One Thing They Need in Their Back Pack



Two more days of freedom…

Just two more days of ponytails, no make-up and gym shorts all day long.

As the Cowell’s are gearing up for school to start, I’m thinking about the most important thing my girls need in their back packs this school year.


They both often remind me that they feel so alone at school.

Alone when it comes to their faith.

Alone when it comes to their lifestyle.


I wish I could go with them, reminding them all day, “You are loved immensely by your Father”, “You were created to be the light you are each day”, “The tougher-than-tough choices you are making and living out will pay big time dividends in your future”.

But I can’t.

One thing we can do is encourage them when they are home.

Begin the day, reading God’s word to them before they fly out the door.

Hug them, tell them how proud we are of them when they come back through.

As they go to bed, speak powerful prayers to encourage their hearts at a time when their minds swirl.

To help you speak faith and encouragement to your girl in the back-t0-school daze (I mean days), you can sign up to begin receiving my 7 Day Faith Builder. Just go to to start receiving these free devotions or click here!




  1. modupe ashiwaju says:

    pls want to subscribe to your devotion.

  2. Dear Lynn, Encouragement. I will remember to back a bunch for my kids next week.My 3 younger ones started on the 20th and I saw it that first day ~ ” Encouragement” was something they needed more of. Encouragement and prayer. I visited the college campus that my daughters attend on Tuesday and saw so many confused faces, looking for direction. I pray our kids will not just show them to their class, but that our kids will show them to the cross.
    Thanks, Deena

  3. Lynn,
    What a wonderful thing to be reminded of! Don’t we all need encouragement on a daily basis! Sometimes though, I’m embarrassed to say, that I forget about all the conflict and confusion that my middle school daughter deals with daily at school. And I expect to drop off a cheery, happy girl there in the morning and pick the same one up in the afternoon. When that doesn’t go as I think it should in my mind, sometimes I make it about me and how I think I should be treated instead of letting her just process things and think of me as a “safe” person rather than just another person who she needs to please. I am going to keep your words in mind and try to remember to ENcourage rather than DIScourage. We know they get enough of that from others on a daily basis.

  4. Is is scary to be in any school today because of all the political nonsense. We need to teach our children what God’s word says, not man’s word and how man thinks we should live.

  5. Thank you for the encouraging words to speak the word to our children and reminding me to pray w/them. My grandson has started middle school and it is pretty scarey! I have to remember to pray over him & his school as well as other schools in our district.

  6. Lynn, I have a 7- year- old girl and a 3- year – old boy. Any devotional you can recommend to me to read with them in a daily basis? Thanks so much. God bless you!

    1. Maria, for your girl, you must check out the Secret Keeper Girl books by Dannah Gresh. They are an incredible resource. I would check with Focus on the Family as well.

  7. Why do people send their children- the children God gave them to take care of- to these awful institutes day in and day out? As an adult would you continue to go back to a place like this- a place where you feel alone, a place that you are scared, a place where you are bullied? When are the adult of this world going to start protecting their children? Why oh why do we tourture children this way?

  8. Cony Villarreal says:

    Hi Lynn, I’m not married yet, but I love the advices you give for moms =). Greetings from Mexico.

  9. Hi Lynn, I just wanted to share another story of Gods amazing faithfulness. Yesterday I was talking to my 15 year old daughter and 2 of her friends about Gods love and I felt a very strong urge to ask them if they would like to start a group for young girls with their other friends, for spiritual and life coaching (I have been doing it with older Woman and the help of Renee’s A Confidnent Heart books) but i have felt the Spirit lately telling me to get in early (coach and arm teens before they wander off into the wilderness). This morning I was sitting here asking God if that is what he wanted? How do I do it? where do I start? Then I opened my emails and there was an email from Renee with “How to Grow a Girl with Confidence” and all of its beautiful encouragement.
    I will be purhcasing a bunch of your devotions for a revolutionary year and if you can recomend any other resources that would be super.
    God Bless you all at Proverbs 31 you are a Shining Light even all the way down under in Australia.

    1. Hello Fiona! Did you see that I have a Bible study that is a companion to my new devotional? “His Revolutionary Love; Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You”. You can find a sample chapter on my website ( under “books” and a free leadership guide and companion resources just click on “freebies”. Isnt’ God amazing? I can’t wait to see what He does in and through your group!

      Make sure when you buy the devotional that you send your receipt to [email protected] and download the 4 free messages. These will be great to share with your new group!

      Thank you so much for being obedient, Fiona!

  10. Just loving my 3 girls and praying for safety, peace and guidance for all of them and for me.

  11. Meredith Ann says:

    Hi lynn,
    i was thinking about getting the backpack in the the photo that you put at the top, do you have any idea where to get it online? i tried searching for it on the northface website and i cant seem to find it my sister likes it alot and i want to get it for her as a christmas :)) thanks

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