Peace … on Black Friday {Give Away Day}


Of all days to write a post on peace…Black Friday.

A few years ago, I gave up on Christmas as I had known it.

Christmas that included buying gifts all year long “on sale”, stuffing them under my bed, and then pulling them out one-by-one and discovering I had spent way too much.

I gave up on the Christmas with decorations in every room (can’t forget the bathroom!) Treats to my friends and neighbors even though “baker” isn’t one of the hats I wear too well.

I quit Christmas … and discovered peace.

With the advice from my friend, Karen Ehman, I asked my family, “What are your favorite Christmas traditions?” and I quit the rest.

Here, in this pared down celebration, I have found His peace.

I have peace knowing God is good … even if my decorations, my baking, even the gifts I try so hard to make perfect … aren’t.

Now, I get more rest, which means getting up to spend time with Him in the morning is not as hard. I am a nicer mom, one who actually looks forward to December instead of the one who dreaded it.

I’ve found His peace.

Sometimes, finding peace, or joy, or love, especially during this frantic time we’ve created called “Christmas” can be so difficult. Our expectations push all all our buttons and the woman we had hoped to be during this holy time is felt far behind.

Maybe, like me, visual reminders help.


That is why my daughter, Madi and I, designed the Magnetic bracelet. Madi wears her’s every time she goes to work. It is a visual reminder to her, while serving people, to display what I call the “captivating characteristics” or what the Bible calls the fruit of the Spirit. It is also a great reminder to pray for the women Fashion and Compassion empower – those who are especially vulnerable during this time of the year. A time of the year when every one is painfully reminded of the ways they want to support their families, but some struggle to do so.

Today, I’m giving away a signed copy of Magnetic along with the Magnetic bracelet to one reader. To be enter to win, share below an area of your life that lacks peace right now. Then, let’s pray for each other – each one praying for the woman who commented right before your’s. If your Friday is a little frenzied, just say, “I’m in!” I’ll announce the winner next week!

PS – Starting today, Proverbs 31 Ministries is having a special onΒ Β Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He WantsΒ a study based on the fruit of the Spirit! Free shipping too!



  1. LEILA HOBBS says:

    There are so many areas of my life I need to give to God. Let me just say “I’m in”.

    1. Susan Nicholson says:

      Finances & work issues

    2. Heavenly Father, I life Leila up to you this morning. I don’t know her struggles but you do. I pray that you will bless her and fill her with your peace as she submits her life to you. We know that your plans for us are good and pray that you will help us to surrender and accept your will for our lives so that we can share your light and your love with this broken world. In Jesus’ blessed name, Amen.

    3. Heavenly Father, please bless Leila as she surrenders each part of her life to you. Bless her with your warm love and perfect peace as each thought is released. Surround her with Your people who will encourage her and love her as she draws near to you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    4. Shana M.Turner says:

      I’m In, I would like to thank you for inviting me to this post. I am in a good place in my life at this moment. Im also always open for more peace because each day we face new challenges. I’m coming through and divorce that I never thought I would be in. I know when your marriage and home is not in order according to God’s order. Your life will be up rooted so all the things or peoples even self. That’s a distraction and becoming a god in your life must come to a end. When your following Jesus! I’m the Christian basically my praises, prayers, fasting is what my marriage and household was feeding off of. And it wasn’t enough yes I fought for my marriage but I was fighting alone. We were one I thought until he invited others into it. I say all of that to say it was a very hard battle But God! So I’m saying to whoever is in this situation or facing some other problems at this moment. Stay prayed up and believe, believe The Lord will see you through it. Don’t let nothing move you off the foundation God has placed you on. I’m in.

    5. I need the passion to take action in the work God has planned for me. He lifted my palms and said “These hands are for healing.” I believe I’ve found a church that will help me do that.

    6. I’m in! I am struggling with fear right now. I am seeking Gods peace in my life. Thank you for this message today it is just want I needed to hear. I will try to give it ALL to God with all I got. I pray for peace also for all those who have commented.

    7. Tina Harvey says:

      I’m in. I want to make spending time with the Lord a priority bringing peace into my life. Many times I struggle with time management in my personal life. I have busy teens and I want God to be the priority in their lives but I am not being as good a role model as I should.

    8. Alice Barton says:

      I’m a senior,living on a fixed income,living alone,without transportation,and face daily challenges of heath,risings costs of living,with no one but the lord to depend upon.i have family,but they are to far away,and too busy with their own lives and is clear that i cannot count on anyone to help me but the lord.i need godns peace now more than ever in my life!

    9. Joyce Pestlin says:

      I know that being in God’s word is the answer to having peace. My prayer is to always make this a priority in my life. Praying for this.

    10. I’m in. It’s difficult raising a teen granddaughter who doesn’t know how to accept love nor show appreciation. Instead of my husband and I enjoying retirement together, he continues painfully working to support us, while she doesn’t want anything to do with us except for what we can give her. Yet, we know God does work everything together for our good because we love Him and are called according to His purpose. We wait for it. Praying for the needs of so many others.

    11. Shannon T says:

      I am amazed and humbled by the character of the many women who have shared their hurts, joys, and deepest burdens on their hearts. I too am seeking peace by resting and soaking in Gods word. I am so thankful for Gods unending mercy, hope, and love. I am in.

    12. Lord I ask that you surround Donna and her family with your love. May she and her daughter(s) know that you are their refuge and strength and you go wherever they go. May they grow in stature and gain all the fruits of the Spirit. Lord be with all the women and their families who are all sisters in Christ <3 Pray for my daughter as she is set apart that she not feel lonely. That she will be equipped with Godly friends as she lives a Godly life. For my son and family.

    13. My life, in every season I need more peace. “I’m in”

  2. Judy Redden says:

    I am in. This year I want the peace that I just read about. I have my time with the Lord every morning. Some mornings I feel I am just going through the routine. I have to just fix my mind on Him and go with the “routine”. There are situations in my family that need to be lifted up. There are things in my personal life that are not at peace. I don’t usually ask for prayer even though I know I need to. So I’m in!

    1. Samantha T says:

      Judy, I’m praying that God’s peace will remain with you while going through the “routine”. And that He will continue to love you through and guide you through each and every situation. And so it is!

    2. kay von staden says:

      Ms. Judy, I pray that your “routine” May turn into Wonder and Peace . It’s in the obedience of the routine and everyday that your prayers rise like sweet incense to the very heart of The Father that loves you and your family.
      I pray that you well be able to feel The Words rise within you— “It is well with my soul ” and “Peace. Be Still.”

    3. I am in. I pray for all that have commented that the Lord will be done in every area of their lives. The peace of the Lord overflow with joy. I pray for myself the peace that was in this devotion, over my mind, dealing with a 14 yr old, and my household as a whole, have your way Lord.

    4. Praying for you πŸ™‚

    5. Deborah G. says:

      I am in. I try to hard to get everything just right. I need to practice what I Preach. Do you’re best and give God the rest.

    6. I’m in. I’m with Judy. I want that peace. I’m with my daughter at the moment in Texas. I’ve come to hate Texas. We’re always in a court hearing over custody of the grand girls. I have never been exposed to such an evil, spiteful, hateful man as my ex son-in-law. It instills such fear and dread in my heart and steals my peace, even though I know God is in control of this situation and will bring us through. It just is endless with his drama and nastiness. I pray that the girls will not be harmed by it. They are 10 and 7. It has taken a great toll on my daughter. Thank you for your prayers.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Father, You have the power to stop this chaos in this family. We ask You to intervene, first with Your peace all the while trusting you to bring Your best into the lives of this family. In Your Mighty name, Amen

    7. I’m in. For sure. What a beautiful story of your friend’s PEACE from the Father. I love how you treasure her and celebrate her true beauty. I lack PEACE right now in two big areas. One is friendships– several of my closest circle of friends have “disbanded” from each other. I remain friends with each of them but they have chosen to no longer “invest in” one another. This has broken my heart.
      The other area is knowing how to respond well to something I know God is calling me to do (and has been for years!). I keep asking for more details and I am hesitant to start. I know I need to just obey and start small, but I lack PEACE and confidence in my ability to do what He has asked. I offer my prayers for you ladies and covet any for me in these areas, thank you!

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Jesus, I know your desire, and what you died for in addition to our salvation, is our restoration. I ask that you will bring restoration between these friends. Not that they have to be best friends, but Father may there be no ill will between them. And for this step she needs to take, please give her clarity on just the next step. Not the whole plan, Lord, just the next step. Then may she obey…no matter what! Amen

  3. Katherine H. says:

    An area of mine that lacks peace is my financial situation. I’ve been struggling for so long and am still waiting for God to move in that part of my life. It’s very hard to stay faithful and hopeful, especially at this time of year. I’m in and am praying for the woman who posted just before me!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, show Katherine her part in her financial situation. May she take her step, knowing You will take your’s too. Amen

  4. I’m in. Judy, you could be me. I am also so busy that I tend to put off my quiet time with God. Honestly, anything about me is always last on my priority list. I have a very difficult family situation and am praying for and expecting a miracle! As I pray, I lift you and your family to the Lord, knowing that his peace and blessings are already underway!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, please show Josie, how she can carve out even a little bit of time with You. I pray that when she does, it will be a beautifully peaceful time. Amen

  5. I’m in! I always need peace at work. I am a high school math teacher and I work with mostly 9th graders. It is a tough job and I struggle to display my love and patience to them daily. I want to be at peace even when my kids won’t listen or when they are just not getting whatever I’m teaching. I want to be at peace on mornings when I’m not sure my lesson plan that I just developed the night before will work. I want to be at peace amid all the meetings and paperwork that seem non-stop. Please pray for me!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you for the calling you have given Ebonee. Continue to give her wisdom in her work. When she is frustrated, may she call out to You and receive the peace she needs. Amen

  6. Lindsay Layton says:

    I am in! I have had the fruits of the spirit on my heart recently. This book sounds like it is geared towards teens however I feel a need for this myself. I have two teen/tween girls and pray each day that they would have hearts for Jesus and not all of the things if this world. I am not feeling at peace in my life right now. I am praying for God’s peace for myself and my family. I also do not ask of others. I thank you for post and your prayer!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lindsay, thank you for your heart to invest in your daughters! One of the reasons I wrote Magnetic was for moms to have a resource to grow WITH their daughters. It has a guide in the back to make this really easy. I hope you find it to be what you need for you and your girls to grow together!

  7. Cynthia L says:

    I am in! It has been a challenge for me to turn over the daily pain, and look beyond it and be truly happy given my health situation. I know Jesus has me going through this all for a purpose and I accept it. I want to truly be filled with peace during this process every day and I k ow that peace only comes with Him. So I am in! I am ready to shine His peace and love to all, and to beHis little soldier here on Earth doing His work regardless of how I feel!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you for the heart you have given Cynthia during this very difficult time. Lord, please heal Cynthia. Take away her pain, Jesus. Holy Spirit, I ask you to make your presence so real to, it literally feels tangible to her. Amen

  8. I’m in. Although my life is blessed and I feel His peace in almost all areas of my life, my sister’s decisions are making the holidays less than peaceful for me and my parents. I need Jesus’ peace to fill me and give my worries over her to Him. She is His child; He will take care of her.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, we trust that you will help Dorothy release her sister to You. Help her to trust You to work in her and through her as she displays the fruit of Your Spirit in her during this holiday season. Amen

  9. My desire for a husband.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, You tell us You will give us the desires of our heart. When or if it is Your will for Vivian to have a husband, may she know. And until then, bring Your peace that You always work out Your best for her life. Amen

  10. Samantha T says:

    I’m in! I always ask what I need to do to have peace in my situations and build a stronger relationship with God. Even when I get the answer “Spend time with him” I always have a reason or an excuse of why I don’t have the time. I am coming to the final stages of my divorce process and more than ever I need the peace that He promised. More than ever, I need to make the time to build my relationship with God because I have experienced brokenness in my relationship with my soon-to-be ex husband…and with myself. The time is now…I’m in!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, Samantha is asking for prayer to be disciplined to spend time with her. Help her to see that this investment is for her sake. Change her perspective Jesus, to see the value in You! Amen

  11. God had allowed me to dwell in the pit for 2 years. Almost everything and everyone in the world is gone from my life. So God has brought to realization that He is all I really have and this is more than enough. I have had to look beyond my circumstances and go on what He says is true. I am not saying my flesh always lines up with this yet but I am believing today that God is good. I want to be a beautiful woman in His sight.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      And you are, Mendy! You are!

  12. Caz McGrath says:

    Im SO in!! I am currently in the my third year of university studying theology and youth ministry, while also being the associate youth worker in a church which I love. I find it so hard to juggle my study time when all I want to do is to meet up with young people and mentor them! So my current stress is catching up on work I am currently behind on – so I would welcome some more peace into my life!
    Thanks xx

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, THANK YOU! Thank you, Lord, for calling another to invest in young people. Help her to see how to best manage her studies and her students during this time. Help her to be able to retrieve, even small amounts of time, and make the best of them. Amen

  13. Lindsay Layton says:

    I am in! I was praying beforing reading this post for God’s peace. Our family is going through changes that have been stressful for our family. Having two teen/tween daughters, I pray for there hearts to be drawn to Jesus and not of the things of this world. The fruits of the spirit have been on my heart recently. I would love to be a magnetic example for my girls!! Thank you for this post. Blessings!

  14. I’m in. I want to have more peace and less anxiety about our move coming up next summer.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, help Julie to have an excitement, knowing You are always working for our good and Your’s! Amen

  15. I’m in. I want the peace that passes all understanding. I am really struggling to have the peace I want with my family, esp my mother. I lost my grandmother on September 24th, 2012, and she was and still is a saint. This woman of God, raised me when my mother and father walked out of my life when I was 2 years old. Her and my grandfather were all I knew and they did the best they could to raise me. When I lost my grandmother esp, I felt that I lost the most precious person in my life and my world crashed down. I started doing drugs, shooting up anything I could find to shoot up, and doing illegal things to get my fix everyday. Well I was headed down a road of disaster, even though, in my head I knew better. Well on September 24th, 2014, I was on my way to get my fix and didn’t make it. I got into a bad car wreck and sustained a fractured T12 vertebrae in my spine and a broken arm, and spent 7 days in the hospital. If you don’t realize by the dates my 2 tragedies happened…they happened exactly 2 years apart to the day. Well I’m going to sum this up pretty quick bc my coffee is getting cold

    1. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of second chances. The gift of your unconditional love. Thank you for sparing Katrena’s life. God, I ask that during this season that you bless my sister with “billboards” and “cheers” of what she means to you. I pray that you reconcile her with her family. I pray that her cup overflows with Your grace so that she can extend it onto others and herself. Lord, on those tough days, may she feel Your loving arms around her. May the end of this year lead to a beginning of new beautiful opportunities to live out your laws and love. Bless her always, in every aspect of her life. Where she is weak, please continue to be her strength, Lord. In Your precious son, Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen

    2. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you so much that your love for Katrena is always toward her. Thank you for loving her enough to want her free. Set her free; completely free, Jesus! Amen

  16. Kimberly Shaw says:

    I want this peace in my life as well. It seems too often the daily struggles unravel my peace. I’m filled with worry and unrest for my daughter, so this is the area that is screaming for more peace in my life right now. Please pray that I can trust in God’s sovereignty in her life.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, I pray that you will help Kimberly to trust You, especially with her daughter. I pray that you will give her the revelation that You love her girl more than she does. Draw her girl to You, Jesus! Amen

  17. Jennifer Barker says:

    I pray daily for peace, especially at work where the interactions with difficult co-workers challenge me minute by minute , hour by hour, day by day. I love what I do, but find others wear me down with constant negativity. I am a natural fixer, and nurturer. God made me this way. I however allow others to rob my peace and joy. I find myself slipping into negativity. Since changing jobs is not an option right now, as I said before I pray for peace. I pray The Lord will direct me what to do and where to go, in his time. After all, he knows the plan.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, I pray Jennifer will experience Your spirit following through her. Show her how she can depend on You, all day long. Just like her interactions with others, she can be interacting with You, Jesus. Thank you in advance. Amen

  18. I’m in too! I want peace that defies earthly understanding! There is so much unknowned in my life right now. Unknown job and financial situation…unknown relationship situation…unknown purpose and plan for life. But even though it is all unknowned to me, God knows it all. He has it under control in His mighty hands. I want to experience His peace as I wait in Him expecting great solutions to the unknown.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, I know Your heart is blessed by Hope’s heart. Continue to help her lean on You heavily for all she doesn’t understand. May she see your hand in her life. Amen

  19. I am in. I feel far from The Lord I don’t stop and
    Spend time daily in his word. I need prayer for my
    Relationship with my husband and our financial

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, Vickie needs to see time with You is where she needs to starts in order to have your peace. Help her to begin there and know You will take care of the rest! Amen

  20. Catherine Hess says:

    I’m In At 57 I was diagnosed with breast cancer ,now last week at 65 i have had a second diagnoses of recurring breast cancer and so have been scheduled for a double mactectomy before Christmas.I have peace in the knowledge that my God is with me each step of the way and ” not one hair can fall from my head without His permission ” It would such reassurance to know that someone else is praying for me to have the Peace and comfort that only our Father in Heaven can give. Thank you for your Prayers and blessings to you all

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, You knew this would take place in Catherine’s life. You knew You’d be there with her too! Jesus, pour Your peace into this place where fear would want to feed. Help her to press into You when fear wants to rule her heart. Amen

  21. I’m in! I start out hopeful that I will carry peace and have within me throughout the day but I fail miserably. I long for the peace that radiates from my relationship with God and won’t be shaken by my current circumstances. I’m jalopy to pray for my fellow warriors.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, please help Nichole see herself as You see her. You see a woman who can live out the fruit of the Spirit of peace because YOU life in her. When she begins to spiral, open her eyes to see, before she heads in that direction. And help her to press into the power You offer to her. Amen

  22. Anita Domes says:

    “I’m in!” Like Judy (see above comment) my time with my Savior is early in the morning. I used to postpone this till I did ‘my things’ first with a promise to give Him time later, but found that I rarely kept the promise. Christ yearns for us because He loves us so much!
    I REALLY NEED COFFEE first thing in the morning…. and something SWEET to go with it. I have come to realize that I REALLY NEED MY HEAVENLY FATHER first thing much more! So now I still start the day with coffee and something sweet, BUT that something sweet is now time with HIM. The Bible says, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good…..” My day begins with a much sweeter attitude!
    As I write this my beautiful and only child (Andrea, 45) is asleep in our guest room. She is here for a Thanksgiving visit…I know she loves the Lord but my deep desire for her is to have an awesome relationship with HIM, to totally give her heart to Him. I want her to know Him as I do. My prayer is that she will be drawn to Him……. like a magnet.
    I love the idea of praying for the reader who commented before me! Judy, today I am praying for you to fine peace. May the Lord of Peace shower you with His Grace and Peace today and this beautiful season.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love your testimony, Anita!

  23. I’m in! I start out hopeful that I will carry peace and have it within me throughout the day but I fail miserably. I long for the peace that radiates from my relationship with God and won’t be shaken by my current circumstances. I’m happy to pray for my fellow warriors.

