Peer Pressure: It Isn’t Just For Teen


If you are joining me here today from my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion, welcome! Be sure to join me through the Christmas season as we pray 9 Prayers for Our Girls found on my  Facebook, TwitterInstagram,  and Pinterest at Lynn Cowell.

In my devotion with Proverbs 31 Ministries I make this quote today:

“When we hear the words “peer pressure,” we often think of just teenagers. But pressure to conform doesn’t go away once we leave our school days. It isn’t limited to any one age, gender or status group. In one form or another, every culture is influenced by the pressure to belong.”

There is no time when we are tempted to fit in than Christmas.

From Moms at school talking of lists and gifts.

TV pushing the newest and greatest.

Then there are the stores. From the moment we breeze through those automatic doors, the scents and sounds blur away our built-in budgets.

Pressure…it isn’t just for teens.

We can turn it around! Christmas can be a wonderful season to learn to push past all this pressure and press into God.

We can use pressure points as triggers for our hearts. Not a trigger for false guilt, anxiety or loneliness, but a gentle nudge to draw closer to Jesus just as He drew close to us when He came. When the day on the calendar wants to yell “Just 10 more days until Christmas”, we can choose to not make it a point of panic. Instead, we can stop. Literally stop what we are doing and grasp peace, whispering a prayer of thankfulness.

While the world might be whirling around us, we can ask the Lord to flow through us, living out His fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Many of you have chosen to wear a daily reminder to live out His fruit in us; to become magnetic!

So today I am again giving to one blessed reader a tangible reminder to not fit in, to not give in to peer pressure and to live out the fruit of the Spirit — a beautiful bracelet made and benefitting Fashion & Compassion, displaying Galatians 5:22 – 23 with a signed copy of my newest book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants.


To enter to win, please share in the comment section below one way you will remind yourself to draw closer to Jesus in the next few days. I know you are busy with Christmas preparations, so if time doesn’t permit, just say, “I’m in!” I will announce the winner Wednesday on my Wednesday Wisdom Tips!

If you want to get Magnetic for a young woman in your life and can’t wait to see if you won, you can order from Proverbs 31 Ministries today! With each copy of  Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants purchased through the P31 bookstore, I’m giving away a free magnet with the quote, “Gorgeous is more than a face in the mirror.”




    1. Linda Thomas says:

      I’m in to join my Jesus sisters in being still during this busy time. Being still to enjoy the sweet gift of His presence in my life……. every day…….. every moment.

    2. I draw closer by enjoying KLOVe on my ride into school ever morning. I am encouraged, enlightened ,andrecieve the peace that passes all understanding . Knowing that MY God is always in controll .

    3. I am in need of prayer. I struggle daily with wanting to be someone I’m not. To me, things would be better
      if I looked like a supermodel. My husband never would have cheated on me if I were beautiful. Please please pray for me. I love receiving emails from Proverbs 31 Ministries . It helps me so very much. Thank you thank you.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Jesus – use Your word, Your truth, to reveal to Cari Your unstoppable and unconditional love for the woman she is. You made her to be exactly who YOU wanted her to be. Give her eyes to see what you see – incredible beautiful. Psalm 45:11 “The king is enthralled by YOUR beauty…” Amen & Amen

  1. Debbie Parks says:

    Your post on Proverbs 31 Ministries was just what I needed this morning. One more week of school before our 2-week break and my to-do list is long. Choosing to tap into the patience that God’s spirit provides will help me be patient with my students. Choosing to tap into the self-control of God’s spirit will help me resist spending more money than I should on gifts.

    Thank you again.

  2. I will draw closer to Him by refraining from participating verbally in any negative conversations and whispering His name, Jesus, to remind me who I belong to.

  3. I have already ordered magnetic books for Christmas presents. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will reach some young ladies I bought them for. What a busy month for all of us. I plan to keep having my 5:30 morning meetings with the Lord to keep my sanity as well as feel our Savior’s presence during the chaos.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so very much, Jennifer, for investing in the young ladies in your life. Jesus, I pray that as Jennifer puts Magnetic in the hands of these young girls, You will use Your word to draw them to You. Cause them to switch the focus in their lives to You and reaching their fullest potential in all You have already given them. Amen!

  4. I will spend my early mornings of quiet time to reflect on the precious gift that God gave to us. Emmanuel God with us.

