Sex Trafficking. Children in poverty. Friends broken by divorce. Single friends who are lonely. Teens without direction; no hope. Women depressed with their lives. Christians pursecued in other countries for their faith. These are just a few of the things that break my heart; small list of wrongs I want to make right.

It can be downright overwhelming, can’t it? And if you’re a Christian, it not only makes you sad, but you feel responsibility to act. Yet, there is just so much, and I am only one.

Last week (while cleaning my bathroom) I listened to Andy Stanley’s message, One, Not Everyone. (For a multi-tasker like me, podcasts are great!)

Andy encouraged me not to go wide this year; trying to do a little bit here and there for many. Instead, he challenged me to go deep with one. Choose one person and do for that one what you wish you could do for everyone. Choose one and be a part of bringing about true life change.

That is my challenge to you. Do you know a teen girl whose mom walked out on her family? a girl whose dress tells you she wants to be loved on? Does your daughter have a friend who needs a “mom” in her life? Perhaps you know a young man who lacks a strong father figure? Could your family invite him to dinner and begin to show him what a godly man looks like?

We can’t change the world by ourselves, but we can be a part of changing the life of one.

Consider and ask God today who is your one. If He does bring a teen to mind, let me thank you in advance. Thank you for being a part of making a difference that you might not know this side of heaven just how far reaching that difference may be!

Please pray for me today as I prepare to speak in Winnsboro, Louisanna at the “Revolutionary Love” conference at Temple Baptist Church this weekend. If you have a teen and live near by, please come and join us! You can find out more information by clicking on “speaking schedule” at or search FaceBook for “His Revolutionary Love” conference! I’d love to meet you in person!



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