  24. Corianne littizzio says:

    I am in! I want to have that peace. I get so flustered at the holidays (even thanksgiving) and I feel
    Like I loose the joy that I normally have. I want to make a change and start a new tradition this year, me not stressing out and being flustered.

  25. kerrie jensen says:

    I’m in! I need peace and to be the peacemaker in my home. We are fostering three girls right now who have never known peace in their short lives. Thank you for your very time appropriate message this morning.

    1. Hi, Kerri, God bless you for being a foster parent. I volunteer in Virginia as a CASA (court appointed special advocate for children) and foster parents take on all kinds of issues with fostering kids. I pray that God will give you strength, patience and guidance every day. You are making a difference in these children’s lives.

    2. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you so much for pouring Your love through Kerrie to the three precious girls in her life. I know You will continue to empower her and flow through her. Amen

  26. I am in! I need peace in a lot of areas right now. I am going through a divorce and am raising our disabled daughter, alone. It’s not easy always having the tough act on when your inside is screaming for some love, support, kindness and understanding. I haven been really trying to get up and spend time with God. I do not want to feel guilty for the stress I have. I want to start my day knowing the God is right there with me. Thanks so much!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, would you gently wake up Kerri each day and invite her to spend time with her each day? Not out of guilt, but out of love. Her’s for You and Your’s for her. Amen

  27. kay von staden says:

    Yes! I’m in. I request prayers for my Mom who is going thru her 8th session of chemo in the last 8 yrs and it takes a toll on her….. prayers for my daughter who well be going to Tokyo in a few months with her husband. Sometimes feels like I’m definitely in “The Sandwich Generation” !! I pray that thru all this that my Mom and Daughter will be drawn to The Lord like a Magnet — to His Love, Peace, Joy.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, thank you that You have been with Kay’s moms through each one of these treatments. Help her to be strong and to come through this treatment healed, Jesus. Thank you that you are with her daughter as well. Please give her a safe trip to Tokyo. Teach Kay to find the strength she needs each day in and through You. Amen

  28. Cherie Gaines says:

    The area where I currently need peace is trusting that GOD will supply all of my needs. I’m having a difficult time in this season of my life trusting GOD fully. There is greater measured of trust I’m being tested with in my finances. I’ve always been able to fix certain situations dealing with my finances but it is not that easy anymore.

  29. I’m in. I pray that Judy finds the beautiful peace that she longs to have and that God comforts her and her family. I pray that He brings them peace.

    I ask for prayer for me as I finish my last year of college through the stress of friendships and loneliness .

    1. Praying for you. Best wishes in your last year of college. πŸ™‚

  30. Christina says:

    Loved the timing of this! I am a Mom of a little boy who will be 3 this Sunday and a little girl who is just 12 weeks. Being a mom of 2 littles is way more challenging than I expected. My husband works 12 hour overnight shifts and I have gone down to only working one day a week. Some days I go through the day with ease but more than not I break down in tears feeling like I’m barely holding it together. In those moments I have a hard time remembering the fruits of the spirit. I would love prayer. I’m in. Thank you!

  31. All my young life growing up, I was told I that I was ugly and won’t be anything. I still to this day am plagued by those words and have the desire to be accepted. As the season approaches, I try to find a gift for everyone in my circle. That can become overwhelming since I don’t have a job. The past few years, I have baked and used my talent to bless others. This sometimes can get overwhelming. I suffer from RA and find it difficult to complete all my baking. Then I feel guilty when I can’t give to everyone. Pray that I won’t be a people pleaser but a God pleaser. Also pray that I love myself they way God sees me and not what was spoken over me. Amazingly, I read 2 devotionals this morning, and they both talked about God’s Peace. Guess the Lord’s talking to me about being contented about who I am in Him. He has brought me through many ailments, disappointments and I am so great full for His never ending Love. Thanks for your prayers

  32. Shelly Minson says:

    I’m in!!! I am a single mom of 3. I work 2 jobs and 2 of my kids have disabilities. I don’t have a lot of free time so my quite time doesn’t exist. I am burned out! I was looking for a new church home but one of my sons has reflux disease and also has Down syndrome and with that combination, it is hard to find a place where we all fit in. I am frustrated, sad, angry and disappointed in my circumstances, but I do know that God loves me and is calling me back to him. Pray that I will be obedient, not just for myself, but for my beatiful family!

  33. Jane McEwen says:

    Peace as I face the future – hope and overcoming fear of what life will hold for me as a widow.

    1. I am sorry for your loss and am praying for you.

  34. I’m in! Judy, I pray God’s peace washes over you in a powerful way – especially in the area of your family concerns. I, too, have been struggling most recently about my relationship with one of my sisters and have been allowing her to steal my peace. More than for myself though, I pray for her – because I know that she needs God’s peace in her heart. Family issues really bubble up to the surface during the holidays! I pray we ALL keep our eyes fixed on JESUS!

  35. Joan Hildebrand says:

    Peace that there are enough hours in every day to complete and manage all that God has for me to do, despite the seeming insurmountable “to do” list that seems to face me every day…

  36. Julie Allison says:

    I am in. I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I have been searching for peace with my diagnosis and with God’s plan- and am finding it beyond my wildest dreams. But I want to continue my quest for getting to know God’s word, and finding what He has to say to me daily. It has taken cancer for me to begin this journey, but I am so glad to be in this place in my life right now! I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  37. Kris devriekw says:

    I spend time every morning in the word and prayer.I leave feeling full of faith for day . But as the day goes I am reminded of all the things in my life .I’m waiting for God to act on and get depressed.

    And become fearfull God is never going mend family. My hope of having them all altogether. My childreen . My youngest daughter has not been home 6 years . She lives in Alaska . She stopped talking to her sister last year now she has no contact .with any of us . Every day every year I pray. Maybe this Christmas . . I know she strong in her faith . She running from her past. Hurts ,wounds, .My soul grieves for her. Please pray . I don’t think any book is going to change any thing. It’s all on God all I can do is pray.I find your devos. Up lifting.and read them everyday.

  38. I’m in!! Peace in not setting so many too dos this season and enjoying what I know is most important.

    1. Sounds like you are already making progress πŸ™‚ Praying for you.

  39. Denys Medel says:

    I am in! I pray that Nicole recieves the peace she has asked for in this last year of college. I pray she gets through this time of loneliness and stress of friends and receives wonderful peace through it.

    Please pray for my family to be together, me and my partner are separated due to him having a relapse after 2 years of sobriety. We have 3 small children, we both want our family together again. I have to trust God wants the beat for our family and my partner’s sobriety. I pray for his sobriety as well. My family is against me returning home, but I am not ready to give up on my family.

  40. I’m in. Father I lift Nicole up to you and ask that you give her a peace that passes All understanding as she is away from the ones she loves. Be with her God and lighten the load of stress and fill that loneliness she is feeling as only you can. Give her the strength to persevere this last year.

    I ask for prayer in the area of finding peace and Trusting God to protect and strengthen my marriage. Peace to let go of the past and live in the victory of the present.

  41. Dawn Jenkins says:

    I’m in!
    I lift up my Sister Nicole—directly to the thrown of grace. I commend her thoughts, the longings of her heart and the daily stresses of time needed for college studies torn between the desire to connect with friends and have meaningful relationships. Comfort her heart dear God. Give her a peace that bathes her soul in refreshment as she focuses on being in relationship with You. Guide her with your wisdom from above to devote her time to priorities during this walk of her journey; knowing You are her strength, her joy, her Friend.
    Dear Father of Mercy–I pray for my walk with You; implant Your words in my heart so they bubble forth like a spring of living water quenching the thirst of those I meet each day. Give me wisdom to choose the right words. I pray for peace in family circumstances and I ask that You calm fears about the future and my health. Help me live in complete faith of Your presence. Amen

  42. I’m in. I pray Nicole feels God’s arms wrapped around her supplying only the peace he could give as she finishes her last year of college. I also pray she gives Him all her anxieties about stressful friendships, and that he guides her out of the feelings of loneliness, please always be with her and show her she is never alone when she has God.
    My prayer for myself is peace for my household, it has gotten a little out of order the last few weeks with work, vacation, and sickness. I pray to regain priorities and create peace once again in my home, for my husband and 3 kids.

    1. Wow…you are like a super hero πŸ™‚ Praying for you.

  43. I am in. I ask for peace in letting go of the past in my marriage. Trust and peace to live in the victory of the present peace that only God can Keep my marriage.

  44. Amazzy Gee says:

    I am in.
    I would like prayer for reconciliation of damaged relationships, that I can, forgive, love and move on.
    The burden has weighed me down and I’m ready to break free from this.

    Thank you for your encouraging blog and for P31 ministries.

    1. Amazzy Gee says:

      I pray for peace in April’s household and many others that may be
      feeling the frenzy of this Christmas season.

  45. I’m in. Please pray for me to have peace at home.

  46. I’m in! Praying Andrea finds peace this season through all of the hustle and bustle! I’m struggling with this too, along with several friends who are going through hard times. Prayers that I can be the friend God needs me to be for them. Trying to balance family, work and witnessing. God has this!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, show Holly what to do and what not to do as she finds Your balance in her life. Give her ideas on how to be the type of friend You describe – showing Galatians 5:22-23 – the fruit of the Spirit. Amen

  47. Vanessa Thompson says:

    I’m in – Jane I will pray for you as God reveals His plan for you in this new season. Some seasons are fun and exciting and some are lonely and cold. May God be your comfort and strength as you find strength to move forward.
    I ask for pray that I can dive deeper into relationship with friends. The enemy does so much to put up blocks between females in our culture. We are broken people and the enemy uses that to keep us isolated. So I ask that we pray for strengthing of female relationships in this country. So that we maybe untied in Christ to build each other up!

  48. I’m in!
    I pray for April, that her home will have balance restored and health renewed. That her family will find that peace together and that they will enjoy this season of your love.

    For my own peace, I pray for better health and time to enjoy my daughter’s last two years in high school without allowing a busy schedule to dominate our time together.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – help Valerie to see pockets of time, when she can shut all the world down and focus on her girl. May they have incredible conversations and grow closer to You and closer to each other! AMEN

  49. JoAnn Browne says:

    I’m in. I pray that April can find the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ in her home.
    My prayer is for my daughter who is pregnant after having lost a child just last Christmas Eve. May our Savior put his gentle guiding hand on her and my unborn granddaughter and bring then both safely through this. I love you Lord!

  50. Melissa Botley says:

    I’m in. Father, I as You to give April the peace tht passes understanding this week and the coming weeks as she draws near to You. Fill her home and her heart with joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self control.
    I am asking for prayer to maintain self control and peace while homeschooling our 3 children and waiting on the Lord to give my husband direction and vision in our ministry as he is currently unemployed.

  51. I need peace in the area of parenting adult children.

    1. Yikes, I was warned parenting doesn’t get any easier as the kids get older. Just wanted you to know I’m praying for you.

  52. Emily Sodrel says:

    An area of my life that lacks peace right now is my physical health. I started running a couple years ago and earlier this month while running my 7th half marathon, I somehow managed to injure my knee. I haven’t been able to run for more than 3 weeks and go in for an MRI today. I’ve found that I’ve just become so frustrated that I can’t run, and I’ve become even more focused on the fact that it couldn’t of happened at a worse time… I LOVE my holiday food! So I’m praying for peace and trusting that God has a perfect reason for my injury and that it will heal in His perfect timing. Also wanted to mention what a blessing you, Miss Lynn, have been to my 14 year old daughter, Josie. Last year for Christmas I got her His Revolutionary Love, and she just soaked it in! I saw her grow into an even more confident young woman living for Christ right before my very eyes! I have a very close relationship with my Josie, but she’s still a teenager and sometimes thinks I have no idea what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰ but every night she would read, then re-read, a chapter at a time then wake up the next day a tell me, “Ahhh, I just love Lynn! She’s so funny and smart.” I’m so thankful to have other godly women pouring their wisdom into my daughter. She also loved reading the post about how boys aren’t mature until they are well into their 40’s and enjoyed sharing with her father how immature he was! Have a blessed Christmas season ladies!

    1. Emily, I’m studying for my personal training certification. Excercise is my life. πŸ™‚ If you ever want an ear to listen who understands your fears and stress about not being able to run- I would love to just listen. I understand. I pray that all goes well for you with your test, and that you can find alternatives to running. I would love to chat if you want to email me. [email protected]

      In Christ,

    2. I have a Josie too πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking time to share a little about your daughter. It gives me hope πŸ™‚ Praying for you. I hope your knee heals and that you can still enjoy the holiday food.

    3. Robin Packer says:

      Emily I’m praying for your knee and I bought His Revolutionary Love for my daughter 2 years ago when she was 14, she loved it as did I, it’s a wonderful book! God bless you!

  53. Father God, I lift Judy Redden up to You this morning. I ask that You bless her heart with peace as she walks through her day to days. I ask for Your will to be done concerning her family’s situations. Oh Jesus, those things in her personal life that are not at peace, I ask peace for Judy. Please just rain peace on her. Drench her with Your peace everyday as she has her time with You. Do it God! We just love You so much! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

    I’m in! An area in my life that lacks peace right now is the stronghold of food in my life. God is so sweet & He’s been providing me with wonderful resources lately…Scriptures, books and even people with similar experiences as mine. I know peace will come once this stronghold is broken!!!

  54. I am in! I pray for April and her household. I pray that the peace that surpasseth all understanding would guard her heart and flow into all areas of her home and those in it! I pray for the order to return and also that comfort will wrap up in the midst of chaos even before order arrives.
    I need that peace also as I’m trying to help my sister, who just finished chemo and radiation, redirect her life and fine a new home and direction. Help me pray that she sees and really realized the many blessings God is bestowing upon her in all she has been through. Pray she has a hungry heart to know Him truly and not just as a hollow thank you.

  55. I pray for peace in my marriage and in my finances. I need to let go and let God work in my life and my husbands life. I need to get out of Gods way and give Him all the praise for the works He is doing in our lives.

    1. I understand Sandy, I could have written your comment. Standing with you and praying for God’s divine guidance to become real to you and to me. Hang in there, God has great things in store for you…the Bible says it and I believe it is truth. πŸ™‚

    2. Praying for you Sandy. Debbie, what great words of wisdom. I’m praying for you too πŸ™‚

  56. I’m in! I need prayer for peace in my marriage. I don’t want it to affect my daughter so I try to encourage and guide her in be a godly young girl. This book would be a great encourager as she struggles with her aneixty and wondering what the future holds for her as well as the young man god has chosen for her.

  57. I’m in!
    Peace…when life is a tsunami that heads your way, yet you stand on the Rock and can look this huge wave in the face without fear and declare you are not afraid. Knowing that your Lord and Savior is at your side. Yet even knowing this truth, little arrows ding at your armor constantly trying to shake you from your stand. Waiting patiently, standing in faith- knowing that some day, Jesus will quiet this storm.

  58. I’m in! Praying for you, Emily, and your young teen daughter and your relationship with her. I work a stressful, demanding job in healthcare, 7 days on/ 7 days off. My seven days on are often 14 hours long, day after day, and near the end the fatigue takes over and I begin to wonder where God is and if he still sees me. I desire peace in these time of doubts. Everyday I seek his wisdom to guide my steps and decisions…but sometimes I feel all alone. Please pray for my daily peace and courage.

    1. Thank you Shannon for your service in healthcare. I couldn’t imagine working as you do and I truly appreciate you. I am praying for you.

  59. Lisa Billie says:

    I’m in…I am in a struggle of being a recently separated parent and trying to help my teenage daughter realize that God is always by her side…

    1. I have been told our past gives us experience needed to live in our present. How has God helped you in your dire needs in the past? Sometimes the reminders of what God has already done for us helps us take our next step in God’s plan. You seem to be on the right path with your daughter because you know who you are in Christ πŸ™‚ I am sorry for your separation and just wanted to offer encouragement and my prayers.

  60. I am struggling as a single mom of two teenage girls. Some days its as though I’ve never taught the anything from the Word of God. I am so weary of the struggle. Just yesterday on Thanksgiving, I realized I need to ask God for peace. Thank you for this devotional.

  61. I need peace in fully trusting God. As I continue to develop my relationship with The Lord, I am brutally honest with God; and trust that my faith will mature and be strengthen.

  62. Christa Boush says:

    I’m in…….

  63. I am lacking peace right now due to finances. I pray for strength and courage from God to face this problem, share it with my husband and gain control of this constant worry. Lynn, I get so much encouragement from your devotionals. You have brought me to everyday time in the wonderful Word of God and I thank you for that.

    1. Praying for you. Financial struggles are so stressful.

  64. Evette Arnold says:

    Praying for you Lisa Billie!

    I struggle with finding peace in my job. I’ve only been there a few months, but instead of rejoicing and being thankful that God found this job for me, I let little daily stresses wear me down. I need to focus on the promise God gave me when I started this job and know that He will guide me through every situation.

  65. Kim Harvey says:

    I’m in! I pray for financial peace. My husband is the sole bread winner right now and we are fighting to keep our home. I know the Lord has us in His hand, but fear and doubt still try to win me over at times! I also offer up prayer for Lisa Billie and her situation!

  66. Catherine says:

    Thanks for these words today. I needed to think about those places in my life that aren’t filled with the peace of my Lord… My current joblessness and my chronic weight issues. I’m in. I love that this explores the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  67. I’m in. I need God’s help, and peace this Christmas. All 3 of my children were born in December, so that means December birthdays. And Christmas. And the mortgage company threatening us for more money than we can physically pay. My poor husband is so stressed, I fear for him. I never share this much with strangers, but I feel an urge from God to share here.

    I pray for Emily, I understand the feelings she is having about running. I’m a runner too, and avid excercise person. I pray that God will show Emily the reason for her injury and provide alternatives for her to continue with her workouts in ways that are pleasing to you Lord.

    I pray for Shannon in her stressful job in healthcare. She gives to others in need daily and I pray that God will fill her with His spirit, and give her peace to continue Your work Lord.

  68. My husband recently left me and our three children. He has moved in with another woman, and filed for divorce. The pain I am in seems to never end. I am in need of peace about this situation. I pray for Billie as I completely understand her pain.

  69. I’m in! I can be so hard on myself in many areas of my life. I struggle with am I a good enough mother, daughter, wife, employee, etc. Please pray for God to satisfy me and peace in each area of my life.

  70. I know I have BIG God who has carried me through SO many major issues in the past 10 years being a single divorcee. I still need His peace in many areas to not worry, knowing He’s got it all taken care of! I know I can find it only in Him & in His word. I pray for wisdom & perseverance to only look to him for His Peace.

    1. I like your enthusiasm, Amanda πŸ™‚ Praying you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.

  71. I’m in. The area of my life lacking peace is my marriage. And of course as with the majority of marital problems, finances is also a difficult spot right now. I have just stumbled onto this blog. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  72. Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Praying that God will help us to become women who go to Him for our strength, courage and peace.