  5. One way that I try to keep my focus on Jesus is to be aware of my stress level. If I feel stress start to build, I stop what I am doing and whisper His name, remembering that I am His. It helps me to give my expectations, pressures from this world and shortcomings that I feel to His will… and peace always follows.

    I would love a chance to read your book and I have a couple of special girls in mind to share it with. Thank you for sharing of yourself, in reading your experiences, it helps to heal my heart too.


  6. I look forward every morning to my quiet time with The Lord and Proverbs 31 ministries. Thank you for speaking to and touching my heart again this morning! I loved your quote about being gorgeous. So true!

  7. I’m in! I would love to be able to give this to my daughter who is turning 11 on Wednesday. She is a beautiful girl and I am constantly encouraging her in these areas. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  8. Lynn Poore says:

    The beauty of a child’s laughter slows of step and brings joy to our heart. This Christmas I want to listen for the laughter. God has blessed us beyond measure. It is my desire to bless Him this Christmas!

  9. I will draw closer to Jesus by spending more time in His Word. Taking time out from the busy-ness of the Season and focus on the reason we are a able to celebrate.

  10. Early morning walk on the treadmill with Jesus!

  11. Mary Dagostino says:

    Thankful that God is with me each moment of every day watching over my every move and my every breath. I need nothing to remind me of God’s love. He has been with me every moment of my life since birth. I was not wanted or loved by my dad and God stepped in and filled the empty spots for me…and He is still doing that for me moment by moment…63 years later.

  12. Robyn May says:

    My husband and I have been feeling the peer pressure of the season, even in our own families. We are unable to buy extravagant gifts for our families and we’ve been feeling anxious. We are determined to keep our eyes on Jesus, share His love which is the ultimate gift.

  13. Thank you for your devotions. ..they are always just what I need. I have 2 teenage daughters and I think this book would be great for all of us.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Stacy – I hope you will choose to use Magnetic as a resource to invest in the lives of your girls. That would bless my heart SO much! I wrote Magnetic as a tool to help girls find their fullest potential in Christ, but also to help moms and daughters grow closer to each other.

  14. Michelle Moy says:

    This week I will be concentrating on spending more time in the Word in order to help me remember the true meaning of this season instead of society’s emphasis on consumerism.

  15. Take time to really BE present with family…not seeing every event as another thing to check off the list in survival.

  16. Sarah Cayton says:

    My husband and I have been feeling the pressure to just “make it one more day.” We are both teachers and need a break at Christmas just to refresh our minds. I am so quick to focus on the negative thoughts at work around this time of year. However, God has it under control! I love the quote “Talking about our problems is our greatest additiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys!”

  17. Sara Sikes says:

    I am going to make sure I take the time every morning before the chaos of my day starts to read God’s word.

  18. Melissa Plets says:

    Wow! What perfect timing, as I speed through the rush of holiday buying, baking and wrapping. Today, I will set aside some quiet time to spend with the only One who can bring me peace in this hectic time of year – Jesus. Yes, indeed, I’m IN!

  19. I will make a conscious choice to display the fruits of the Spirit. Sometimes my feelings dont match the fruits but I can exercise my will through the power of the Spirit. I choose Christ deliberately and intentionally over the lure of this world and its’ materialism!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Belinda – you nailed it when you said “through the power of the Spirit”. That is the ONLY way we can display His fruit – with His power!

  20. The devotion on “pressure” is so fitting for this time of year! Thank you. I would love to give a copy of your book to a beautiful young teenager at my church. God bless you for sharing your words!

  21. We have many beautiful nativity scenes in our home right now. I realized that I valued them as pretty decorations much more than I should. I took all the Baby Jesus’s and put them close to where I spend most of my day so I can be tangibly reminded to be “in Jesus” all day. It makes me talk about and think of my precious Jesus much more!! My kids love the line-up of babes, and can’t wait to help me place them in the proper scene on the 25th.

  22. Thank you! I needed this devotion today! All too many times, I fall into the same pattern of complaining and negative thoughts. I pray that the Lord reminds me when I fall into the frame of mind that brings myself and others down.

  23. I will take time to be quiet and peaceful and remember the wonderful gift of Jesus that is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  24. Thank you for this support! I have to get my girls up and ready for school now, but I am in!!

