entire life. But I struggle with my thoughts also. What you said hit me hard today. I never thought about the fact when I allow myself to think about how terrible my daughter’s and son’s room looks, it possibly pollutes my mind and I don’t see all their wonderful qualities. But it is not only my thoughts about my children or my husband, but also…about me. If I allow myself to think about all the things I have done wrong and what is wrong with me, it becomes hopeless and I feel I can’t change. I think this book would be a wonderful tool for my daughter and I to draw closer to God and closer to each other.

  70. 2 writings in one day!!! So proud of you —maybe I should get up early and run!!! Thank you for all that you do!! Blessings,Barb

  71. Mari Silva says:

    at work right now ..but i got home last wednesday & to my surprise my 17 year old daughter was reading the bible …she was spending time with God …i have been praying for that & His Revolutionary Love ..would be a Great , Great book for her to read ! i even told her how much i would love for her to read this book ….thank you so much for your ministry it has helped me to have alot more patience & understanding with my daughter ! thanks again ..God Bless you & your family

  72. Rita White says:

    Thank you. I’m in!

  73. I read your “Encouragement for Today” post and I could immediately relate! I was so happy to hear that I’m not the only one that needs to run to release and pour it out with God. So often I need to release my feelings and spend time with God while I’m running.
    I have a teenage daughter and would love your book!

  74. Caroline S says:

    This was just what I needed to read today! Thank you, Lynn! I am a mentor to teenage girls in my church, so I look forward to reading your book.Thanks for a chance to win!

  75. I must be in His presence every day because He is my rock and fortress. He is my comfort, peace, and my strength. I was made to worship Him and He is the only thing that truly satisfies my needs. He keeps me centered. He lifts me up when I am weak. He is my EVERYTHING. I must be in His presence every day because,my husband, children,family and co-workers are watching my life and I am only fleshly so staying in His presence allows me to better show others what God has done for me and can do for them also.

  76. Yep, we all need that attitude adjustment regularly. Just glad I’m not the onlyy one. Thanks Lynn!!

  77. Wow! Your examples of “polluting” thoughts are PARALLEL to mine–guess I needed that reminder to take those thoughts captive TODAY! Thanks!

  78. Ann Marie says:

    How amazing is it that we still struggle with so many of the same things we have for years. I saw a wonderful saying that was “You will always have the person you were with you. The key is not to let him in the driver’s seat anymore. ” I love that. Who we were will always be there but the choices we make are crucial to our new life in Christ. Love your blog so much!!
    May God richly bless you as you bless us!!

  79. Sally Cook says:

    I have the same struggle. If I am not constantly refilling my mind with positive words from His word, I can really bog myself down with negative thoughts about myself, past sins & mistakes & how overweight I am. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus loves me & sees me as beautiful no matter how I sometimes see myself.

  80. I need to connect with God on a daily basis – and when I don’t I feel lost. I wasn’t reading my bible on a daily basis for a long time and I wasn’t really connecting with God. Now that I am more consistent I cannot wait to connect on a daily basis. I realize that without God in my life I would be lost and without hope.

  81. Your prayer at the end of the P31 devotional was just what I needed – it’s so easy to spend time in God’s presence and then just walk away and pick up the same attitude and struggles that I’d hoped to leave behind. It is a daily battle to overcome some of these things – but now I know to leave through the opposite door and leave it all behind……

  82. I thought your devotion on Proverbs 31 was wonderful today. I loved the part about running far enough away to change your attitude. I will often try to ” catch ” myself and lift the ugly mood I feel coming on up to God and then I ask him to redeem it. I also try to keep the perspective everything I do should be for him, therefore it needs to be done in His spirit.

    thanks for sharing so honestly 🙂

    sarah birmingham

  83. Hi – Thank you, I needed to hear this message to remind me that God has made me a different women. I have been slipping backwards to the old me and it is such a sad sad place for me to be.

    I needed to be reminded that I have gone back out the same way I came in but now, once again, I need to go back out the other direction. The changed women that no longer needs drugs or alcohol to numb her because she is unhappy. God thinks I am worthy and beautiful…I only need to be in HIS presence.


  84. I need to be in the presence of God each and every moment– that’s the only way I can be the person God wants me to be. In God’s presence I can go on my day with a joyful and thankful attitude. Thank you for reminding me to get it right with God first so that I can can it right with my husband, children, and others.

  85. I need to get in God’s presence each day because i have 5 little pairs of eyes watching me every day and learning from my actions how we are supposed to be as CHristians. Also, my hubby is youth leader at our church and this book would be an excellent resource to share with our teen girls! Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. andrea stanley says:

    If I do not seek God everyday my mind wanders to places full of lies. God ‘s word gives me the truth I need to hear everyday.

  87. My daughter is going through some things now and I wonder what in the world is going on. She and I both need to seek out GOD for what to do in any situation, but especially this one. I get so angry at times with her and the resentment so seeps over into everything we do. I try really hard. We adopted her @ age 10 and have had MANY moments that HAVE assed up to a lot of resentment and we need to be on the same page really bad.

    1. That was suppose to be added up to. PLEASE fix that. I can’t delete it. I am so sorry!

  88. I Need Him daily. I have too. There are so many things happening in my life, right now, that i am not sure how to handle. I also have trouble with thoughts and have second guessed myself on things only to realize that did not need too, i have had some bad health issues, church issues, children issues, financial issues, family issues. If i did not stay in the Word and praying and worshiping and going to friends, i would not be able to handle all of this. Thankyou for this today, it makes me see i am not the only one, that many are struggling. I was letting ALL of the above get to me today, and i realized i need to do as you did. I need to realize i can do this, and not am things that come into our life means we are bad. because, i know i was wonderring this today. Thanks,.Val

  89. Thanks for sharing this. I too struggle with my thoughts and I battle depression and anxiety! I need God’s presence every second of my life.

  90. Hi Lynn,

    Thns and would like to have more of Almighty. I know no one is pleased or satisfied with what one gets. Moreover when one is going through all the ups and downs. But gives very soothing effect to read your Devotion on Proverbs 31, which encourages us a lot.

  91. Your P31 devotional sounded so much like me! I get disappointed and frustrated, and if I don’t watch it, I end up being a not nice person to be around… On the happier side, I love the times when I’m in His presence and the tears flow and the ugliness gets washed away.
    Thank you for reminder of where my Help comes from!

  92. Oh, how I need to dwell in the presence of the Lord, in the sacred and quiet place! If I cannot start my morning with my Best Friend, the day seems to rapidly spin out of control. I also often find myself craving moments throughout the day to simply be still and know my God. My days (and nights) are filled with caring for and loving my baby girl and her very rambunctious two y.o. and four y.o. brothers. My help cometh from the Lord (Who has also blessed me with a wonderful, Godly husband), my Rock (in an ever-changing life), and my Deliverer (from stressed insanity).

  93. priscilla says:

    I really needed to hear this today 🙂 thank you for sharing :)!…I’m in :)!

  94. Thanks for the powerful reminder…I do the same thing and actually your examples are pretty close to my reality! The “pollution” comment brought it to light for me….that is what happens! Thank you! I am in!

  95. Oh, wow!! I could have written all those thoughts exactly! I love how God works in our lives to show us we’re not alone.:-)

    I know I need His presence first thing in the morning because I’d not, everyone around me can my mood and heart are so much better when I seem His face first above all else.

    Blessings sister!!
    I’m in!

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