    I pray for peace in my parenting. I have a 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son. They are growing in knowledge and grace, but I struggle with “giving them to God” and trusting Him to guide and direct them. I’m a doer and I have a hard time letting go. Praying that God will give me a peace and assurance that He is in control of their lives – not me!

    1. Praying for you and your children today. Keep planting the seed. When I was struggling with our teenage son and his walk, my husband would remind me that “it’s in there” meaning we had done our part of teaching and praying over him. It was God’s part to grow it and He did! So keep putting ‘it in there’ and let God do the rest! Have a blessed day! – Kathy

      1. Thank you Kathy, I find your reply to Sharon very encouraging.

    2. I think I may be struggling with this as well. Praying for you. πŸ™‚

  73. Steohanie says:

    Martha – praying for you! I would love to win this book and bracelet for my 20-year-old daughter who is really struggling with her identify and worth. I want her to become confident that her value comes from being His!!

  74. Misty Howell says:

    I’m in! I am praying for all you ladies!
    I need His Peace right now related to finances and also being obedient in an area God has specifically told me to do something which is quit my nursing job and pursue my side job that I’ve been doing for 3 years and have discovered its truly my passion and a desire of my heart. My husband is not there yet for me to do this (he is scared financially) so I pray earnestly everyday for my husband to just let go and let God. I feel I am doing something wrong when I go to my nursing job each week. It’s very unsettling spiritually and my side business is suffering. Thanks ladies.

  75. I need His peace in the area of comparing myself to others. I see others’ decorations, gifts, activities, etc., and I never seem to measure up. This is just something I do to myself, but still it is there. I want His perspective.

  76. I pray for peace so that I can enjoy Gods blessings in my life and be content with those blessings. I just recently had a baby and let me just say I am so in love with this’s guy but sadly I have this overwhelming desire to be pregnant again as well as struggling with fears of my son growing up. These thoughts consume me. I want a peace from God that helps me to live in these moments today without fear of the future (my son growing) and I would love to be content with not bring pregnant right now. I long for His peace to help me through these battles in my mind.

  77. I’m in. For peace in knowing what comes next in my life now that my children are growing up and not as in need of me. To accept aging parents and the needs they need.

  78. Peace for a difficult family situation that unfortunately I have to be a part of but don’t want to be. I try to avoid being involved but I was at a certain place at a certain time to see something that I had no other option but to bring it into the light and tell the truth on. Oh boy!!!
    Praying for Emily above for healing for her knee and Gods peace as she goes through this holiday season. My daughter is 9 and I bought Lynn’s book for her for when she is a little older and she is ready to go through it. I hope when that time comes she is able to receive these wonderful truths in it like Emily’s daughter.
    I found Lynn’s ministry through a dream I had and a devotion I got through my email through proverbs 31 ministries. I knew I had to buy the book to eventually go through it with my daughter and hopefully other teenage girls in my circle of influence. God is good.

  79. I too am looking toward a more beautiful calm Christmas season where I can be more available to my family and especially my grandchildren who live 4 hours away. Planning to visit them this weekend and help my daughter, who homeschools her 4 children, prepare for Christmas. My prayer request for the moment is for safety as I travel this busy weekend and that I can be a breath of fresh air for their family. Also thinking a lot about the homeless and our Christian friends in Syria who are just trying to rebuild their lives from the attacks to their churches and homes this past year. Thank you Lynn for the reminder to slow down and be with God so He can pour His peaceful words into my heart.

    1. Praying for you and your friends today, may God see your heart and fill you with peace that passes all understanding, and renew your spirit.

    2. Praying for you, your family, your travels and your peace. God bless.

  80. Stephanie says:

    Peace for some upcoming heart tests in December to see if there’s anything wrong. And I need peace for the common struggles of raising two teenagers.

  81. I’m in! Peace for this season admist Christmas plans and birthday plans (one of my children shares their birthday with Jesus! Special yes but has been slit if added work to make extra special). Peace during this season as I receive final news on my fourth diagnostic mamogram in a few weeks. And peace during this Chrismas season as my family experiences our first Chrismas without my precious grandfather who passed away yesterday on thanksgiving. Yet amid all this my eyes are focused on Him. I want to be different from others and radiate Him Thank you Lynn

  82. I’m praying for you Sharon. What a blessing that your children are growing in knowledge and grace. As a new mommy I can now understand how hard it is to think of letting go and letting God be the one to direct. I worry about it now and my son is only 11 weeks old. I fear the unknown and what God may have planned for my sons life. It’s a scary world. It is comforting for me to think back to the time when I was carrying my son. I had no control on whether he lived or not. God was there, knitting him in my womb, contracting every organ of his tiny body, and berating into him when he had to breath for the first time. He ignited my sons precious heart to start beating. If he watched him and protected him so closely in my womb then why would he stop now or in the future. No matter what comes our children’s way, God has His loving arms wrapped around them and will give them the strength to face every situation. Praying for you sweet child of the King!

  83. I’m in!!!
    Lacking peace in the next step of our blended families journey. Martha, I will be praying for you sis!!
    Philippians 4:19 says- And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    JEHOVAH JIREH is WAY bigger xoxo

  84. Two of my children and my son in law have turned away from God. I need peace while I wait in prayer and trust that God will work in their hearts.

  85. Amy Parker says:

    I want financial peace! As a mother, my desire is to live a life that pleases our heavenly father in the area of tithing, spending, and budgeting. Ouch! This is a hard one….but my life would be less stressful if I lived worry free from this area of my life.

  86. I’m in too, but after reading all the women who posted above me, I see a great need. So many of us women are struggling, as I am, to see where do we fit in to God’s plan for our lives whether it is as a mother, worker, wife, homemaker and Christian. I just lost my job after starting “empty nest” in Fall, and I am asking God to use my time for His purpose and glory, whether it is to help be a caregiver to my father, mother to college students, spouse to a business owner, or a mentor to young mothers while substitute teaching. I want to be more MAGNETIC to God so I can steer everybody I serve to God!

  87. cindy smith says:

    For me, my job tends to take the majority of my time…where we live takes 45+minutes each way depending on traffic so I get up early to avoid traffic but end up working late. I need balance.
    I have a 14yr old step granddaughter obviously in a blended family. I know she struggles with relationships
    and the typical teenager pressures. Would love to win a copy of Magnetic with bracelet for her.

  88. Lord I pray for Kathy as she travels this weekend. Keep her safe and guide her path. I pray that she is a breath of fresh air to her daughter and that she may be of great help to her. I would ask for prayer today in my area of weakness. My husband is currently unemployed and is serverance pay runs out at the end of January. I need a deep faith that God will provide my husband with a job soon. We have been through this trial several times in our 31 years together and God has always been faithful! Lord help me to believe!

  89. I’m in. I am currently in a season of singleness and in expectation for God to reveal the husband that he has for me. It has been several years and it is been a struggle for me to just learn to have peace and wait on God’s timing and his ways but I’m trying to stay faithful and patiently wait.

  90. I’m in too. I want to be beautiful too, the way He intended me to be. I want peace in every detail of my life (as a mom, a wife and PhD student), but most of all I want peace in my mind…

    Dear God I pray for your guidance and protection when Kathy travels to visit her daughter and grandchildren this weekend. I pray for a wonderful and blessed time with her family. Please provide in the need of the homeless and Christian brothers and sisters in Syria. May they find their hope in You and be blessed. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

  91. Praying for you Kathy!
    I’m in! I am praying for peace for my home during this busy season. My husband and I are going between 2 towns and homes in order to let my son go to school. So we are apart a lot. And traveling a lot. And dealing with daily stresses alone. The biggest of which is that this week he had to put his parents in an assisted living facility. Such a hard decision full of worry and stress that he is honoring his parents and taking care of them the best way possible. I pray that peace feels our hearts and theirs this blessed time of the year. Thank you for your encouragement!

  92. I pray safe travels for Kathy as she goes to visit her grandchildren, some of mine are far away too and that’s always a concern. Our influence in them from a distance. My request concerns this holiday season, every year I pray for peace in our family, for everyone to just love each other in spite of differences and to accept those differences. And as I attempted to get an early start, get ahead of the season, sickness has set us back so I’m already behind. I hate rushing to get things finished so I can relax and enjoy! Thank you.

  93. Im in. Praying for Kathy for traveling mercy and for that light and fresh air your family needs. My request is to have that peace in all situations. Im a single parent raising an 11 year old boy and help take care of my parents home and whatever they need. I can become very overwhelmed at times.
    thank you

  94. Tracy Purvis says:

    Holidays have been a source of anxiety as long as I can remember. I want them to be different. I want to put a stop to my peace and joy being taken away by the things of this world. My prayer, beginning in this holiday season and moving forward, is to hold onto God’s words and promises and stand firm in his peace.

  95. I pray for each lady who has a need. My God blessed and comfort them. I pray for peace for my step- children,Grandchild,my children and my self.God just called home a great christian man,my husband there father.
    Praying for peace .

  96. I’m in. What a wonderful example of a Godly woman you are Kathy. I pray for your safe travel as you bring refreshment to your daughter and family. Your reminder to think of others with problems we would find difficult to imagine is so helpful. May those without homes and churches here and in Syria be blessed by God who can do all things. Pray that financially I will have more than enough to care for my family and be able to do good thing God brings to my heart. Pray that this fear will be replaced with positive confident hope. Pray for my recently widowed sister that she may find joy. Thank you and bless you.

  97. I’m in. Lord, I pray for safety for Kathys travels and a special and wonderful visit with her family. Also, I pray for hope, peace, courage and comfort for all those affected by violence and loss of home and security. Christmas will be very different this year for my family after losing my precious mother to cancer recently. It sure gives me a much different perspective about how I’d like to spend Christmas time close with famiy celebrating the birth of Jesus and not focus so much on gifts and “commercialized” holidays.

  98. Praying that God will help me become at peace with our financial situation this year. Help my family be at peace with a Christmas not so filled with”stuff.”

    1. I can remember one year we charged our credit card to the max for Christmas (I spent two years paying that credit card off). That same Christmas, our special needs two year old had more fun with the toy we picked up for $5 than all the other toys combined and he continued playing in my laundry basket even though we spent boocoos on other toys that he could climb on and play in. Lesson learned. 10 years later and I still refuse to use a credit card yet I am not struggling to pay for “stuff.” God has truly blessed me by opening my eyes and seeing what really matters during this season. My kids and I have a great Christmas season. Prayers for you and your family. Blessings πŸ™‚

  99. Thank you for the reminder that true peace comes from Him, His Word, & not what I do or how I do it, including quiet times. Judy, I can relate to your post. I spend time everyone morning “praying & reading” but lack the hunger of His Truth, I think because deep down I do not truly believe it/Him. Dear Lord, please give Judy & I a hunger for your word that can can only come from You. Help us know You, your love for us in such a way that the things of this world would go strangely dim.

  100. I’m in my 30s and got married for the first time to a wonderful man of God a little over 3 years ago. About 18 months later, his 2 teenage children came to live with us. Getting married at such a later age has been quite an adjustment, but then trying to also adjust to suddenly and unexpectedly having 2 older teenagers here 24/7 has been an incredibly difficult challenge for me. Some days I feel so overwhelmed and just feel like giving up, because, after all, this is definitely not what I “signed up for”. BUT, I made a vow “for better or worse”- so I keep somehow finding the strength to press on. But so often I feel like such a failure because of my stuggles and frustration and difficulty being loving and compassionate. So I desparately need God’s divine help & strength & peace to make it through this season in my life.

  101. Genuine, Biblical, Godly beauty is something the Lord has called me to minister to ladies about both locally and via Facebook. My prayer request today is that ladies all over the world, starting with the young ladies in my county, would start to recognize what message the media is giving about the standard of beauty being set…that it is opposite of the beauty we are supposed to have, oozing Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord sustains me and give me the strength I need to share the gospel with youth in the way He has called, as I know the attacks from the enemy will be strong. I’m personally praying peace over all ladies reading this this Christmas season…that we can all have peace in knowing who and what we are in Jesus! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  102. Praying fior peace as we adjust to changes the past three years have brought our way.
    Missing our seven grandchildren terribly trusting God has a plan for all this and it is good.
    I don’t want to miss Jesus this season as He is the readon we celebrate.

  103. I’m in! I am struggling with a divorce I did not want, the passing of my mother from leukemia, and a son suffering from depression. So many days I feel inadequate, but I am reaching out each day, for God’s support and guidance. And he is always there!

  104. It’s unfortunate for me to say this, but pretty much my whole life lacks peace. I suffer from extreme anxiety. Everyday is a struggle and I just pray that God will bring me peace through it all and help me to learn to let all the negative thoughts and stress go. It’s not easy. I just pray God will help me through it so when something stressful happens I will be at peace instead of anxious.

  105. Kathy Compton says:

    I lack peace in the area of feeling overwhelmed by the needs around me…a mom with Alzheimer’s who no longer recognizes me, four children and children-in-law with a variety of needs, including a daughter with Crohns, 9 grandchildren from ages 6 months to 19, one of whom lives in Honduras, being a pastor’s wife in a church, though small, that is filled with needs, and a close association with a ministry that is struggling financially. I know I serve the Omniscient God who cares for every detail, but so much of the time I seem to be searching for the peace that should bring!

    Thanks for your ministry!

  106. I’m in. An area I need peace in a relationship….healing of the broken pieces and regaining trust , health ….I need to loose weight and regain confidence/self esteem and finances…trusting God has a plan and will work everything out. I seek God everyday. It’s been a great lesson on learning to trust God whole heartedly. He is big enough. He has me. He loves me. He wants me. He sees everything even what’s done in secret. He has good things for me.

  107. Ginger O'Meara says:

    I’m in. I’m in recovery from an eating disorder. Eating disorders aren’t really about food. They are just an unhealthy coping skill. It’s a frustrating battle because I know, understand, and believe God’s word and truths, but the eating disorder twists things always looking for a way back in. I’m looking for peace from this struggle so that I don’t always have to be on guard q questioning all of my choices.

  108. I’m in. I want peace as we approach the season of the birth of our Savior. It is always a frazzling time for me. This year, it still is but it is different, My husband of 46 years just started chemo. I am reminded I need to be Mary and put aside my Martha self. God and family need to be my focus. Not the food and gifts and the house. Thank You, Jesus, for Your peace and love and truth.

  109. I’m in. I’m spending Thanksgiving with only 3 of my 8 children because of Divorce. I fought for 27 years for this marriage and trusted God and prayed for wisdom everyday. Why did we still end up divorced? I am frustrated and confused, and I hate what it has done to our family. All I know to do is to keep trusting God and pray that God will restore. In the meantime, it is a hard path to have to take and I need Gods loving arms around me where I don’t wear my heart on my sleeves.

  110. I need peace so desperately in my painful dysfunctional marriage.

  111. I pray for safe traveling mercies for you Kathy and for a peaceful blessed time with your daughter and grandchildren. I ask for prayer for my health and finances as well as other situations in my family that are happening right now. I may not understand why, but I trust that God is in control. Thank you Lynn for this devotion, I am new to this ministry and it is such a blessing!

  112. Peace in my marriage is my desire. We have such potential together but need to communicate and stop the cycle of highs and lows in our communication.

    1. It’s great that you see the potential and the problem in your marriage πŸ™‚ Have you tried Love Dare? Praying for you and your marriage.

  113. I’m in! Marcia prayed you have financial peace!

    The area I need peace is in extended family relationships! Trusting God to work on and in hearts.

    1. Praying for you πŸ™‚

  114. I pray for Marcia and her family to know the peace that comes from being content and happy with all of the blessings in their lives rather than looking outward toward material possessions. Help them see the beauty around them this Christmas season, and to appreciate family, friendship, and tradition.
    I ask for a prayer of patience.

  115. Nancy Tuel says:

    I’m in! Too overwhelmed to find the words.

  116. Praying for Marcia and her family. May they know and share the true meaning of Christmas this year. May they also feel God working in their financial situation and guiding them every step of the way. Peace for this family.

    Being a single mom, I pray that God will continue to show me how to guide my 3 teenage children with their paths in each of their lives. I pray that God will touch each of their hearts. I pray for God to guide me in my life as well and lead me to the godly man that he has in store for my life.

  117. Sandra Meacham says:

    Peace in accepting an imperfect world.

  118. Tammy Hall says:

    I am in. This is the woman I want to be. Last year my mom passed away on Thanksgiving from a long battle with lung cancer and my dad has move in with me and he has been ill alot had a leg apmutated and just recently two toes on other leg. I babysit my grandkids three days a week. I quit my job to help my family. Its been stressful for a period of time and I so want this peace. I want God to bless others through me. May he bless others through each of you who wants this same peace. Marcia may the Lord bless you your finances so much so that financialy you will bless others. God Bless all of you
    Love in Christ

  119. I am in! I need peace in grad school and my stressful work environment, strength from God to keep loving coworkers and family in hard times.

  120. I pray for Marcia and her family to find that contentment she needs with what God has blessed them with and the wisdom to not get bogged down in the materialism of Christmas . Help her find a way to be creative to make this year special without spending a lot of money.. In Jesus name amen.

  121. I’m in! I need peace in many relationships in my life. Most difficult ones are those with my mother and siblings. My husband is very supportive and the first person I have ever truly felt “myself” with. But I also know I need to work on myself and when I read the verses about the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, kindness, self control these also are areas I know I need to work on. If I can show these things to others and be more like Jesus I feel like things would be better. I pray I can show this love to others!

  122. Please pray for me to avoid materialism and seeking the worlds standard of beauty. I have a 4 year old daughter and I’m trying to show her what really matters in life. Please pray for me to spend more time in Gods word and to be an example of Gods love.

  123. I’m in. Praying for financial peace and less stress in my life.

  124. My 11 year old daughter turns 12 in about a month, I want to be the best role model for her.

    I read early this morning your blog about “peace” and wanting to embrace that same peace. It takes work, God desires us to be in his word and to remember the all the fruits of the spirit. I want it to come naturally when I speak with her, show her and watch her with others. I think that is every mothers desire when raising a daughter.However I know that I can not do that alone and that I lean on the Lord for guidance and want to keep showing her that he is the best friend a person can have every single day.

  125. Thank you for this opportunity. My oldest son is having difficulty making smart/wise decisions, and this affects all of us. I pray the Ephesian prayers over him daily. Pray that his eyes are opened to the life God has for him and the over abundance of blessings this brings with it. Also we take care of my husband’s mother in her home. She is in the very last stages of Alzheimer’s.

    Thank you ,God for abundant peace for Marcia and her family as they work through this time concerning their financial situation, and thank You for the best Christmas for them yet in spite of not being able to have a Christmas filled with all the normal “stuff”, and for greater “stuff “such as family, health,joy,love,peace…etc overshadowing what they don’t have. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  126. I’m in! I’m asking God continually for peace in my anxiety. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. I lay in bed and imagine worst case scenarios. It often is debilitating and I allow it to prevent me from traveling or doing something I know would be a blessing. I pray for Jesus to enter in to the midst of this. I’ve been discouraged lately because even though I pray for peace I feel as though it doesn’t come. Then I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or don’t have my heart in the right place which leads to more anxiety! It’s a vicious cycle that I’m sick and tired of being on. Some days are better than others. With 3 kids I can also see some of the anxious tendencies I have showing up in them. I want to learn how to model peace so that they won’t have to go through what I have! Thanks for the encouragement and great reminders–

  127. Carrie Walser says:

    I’m in! Yes, I do need prayer! I need Peace for my past so that it can stay out of my present, peace for my present circumstances & Peace for the Holiday Time ahead as my In-Laws come to stay with us! May Christmas truly return to its true meaning for everyone this year!!