  25. Be thankful… because when I’m thankful I’m tuning into the goodness that God has already provided rather than dwelling on all the things I think He should be providing. There is so much we can miss if we constantly look inward… Thank you for blessing us with your thoughts x

  26. I will continue to provide myself with an environment that keeps the noise of the world turned down so that God’s message can be clearly heard.

  27. Spend less time on facebook and more time reading scripture and encouraging words like those on Proverbs 31

  28. I am having a hard getting into Christmas. I am a Jesus girl but not sure why I feel more humbug..
    I love sitting in a dark room with only the Christmas tree lights on and some Christmas music.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kim, the holidays can be hard. Loneliness can set in. Commercialism, TV ads, songs on the radio can make us feel like we’re missing something. For me, I let all the commercialism steal my joy – actually I was allowing it to. I am embarrassed I have been very prideful about the fact that I don’t “get into Christmas”. As if this makes me more holy than others. Jesus, I am so sorry.

      I want to get into Christmas – in fact, I want to change my heart and be more in than others! It is the birthday of the Love of My Life and I want Him to know I am so glad He was born.

      So help us, Jesus, to allow the pressure of this season – whatever that pressure is, to push us closer to You! THAT is what we want!

  29. Praising God for His peace each day, as I slow down & enjoy the season, looking for Him in everyday experiences!

  30. Amanda Simmons says:

    I realize that I have already been giving the greatest gift of all ,Jesus. I constantly have to renew my mind,When I like I do not measure up to all the standards around me I know that I am a treasure in the arms of Christ.So taking the moment to stop and think and to be thankful…

  31. So glad that I found your blog. I will continue to spend time int the Bible every morning when I am frantic to start my to do list.

  32. I will remind myself to draw closer to Jesus this week by reflecting on the verses that you highlighted in the Prov 31 devotional today. In fact I have been meditating in the last few weeks on how my life after loving Jesus for as long as I have be a reflection of Him and that I should be bearing abundantly more fruit. And I’ve tip toed around the possibility that I carry a lot of fear around with me. So the two verses are perfect.

  33. Each time I see Christmas Candles I will stop and pray for someone this season to feel and see the true meaning of knowing Jesus! Have a blessed week. I Am In!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Cindy! This is perfect….light reminding us to pray that others will see Jesus as the light of the world. Through us and His fruit of the Spirit IN us!

  34. I will push past the snooze button and my swirling thoughts of my to do list and take time each morning to spend time in prayer and devotion. “I will not push the snooze button, I will not push the snooze button!”

  35. Wow- this was such a fresh perspective – and needed on a familiar passage- thank you. I’ve just finished putting together a little collection of scriptures for me and my husband to keep close at hand and prayer to hopefully help us to stop falling into the pit that we seem to keep falling into. I think this devotional is going to be a lovely addition to my collection of helpful and most needed tools -thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      So very glad, Deborah!

  36. I will begin my day by reading God’s word

  37. Quiet Time is great in the morning but i need to figure out some way to remind myself throughout the day to be “different”; showing love, joy, peace, patience,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentleness and self control.
    My quiet time is great and rich most mornings but i find myself, once the kids wake up, NOT Walking in the Spirit. It is a fabulous idea for me and my girls to wear something that stands for these wonderful qualities. Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Chana, I have a friend who sets an afternoon alarm on her phone. She then takes just a few minutes to pray. I think this is a great idea too!

      1. That is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

    2. Chana, I echo your thoughts. There are many days I walk out the door to head out into the world hand in hand with Jesus! When I get into school or my phone rings with someone with a problem….my focus on God is dimmer than before and as the day wears on, there are times when I am in darkness….not thinking of Him at all. I always pray for help and Divine Mercy in God’s Grace to help me to stay continually aware of His Presence with and in me through the Holy Spirit!
      Lynn thanks for this post! I am in!

  38. I will be intentional about spending more time talking with God, even while driving or standing in the checkout lines so that I stay focused on Him & can let His light shine through me.

  39. The devotion on peer pressure resonated. My husband and I just discussed last night that this season of our lives seems to be a theme where the best is equated with more. Actually though, the best for us is keeping in Gods will. Sometimes that may be something more, or less, different, or staying put right in the situation we’re in. I will work to go against the grain of peer pressure by speaking up toy friends, especially those I know will help keep me accountable. Thank you for this great post today.

