Obstacles and Greatness

Yesterday, I had a fabulous Mother’s Day! It was a beautiful spring day in the Carolinas. I wanted nothing more than to get out and enjoy it, so after a wonderful service, we grabbed some subs and headed to Crowder’s Mountain State Park in Gastonia, North Carolina.

While sharing our plans for the day with some friends, I had been told the views were terrific…once you got to the top. We set out, looking forward to reaching the top and receiving our reward! As usual, we all started out in a good mood. Then the incline started! The ninety-degree weather began to take a toll and the two and a half miles were getting to us. As we got closer to the look out, we met an older man who encouraged us to keep going. He helped me to not give up!

This is what we met when we reach the top:

Next to it was posted a sign: Danger Ahead – Warning! Go ahead at your own risk.

We had hit an obstacle. I am sure many have gotten this far before, almost to the top; only to turn back. Too hard. Too steep. If only they had know what was on the other side:

Once we got up that rock wall, the cool breeze made me forget that it was ninety degrees and the view gave me a satisfaction that made the strenuous hike worth it. After enjoying the view, it was time to go back. As we headed back down, I thought about my own life. How often I have been just that close to something great? Something that would bring a refreshing? Something that would satisfy the desires of my heart? Only to stop short because the obstacles were too much. Too much effort would be required. Too much risk involved. Today in church, our pastor’s wife said “God wants us to have less security and more risk; it’s called faith.” Doesn’t sound like the thing we find ourselves praying for!

Do you have a rock wall in your path? Are you looking at it wondering how you could possibly get by? If you should attempt it? What you don’t know is that just around the wall you are looking at may be the refreshing you need; the thing that would satisfy the desires of your heart! Will you trust God to pull you up it? He wants to take you there; will you go?

I hope your Mother’s Day was as wonderful as mine! Please share! I would love to hear about it…




  1. Anonymous says:

    Lynn, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this message! I am exactly in that place in my faith walk with the Lord. I’ve been going up an incline and it’s hot, and I’ve come upon a rock wall. God is calling me to climb over it but there are a couple of danger signs along the way. There have been other rock walls in the past but this time, my children are with me… do I put them in danger or back down? Or do I trust that God will take care of all of us since He is calling us over the wall? Again, I am reminded of His great faithfulness to us over the years. There have been many rock walls and yet the views have been breathtaking on the other side. Time to show my children what an adventure in faith looks like. I guess we’re all going over the wall.

  2. Thank you for this post. I did have a good Mother’s Day..despite the fact that there aren’t a lot of rock walls to climb here in Iowa. 🙂 Looks like a good time with your family.

    Your post was such a beautiful reminder to me that God will “pull me up” the mountain I am facing. I’ve been having some serious back and neck issues for some time now. Some days are very hard as I deal with the constant pain. However, I know that by faith I will be healed…one way or another. God has a plan and in his timing that plan will be fulfilled. If I climb with patience and endurance, I will be refreshed.

    I’m also seeking God’s direction concerning the call on my life. This pain seems to be quite an obsticle to overcome…considering the things I know He’s calling me to do. Still, I know that He will make a way.

    I love your pastor’s words, “God wants us to have less security and more risk; it’s called faith.”

    Lord’s richest blessings to you!

  3. Is that the picture that you’re going to use for your cover? I love it!

    Great to read about your inspiring Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to spend time with you at She Speaks.


  4. Lynn,

    What a great post!! I loved the visual you gave us. I KNOW because of my personality type there are many times when I have been close to something wonderful with God and not gone all the way because of fear and intimidation.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures from your trip which remind me of the reward that is ours when we trust God that we “can do all things through Him who strengthens us!!”

    Blessings to you sweet friend,


  5. Lynn, Thanks for your words – I love the analogy and as I face that mountain (or so it seems), I greatly appreciate your reminder to keep pressing on. It seems like it was always so much easier for me to find that extra strength on the basketball floor, wish it was that simple on the walk of faith. I love the questions you asked and the promises you proclaimed. Thank you very much!
    Blessings from the Iowa girl,

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