  128. Jennie Knight says:

    I am looking for peace and healing in my life and home especially for my husband. I suffer from lupus and spinal stenosis / compression fractions. Pain is with me every day. I try so hard not to be a burden to my husband but I know that I am. He also drives my brother to his appointments and shopping. My husband does all of this while working full time.

  129. Pray for our son who is studying abroad for a year…that he can find strength and peace in the Lord.

  130. I’m in! I am praying for peace for all areas of my life bit especially for my health. I am a fulltime working mother of 2 wonderful babies and a loving husband. My chronic condition often leaves me fatigued and less than peaceful. I pray for peace as I approach surgery to hopefully correct my condition in January! God is good! Amen!

  131. Since Mindi posted before me I will pray for her too.
    God, thank you for wisdom and patience concerning these extended relationships. Thank You for restoring any thing lost and for peace and the ability to love Your love in this situation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  132. I’m in. Mind I pray that for God’s peace to you as you trust him to soften hearts and heal relationships in His perfect time.

    Strangely, I struggle with insomnia once a week on Sunday nights. When I am able to sleep, it is because I let go and trust God and not give in to my fears.

  133. I would like to pray for more peace in my marriage. . Thanks for praying with me.

  134. Cindy Ray says:

    I’m in. Mindy, I pray that you will find peace with the etended family and a new appreciation of them. I pray that you can trust God and let go of whatever hurts and slights you are feeling.
    I don’t decorate for Christmas but I find it lonely and a little depressing. I need to not let this make me over eat, and I need to find that serenity in God. I appreciate this blog I’ve now found.

  135. I’ll be praying for you Mindi, that peace will cover your relationships with extended family. I need to feel Gods peace when dealing with my young children. This stage were going through is proving to be very trying, and I often feel lacking of any of the fruits of the spirit!

  136. I’m in. Peace in marriage and parenting and finances. Thank you for the giveaway:)

  137. I’m in! I want to teach my children that no holiday has to be “perfect” and I also need prayer to teach them how to not over to with friends and family and take care of themselves by eating right even during this time and sleeping right!

  138. I’m in.
    Mindi, I pray that your extended family relationships become a source of comfort and enjoyment for you.
    I need support in finding a way to care for my family, to become the wife and mother they need and not the rushed care they have received because of too many commitments I have accepted that put the needs of others before my family.

  139. I’m in! Prayed for peace Mindi! I also desire a holiday season of peacefulness and for my kids to focus on the true meaning of Christmas

  140. Danyel Bell says:

    Praying for the peace of knowing that God is in control of my life and he is always there.

    1. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has plans for you. His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you. He plans to give you hope and a future. I truly recommend Max Lucado’s free email devotionals. Lynn also has some great devotionals you can receive via email. They both have great insight and wonderful wisdom that has truly lifted me up. A couple weeks ago I read a devotional about God’s silence….like he’s not even there….the devotional written by J.D. Greear said that God wants us to walk by faith, not by sight. He states walking by faith means sometimes pressing on when we can’t feel or see Him. J.D. Greear suggests we walk by faith in God’s promises. He has some great books out too but the Bible is where I started πŸ™‚ Prayers for you.

  141. Peace in following a budget.

  142. I’m in!
    Praying for peace for mindi with her extended family. The area I need peace is with my husbands job. He started his own company and the uncertainty and risk involved is so stressful…I would love to learn more effective ways to embrace peace in my life.

  143. Rebecca Ann says:

    Danyel, I’m prating Jeremiah 29:11 for you today. If you are not familiar with that verse, it’s a great one to memorize!

    I’m praying for peace in a new job situation and new schools for my children as we moved 4 months ago.

    1. Praying for you and your family. πŸ™‚

  144. Praying for peace related new work opportunities that God has placed before me – answering His call and teaching our children what it means to be a faithful follower.

    1. What great faith you have shown Karen πŸ™‚ Praying for you.

  145. Rebecca Ann says:

    Sorry Danyel, really I’m praying

  146. I need peace in my parenting and my food choices.

    Lord, I pray for you Prince of peace to fill us all with your peace. We trust that you will do this for us.
    Thank you that we can come to you.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet prayer Kim! I truly appreciate it. Prayers for you and your family.

    2. Cindy Ray says:

      I think there are many of us who need prayer about the food issues. We just need to remember, as Lysa said in “Made to Crave” that we must ask if it is necessary; is it beneficial, and let God help us be strong. Turn it over to God.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Thank you for the reminder, Cindy!

  147. An area I am lacking peace in comes in the form of financial insecurity, which seems multiplied during this time of the year. I struggle for ways to try to tell my family that I do not need gifts, that being together and watching my nephews and the joy of christmas day means more than any gift I could ever get or give. I pray to God in all areas of my life and especially in this area right now, asking him to show me how to live with less, and trusting in his steadfast love that He will carry me through every struggle, AND being thankful for the so many blessings he bestows upon me: a roof over my head, food on the table, a loving family to rely on and break bread with, and a job which allows me a source of income.

    1. Cindy Ray says:

      I understand this prayer need. I am trying to decide if I am able to continue to work with a personal trainer. I love her, but I shouldn’t be paying for it when my DH needs serious dental work done.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Jesus, you tell us in James 1 that when we lack wisdom, we can ask of You and You will give it to us. Thank you in advance that you will do it! Amen

  148. I have been praying that I will have peace for the future, I have had my heart broken more then enough times. It has been discouraging me on my future and I have been struggling through my most recent heart break. It has really gotten me down and out.

  149. Peace for me and dealing with my ex-husband. Not really wanting to take this free book give away from so many that seem to need it more though. But wouldn’t mind the prayers for me and my family. I have a 6 yr old daughter, 12 yr old Special Needs son, a 6 yr old soon-to-be-step-son and an 11 yr old soon-to-be-step-daughter. Both girls are going through a lot right now. My 6 yr old has been victim of abuse (verbal, mental, and physical) by her father and my 11 year old is a victim to low self-esteem plus she is now getting the peer pressure to get a boyfriend. I have found great insight with Lynn Cowell’s blogs and devotionals. My fiancΓ© and I are working on all of our children’s views of self worth, and on how boys should treat girls. God is our priority and all our kids seem to embrace God while they are with us. I pray that they continue growing in their faith. My personal prayer is to rid my heart of the bitterness and rage I have towards my ex. Thank you for the prayers πŸ™‚

    1. I hope and pray for your daughters that you can find them an activity or sport to get involved in, even crafting or something they can do at home that will build their self esteem so they can resist peers and also heal. Find a great church youth group with positive adult leaders that will reinforce good values.

      1. Thank you Sarah πŸ™‚

  150. peace as I watch my granddaughter grow into a wonderful Christian young lady. To know just the words to help her keep her values as the world creeps more and more into her life.

  151. Danyel…. gotcha in my prayers. Look and listen and feeeeel God in your life. He is there.

    The area in my life in which I have no peace is finances. We’re in the middle of chapter 13 bankruptcy and the garnishment leaves very little to live on, certainly not with 3 busy growing kids … I thought I had learned to live with very little (referencing Paul) but each week seems to shut another door and I just can’t breathe sometimes with the stress.

    1. Cindy Ray says:

      Sarah, I pray that you will manage to get through the Chapter 13 Bankruptsy with a minimum of pain. It is hard, yet in some ways it can be liberating in the end.

  152. Shana Roybal says:

    Good morning,
    Please count me in. This is the first year I’ve decided to be calm and at peace. I have to admit, it is harder than I thought it would be so I pray constantly. I ask God to help me feel his perfect peace, that I know only he can give. Before I know it, I’m calm and at peace with everything. Prayer is so powerful and will get us through no matter what. Praying for us all!

  153. I am in! I worry so much about my 20 year old son who has been raised in a Christian home but is struggling right now. He has so many questions about God and is trying to figure out what he believes. I pray for peace as I get so anxious that he is straying from God’s direction. Please pray for him and pray that I say only the things that God wants me to say that will draw him closer to God and not push him away from God. Thank u for praying with me!

  154. Michele green says:

    I’m in, praying for my niece who gave up a life of drugs and has now come to know Jesus, she needs his peace as she learns what living for him means, she wants to live for Christ and serve Him but not sure of how
    prayers for Shreya and her family, as God gives her wisdom in dealing with her children

    1. Cindy Ray says:

      Michele, praise and thanksgiving that your niece is heading down the right path without drugs.

  155. I’m in! I’m inviting peace to the space in me that is ALL worked up over my high school senior. What a pressure filled year it is.
    Sherea, God bless you. I’m lifting you up today in prayer for your needs with your ex and your entire family.

  156. Praying for your financial situation, Sarah. Finding peace with money takes surrender every minute of the day. Stay in God’s presence and breathe in His goodness. You will find way.

    I am asking for prayers for finding peace in that I am enough for God. I struggle to remember that I am exactly who He needs me to be. I struggle to be what others think I should be.

  157. Shelley McCarter says:

    I’m in! I am surrounded it seems with demands for my time and I put off so often the one true Relationship that trumps all others. As I prepare a second day for thanksgiving here in my home this afternoon, I relish the encouragement for Peace! In my heart first and in my family and home. Bless you for sharing
    Shelley McCarter

  158. Deste Voth says:

    I lack peace in my work situation and with my son who has back sliden. I need to become a woman of peace.

  159. Sherea, praying for you and for each and every one of your children (both current and soon-to-be), may the Lord grant you peace and strength to forgive, and healing for your kids, together with an awareness of His abundant love and their worth in His eyes.
    Personally I need peace from my fears and anxiety as I let go of my own three daughters into our very violent and insecure world. Thank you for your prayers!!

    1. Thank you Debbie. I truly appreciate your prayers πŸ™‚ Praying for you and your daughters.

  160. Wendy Linney says:

    I am struggling with peace as I homeschool my 9 yr old triplets. I feel very inadequate and ill-equipped to carry out this important task. But I know in my heart that this is the will of God for my family so I continue to press forward, trusting God for the increase. My family also struggles financially with only one income. But I’m thankful that things are as well as they are. We are blessed to know Jesus.

    1. Wendy God is amazing to put you right before me in these comments; I too have four young children that I homeschool. I know your struggles and am taking them to The Lord. I know there can be peace in what you are doing. Stay strong mama.

    2. Elizabeth says:

      Wendy I feel for you We lived on 1 income for 16 years it was hard but God ALWAYS provided. We homeschooled for 8 years . Many times I did not feel adequate. But we knew that this was Gods will for us at that time. We prayed . I prayed over everything, prayed for my children. Three years ago I did have to go back to work and they to school . One is in college now. Both are doing fine academically. But most importantly spiritually and our relationship. In fact our daughter that is in college just recently wrote me a letter expressing how grateful she is that we sacrificed and took the time to do what we did. She feels she learned so much and enjoyed the time with me . God has Blessed us so Much Because we obey and honored Him. He gave us the tools and Friends to carry out this task. I pray for you Continue to Follow His lead the Lord will Bless you . You are in my thoughts and prayers, You are doing a wonderful thing.

  161. I’m in! Peace, Peace, Sweet Peace, The Peace that passeth all understanding! Asking God to fill me with HIS Peace!

  162. Peace as I sort through things in my home and as I prepare for Christmas. I want God’s peace and joy to be in my life and my home as we gather for birthdays and Christmas.
    Praying for each of you as well.

  163. Peace in dealing with my husbands on going anxiety and depression. He faces so many decisions and I can literally feel his pain and emotion myself.

  164. I’m in. I am a busy mother of five children ranging from 19 to 6 years old. I started teaching last year at a Christian school, after staying home for 18 years to raise my kids. Balancing home, kids, husband, work and responsibilities to church is not easy, and I often fall into the trap of doing it all in my own strength, and therefore becoming frazzled and anxious. This book sounds like it would be helpful to me and my 4 girls, whom I want to teach true beauty to. Thank you.

  165. I’m In – Praying that I can learn to better fully rely on God to carry my burdens and give me peace in our daily struggles.

    Wendy – Praying you may feel that same peace. This time with our children can never be taken from us – praying you can enjoy the small moments even when they are scattered among crazy days!

  166. Sarah, praying for contentment in every situation for your family as well as open doors in God’s perfect timing. For me, I need peace that I can stop trying to control what God’s doing and be able to be led by Him alone, to know His voice, and to have absolute confidence in Him. Also for a job, my dad, and some little things I need motivation and wisdom for

  167. Sarah, I pray the Lord will supply all your needs & give you the peace you’re in need of. My area of life in need of peace & direction is prayer for peace dealing with my aging depressed mother. Nothing I say to encourage her helps & our relationship is suffering. I beg her to get counseling but instead our mother/daughter time is filled with the same issues causing her depression over & over again. It seems like therapy sessions instead of enjoying our time together. I pray she will find God’s peace & joy.

  168. Needp peace to slow down and enjoy each minute as it is!

  169. I am asking for peace in decisions I need to make. I am praying that God makes it very clear the path He wants me to take. Praying for loved ones who are away from Jesus. Praying for hearts to be softened.

    1. Martha, praying for you today. For God to make your path clear and to surround those you love with people who love Him and that they will come to a relationship with Him. Have a blessed day

  170. Lacking peace in my schedule. I Desperately need to know God’s will for me each day but feel I end up spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing. Thank you.
    I’m right there with you J S. Praying for you today.

    1. Crystal Hornback says:

      Kristi, I could’ve written your request as well! Praying that you allow God to sloooooow those spinning wheels as you keep your eyes on Him. Praying for peace as you listen to His will for your life, and allow Him to be in control of every waking moment. Jesus, be near Kristi today, and may peace be hers.

  171. Crystal Hornback says:

    Praying for peace as we seek clarity in whether or not to homeschool our 13 year old daughter (and not our other two children at this time), as she struggles academically (has for some time), and has recently become the victim of ongoing bullying from a group of boys in school. She’s a youth pastor’s kiddo, fighting an internal battle of the heart and mind. Praying she accepts the truth that her worth is much more than what society and peers are pressuring her to believe right now. She is precious, and beautiful, and loved, and I long to see her heart smile again.

    1. I am praying with you as you seek God’s peace for your direction as to whether to homeschool your daughter. I know God will enable you to do the right thing and lift up your daughter in the admiration of The Lord so that you will be able to see her smile again.

    2. Dear Lord,
      I pray for Crystal, her daughter, and her family. God you are the father of all that is true and wise, pour out Your wisdom on Crystal so that she would have complete clarity as she seeks answers regarding how to educate her daughter. Pour out love and grace on her daughter, and reveal to her Your truth regarding how You have chosen her and created her, and how precious and beautiful she is to You. Guide her through these adolescent years to You Lord, where she can find true comfort and companionship. Direct Crystal toward resources and fellowship that would encourage her daughter during this season. And help them to all find peace and joy in and through you. In Jesus name I ask and pray this, Amen.

  172. I pray for Wendy that she will continue to hear God speak to her as she continues to trust and obey..God will continue to give you the strength and knowledge and finances you need each day. I am asking for wisdom on how to relate to my children now that they are young adults..I would like Magnetic for my oldest daughter who has had her heart broken in two short relationships with young men..I know that Jesus is the most important relationship but she has to know that for herself.

    1. I pray for peace for Eileen as she seeks Your wisdom so that she will know how to instruct her children to live in your will and be all you have created them to be. I pray that Eileen will be guided by Your Holy Spirit as she ministers to her oldest daughter who seems to be searching for Your love in the wrong places. May your peace be in Eileen’s heart every day.

      1. I pray for peace in my life in so many ways. Mostly I pray for God’s peace to override all my fears and doubts of God’s unconditional love for me.

    2. Eileen, I pray for God’s wisdom to fill you as you learn to trust Him more and more and teach your daughter to do the same!
      I too, like so many here today, am in need of peace as I parent a young adult and a teen – boys, who I fear daily I am failing to understand. But I know Godhas given me, us, all we need to be competent in every good work!
      I need prayer for my YA son as he is away in college- that he will not pull away from God or us and that he will not seek out things that are not like God.

  173. I am asking for peace for my youngest daughter. She is going through a very difficult time. I pray that she will Let God help her get through this and to give me the faith to continue to believe that good will finally come from all this.

  174. I am praying for peace in my marriage as my husband and I are in transition since I just got out of grad school and my husband is finishing up with grad school. I am looking for a job and waiting on God to show me what’s next. In the future. I am trusting God for something great!

  175. I pray for God’s presence in my daughter’s life. She is a single mother of two boys. She is beaten down and overwhelmed by the daily struggle to pay bills and provide the necessities ( never mind ANYTHING extra ). My heart breaks for my grandsons and for her. She sees only darkness and pain. I know God will heal her heart and give her strength, if she could just let Him in. She desperately needs a ray of hope in her life.

  176. I am struggling with peace in regards to parenting, marriage issues (recently estranged) and a high-risk complicated and dangerous pregnancy due to uterine separation and/or window. This has me in admitted in the hospital at 32 weeks. The doctors are watching carefully to see if they will have to deliver pre-term. I am praying for the baby to make it to 36 weeks. I am a homeschooling mom of 4. I need peace to let go of my fears in regards to the outcome of both the pregnancy, my marriage, and my children’s recent struggles due to several major transitions at once. However, through this all, God has kept us and blessed us, and surrounded us with grace and favor.

  177. Alysia Wilhide says:

    I’m in! Praying for peace during my pregnancy. I’m so worried about another miscarriage that I’m not fully enjoying actually being pregnant! God is good all the time – I know this as he has seen me through a previous miscarriage and a tumor on my kidney (at the same time!). I know he will never leave me and his will is perfect, I need and want to have that peace all the time. To not be afraid and trust him completely.

  178. Veronica Riley says:

    I have not been allowing God to work in my finances. As a single mom at least for a little while, holidays are tough. BUT not only that, trying to blend a family with my soon to be husband. We don’t have a car that will fit all of us, two house payments and all that entails.. It’s just a lot of logistics and finances seem to be at the midst of it all. I would love to have more peace and trust God that He will remain faithful if we do in this area.

  179. Sonya Fox says:

    I’m in! Right now I am struggling with peace with my extended family. My husband and I try to live our lives in a way that glorifies God and that does not line up with certain activities so we often gracefully bow out of many things with our extended families this time of year. I just pray for peace in not feeling like I have to defend myself. I want to be able to love them and have the same respect reciprocated. Eileen I pray for your daughter and that her heart will find peace with being single until God provides His perfect chosen mate for her.