  40. Susan Milillo says:

    I will try to make sure I spend personal one on one time with Jesus this week,
    even if just for a few minutes. I need His Spirit infusing my perspectives
    on the people and things I face each day!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Susan! Even if just for a few minutes! Not pressure, just being purposeful!

  41. I will draw close to the Lord by listening to Christ centered Christmas music as I have my quiet time. Nancy Leigh DeMoss from Revive Our Hears has a beautiful instrumental Christmas CD I love to listen to.

  42. I’m in. It seems that the ads, stores, on-line stores get louder and more demanding to buy, buy, buy. Thanks for your words of spiritual comfort this morning.

  43. As I look at the angel on my tree, I am reminded to draw near to the Lord in Prayer. Not just during my quiet time, but as I pass it many times throughout the day.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love this trigger to turn your heart toward Jesus! I hope to do the same with my star, Amy!

  44. Dear Lord, help me to be pretty on the inside with the fruits of your spirit. The world seems shiny – but only You are the true Light of the world. Amen.

    God bless & Merry Christmas!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jan – I heard a song this weekend where a Dad said to his girl, “You are beautiful and pretty on the outside too!” Your comment rings true!

  45. I’m in – Praying for HIS peace and calm to slow me down and enjoy what this season is truly about.

  46. Every morning I will spen time with my Father letting Him know the things I am thankful for. In this busy time right now, I am practicing peace everyday. I am learning to walk in the spirit and tell my flesh to sit down and shut up. I love this ministry. Thank you for the devotions everyday.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Dawn – I love how you are bossing your heart around as Renee Swope says! Way to go!

  47. I’m in. Thank you for your timely reminder! I’ve painted my fingernails, something I typically never do, but it is serving as a reminder to focus on all that I’ve been blessed with, rather than all that the world tells me I need.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love this reminder – continually with you, Pam!

  48. Heather K says:

    I’m in. :). Thank you so much for posting this devotion!

  49. I’m going to say or think 5 nice things about my husband each day!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Susan – this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

      1. Thanks, Lynn! I’ve really noticed the negativity in my workplace (even though I work from home), whether it’s complaining about husbands or complaining about kids, bosses, etc. etc. etc. It’s so easy to sucked into that, it quickly resonates through everything else in my day. I AM DETERMINED to get out of that rut. Great devotion, a fabulous reminder…

  50. Behold! The lamb of God who takes away the Sin of the WORLD John 1:29

  51. Mikayla Shea says:

    I’m ALL IN JESUS. Show me, and make me who I’m meant to be, take away my insecurities, and set me free. Show me, and teach me how special our calling is, and teach me how to live by what I know, not by what I feel. I love you Lynn, thank you, for all that you do. Thank you, for being apart of my journey with GOD, JESUS, and The Holy Spiit. Kisses.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’m just saying, you’ve got me crying, Mikayla! To know He is using me to encourage one…you’ve just blessed my heart like crazy! My favorite Christmas gift!!!

  52. I’m in!! Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits. I want to go to sleep each night and awake each morning until Christmas with thoughts of the blessed birth, the things that Mary pondered in her heart.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Patricia – today I allowed myself to pray right there in my bed. In the quiet place, early before others arose. It was so peaceful and I was so thankful!

  53. Thank you for the words of encouragement! My daughter has the countdown going until we leave for an extended family visit…all the while, I am thinking of everything that needs to be done before leaving on said trip. Changing perspective today thanks to reading your post!

  54. I’m in! I will choose to focus on the blessings in front of me. Often, this time crunch if Christmas sends my subconscious messages you’re not good enough – you must bake more cookies, have more elaborate table settings and decorations, add unnecessary extras to already purchased pre planned and budgeted gifts. I will focus on Jesus, knowing I am enough and I don’t have to prove that to anyone by what I wear, bake or gift this season. Thank you for your inspiring blog, it’s a great way to focus in the morning and is nearly always a timely message in my life.

  55. I am headed to Haiti where the poorest of the poor live-will see my kids and grandkids!!!!-I am going to focus on God’s beautiful gift to us and share that with those who don’t know the “rush” of Christmas but hear the story of Gods love.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      So beautiful, Gerri! Thank you for investing and giving to others!

  56. Thank you for this reflection. It really resonates with me and I often feel so out of step with the norm. Taking a stand against negativity doesn’t mean you don’t embrace the imperfect, it just means that you want something better and you can live more fully into your calling. Teaching my kids to be different, love others yet always thinking themselves & sometimes having to go against the mentality of the group, is challenging but it’s something I’m finding that God is showing me over and over in my own life.

    Journaling is really helpful for me in my prayer life and I will strive to do this everyone info during this time.

  57. Tracy Larson says:

    My three girls and I are doing the best advent 🙂 from Family First. It sure is reminding us to draw closer to God in these days. God bless!

  58. Wonderful reminder! Thank you so much! I’m making time to read a devotion each morning and I find that my days are more peaceful when I do. Keeping Christmas simple and focused makes it more enjoyable. I would love this bracelet and I’d give this book to the youth leaders to share with the girls in our church.

  59. This is just what I needed to hear today. I am going to find something visible that I will see all
    day to set out to be a reminder. Thank you

  60. Nikki Bosma says:

    I’m in! Find more time to spend with God in the morning hours.

  61. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    I’m going to be reading through the accounts of Jesus’ birth in my quiet times to keep His birth/reason for the season before me.

  62. Wendy Miller says:

    Durning the busy season of all the hustle & bustle I will take time to read the word of God. For he is the real reason for the season!

  63. My daily Advent with the kids and then alone snug in bed…

  64. I’m in. Thanks for the much needed words of wisdom.

  65. I’m in! I find peace by starting my day meditating on Jesus first thing when I wake up. I rely on him to prioritize my commitments and spend time looking for his hand in goings on around me. Blessings to all and may the reason for the season carry us throughout the year!

  66. Starting each day off by reading the word and praying with my girl before school helps us both to be reminded that we are dependent on The Lord for everything. Although things don’t always go like we plan and some days seem to just go wrong at least we are starting out on the right foot in the mornings. Bonus: there’s always tomorrow !

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Amen Melissa! Madi & I do the same thing each morning as she eats breakfast before school. At 6:35 a.m. it is very short, but it is still turning our hearts toward His!

  67. Sue Shafer says:

    I will start my day with Jesus and ask Him to guide me through the day.

  68. Kris Dillard says:

    Jesus! He came for us! I have pinned a button with this phrase on the strap of my purse for a reminder when I’m running around stressed, what this season is about. And hopefully someone else sees it when they need a reminder too! So blessed to enjoy this season!

  69. Thank you for your words this morning. It was just what I needed to hear. This time of year “the comparison game” is so prevalent. Thank you for reminding me I am living for the audience of One.

  70. Jill Fechter says:

    I’m in! Thank you for the reminder and encouragement this morning.

  71. Such a fresh perspective on a familiar passage- thank you! My husband and I have just put together a collection of scriptures to hold close at hand and prayer as hope and help through some difficulties- I think this fresh take on this passage fits right in – thank you so much….

  72. Jeanne H. says:

    I will more consciously focus on Jesus & tune out the negative peer pressure surrounding me & my family.

  73. Debbie H. says:

    The lights that I see on Christmas trees remind me that Jesus is the light of the world. Merry Christmas ~

  74. Christie Drech says:

    I write a scripture verse to focus on during the day – on the kitchen window with a white-board dry-erase marker……………there for all to see and ponder through their comings and goings.
    thanks for your generous giveaway ~C

  75. I’m in! Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to take a breath and draw closer to Jesus this holiday season. Perfect timing.

  76. thank you this is the first time I have visited and truly was blessed by your words
    Just reading the other comments have given me inspiration and some great ideas
    to hold Christ close this season and share the fruits of the spirit. I like the light idea of
    praying for someone when you see them. Guess at this time of year we will be in constant
    prayer as we should always be. Hopefully reflecting the light of Christ myself to those around
    Have a blessed Christmas

  77. Sara Schroader says:

    I plan to focus more on Jesus by singing a song from our Christmas program last night. “I Crown You King” reminds me that I will stand before the King of Kings and lay my treasure at His feet!

  78. Holly Reid says:

    Merry Christmas! I’m making a point to get up early before my husband and 4 sons to spend time with the Lord. It’s the only time of the day that my house is quite! I love sitting by the Christmas tree with my coffee and Bible. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to be more like Jesus! It is too easy to get caught up in the world around me, and I need these reminders and encouragement!