  180. joy obrien says:

    I’m in… I’m a 60 yr old woman in a relationship with a God-fearing man.. but a relationship I don’t understand & I’m afraid is not helping me grow. But EVERY DAY I find help, strength, promises in His Word. I’m praying for women everywhere in our world. For truly the problems of many women in our world instantly transcend the importance of my silly problems. In His love.

  181. Eileen, I am praying for you, that you may find wisdom in your relationships. Hebrews 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. I will be praying for your daughter Eileen. I don’t want to be entered, I just want prayer. I have been struggling with giving my cares to God and leaving them there as I am a worrywart by nature. Thanks!

  182. I need peace in GOD’s dealings with me. That in my times of loneliness, pain, perplexities, etc… that He is enough for me and that I don’t need to look elsewhere. I’m in.

    1. Praying for you.
      I’m struggling with accepting myself and that i can be loved.
      I’m in!!!

    2. Karen – I pray that you seek & find Him in your times of loneliness & pain. He is there awaiting us, we only need to look and open our hearts. That is often easier said that done, but so worth the effort!!

  183. Im in.. I pray for Eileen that our father will give her the peace & wisdoms she needs in relating to her older children. As moms we are so used to relating to our children as “children” when they grow up its quite a challenge to take a step back and realize they are young adults and need us in a different capacity. They will always be our babies but we have to trust that we raised them well and they have to make their own decisions, we were them once…
    Please help me pray for peace in two situations in my life, I am in desperate need to move into a quieter apartment building, my neighbors above me are very noisey and inconsiderate , blasting music at all times of the day and night I have been getting anxiety behind this, it is time to move, secondly my husband is facing a situation in which he needs the lords peace, in faith I have lifted it up to him I know he will make it right.

  184. I’m in! Praying for Eileen ‘s wisdom relating to her young adults. I pray that she received sweet peace in the situation as God leads. I pray for wisdom with raising my son who is reaching puberty. I’m also praying for peace after a break up that was initially a great friendship. I hope all is not lost, but I desire to remain in God’s will. If I am not the chosen winner of Magnetic, I will be purchasing the book!

  185. Please pray for peace to flood my heart.. that the spirit of heaviness would lift & I would once again be clothed with a garment of praise. My son’s birthday is Tuesday & he would have been 21 this year.. Even though he’s been celebrating in heaven a long time now.. this time of year always gets me. Last year during this time the enemy came in like a flood & I made a lot of mistakes.. So this year not only am I remembering the loss of my son but the mistakes that were made.. I just need the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.. Thanks!

  186. Terri Septer says:

    I’m in! I have a almost 2 yr old who is non-stop!!!! I need patience & time to be with God daily!!! Thanks!
    Karen I am praying for peace for u & for God to be enough (because He is)!!

  187. I pray for peace in our busy family schedules, that we take time to feel His presence and express Gratitude to those around us daily. Lord help me reflect your “Fruit of the Spirit” this holiday season and always!

  188. I pray for peace in my finances and relationships. I need to step back and let God work in my life. I need to get out of God’s way and give Him all the praise for the works He is doing in my life. I may not understand it now, but He will provide, protect and cover me in a way that glorifies Him.

  189. I am praying for your daughter Eileen, that she will seek the Lord to fulfill all her needs. I too pray for peace regarding my adult children. The oldest lives with us including her 11 year old and 7 month old (help!) and she struggles with bipolar disorder. I find peace in knowing and relying on the HolySpirit to guide my tongue. Christmas is my favorite time yet I struggle to not get caught up in the frenzy. Thank you Lynn for your words of wisdom.

    1. Alison Davis says:

      Terri — I lift you and your family to the Lord. May that peace that surpasses all understanding fill your heart and your home this holiday season! May the words that come from your mouth speak life into your children and grandchildren! What a blessing for them to have a Godly mother and grandmother in their lives! God bless you and may the Prince of Peace flood your heart and mind this holiday season!!

  190. Alison Davis says:

    Im a single mom with no family near by and no “special someone” in my life. Trying to find peace (contentment) in my circumstances and be a good example to my 12yr old daughter along the way. The holidays can be tough! — Thank you for your prayer

    1. Praying for you dear Alison and your daughter. Praying you find others that you can bless during this holiday time – that giving comes back ten-fold and sets a great example for your daughter.

    2. Alison,
      I pray that the Holy Spirit would be your companion and comforter, and that the great I Am would guide your steps as a mom a beautiful child of God.
      Hugs to you.

    3. Alison,

      I am petitioning God for you and your daughter that God would reveal to you your worth in His sight. That you be filled with peace ,wisdom ,love and understanding as you go about each day and that He would bring friendships into your lives to reflect Himself . My youngest daughter is 22 now and I understand the desire to be an example ,they do watch everything we do and model after us . Be encouraged God is with you call out to Jesus ,just whispering his name can and will bring peace and comfort.
      Blessings, Lisa

    4. I’m praying for you Alison!

    5. Father God, I pray for Alison as she looks for peace, right now in her daily life. Help her draw near to you each day, even if it’s a simple devotion to find encouragement and peace, love and patience. I ask you to guide her daily with parenting and every other element of her life. Amen.

  191. Bonnie Cormier says:

    I’m in. And I’m praying for your precious daughter, Crystal. I have a tween daughter who is struggling w/ not being accepted & valued by some of her 6th gr peers. The situation grieves my heart for both girls & for the kids who acting out. I pray God shows our daughters how He sees them…Chosen & pure & beautiful & wonderfully made…and that “different” is OK & that He loves them more than anyone ever could. I also pray that He will soothe a confused & hurting mother’s heart & give her wisdom to know how to best handle the school situation. And I lift up the children doing the hurting…I pray they will come to know the love of Christ & be radically changed & become voices for Him rather than tormentors of classmates.

    An area in which I need peace…for several months I’ve been struggling w/ anxiety…many troubling thoughts…feeling insecure & afraid…& I don’t really know why. I spend most of my alone at home & it’s become extremely lonely to be a stay at home mom when your child & spouse aren’t home most of the time. I’m pressing into God in prayer & in reading my Bible. I’ve joined a ladies Bible study, but I don’t really know anyone there yet. Just a really tumultuous time in my heart…but I’m trusting that God won’t let go of me & that He’s working this situation out for a good purpose.

  192. Jena Logan says:

    I’m in…Lord, I ask You to lay Your loving touch on Karen C right now, as well as all the women reading and responding to this blog. Please cover her with Your peace that passes all understanding and fill her with Your amazing spirit. Touch her life and make her a new person in You. Thank You for Your unfailing love and faithfullness. Amen

    1. Jena Logan says:

      Please pray for peace in my finances. I get carried away with shopping. We bought a house and closed escrow in March, just after I got laid off on Valentine’s Day. Mom has been in and out of hospital and skilled nursing – serious infections and early dementia. I still haven’t gotten a job and we are facing foreclosure. My oldest daughter is coming home on leave for the 1st time in 2 years. My dad and I just started a business. Laying all this down before the Lord, but sometimes I try to pick it back up when I get impatient with His timing. I am often overwhelmed.

  193. I’m in. Praying for all you ladies, in your different situations. As for me, I’m recently separated from an abusive husband and have my first baby on the way. Right now I’m living with my parents, my daughter is due in February, and my two dogs are being boarded because my parent’s dogs are older and couldn’t handle two (or even one!) younger dogs in their territory. I know all things work to the good of those who love Him, but sometimes I have trouble seeing it.

  194. I’m in!! I will pray for each and everyone of you ladies, and can relate to so many and your struggles…the teenagers, finances, abuse, extended family (which the holiday season doesn’t help), work, and alot of the others. The biggest area that I do need prayers in….I need to find my way back to God’s loving arms. I pray, I believe and trust in Him, but I feel myself slowly slipping away and can’t seem to be able to find my way back. Right now it seems to be a struggle. Please…pray for me and help me find my way completely back to God.

  195. I need peace in my life. It is going on 10 years of losing my dad. The anxiety seems to be getting worse. I now have a family of my own and I wish so much my dad could have met my kids. The holidays coming up always make it tough. I pray that God gives me his amazing peace and helps me through this holiday season and the years to come for my family. This message is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!!

  196. Megan Shelton says:

    I’m asking for Gods peace through this Christmas season of not making it all about presents for my daughter. She’s almost 3 (but acts way older) and for her to know the true meaning of Christmas. I worry a lot about the future and how she will “turn out.” That’s silly but I’m sure most moms worry about their kids in some way. I need peace that God will help my husband and I be the best godly parents we can be and help lead our daughter to know the most important love she can ever know. Jesus’. I have another one on the way, a boy, so that adds more worry for me. But I need to give that to God too πŸ™‚ I cant wait until I can gift Lynn’s books to my daughter as she grows up (praying into a young Christian woman who’s on fire for God!)

    Praying you Allison (above)!!

  197. I’m in. Just found texts to another woman on my husband’s phone. I’m devastated and hurt and feels I shouldn’t have been looking. Keep us in you prayers.

  198. I struggle to find peace within myself. I admit it, I am a woman who tries and thinks I can “do it all”. Learning though that I can’t and I don’t want to, but it is hard to give it up. Praying for peace in my chaos and giving all my cares and anxieties to the Father so I can be the woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend He intends for me to be.
    Thank you for your nudge to find that peace.

  199. I pray for peace in my finances, being a single mom I catch my self worrying at many times about finances. I pray for strength and understanding that I will overcome these circumstances because God is my provider.

  200. penelope Crescibene says:

    Please pray for continued peace from our awesome father about loneliness, especially during the Christmas season. That I can continue to Immerse myself in HIS WORD daily!!! I have been starving. I have real health needs, but more important are the spiritual needs. Also pray as I have left a church that believed in NO beauty for woman. They will be condemning for leaving the plain teachings , but I want them to see the beauty and Peace of Jesus Christ shine from me! They feel I am now lost and won’t make it to heaven . But I know no one can steal my salvation ! Ever! Please pray for me, anyone, who feels led. Thank you and God Bless!

  201. I’m in! I feel like I’m lacking peace EVERYWHERE! Full time job, part time job, husband, 2 teenagers, and a dog. Anger rises up quickly and my peace is nowhere to be found.
    I am working on this and praying…

  202. Parenting & understanding where my children are at in development. 7, 4 & 18 mos.

  203. Aron Taylor says:

    Praying for all you Women of God. Lord, I lift Allison up to You and thank You for being her”special someone”,as you have reminded me so many times. Show her Your Unconditional love as she waits for her Knight in shining that will be wearing the armor of God. Show her the purpose you have for her, Lord, while helping her to follow Peters example of being content in whatever situation she is in. Thank You, Lord, that we are fearfully and wonderfully created by You and we all are special in Your eyes. Help those of us struggling with insecurities to remember our bodies are a temple for You and are therefore beautiful and indestructible. Help those of us in marriages, tosubmit to our husband’s authority as the church submits to You. Lord, we ask that our husbands love us unconditionally as You LOVE your church.Heavenly Father, for those of us with children, both young and grown, we thank you for the promise in Your Word in Isaiah that when we raise them in your truth, that they will not inherit the desolate cities we once inhabited. And if we raise them in the way they should go, they would not depart from it. We know Lord, that the pressures and temptations of this world can lead them astray, but if we as parents have planted Your Love and Word in their hearts by example, it will grow and guide them. LORD, as we come together in Your Holy Name, we ask all these things with Thanksgiving in our hearts that when two or more are gathered in Your name, there you are in the midst of them. I ask for peace at work, when it gets so stressful that I just want to quit. I ask for The fruits of the Spirit to overflow in me, when my flesh wants to react. We ask all these things in Jesus Name.

  204. Alison, I just said a prayer for you. I would like prayer for financial peace and contentment. Thanks

    1. Wendy, I am praying for financial peace and contentment for you. May God bless you this season!

    2. Alison Davis says:

      Thank you Wendy —- Praying for you right now! I say this to you as I have to say to myself — focus on the Lord and let the things of this world fall away. Much of it is not that important anyway!! As a sister in Christ I share your burden……

    3. I’m in! Wendy I pray that God gives you peace in your finances and know that He will supply all of your needs. The area where I need peace is current relationships family and friends, on my job, finances, and my future with attending nursing school and job opportunities.

  205. Vivian Zuk says:

    Alison, I know what that feels like. I pray for you the power of God’s strength in the tough times and the comfort and peace of His loving arms surround you and your girl.

    I am struggling with helping my daughter to cope with a nasty breakup and divorce from what seems like a psychopath. There are two children who are being used as weapons to break her down. I have been praying for the protection bubble to surround those children to keep them from harm. I have been praying that she be lifted out of this darkness she finds herself in as falls further and further from her Heavenly Father. I lay this at his feet daily, but tend to rip it back by the end of the day. I know I need to leave it there.

    1. Vivian, I feel for your daughter, as my situation is with my (soon to be ex-) husband, who was manipulative, mentally abusive, and starting on physical abuse. He’s almost definitely dealing with some mental issues, but, yeah … sending hugs and support to you and your daughter.

  206. I want peace in the decisions I make for myself and my family. I pray they are rooted in God’s love and peace rather than in trying to gain approval from “man” or trying to impress. I want more of God and less of Facebook, Black Friday deals, etc. Contentment and freedom from always wanting more is my prayer.

  207. Paula Gillette says:

    I’m In – Lord I lift up everyone of these prayer requests to you that you just come and saturate everyone here with Your LOVE and Peace Lord we are seek you in all of our problems and worries and struggles all of your answers are in your word which we Thank You for leaving us a guide to live by – Thank You for Loving us so much that we can feel your Love through what you have already done on the Cross for us – We are Thankful Woman We Just Need more of you everyday Please Lord Just Fill Us Overflowing with your peace in Jesus Name Amen.

  208. Tammy Peters says:

    Allison I, too am a single mom of five great kids. I will pray for you as you find His peace this Christmas season and live out before your daughter what a precious gift His unconditional love and sacrifice truly are.
    My prayer request would be the hurt and heartache if a struggling relationship. He is a strong man of God and I have been blessed to have him in my life these past few months. However, as we sort thru this rough patch, I feel so broken and alone. I wonder if I’m ever meant to be in a relationship. And at times, I long for the simplicity and peace I had when I accepted Christ as my husband and the father to my kids. I have so many ppl and things in my life that I am genuinely grateful for; and yet, the sadness and loneliness I’ve felt the past 3 days have hit me like a tsunami. I just want His peace and His direction and to know that whatever direction this goes, I need to know that it is His will, and not my own.

  209. Reena Alexander says:

    I am learning to live with my children being grown and on their own. I am thankful they are independent and know Christ but I miss my role as a “MOM”. I know I will always be their mom but it is different. I have to take care of my elderly mom and my relationship with my spouse is not what it should be. I am lonely and I didn’t realize how much joy my kids brought into my life until they are gone. I miss them and all these people that say they were so glad that there kids left home I just can’t understand.

  210. I’m in!!! I have made 2014 my year of reaching out and mentoring younger women. I pray that I will continue to become more like Him – my heart beating as one with His that other women will be drawn to Him and be able to sit in His Lap and feast on His Word.

    Wendy, May our gracious Heavenly Father bless you today in ways that you never thought were possibly. Run to Him and tell Him all your troubles. Oh how He loves you, Wendy. Father God, I lift up Wendy today that she will find financial peace and contentment in You. Love on her today. I ash that in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.

  211. Thank you so much, Lynn, for this post about peace today. I have been a bit stressed because I think God is calling me into the law enforcement and investigation field and I’m nervous about how I will serve God well in an area which is often inundated with worldliness, but in reading your post and these prayers above I am reminded that God’s got me. He’s got each of these ladies above with much more stressful situations, and seeing them, suddenly mine doesn’t seem so bad.

    Thank you for serving faithfully in writing this, and may God bless you

  212. I need peace in a lot of areas right now. My marraige, my finances, my college career, my children, holiday giving. Seems like everything is falling apart lately and to be honest I’ve lost my Joy.

  213. Reena Alexander says:

    Alison Davis – you continue to pray and ask God to show you your value through His eyes and show you how to teach your daughter her beauty and value in His eyes. Find your love and contentment in Christ and then He will send you a Godly man to be a Godly husband to you and father to your daughter. I am praying for you and your daughter. My daughter is 21 and never been on a date but she believes God has someone special for her. God bless you.

  214. Stephanie Blake says:

    My family and I have been in full time ministry over the last 4 years, serving at-risk boys who want to change their lives. One of the things I’ve learned about being in this type of ministry is the toll it can take on you spiritually. Slowly, over time, I have begun to feel “zapped” spiritually as the constant drawing from the well happens on a daily basis. I miss daily reading and sitting before the Lord….a practice I had done for over 12 years until now. I still speak to Him, of course, but there is that constant pull that has begun to deplete me. I also have a soon to be 13 year old daughter who I long to set a great example for when it comes to daily sitting before the Lord. She has great gifts that God has given her and a heart to be with Him more. I would love to share this book with her as well.

  215. Lord, THANK YOU for placing such a wonderful gift within Lynn. THANK YOU for giving all of us the opportunity to specifically pray for ladies world wide! Father, I ask you to pour out your Holy Spirit on Alison! Put Titus 2 women in her life so that she may constantly be lifted up and encouraged. Cultivate a God-confidence in her, Lord. Fill her with peace and contentment as she walks through each season of her life. I pray you would fill Alison to the brim with the fruits of Holy Spirit and bless she and her precious daughter as they not only cling to each other, but cling to You! In Jesus name I pray this to be!

  216. I ask for prayer for my husband and children, that they would choose to live their lives walking in the Spirit and not of the things of this world.

  217. Lisa Toldi says:

    God always knows what I need but I always try to do it on my own. I was feeling overwhelmed this morning with all I need to do today. My family has procrastination issues so now we aRe scrabbling today. Please pray that I will turn it all over to God and glorify Him in all I do. Also pray for my two college girls that they will continue to seek Christ! Thank you for your prayers!

  218. Alison, I am praying for you right now… I know how tough it must be for you because I am going thru tough financial problems too and some health issues but I am not a single Mom. I am praying that God would give you his perfect peace and surround you and your daughter with his great love. I pray that as you realize how much he loves and cares for you that this would be one of your best Christmas’s ever…..

    1. Hi Janice

      It is so hard to be limited by financial struggles and health problems at the same time. I am lifting you up in prayer right now. May God instill that perfect peace that comes from laying all your burdens down. Praying that your health will improve and your financial needs be met today and forever.

  219. Peace in coming to the terms that I am a single mom after 22 yrs and peace in knowing God’s plans are not my plans and His way is always best. Peace in raising my kids the best way I know how so that they will love the Lord all their lives!!

  220. Trying to find peace as my husband is halfway through a 30 day alcoholic rehab stay. My daughters 12 & 13 are harboring so much bitterness and unforgiveness. Thanksgiving was a challenge, I am sure Christmas will be as well.

  221. Jennifer D says:

    Wendy, I am asking God to continue to bless your needs financially. To give you peace to know all your needs willl be met. I pray you find gratitude, strength and direction in the One that holds you close to His heart.