  79. Kim Keller says:

    I actually use a piece of jewelry on my hand (where I can see it) …usually a bracelet, to remind me of God’s presence! Thanks Lynn!

  80. Alair August says:

    Hello, thank you for your devotion today! I was encouraged to be content in my circumstances and to make an effort to not compare the life God has given me with others. God bless and hope you have a Merry Christmas as we celebrate our dear Savior’s birth!

  81. Kathleen. says:

    I will continue using the pocket prayer daily and continue with my 4 minute prayer challenge.

  82. Anne Griffith says:

    We were JUST talking about this very topic with our 16 year old daughter last night at the dinner table! Would love to win this!

  83. Tracy Baldwin says:

    As I go through these day’s leading up to Christmas, hurry, worry and doubt often fill my thoughts. I will be intentional and pause, redirect my mind to “The Reason for the Season”. Giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son.

  84. Christina K. says:

    My 16 year old daughter could really use this right now. Being a teenager is so very hard and how magical it would be for her to have this daily reminder. Sometimes you read an email and it is the “right message” at the “right time”and that is what your message was for us this morning. Thank you!!

  85. Kathleen Adamson says:

    I am amazed at God’s goodness everyday. I was reading the proverbs 31 post this morning and WHAM! Thank you Lord for inspiring Lynn — for us all!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, friend! He is exactly what we need!

  86. Shannon Stephens says:

    This time of the year seems like it is so easy to give into the peer pressure by spending so much on gifts and even by feeling like I have to participate in every event I’m invited too. I feel myself being overwhelmed daily. One way this time of year I have chosen to remind myself to draw closer to God is every time I see something that has to do with Christmas I remember what a precious gift God sent us when He sent his son. I basically just remember the real reason why we have Christmas in the first place. I try to remember that without Him there would be no cause for celebration at all. I’m amazed at how the Lord provides what we need, when we need it. This was much needed this morning! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  87. This season I’m trying to be intentional and regardless of what the world is telling me, I want to be led, not driven! Daily practicing Psalm 46:10. Thanks for a great post!

  88. I will continue to prioritize my morning quiet time. It sometimes gets pushed off when life gets busy 🙂

  89. Thank you for the reminder! Will be working on displaying my fruits of the spirit today!

  90. Thank you Lynn for reminding me that I have the greatest gift of all – the love and salvation of my heavenly father. And I will share that gift in the hope that everyone can have the peace of Jesus.

  91. Heather J. says:

    Every time I look at the homemade Advent ornaments on my tree, I will remember to focus on Jesus.

  92. I will surrender each day to Him.

  93. My P.T. says that I need to make a conscious effort concerning my posture. That is something that I HAVE to consciously think of, in everything I do. Great opportunity to put my thoughts towards the Prince of Peace and His love that came down. Thank you for the reminder to remember.

  94. By being diligent to begin each day spending time in his word and by asking for reminders of his presence in my days

  95. Have purchased a copy of Magnetic for my granddaughter for Christmas. At this season, I have been sharing with her the scriptures of Advent. We have been enjoying this special time.

  96. Joy Schonberg says:

    I am so in!!! So happy to have run into this series and post. I wish to serve the Lord every day as He guides me. I want to reflect to my son and others the worship and love of Christ all year round. Surrender. I will share this with others. Thank you!

  97. I would love to wear this bracelet as a daily reminder of how to live in God’s word. Thank you for the beautiful message and Merry Christmas!

  98. Thank you for scripture and story from God’s word that I can use to remind myself of this awful trap that I sometimes fall into and a way to avoid it with God’s help. Have a great day!

  99. I will start my day asking what he wants me to do, instead of just rushing to my list.

  100. Ashley S. says:

    I’m in! I will be praying for self-control with all the goodies around this time of year. 🙂 Also, to find moments to be brave and stand up for my faith. I find it uncomfortable to be differnt at times but know it can build character. This Christmas I am really looking to see and feel what it means beyond all the social hype, events and gifts.

  101. I’m in. Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to be different in this world. :o)

  102. I will do my morning devotions and not let the “hustle and bustle” of the season take time away from my worship of my King – the reason for the season!
    Thank you for the give-away.


  104. I am trying to make a point to spend more quiet time with him and listening to his voice all during the hustle and bustle of the day…. I want his peace during this season and truly worship him….

  105. Emily Sodrel says:

    I’m in! Merry Christmas!

  106. kimberly> says:

    I’m reading The Women of Christmas ( Thank-you proverbs31).What a magnificence way to humble ourselves when you read how Gods almighty hand reached down from heaven into the lives of Elizabeth, Mary,& Anna!, who are all an intricate part in the miracle of our saviors birth and if all of us could just embrace Gods love and gifts he gives to each and everyone us & just like a snowflake, not one is the same. So you see, there is no need for peer pressure

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I loved this book, Kimberly! Such a great resource during this special season!

  107. I am in a season of pondering God’s will and way for and in my life as I am in recovery from some very serious health issues. I will use Pr31 ministries daily as I thank God for Jesus. I would love to have the book and bracelet for my wonderful 22 year old daughter. She loves Jesus with all her heart but is having some personal struggles. I am out of work on temporary ( we pray) and my income has been cut by half so I am in.

  108. Sorry! Left out word “disability” in earlier post.

  109. I’m in. Yesterday during the children’s message at church I talked about the star that led the wisemen to Jesus and that Jesus is our star that we need to follow – Jesus is the star of the season. This year I moved from an angel to a star on top of our Christmas tree. When I look at that star I am going to stop and think about how Jesus is the star – the ligtht I need to follow. He is my rock and he is my star – he is my Rock Star! (can you tell I work with children and youth?) Amen!

  110. I got a new spiritual journal for Christmas this year and we celebrated this past weekend since our family won’t be near to celebrate on Christmas. I plan to carry my spiritual journal with me everywhere so that when the Lord speaks to me. I can write it down and not worry about forgetting it by having to wait til I get home to write it down.

  111. Dori Sheese says:

    I don’t have a daughter, but I have 3 step-granddaughters, and I want to show them that being close to Jesus is better than being pressured into something wrong by their peers! Thank You, Lynn!

  112. I am in! This is for my daughter. We struggle to remind her she is beautiful as she is. I take time each morning to read the word and try to hear what the Lord has to say. Thank you for this post.

  113. Ane Samsel says:

    Remembering to have a spirit of thankfulness for what I do have and not focusing on my son being overseas for the holidays and no money for gifts this year. Christmas is ever so much more than tangible things. Taking time to be thankful and giving more of God’s love to all is the best gift I can give!

  114. My husband and I created a budget for spending this Christmas.
    This has helped us resist the pressure to overspend.
    We take time off of homeschooling to allow time for all the fun of Christmas.
    I personally enjoy your devotionals.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding me what is really important!
    Merry Christmas!

  115. Debbie Hodge says:

    I’m in! I hand paint ornaments…on some of them I paint a word on the front like “Faith, Hope, Love, etc.” and on the back I write a bible verse that relates to the word. God just spoke to me about putting one of these ornaments or a note card with a bible verse on it into everyone’s gift as a reminder that it is the birth of Jesus that we are celebrating. I believe that this will help turn the stress into peace, patience and gratitude during these last ten days before Christmas!

  116. Elaine Segstro says:

    I want to spend more time in the word with its beautiful promises about who I am in Christ and pray that my light shines.

  117. I will grow closer to him by sticking to my commitment to live life HIS way even it if means losing my significant other. This is such a hard decision for a girl who doesn’t think she can live life without a man in her life. : ( I need prayer. The thought of being alone terrifies me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Donna, I can only imagine. When we choose to follow Jesus and walk out obedience, even when it is beyond hard, HE is faithful. I wish that meant it is easier, but we know that isn’t true. I know he will help you and you will see His blessings!

      1. Thank you. I know you are right. This man is a Christian as well, but in rebellion just as myself, and had the same conviction to turn his life back to God . That was a month ago, and now he’s changed his mind. Its just really hard since he had asked me to marry him. Thanks for the kind words.

  118. I want to stay committed to reading my devotions such as these and reading the bible even in the midst of a different schedule. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I really want to have this book for my youngest daughter.

  119. I am so thrilled to have been directed to your blog this morning via the Proverbs 31 Encouragement for today! Trying to keep gift buying at minimum this year and letting my family know that I believe it is not all the “things” that make you happy…….truly all the clutter causes more stress. I have a 15 year old daughter who is certainly not caught up in the peer pressure scene and I am so proud of her for that, its just who she is. I am excited to explore this sight and find opportunities to share with her and grow with her who she is in the Lord. Thank you so much foryour ministry.