    I’m in as well! My son has multiple diagnosis but the one symptom that he just started recently is he is having seizures. No known cause, doctors think it’s due from his brain deficit. He is doing better now with the medication but we are financially having a hard time because of the medical bills coming in, 2 ambulance rides, MRI’s, CT scan and other diagnostic tests, also multiple doctors and hospitals. He also gets tumors and skin cancers so those require multiple surgeries as well. The stress is getting to me, financially, physically and emotionally. Could use some help there. On a good note, my relationship with God has not wavered. I happily get up in the morning to spend time with Him. I love Him so much!

  222. I’m in. Please pray for my family and I. The past few years have been rough on my family: My brother died by suicide, 3 grandparents left us and are with The Lord, my father suffered a massive stroke and it is a slow recovery process, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, fought it and it has reoccurred , and I often simply feel like I am not enough…need reminders that I am His….please pray that I allow myself to give it to Him.

  223. Tonya Kennedy says:

    This is AWESOME! I can’t wait to read this book. I often pray that others will see Him when they see me… that they will be drawn to what I have and not be able to live without it! I am a true believer in actions speaking louder than words and His love is the perfect example!
    I will be admitted to the hospital Monday morning for a lumpectomy in my right breast.
    From the first phone call. The words on the other end of the call– “suspicious for malignancy”. Through multiple mammograms, ultrasounds, and 2 biopsies. I have felt His peace… His peace that surpasses all understanding. I have no fear… no worries… no 2nd thoughts. I know He has an awesome plan for me and for once in my life I am letting Him be in complete control!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Count your blessings… Everyday!

  224. Ellen Cole says:

    I’m IN! Wendy, I’ve just said a prayer for you to experience financial peace and contentment…and for the Lord to throw a little of that my way as well. I am so blessed in so many ways…but I find myself often wishing for more instead of being grateful for all I have. This is always even more true during the holidays. I want the HGTV decorations and the Food Network cookies and dinner and all the perfect gifts to give and receive. Instead…I am now praying…”SATISFY us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days” (Psalm 90:14)

  225. I need the peace of God I helping my 12 year old daughter navigate through some major issues in her life.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Lydia, I pray for you and your daughter. 12 is such a pivotal age and I pray God penetrates her heart. I will continue to pray as your request hit close to my heart as I’m praying and walking beside the struggles of my 13 year old niece as my brother and his wife seek the Lord’s guidance. You will be blessed.

    2. Lydia. Just now praying for you and your daughter. Isaiah 26:3 is a promise I stand on and hope it gives you peace as well

  226. I’m a senior in high school. I don’t know where I want to go to college, or what I want to do. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I’m beginning to see now how destructive our relationship was to me. Please pray for me to accept who I am and to have peace about where God is leading me.

    1. Hannah God has a plan for you! Continue to pray for direction. Congratulations and Good Luck on your new adventure

  227. as I read each prayer request and send prayers to all of you, I try to tell myself that I need to be thankful, which I am, I have a God loving husband, 4 beautiful kids, however, I need Gods loving direction on my life. My heart is broken & empty. I do not find joy in the holidays it is just a reminder of the loved ones we have lost. Young & old. I use to enjoy doing things now it just seems like a chore. I prayed to not have a bitter heart towards people who have hurt me and my family. I just keep pretending I’m ok. I ask for your prayers for me to find peace in my heart and to enjoy life again. I’m short with my kids, I donot like to hang out with anyone and I don’t want to go anywhere πŸ™ I lost my dad 2 years ago Nov 19,2012 we lost my daughters boyfriend due to a freak accident,which she was involved in (blamed) Sued, the worst thing to put a innocent 16 year old girl through by a family you thought loved your daughter. That was Dec 2 2012, we bought her a sweet puppy that has been our Angel baby for 2years , I accidentally ran over her back hip Nov 17,2014. My Birthday. Prayers please

  228. Elizabeth says:

    I pray for peace in being present in the “unknown”. “Unknown reasons a loved one loses her husband, a baby, a job, etc. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have such a sense of peace in NY own difficult circumstances, yet I carry a heavy heart for the ones I hold dear, which is clearly a lack of faith on my part. I need to dive deeper in to God’s word and soak it in to my heart. Thank you for your wisdom and prayerfullness.

  229. Esmeralda Sanchez says:

    I’m in! I need more peace in my single life. Sometimes i worry too much and get depressed in whether God has the husband for me or not. I want to live this season of singleness joyfully and live to the fullest in Christ and for Him. I worry too much that i may not be good enough, beautiful enough, Godly enough for God to bring a man for me so that together we could serve the Lord. I do not want to settle, i want what God wants for me. I want peace living for God whether it be single or married. I know only God can fulfill me so i want that peace all the time. thank you for your prayer.

  230. Robin Packer says:

    Lynn THANK you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and writing the blog and your book magnetic. I have a 16 yr old daughter who loves the Lord with all her heart, she’s beautiful inside and out and has such wisdom and discernment. She is always giving advice to her friends on their relationships but has never been asked out herself. She always wonders “why”. I tell her that the one God has for her will come in His time and to seek His peace. Sometimes that’s easier said than done which is why your blog ministered to me this morning.
    I suffer from chronic pain and surgery has been suggested but not recommended. I want to be able to manage the pain and minister to others and focus on them instead of the pain.
    I’m praying for each beautiful woman listed above including you Lynn.
    May God bless each one of you beautiful ladies over and above what you may ask, expect, or think as His Word promises. And He is not a man that He should lie. Also praying victory in every area of your lives to the Glory of God and His PERFECT peace in The Name of Jesus.

  231. Oh and “Im In” all the way.

  232. Christy Telese says:

    Janice I pray the Lord provides you everything you need this season. I pray thT the Lord sends his healing Angels to you & gives you supernatural healing. I pray that you are surrounded and consumed by the perfect peace that only comes from God. I am working on controlling and taking captive my negative thoughts. At times my fear and doubt consume me. I find it hard to find peace and rest within my mind. I pray for all women to have the beauty & peace from God. I give all the praise & all the glory to God in Jesus’ previous name I pray. Amen.

  233. I am lacking peace in accepting that I am doing the best I can right now. I know I can be better but right now, right this minute I am doing the best as a wife and mom.

  234. Kaitlyn E. says:

    I’m in! An area of my life that lacks peace right now is the sick season. I get so worked up about my kids getting the crud and them getting better. This may seem small, but it really takes a toll on my me.

  235. Peace and discernment in raising teens in this world today

    1. Jaydnn, will be praying for you and your children. I understand your request for prayer, raising children today is challenging. May you have a blessed holiday! Psalm 78:5b-7, Proverbs 16:9 and Colossians 3:15-17

    2. Father, I ask that you would fill Jaydnn with your peace today. Thankyou that you have caused her to seek your wisdom and discernment to raise her young people to know you. Please enable her with your strength and fill her home with your grace. Help her to see like you do and fill her with your compassion to minister to her kids’ hearts. Please work in their hearts and minds to want to know you and not be deceived by all this world’s enticements. Thankyou that you hear and you know us well!

  236. I’m in. I long to have the peace you speak of. To be a fruit of the spirit woman. I long for peace and understanding in these trying times. I pray to be a good role model and set a good example for my children to follow.
    Lydia, I pray for the peace you and your daughter need to get through her time of trial. May she finds peace.

  237. Thanks for this devotion, been struggling to find peace at this time over my mother’s health. She is scheduled to have open heart surgery Monday, and fear is setting in. Two years ago we lost a baby, and since than feel that my faith has grown and that was strong, yet now feel that facing another crisis and trying to dig deeper so can’t shaken, but can’t help but shake as tears fall..
    Thanks in advance for prayers and again for this devotion and opportunity! Blessing and prayers to all!!

  238. Christina says:

    Over the past year and a half, I have been Counceling to help restore my marriage from years
    of damage from sin, unmet expectations, past baggage, lost finances, my having given up myself and being dependent on a person who isn’t dependable. It is difficult to be a woman in a world that has distorted the meaning of the husbands leadership in marriage, and yet because she loves God so much, she desires this, yet suffers from the lack of leadership.
    a husband who knows scripture, (it’s history and context), but doesn’t seem to hold it in his heart.
    It’s been a struggle to live in this. There days where the sadness is so much from wanting the biblical marriage
    that I can’t have that it distracts me from the one I should be most focused on.
    He is God, and his word. Its his word that provides me the peace I need, to get through these troubles.
    It’s difficult in my situation, because while God would not call for a separation or divorce, we are spiritually seperated. Because of many of our circumstances from sin. I’m finding myself understanding that I need to be completely reliant/dependent on God, yet become independent within my walls. It’s frightening. I was married out of highschool 18 years ago. Not believing it would change my future, I’m now middle aged and finding myself constantly desiring to do what is right in the sight of God, but often unsure of it. I need to be firm in my faith, and firm for myself, I need to become independent within my marriage, while completely relying on God, and at the same time being a loving, servant wife to my husband despite his sin. …. A-lot of responsibility, that only I can do within his strength.

  239. I want the peace that passes all understanding… through the trials of my husband’s cancer and being on short term disability… financial challenges resulting, our children seeking direction in life and that they too may have His peace through it all. We serve an awesome God and I am truly thankful for the joys and the challenges. Thank you for your ministry and for touching the many lives you do.

  240. p.s. to mine – I especially am seeking God to help my daughter find her value in HIM rather than in what the world says is valuable… Thanks!

  241. Jennifer Heeren says:

    i’m in! I pray for the ladies before me. I need prayers for my family. My in laws do not know Jesus and it’s hard for to stay with them for 5 days. I know I shouldn’t complain, but they don’t understand the importance of it all. We didn’t even sit together at our thanksgiving dinner.. I’m praying for peace in my heart with all of this.

  242. I am in, praying for peace for my 19 year old daughter who is a college student trying to honor God in her academics and sports. Peace for her to know that God will honor her good choices.

    Jaydnn, prayed for you and your family in this crazy world to have peace and discernment.

  243. Jen in TX says:

    Love your devotional today! Unfortunately, my marriage is one area of my life that lacks peace today.

  244. Kay Speidel says:

    Thank you for your insights into God’s Word. Peace is desired for our home and for my hubby to go to an in-home Bible study called ” Relational Beings” so we can learn Biblical ways to relate to each other to help with the misunderstandings that interfere with His Peace in our home.

  245. Debbie Hodge says:

    I’m in! And I would like to pray for all of us that our God would cover us with His blanket of love and peace as we prepare to celebrate the birth of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That we would truly put Christ back in Christmas by reaching out to anyone we can that is in need of food, clothing, gifts for children or just our LOVE. No matter how much we have or don’t have that we would just share with one another! May the peace of the Lord be with us all.

  246. Elizabeth says:

    We all need Peace and Help in raising our teens it can be very difficult. Lets all join in prayer together.

  247. Jaydnn-I will pray for you as you raise teens as I am in the same place. I am raising two teens and a preteen girls right now in this world that makes them question themselves because they aren’t pretty enough or athletic enough or smart enough. So, I have down what Lynn is describing and tried to be very intentional this Christmas to have time with Him and ensure my daughters do as well. I would love prayers that I can hold true to this intention to focus on God. It is so easy to get caught up in all the other crazy stuff and want my girls to see that God is the ruler over this world not the other way around!

  248. First off than you for writing such a wonderful post and offering for someone to win your book and bracelet. An area of my life that lacks peace right now is my church life. We have leaders who are not exactly leading. They are more using the church as their playground to get what they want (material and noon material items). They are not teaching anyone or as I said leading anyone which is dragging most of us down and we are losing some of our longest members and staff. Now we are in search of a new church as this has been going on for a few years now even with many speaking to the higher ups. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for others and possibly receive a wonderful book and bracelet which I might add is perfect timing for peace!!! Good bless.

  249. I am in – I pray that my GOD give me inner peace right now,as i struggle with family issues and also
    financial problems. I need the strength that only my HEAVENLY FATHER is able to give me,to be able to get
    through these two major problems.! I PRAISE HIM ABOVE WHO PROVIDES ME WITH ALL THAT I NEED!

    1. I love what Tania is saying from your word Lord in Phill. 4 and i agree with her in prayer asking You Lord for true contentment in all she is going through as you provide for each and every need in all your riches lavished on her in love. I also as your strength in every trial so she does not feel overwhelmed and she can feel like the overcomer she is as your daughter in your power!! Thank you King Jesus!! Amen

  250. I’m in. I feel Jesus is truly magnetic, and I want more of Him!! Every gift the Holy Spirit has especially self control for me would be fantastic! I really wanna share this study with my junior high youth group. :)))

  251. There are times that I am in that place of peace written about today, but sadly I don’t stay there! I would like consistently be in that place of peace and trust. I’m in the middle of a separation process from a verbally, mentally, emotionally abusive husband, and of find myself fearing the future.

  252. I’m in! I’m praying for God to give me peace for issues with my car being resolved and providing our family with safe and reliable transportation. These car issues have been going on for awhile and I’ve taken it in to the dealership to be fixed but no one can seem to figure out what’s wrong. I’ve been trying to give my
    worries about this to God and trust in Him, but it’s honestly been a struggle for me to fully let go.

  253. I’m in – I pray for peace and understanding in my life to help me see the beauty in others, to see how truly blessed I am, because not everyone that went to bed last night is alive to see this beautiful day the Lord has made, to know that each breaking dawn is an opportunity to live my life for His glory no matter what life may throw at me.

  254. Rachael Segura says:

    I’m in!!! I need peace in so many areas of my life.I’m a 31 year old,Stay at home wife and mother of 3 girls. We have been married for 5 years Our daughters are 4years,2 years 2 months.It’s so much harder than I thought…..Not to mention that my husband and I have been having marital problems for the past 2 and a half years.It’s not because of anything immoral on his part or mine,we just have a major differences of opinion on a lot of spiritual life and other important things…Sometimes I feel so hopeless that things will ever change…..

  255. Loraine, I am lifting you up in prayer for your situation. I pray that God would guide your steps and bring you great peace. He has plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11.
    I pray that the reality of God being your comforter and protector would flood you and you would be overwhelmed with His great love for you.
    I need peace in my family, my marriage and raising to teenagers. I feel I have made so many mistakes as a wife and mother. I find my self constantly worrying about them. I am so quick to try and fix it all myself instead of looking to God and trusting His plan.
    I am in!

  256. I am in…searching for peace in my every day life of family caregiving, preparing for upcoming surgery, desiring to serve God, so wanting to complete so many unfinished projects! God led me to your devotional and blog. Thanks for morning inspiration on this “Black” Friday. I am choosing to keep life simple in spite of the chaos!

  257. Kathy knight says:

    praying for peace about my grown sons who have alot of anger about their dad’s passing, they both are doing drugs and alcohol. They need to turn back to God. I know their dad’s heart is breaking for them as mine is.

  258. I’m in. I have been going through a messy battle with my ex husband over visitation with our daughter. She has been experiencing severe anxiety and pulls out her eyelashes and hair. I’m doing everything in my power to make the situation better for her but it has been a huge lesson for me in letting go of what I can’t control and still trying to be loving and forgiving while protecting my daughter. I just pray for a resolution and the God will carry her through this.

  259. I’m in! Praying for peace in the midst of a difficult situation, Alicia.

  260. I am from Guyana in desperate need for a scholarship to study abroad. I need peace to make ther right decision to choose the right university. Peace is needed in my miind since i allwo almost anything to pass through it. Peace is needed in my household, since everyday is an argumen,Almost everyhing is tearing apart but i am believing God for the best

  261. I’m in! Praying for peace as I am in a situation where I need to send my daughter to boarding school…peace that this is what is right and that the school is where she needs to be.

  262. I’m in! I know God’s grace is sufficient for me, but allowing myself to have peace- I mean true peace in all aspects of my life is going to be taking that grace and living it! I need that!

  263. Shana M.Turner says:

    Im in. I’m praying for all the women and men that’s desiring more time with in our daily walk With Jesus. I’m growing each second of my life. I’m need more so I’ve made myself more available to The Lord, Because I can’t do anything without Him. I’m sure from the other post we’re all at this point in our lives. So I’m in Lord endow us more and more In You amen.

  264. I’m lacking peace in my future…for what it holds, what I will do, where God will lead. So much fear~

    I would REALLY love to win that bracelet, by the way! That is so adorable!

    1. Jessica F says:

      Chelsea, I pray for peace for you. I know the feeling exactly because I struggle with that too. Our pastor said that fear is NOT trusting God and trying to be in control. I pray that we both are able to give control to He who created us and everything else.

  265. Stephanie G. says:

    What an awesome reminder during this time of year:) Thank you for sharing.
    I’M IN! Praying peace in Lynn’s life and every situation:) I need peace in a difficult trial my family is going through at this time. More than ever I need peace and God’s precious reminders. God Bless!

  266. I am in and lifting Lynn up to You Father you know what she is going through and i pray peace on her that only comes from You. Thank you in advance Father in Jesus Name.
    And i need peace in dealing with my husbands drinking. Only God can convict his heart to stop it.

  267. Jessica F says:

    I need peace for my marriage, and through this holiday season. That He restores my joy as I go through it without my family and with the memory of my parents.

    Thank you and blessings!

  268. Z Love Tamar says:

    Today I am asking For prayer of peace over my court situations that I have been dealing with since 2009, and I pray that Jesus will have favor on my behalf and to bring PEACE to me in TRUSTING in Him knowing that all things work together for Good to them who love God and to them who are called according to His purpose. I jus plz ask for prayer. Thank you very much and Jesus bless you and your family’s more and more.

  269. I need peace in my marriage, with my husband. I’m in!

  270. I am lacking peace in my place in life. Where I am… why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? Am I really where God wants me to be?

  271. I’m in! I’m praying for peace in all areas of my life. I struggle with anxiety and it has become increasing worse over the past few years. I need to give it all over to God and quit picking it back up.

  272. I am in. Right now my husband and I are struggling financially. We have barely been making ends meet. He was suspended for a week, which means an even shorter amount to work with. We are a family of 7. I want to trust God that things will work out, that He’ll continue to provide. But I am so fearful that we won’t make it. This is the first time I actually put these thoughts out there. I don’t want to bring my husband down with my fears and doubts. I feel ashamed of my feelings over this. Lord, help me. Help me starve my doubt. Help me feed my faith.

  273. I’m In. I need the ‘peace that passes understanding” to abide in Christ and not to worry about all the details of an upcoming trip of 200 miles. It is difficult to trust when so much MIGHT go wrong. But if God knows all about me and the details of my life, I need to quite worrying and trust in His peace, power and protection. Thanks for giving me a calmness that God is in control of all that enters my life.

    1. Kathy, I am praying for you that God will give you the peace & understanding to let go of your fears & let him carry these for you on your up coming trip so that you may enjoy this trip & not allow your fears to ruin your trip. God loves you & knows what is right for you & if you give it to him he will carry it for you. May God Bless You.

    2. Kathy. I will pray for you I know God will give you the understanding that God has your back and knows all your needs.

  274. Tiffany Clark says:

    I lack peace when it comes to what’s next for our future house. We are outgrowing our current one and I want to remain patient and trust that God knows what is best for our family. Thanks!!!

  275. I am in. I am looking for peace to understand & stop driving myself crazy worrying why certain family members have turned their backs on me & learn that they are now trying to turn the little children against me. I am having a very hard time with this. I have forgiven them, but I will never forget as this is not the 1st time they have done this to me.

  276. Lord, I thank you for the experiences Kathy will have on her journey. Please send your peace to calm her heart and mind. Remove those anxious thoughts with positive thoughts of your protection over her. Let her trip be a success in every way. Thank you, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    My family suffered a terrible tragedy 3 years ago that took the lives of three family members. Aside from our own grief, we all worry about my brother, neice, and nephew who lost half of their family. I need peace in knowing God is in control every day in this hard journey. Thanks!

  277. I need peace in a few areas of my life. At work, at home and finances. I struggle with reminding myself every day to give my problems to Him, I struggle to not be perfect and get depressed when I look at our finances and know that although it could be worse, I stress over them. I could use His peace in my life!!

  278. I’m in!! Please pray for my marriage and my ability to be able to abide in Christ. I want to control my life and I need prayers to understand God is in control and it is all under control.

  279. I’m in. I desire God’s peace concerning a friendship I have developed with a guy at my church. I’ve developed feelings for him and i allowed him to become close with my child. but all he sees is I’m his sister in Christ. It’s been 3 yrs and I’ve prayed and ask God why this guy is in my life. From the first day we met I asked God to close the door if this is not for me. I believe God has said to wait, but I’m a afraid of rejection and what would happen if he starts seeing someone. I asked God this morning if he has forgotten me? I need his peace…the peace that pass all understanding. Thanks!

  280. Kathy, Just remember, God has your back. Remember in Matthew 7:34 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” Trust him, He does take better care of us than we can for ourselves. Prayers and blessings. I’m in

  281. My marriage, I try to follow Christ and my husband doesn’t. This causes a lot of friction between us. I pray all the time for peace in our marriage but it never seems to come. I won’t give up because I know God can fix anything but I am tired and looking for some relief…. Prayers appreciated. Blessings to all!!

  282. For spending time with family for Thanksgiving – not all of them have a relationship w/Christ and it can become intense, being careful of what may seem ‘offensive’ yet showing Christ’s love. I’m in!

    1. Lord, I come to you right now for Deb. Please give her strength to be a light to her family while being respectful, and not offensive or pushy. Let your light shine through her so that those who know her will ask her about the faith she has. Even if it is a seed that just needs planted by her, or maybe she’s watering and your light is shining on that seed making it grow into a full bloom of faith in you… whatever it may be Lord, be with her and her family. Show them your love. In Jesus name, Amen.

  283. I need peace as I grieve for my dad, who just passed away this week. The book sounds wonderfully uplifting and the bracelet is beautiful.

  284. I’m in. I’m TRULY thankful to God for my Life, Health and Strength because around this time last year, I really couldn’t enjoy the holidays like I would have liked. I have a Chronic Disease called Ulcerative Colitis which it causes me to be Weak, Tired, Loss of Energy, No appetite, weight loss, rectal bleeding, having to have repeated colonoscopies, being on Steroids, Blood Transfusions, Pain Medications, have to be Stress-free, no Spicy Foods, and the list goes on and on. For the last two years, the enemy took over my body where my Hemoglobin level was down to 5.1 (12 or more is better for my age and body size) and all I could do is call on the name of JESUS because I knew he had more for me to do here on Earth. Even though I was going through the storm, my FAITH never wavered and I kept speaking Positive Affirmations to and over myself and remembered the Scripture: “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I changed my whole thought process and my will to live. I’ve been doing much better the last few months, but I told the Devil “I Declare and Decree that he will NOT take over my body again from this point forward.” I desire my Peace, Joy, Happiness and Strength as it relates to my Health so I can have a MORE fulfilling and enjoyable life. I pray God’s Blessings upon each of you in the Ministry.

  285. I’m struggling to find peace in waiting.. waiting for God to answer my prayer and my cries to restore my marriage. I am doing all I can to soak up God’s truths to gain patience, peace, joy, etc. while I wait and think this book would be a helpful tool.

  286. I find that I need the most peace when dealing with my mother. I find myself wishing to change her instead of loving and appreciating the woman she is. I know if I can accept her and our relationship, I have a better chance of having a loving, peaceful relationship with my 2 daughters as they grow from pre-teens into young women. I’m thankful I have God-loving friends in similar situations where we can walk through our days and struggles together in God’s word.

  287. I need peace in the area of my children’s father, my ex husband. You see , I’ve prayed to reconcile our relationship as husband and wife, among other things for 5 years. I’ve prayed for his salvation for 5 too. I’ve felt convinced for so long that this dream of mine was instilled by my Lord but I’m thinking now that it could be my own “strong will” and my “never give up flesh.” I will forever pray for his salvation because he’s my children’s father but as far as him and I being reconciled, I’ve got to let it go.

  288. I’m in! Doing a study on The fruit of the spirit right now. Would like to spend time with this book. Praying for peace during the holiday season…

  289. Thank you for your devotions, and blog posts
    . I’m in:)

  290. I need peace as the doctors sort out what is wrong, adjust meds and whatever else is needed so that I can get back to something that resembles normal.

  291. Janet Miller says:

    Lacking peace that God can unify and heal our family. And that He has a plan for the second half of my life….to use me for His kingdom, not for my selfish, empty, worldly pursuits.

  292. I’m in! I pray for Deb, that she would have peace around her family and that they would see Your light shining through her. Deb, if they are offended, remember His Word is offensive to them that are stumbling. I pray you will be able to enjoy time with your family free from anxiety.
    I struggle with traditions. I want to know how to make this time of year meaningful for our three children (8, 7, & 5) so they will know the true meaning of Christmas. This is our first Christmas just us five and I don’t expect it to be perfect, just Christ-centred and memorable.

  293. I lack peace in the area of stepmothering. It has been a difficult time for my stepdaughter and I. I need need to be able to know that I can trust God for His help and solutions.

    1. Heather B says:


      I pray for peace and guidance through this time in your life. I know that the paths we see aren’t always the easiest, especially when the word says, “Narrow is the path of righteousness”… I pray that you remain strong in parenting and your step daughter will also open her heart to you so you can help conquer this world together with Jesus.

  294. Lezlee Smith says:

    I lack peace in letting go of my past. All my life I’ve known abuse as love, giving of myself and not loving myself. I need to love myself and know that it is OK to be happy. I’ve lost both my parents at such a young age, I fear that I should of done more to protect them. I pray for forgiveness of myself and the lord every night and instead I always have horrible nightmares.

  295. I’m in! I really need God’s peace on my work situation. I have hated my job for a while due to.its responsibility and shift work pattern -to the point that I have been off sick with stress. I am back to work tomorrow for the first time In a month and am terrified. God I need your peace that surpasses all understanding and that won’t let us stumble. I pray for Justine now and for her step daughter. Father GOD give her peace in this area.

  296. I have lots of uncertainty about my future due to decisions and actions of others that directly impact my life. I don’t know the truth, I don’t know how it will unfold, and I have no idea where to go from here. The anxiety, disappointment and rejection have been daily companions for an extended period of time.

  297. Heather B says:

    I’m in!!! My work life and dating life are things I need to completely turn over to God. I’ve turned them over, then taken them back so many times!! I’m ready to completely give them to Him for GOOD!!!

  298. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Praying for you in your step mothering right now! Your step daughter is blessed to have you! Please pray for me for peace in our household. Our family tends to go at it with each other due to bad patterns of sin. Please pray for peace in our home.

  299. I’m in!! The area in my life that lacks peace is with my boys. They’re 13 & 11 and they are a handful. My husband is in Afghanistan right now and it’s been hard on all of us. Please pray for us.

  300. A woman at my church (in Southern Calfiornia) shared these statistics at our Bible Study group meeting last week:

    There are approximately 20,000 foster children in Los Angeles County and 800+ foster children in Ventura County (and that’s just two counties of the MANY more counties throughout the state of CA alone).

    Once these children in these counties age out of the foster system, their outlook is not optimistic:

    1 in 5 become homeless
    less than 3% will attend college
    and OVER 70% of foster girls will become pregnant by the age of 21 (and likely be single moms).

    Please pray for these kids (many who are teens) and that God would move mightily on their behalf through the church (The Family of Believers) . That these foster kids (and foster kids throughout the US) will not be forgotten. That the Family of God would be the hands and feet of Jesus to foster love, foster hope and foster faith in these children through the establishment of mentoring programs (ministry programs) to reach these precious children for God’s Kingdom.

    My heart breaks to the point of tears—as I know personally of a foster teen whom my daughter befriended a few months ago—and we have learnt of the heartbreak this child has faced over the years, and continues to face (often being shuffled from home to home every couple of months.) Children have been traumatized by the abandonment of their parents. The older a child gets in the foster system, the harder it is for them to get adopted. The foster teen we know (age 14) has expressed feeling greatly discouraged, depressed, feels unloved, rejected, has trouble sleeping and is failing school…and more. I am deeply affected knowing this child’s struggle and wish to do something to help (like even adopt this child), but my husband is saying “No” to my idea of adoption. I lack peace, worried for this child’s future, since the statistics regarding foster children are not very optimistic.

    I know I am supposed to honor my husband in his decision (his decision at this point that we will not adopt this foster child), but now I am upset towards my husband for his decision. God says to respect my husband. I want my family to make a difference in the life of this child. (And if I can positively impact the lives of many more foster children, may God show me/show my family how.) Please pray for this foster teen that I wish my husband would agree with me to adopt. Pls also pray over my heart and my husband’s heart, and for God’s guidance on what we can and should do to positively impact this child, if adoption is not part the plan. Pray every precious foster child in the USA would know the love of Jesus! They are all precious!


    “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.” Psalm 27:10 (NLT)
    “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” Ephesians 1:5 (NLT)

  301. I’m in! First of all, I would like to send prayers your way Amber. I pray that God will keep your husband safe and that he will give you strength to get through each day he is gone. I pray that your children will give you more days of happiness and peace than days that leave you frustrated and worn out. I’m posting a comment on a blog page for the first time. I’m a part time worker with a full time job at home taking care of housework, my husband, and a 1 year old son. My husband works generally 7 days a week…is gone 14 hour days… and works nights. I’ve been a Christian for many years and have been trying to spend as much time as I can reading christian books and devotions but I still long for peace each day. I’m struggling with my relationship with my husband due to how much pain he has emotionally caused me. I feel like my days are on repeat. I wake up and spend my days doing things for my son and husband day after day. I’m sure all the other mothers and wives out there know this feeling all too well. What I need prayers and peace for is to be able to get through each day without the pain and anger I have each day towards my husband. I’m living with a battlefield inside of me and I’m desperately calling out to our mighty Lord to give me strength and the peace I long for.

  302. Rhonda Wade says:

    Father, please protect Amber’s husband as he serves while fighting for the peace we can enjoy here at home. Holy Spirit, may you guide Amber with your wisdom during his absence. Father, may you be the head of the household until and even after he returns from his tour. We are thankful that we can come to you through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
    Would you kindly pray for peace for us as well? This will be our 6th Christmas since our last of four.children have moved out and we have not spent a Christmas with them since then. Last Christmas, one of them was on life support because of a condition caused by excessive drinking. It is a miracle that he is still alive. We do not have a relationship with any of them because of our passion for Christ and because we have chosen not to conform to the ways of the world. Although, we have accepted their choices and love them, we cannot agree with the choices and make the same for ourselves. I know the Lord is at work even though we can’t see any evidence yet, however, once in awhile fear creeps in. Thank you for the peace that passes all human understanding and may it continue guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May others see the peace we have in You and ask where it comes from so we can point them to you Lord.

  303. You asked us to post about a place in our life that is lacking peace: Well I have an area from childhood that has surfaced and is causing some difficulty in my place of ministry where Papa God has placed me. It needs to be healed and out of the way so I can be the best that the Lord wants me to be, not haunted by wounds of childhood.
    Amber you are in my prayers and so is your husband and boys. God will give you His strength during this time and it might help your boys to find a male mentor in your church for them during this time when your husband is away.
    I pray he comes home soon and peace blankets your home.

  304. Amber, I pray for God’s peace that passes all understanding be yours as you deal with your boys & face this time with your husband being gone. I pray for your husband & boys also. I ask for prayer for peace as my husband & oldest son seek jobs. We have a house full with my husband, myself, 2 grown sons, 1 grown daughter & her 3 kids. Between the 5 adults we have 4 part-time jobs.

  305. I really need peace right now with being single. I’m 36 years old and have just gone through a painful breakup with my boyfriend who was the man I thought I was going to marry. I have had my ups and downs over the past couple months since we broke up and have relied so heavily on the Lord’s strength and presence in the situation. I know i made the right decision to end the relationship and have felt like I am getting stronger and stronger every day. But today I started to decorate my house for Christmas and came across things that reminded me of him…ornaments we bought to put on our first tree, cards from him mom, etc. And I’m back in a place of being sad and lonely and confused as to why things turned out the way they have. I know God is good and His plan for my life is good…I’m just struggling with remembering that and trusting in HIm right now and I need peace to know that I am right where He wants me to be and He is in control and will take care of me like no other guy here on Earth can. πŸ™‚ Prayers would be appreciated. Thank you!

  306. I’m in! The area I need peace is in surrendering my agenda to a God and being okay and excited about HIS agenda for me. To walk confidently in a Gods plan for me!!

  307. I need peace in my singleness- we had the joy of celebrating my parents’ 40th anniversary this past week, and it was a blessing to do so! But in the aftermath- I find my heart breaking even more over my unfulfilled dreams of being a wife and mom, and the voice of the enemy seems louder right now than the voice of Jesus.

  308. Brenda Matlock says:

    There are numerous areas in my life I feel I need to trun completely over to God. I can’t get over the idea that with our children we want them to do as much for themseves as them can, so does God not expect the same from us? I have been very ill with fibromyalgia for 20Plus years and have not been able to work for 5 yrs now. My daughters don’t understand, as many don’t, how one can be incapicated with something they can’t see. I pray for Amber that God will give her the strength to be the single parent she has to be in the situation she in now. Children can be a handful period. I pray God will watch over her husband in Afghanistan giving him protection and bring him hom e where he is needed by Amber and his sons. I pray God will sssoften the hearts of her sons that they would be more receptive to Amber’s parenting and God’s teaching. Reach out to someone in your church-there should be someone, a youth pastor, deacon or someone the boys respect who would be willing to spend time with the boys and help fill in the gap. My prayers for you and your family!

  309. I’m in! ^Praying for you, Tricia! That is a goal I desire and struggle with too. My head knows that is the best direction, but my heart can be so lazy and stubborn, that I barely seem to be moving forward at a snails pace! I lack consistent peace in motherhood, and having God alongside makes it so much better. It is still a hard job, and I find myself in the ups and downs of it, feeling guilty when I lose patience when my peace is lacking. On the bright side though, each can serve as an obvious reminder to pray!

  310. Susan Gruener says:

    Praying for God’s agenda for you Tricia!
    My area of not-so-much-peace is with my husband right now…even after 40 years!
    Praying something will ‘break’ soon. God is good!!!
    My 16 yr old granddaughter would love this cool bracelet.
    Hope you all had a blessed THANKSgiving day!

  311. I lack the peace in being the woman of God that I am. I got to have more courage in standing up for truth, what I strongly believe in and trust in. Which is ultimately the Lord.
    (I’m in!!)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Father, we know YOU want Joyce to be strong in You. Teach her to fill her heart with Your word so when she needs courage, Your word will bring it to her! Amen

  312. Cindy Ray says:

    I wish I could read all of these messages. They are so beautiful. I pray that all of us will find in God that peace we seek, and I just know we will if we turn ourselves over to God.

  313. Celeste Thibeau says:

    Susan I am agreeing with you as I do for my marriage of 32 years . . . peace I especially ask for peace as I live on one side of FL as my grown children and husband live 150 miles which I travel every week for 3-4 days taking care of grandchildren as I stay with my husband in an RV – than travel back to our home where I clean homes and take care of my mom who has alzheimers one weekend a month for 2 nights at my home – involved in ministry at our church iinvolved in my nieces lives as well as other young woman . . . while trying to get our home ready to sell. I have so much “stuff” as I have had a sewing business in my home – taught crafting and quilting classes as well . . . so there is LOTs of stuff and it causes me to loose my peace and so overwhelms me that I don’t know where to start and therefore really don’t GOD I GIVE THIS ALL TO YOU

  314. Celeste Thibeau says:

    Susan I am agreeing with you as I do for my marriage of 32 years for God to continue to do His work in me. Also ask for peace as I travel 150 miles to go and take care of grandbabies and be with my husband who works there as well. I need to prepare our home for sale so that I can be with family – all can seem overwhelming but I know
    God is able and He is my source of total peace.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, thank you for this opportunity that Celeste has. May she feel Your strength in her, helping her. Please give her a safe trip surrounding her with your angels. Amen

  315. Cindy, you did not say what you need peace for but I am praying for you just the same, God knows what you are in need of most. I am in need of peace that Gods will will be enough. My husband just found out about a sin of ommision by me that I had been struggling with for some time. As much as I feel ashamed I Know I am forgiven, but I need the peace of God whatever His will in this may be will be enough to help me get through this. Thank you to whoever prays this for me.

  316. Charlotte Orth says:

    Hello. I want to pare back my list once again of who I buy for at Christmas. This year I want to give out of love and noticing what a wonderful person someone is and not obligation.
    I just bought 2 necklaces one for a mother going to nursing school and the other for her 3 year old daughter. THey say on them, “You Are My Sunshine”. The mother and I just shared together that this song is the lullaby that we sang to out children! My son is grown but I still think it is a great song and want to encourage this young mother and her daughter.

  317. I’m definitely in! I struggle with so many fears! I know Who to turn to, but it feels like life just keeps beating me with wave after wave and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in fear! People always tell me that they can’t believe how confident and put together I appear, but I know the truth! I have fears involving my husband, our marriage, his temper, his job, our 5 very young kids, finances, my appearance, my business, my health. Please pray that I would be freed from this. Thank you to anyone for taking the time to pray. He is able!

    1. Sharon Serrano says:

      Oh father your daughter Alli cries out to you, bringing her fears before you. Lord you are so able to do exceedingly, above all we can ask or even imagine. Thank you for using this time for Alli to bring this before you and seek support through prayer. Father you say that your perfect love casts away all fear, so I pray for an outpouring of your love in Alli so that it may overflow into her hub and kids. Thank you for Alli, thank you for the love that you show her daily and thank you for listening yo her!… in Jesus name, amen!

  318. Mindy Hawkins says:

    The peace I desire is for the unknown in our family’s future. We have 3 children, a 14yo and twin 10yo’s. Our twins were born very premature (28 weeks). Our daughter is healthy but her brother had a stroke at ten days old. He is severely disabled. “Normal Family” is not in the books for us. God has gotten us this far and we do trust Him but it’s still hard. We are thankful and praise Him for two healthy children but it’s still hard. I just pray for strength and wisdom for the future.

    1. Sharon Serrano says:

      Father thank you for Mindy. Father your word says that you are near the brokenhearted, and here is your girl, your princess, your daughter who is going through this hard time w/ her sick children. Though she feels this is hard, and maybe unbearable at times, her soul, her mind and spirit know that you are good, and her lips utter how much she trusts you oh God. Thank you for capturing everyone of her tears and for hearing her hearts cry. Breathe peace into her heart daily Lord. Thank you and bring healing to her household! In Jesus name, amen.

  319. Jennifer D. says:

    There is a definite lack of peace between my husband and our tween daughter. I am at the point I don’t know what to do except to pray!

    1. Sharon Serrano says:

      Father I pray for Jennifer D. Father your daughter cries out to you for the relationship between daughter and father. How great it is to know that we can come to the healer and restorer of all relationships. Would you intervene in their relationship Lord, would you please fix this as only you know how to do. And while you fix this would you give Jennifer the wisdom to deal with this situation, your peace that surpasses all understanding and the words that you would have her speak when you want her to speak. Thank you father, I trust that you have them in the palm of your hands. In Jesus name, amen!

  320. My biggest thing standing in the way of my peace is working full time and being a single mom. Right now work is stressful and pretty rough on me as the year is coming to close. I know God will get me thru. He is so good

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, thank you that Amber is not alone. I pray that she will sense You and see You, each and every day, helping her and empowering her in being the very best Mom You created to her family. Thank you, Jesus! Amen

  321. Melissa Burford says:

    Thank you for this message. Currently I am struggling with work. I live in a rural area and am underemployed and stretched very thin. I am grateful to have some semblance of a job but it is still not ideal and pray often to have peace in this area. Thanks for allowing me to share and for everyone who prays for me. I plan on going down the list and praying for others because I know praying for others helps me to stop fretting about myself. Thanks again!

  322. Sharon Serrano says:

    My family is going through a time where the siblings are divided and lots of hurt. Though we are older I think God has been wanting to heal a lot of childhood hurt and many don’t know how to deal w/it. Praying for emotional healing and unity.

    1. I pray for your healing. Your ability to communicated effectively and peacefully with your siblings and a blessed Christmas season.

    2. Lord, please be with Sharon’s family during this difficult time. May you heal the wounds and bring them closer to you and your heart and your will for their lives. May you comfort Sharon in this time and help her continue to focus on you in this difficult time and season.

      Thank you for being faithful to pray for others in the midst of your hurt Sharon!

    3. Alicia Mason says:

      Father, please come into every member of Sharon’s family’s hearts. Heal their wounds and draw them to You and each other. Soften their spirits for each other. Give them the tools to manage their emotions. Provide a way for them to come together and enjoy the gift that they have in each other.

  323. Goodness, I am praying for peace in the financial part of my life. I feel peaceful when in have control over things and our finances are one area that I keep losing control. I pray for peace. Amen.

  324. Jena Martin says:

    I am really struggling with my oldest daughter and letting go and letting God take care of her. I am trying to micromanage her and her decisions she turned 21 two weeks ago and I hate that she thinks drinking is a part of college life. As a mother, I want to keep her from making mistakes and poor decisions. I give it to good but then I take it back and worry again. Pray the I can truly give my daughter to the Lord and regain my peace.

  325. Tanya Stephens says:

    My son has multiple food allergies…I want to feel God’s peace when it comes to my son’s well-being, but fear keeps me from resting in Him on this one. Sharon, I pray God’s guidance for you and your siblings, that you will all experience forgiveness and peace.

  326. I was exactly the woman you spoke of being today. Hurried and snapping at family because I wanted to get the best deals. Frustrated with my children because I didn’t get why they were being “that ” way. Disconnected from God. Thank you so much for writing your post at Proverbs 31. And for being brave enough to admit you parred down Christmas. I just wrote in my journal, Christ-mas, because sometimes in all the hustle and expectations I can forget why we are really celebrating at all. I will be taking a good look at our “favorite” traditions and dropping all the rest this season!!!

  327. I’m in! πŸ™‚ Definitely need the peace that only comes from our Father. My prayer Father is that all of these ladies would feel your prace in their lives and over each situation that they’re facing. May you continue to guide them and protect them along the way, helping them to know that they aren’t alone no matter what they face. Amen

  328. Elena Lynn Fortner says:

    Im in!!! πŸ™‚

  329. Enjoyed your post! I’m in!

  330. I enjoyed the study today. Am definitely in need of peace of what path to take in life, and a peace that the decision I make is the right one.

  331. I have allowed myself to be robbed of God’s peace that I carried through my 42 years of life. Even though I have been struggling badly with family issues and emotional abuse and am so worn out I need to gather my strength in God under these circumstances and never myself to loose it again.

    1. Dear Lord, I pray that you be with Dana and give her the strength to seek you for comfort and guidance for all things. Lord I pray that you give her comfort and help her to relinquish the past and live in her new life as a Christ follower. I pray this in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen

  332. Sharon I pray your family will allow God to heal these past wounds help you all move forward in and with his grace.
    God bless.

  333. I’m in…I need peace in my marriage and parenting

  334. Sarah Koetsier says:

    Father god, I lift Tonya and her family up to you. May your peace and mercy surround her as you meet her needs today. In Jesus name Amen.
    I struggle with peace in the area of being a stay at home mom of a preschooler. She Is so wonderful, but some days are just very difficult.

    1. Sarah I understand how you feel…..
      Dear lord, I pray that you give Sarah the strength and patience she needs as she struggles with parenting. Help her to be filled with joy in her child no matter what may occur and help her to seek you in those crazy moments of parenting for comfort. Lord I pray that you guide Sarah to your scriptures in the Bible that may lift her and encourage her as a mom. I pray this in Jesus holy name Amen

  335. Amazing devotional. I so want to be magnetic. I need peace in a lot of different areas but the biggies at the moment are parenting and time management. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  336. Lord I don’t know what Melissa K needs peace in her life but you do and that’s all that matters. I pray for the peace in your word that surpassses all understanding to arise in her life in every area. In Jesus name, Amen.

    I want to say I’m in! I need peace in my finances and future. By future I mean what is God’s plan and in the craziness of this world fear can sit in especially when I think about my kids. I know fear is not of God but I need to remind myself God gives us peace.

  337. I’m in! I need peace that only God can give as I battle fear and anxiety as my son is deployed in a dangerous area with the Army. I know in my head that he is in God’s hands, but fear creeps in at times that grips my heart. Prayers appreciated. Thank you!

  338. Alicia Mason says:

    I need God’s peace in my health–physical and emotional. I have diabetes and I don’t take care of myself. I crave sweets and even though I know it is bad for me, I eat candy and desserts like nobody’s business. It’s like I am on some death wish. I don’t get it. I need the Lord to set me straight and treat my body like His temple. I need to grow up!

    I pray for those who are all in, Sharon for healing with her family issues, and all the rest. Father permeate every cell in our bodies. Take over please Lord. Release us from sin and give us faith in You alone.

  339. I lack peace in enjoying each day. I’m always thinking about the days ahead.

  340. Great post! Struggling with renewing joy in my life. So often feel that as a Christian women I shouldn’t have these struggles so then the guilt sets in and I feel like giving up. I need to feel God’s peace again and have my joy restored!

  341. What a wonderful reminder in this busy season! We would all benefit from quitting, trying to attain the world’s goals, when God has so much more in mind for us! Thanks for the reminder!

  342. nancys1128 says:

    As I read your words I couldn’t help feeling like you had crawled into my head. I go through those same feelings year after year. Right down to decorating the bathroom! I will admit, though, to skipping the baking part, but not without feeling bad for doing so. I think it’s time to ask my people what their favorite traditions are and drop the rest. I think I’ve not done it yet because I don’t really feel like we have any true traditions. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by what they tell me. It truly isn’t about how the house is decorated, and whether even the bathroom is included. It’s so easy to get lost in all of that, and I need this year to be the year when the madness stops.

  343. Praying to show that peace and beauty to the children that God has given me to teach and grow into what He created them to be.

  344. Just stumbled upon your website, love it.

    Right now, as a college student, my finances and graduation plans are all out of peace. Deciding my future, trying to make the future financially stable…is difficult. But I know that with God I can make it through. This holiday season will be especially tough, as it is every year, but I’m resting knowing that I have family, I have friends and I have faith. Thank you for writing this; I was never one for the holidays, but this makes me feel assured that I’m not a “weirdo” to not jump into the madness.

  345. I work in retail. My part time bring extra money job turns into full time job while holding down regular responsibilities becomes overwhelming and so the spirit of the holiday gets lost. This year I already put the tree up so I can actually enjoy it when the time comes. I will take your advice and drop things that are not needed and focus on peace and the spirit

  346. I had already wrote my post the first day, but today decided to come back to see if I had any responses to what I had written & I had none so I decided to go back & read all the post & I learned one thing that really made me sad. In the instructions it was to share below an area of your life that lacks peace right now. Then, let’s pray for each other – each one praying for the woman who commented right before your’s. It started off where everyone was doing this & I was so excited that everyone was reaching out to one another to give them that extra prayer & acknowledgment from someone else that what they were going though was important. But as it got further down it slacked off or people were commenting on the same person over & over & leaving out the other people, who needed this just as much. It not only broke my heart for myself but for everyone else that did not get that special little prayer they may have really been counting on. With this being said I am going to say one for each & everyone of you that were left out. I know it is not the same, but I love you all as God does & you deserve a special prayer for what you wrote, I can not do an individual one for each one of you so it will have to be a combined prayer. I will post it shortly. God Bless you all.

  347. I’m definitely in. Thanks for the great give-away. I need peace in several areas of my life, especially in an area of a friendship that is going through a difficult period. I need to always remember that God is my very best friend. And that no one on earth is worth time spent with Him. Theresa, I am lifting you up to the throne of grace, for God to touch each area of your life where you have needs.

    1. Carolyn,

      Thank You so much for that prayer it was so sweet of you to do, you have no idea how much I need it right now & also how much I do appreciate it. God Bless You! I am lifting you up Carolyn, for God to touch every area of your life that you have needs & that he will in all his glory be at your side walking hand & hand through the struggle you are having with the area of friendship and he will lift you up & guide you through this in all his grace in Jesus precious holy name Amen

  348. Dear Almighty God,
    Please reach out to all of those that have reached out to you. Stretch out your strong hand in their situations, hold & rescue those who are suffering. Let your almighty love move mountains, cross seas and breathe life into the darkest places. There is nothing higher, stronger or greater than your love, we trust you. Amen

    I also wanted to share this scripture with all of you to remember in the hard times you are struggling with. God Bless each & everyone of you.

    Isaiah 40:31New Living Translation (NLT)

    31 But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
    They will soar high on wings like eagles.
    They will run and not grow weary.
    They will walk and not faint.

    1. I am in! I don’t know where to start my list of things I need peace about.

  349. Lela Wright says:

    I’m in! All too often we as women, young or old, tend to be hard ourselves and set expectations too high for any one to reach and thus end up letting ourselves down in the process. We confuse that disappointment with Gods and feel as though we’ve let Him down too, when in fact we simply set ourselves up for failure. This message blessed me in the deepest part where only God can reach! Thank you so much for allowing God to use your gifts to touch women of every age.

    “We are Gods workmanship, created in Christ Jesus; to do good works that He prepared in advance for us to do.”
    Ephesians 2:10

  350. I don’t even know where to start… Struggling with so many things. I thank The Lord he kept tugging at my heart to check out the Proverbs 31 Ministries website which led me to your blog and today’s message! I’m in!

  351. I’m in, want to share the love of Christ but never know the right words to speak.

    1. I am in. I have many areas where I struggle to find that inner peace. Home;job; family.

  352. Shawnda Hora says:

    Hi – I am having trouble sleeping and it has to do with my job. I am asking for God’s peace to know that He has placed me where he needs me to be right now. May God’s Will be done in my life!

  353. The biggest area that lacks peace right now is my personal family, kids and grandkids. On Aug 24th just hours after my grandson Nizzear’s 13th birthday he was murdered in his sleep in his own bed and my kids and other grandkids just cant seem to pull together truly, there are so many emotions, so many questions, and so much distance – I am trying desperately to bring everyone closer together but so many things happened in the midst of the funeral and more that drew all of us further apart. Thanksgiving was hard without him here. Christmas is not seeming to be so merry this year. WE are all trying to believe there was some reason for this, but he was murdered while asleep in his own bed, I just cant make sense of that nor explain to my daughter, his mother, how God can be loving and that happen to her son. She is depressed rightfully so and overwhelmed having two other children and peace seems far, far away right now.

  354. Kim Dossett says:

    I AM IN !! I need prayer for peace concerning my job and witness therein. Struggling with the hours I spend at work and on work at home. I love reaching out to and connecting with the students I am able to at school as a teacher but the level of respect is minimal and it can be very discouraging. I know God had me teaching here for a very precise purpose but I seem to not be very trusting of His plan . . . Need to work on that. My family has also joined a new church and I seem to be having a hard time connecting with the worship te I on and finding deeper friendships. I very outgoing and have never had this problem before. Thanks for your time! This blog and daily emails will be good for me.

  355. Kim Dossett says:

    Dear God, give Nancy the words and peace to share your love and joy with other people around her at work and in her every day life! May she have the boldness that only you can give her to tell others of your life changing love and what only you can do for them! Let her experience the joy that comes from sharing her testimony with others πŸ™‚ AMEN πŸ™‚

  356. Shaunna D. says:

    I’m In. For me, God has been my peace over a very rocky 2 years that has included having a beautiful baby girl, my husband spending 4 undeserved months in jail, my parents (whom we shared a house with) going through a divorce, and finding out my “Christian” friends I grew up were not really friends after all. God has been my anchor through it all but I’ll admit there are days I try to take the reigns back in certain areas of my life. I just need to trust Him. No matter what.
    I pray for Nancy that God would give you discernment, wisdom, and boldness to know when and how to share the love of Jesus . Amen.

  357. There are several areas. However, I want this but I want it even more for my sister who is angry with God right now. She’s been suffering from a very rare disease called Stiff Man Syndrome. Her health is deteriorating and treatment options are few, scary, and expensive. She still has two school aged boys at home. We lost our father when he was only 39. She was 18 and I 15. We both struggle with the fear of losing people we love. I fear losing her to the strange illness that has no cure and pushes its victims towards suicide. I want her healed spiritually first but honestly at the same time I want a physical healing too.

  358. I think i lack peace in buying Christmas presents. I need to take your advice and “quit” Christmas. Im not a huge shopper & actually never have liked shopping (i know….am i really a woman who doesnt like shopping? πŸ˜‰ ). I think thats why it stresses me out. I want to give but in a different way. I want to give more to the teens I mentor & give more to people in need and the list goes on. Im excited to find your book because it will be perfect to study with a group of teen girls. Thanks for all you do! And thanks for your book (one less gift idea to worry about πŸ˜‰ )

  359. I’m in. The path my life was headed took an unexpected turn. I’m completely dumbfounded at the recent events and I am praying for peace as I go through this storm. I am also praying for my friend Tiesha who has had some even MORE devastating turn of events. We both trust and love God to get us to the other side of the storm. I pray for peace for both of us.

  360. Michelle C says:

    I’m experiencing so much disquiet and upset in the workplace. In the midst of everything, I’m trying to be a true reflection of the Lord but falling down so many times. Please pray for me, my family & those I work with for peace and a happy resolution to any & all difficulties, in Jesus holy name, Amen.

  361. Liz Chandler says:

    I am having a hard time with having peace in my heart in the areas of wanting to have children and also going thru “burnout” in my career. I have been married for 12 years and also been a Nurse for this many as well. Feeling very hopeless about having a family and also what do with myself for work. This burnout has totally incompacitated me to be able to work. Leaning hard on the Lord…… Thank you for the opportunity to be able to pray for the Woman above my posting. God bless you all. <3

  362. Cheryl Skiles says:

    May the God love hope feel you with all joy and peace as you trust in him so that you may overflow with joy by power in the holy spirit! Rom.15:13
    The Lord gave me this scripture before going into surgery in 2013, and I thank for reminding me that this is how I get through the day(especially in my workplace, in which I have recently seen God resolve some situations!). Please pray for my oldest daughter, Hannah, who has chosen to follow a path that has led her away from enjoying God’s design for her life. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  363. Iam In. I need the Lords intervening for my family. I have lost close family members after very short durations in these 2 years. Please Lord have mercy.

  364. Struggling with many things, many of which have been stated in these posts. I care for a disabled husband in a wheelchair and an aging father. I work two jobs to make ends meet and I’m exhausted. I need a “new song in my heart”. I want joy. God is sovereign, God is love, God is peace. He is close to the brokenhearted. These I hold on to.

    Michelle C, It is not easy being light in a dark world. When you open your shades at night, darkness does not come in, light shines out. Light is more powerful than darkness and will always overcome it. Michelle, you keep shining your “little light”.

  365. I’m in! Though I didn’t see this post until today (Sunday) it is exactly what I needed to hear. I have so many areas that I need God’s help in. The biggest things I am struggling with lately are my appearance and wanting to lose weight and balancing finances. Praying for everyone else in this group!

  366. I’m in. I am so overwhelm to see so many of God’s daughters seeking his peace, sometimes I feel like am going through this journey alone to find God’s peace, but am so thankful to find the p31ministries and your blog with such words of encouragement. I too need pray for my anxious feelings over my pain in neck and shoulders from a injury many years ago that some times keep me up at night. most of all I need to let go of all the fears I feel and to trust God words as I read it everyday from your encouragement and other bible study. I will be praying for all of God’s daughters to received his peace because we have a lot of work to do for his kingdom. Ps.138 v 8: The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me(and you),thy mercy, O Lord , endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands. Thanks and God’s Blessings.

  367. Angela Thornton says:

    Dear God please give me peace in the waiting game at this moment as I am in another state for the Holidays and me and my 18yr old son are in the hospital ruling out reasons why he is severally anemic. He is currently getting a blood transfusion and after our flight lands tomorrow we will be headed to Dallas Children’s Hospital to get a Bone Marrow biopsy to see if he has leukemia. Dear God, I ask that you give me patience and strength and be comforted knowing that you don’t give us more than we can handle.

  368. I’m in. I struggle with the typical busy life, over booked schedules. I struggle with anxiety and worry about my kids, my health, and many more issues that I need to give up to God. I will be praying for the many posts here and the women that have struggles as well. My daily prayer is for God’s great peace in my life. Love the devotion today, spoke directly to me.
    Thank You!

  369. I’m in! I am struggling with weight issues and body image. Every young girl needs this book, even those of us that are grown but stuck in the insecurities that we acquired when young and are still carrying and being influenced by today. My daughter desperately needs to understand God’s love for her. Thank you for sharing your words and wisdom.

  370. Susie Valenzuela says:

    I’m in. I need to pray about trusting God with my finances more. I’m a single mom so it’s hard to let go of control but I know I need to.

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