  120. I will not allow all of the “busyness” of the season to tempt me from my morning devotion and prayer time; and I will pray throughout the day to remind myself to show love and patience to others.

  121. I love the picture and quote. What an amazing idea of letting that pressure we all try not to feel but seem to get trapped by because of our peers. Instead, let’s huddle in the arms of our savior as he can protect us against that pressure. We have been doing an advent devotional this season which has brought about many incredible conversations about showing love to Others this season instead of focusing on ourselves. I am seeing it in both myself and my teen girls so thank you for the continuous encouragement.

  122. This season can add so much stress to our lives. Instead of giving into the stress, I will look to Jesus to direct my path every morning before I get out of bed and throughout the day when I begin to feel overwhelmed.

  123. I’m in! The bracelet is so cute and I would love the book. I am using my 7 year old as a reminder for me to draw closer to God. We have started to have bible study lessons together.

  124. Paula longstreet says:

    I want to display The Holy Spirits fruit in my
    Life & this bracelot can be a reminder for me at work
    Or home to follow & walk in the Spirit.

  125. Cas Reynolds says:

    Praying throughout the day keeps me connected. With 3 teenage daughters, I need it! Remembering that the season is to focus on the gift God gave and not the ones under the tree helps when I feel the pressure to keep up with everyone at Christmas.

  126. I will spend the time that I’m in line at stores checking out, praying for those around me and talking to Jesus so that instead of feeling frustration I will be building relationship with my Father.

    1. Not much shopping to do. But a good prayer, in deed. Thank you for the inspiration. God Bless you and your family, Amber.

  127. I’m in! I will remind myself to stay close by reading devotions and Bible verses each day. The devotions and verses help to keep us in check and can really put perspective on things going on around us!

  128. Just rededicated my life to God this Sunday! After a long, two-year road of separation, from my husband and our church, moving from WA over 3,000 miles, back to my childhood town! I became very distant and worldly. Went to church maybe 3 times. So much happened this past two weeks: the near destruction (caused by sin) of my 16 year old; lost my full-time job; talked to, my now, ex-husband; watched, as a jack-knifed trailer mysteriously swerved back into its lane, driver rolling away with a two-car crash right next to me! and then counseled and prayed with my son and ex-husband on Saturday night. (We are in PA, he is a minster in TX) But the message yesterday was so powerful: encouraging us to do a “Foundation Inspection” and that “Deception and disobedience both have the same end result” along with the peace and power that comes from loving God (who first loved us). Today I woke with the thought conformity (actually jotted it down on my blank note-page, while reading my first devotion). Ha! Now here you expound on it! Thank you, Lynn. Would love to have a copy of your book.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Another testimony of God’s faithfulness! Thank you for sharing, Aimee!

  129. I commit everyday to pray for my students before school starts.

  130. I’m in! I will continue to pray with my son (a teenager) each morning as we wait for the bus. We pray daily together. We thank God for our blessings, pray for our family, our country, and that God will continue to guide us to make wise choices in his name. My boys have heard me say several times, we do not follow the crowd, we do what is right. My prayers continue to be that God will guide them daily to find their purpose in him.

  131. Thank you for the reminder to keep my words positive and to not get caught up in all the negative. Keeping my focus on Jesus and praying often helps me with all the worldly stuff this time of year. I have been married 24 years and I still to be remined to look for good everyday in my husband. I loved your words today.

  132. Michelle Wolan says:

    I’m in , I will remind myself by putting it in the ‘To Do Daily’ app on my phone to be different and surender to the Lord for my actions, words , and directions.

  133. I will remind myself by listening to Christmas that focuses on the real reason for the current holiday season, and every season for that matter. 🙂

  134. Stephanie says:

    Your post on Proverbs 31 Ministries was just what I needed this morning. So often we are pressured to be/say/do things we are not comfortable being/saying/doing. Thank you for this valuable message. Sometimes, it’s so very hard to walk the path of kindness and love when you are always surrounded by fear and hate.

  135. cara snyder says:

    I’m in! Beautiful!

  136. I am reading through the book of Luke and trying to Journal everyday to keep my focus on the real meaning of the CHRISTmas season.

  137. Sheryl Soetje says:

    I’m in for the long run!

  138. I will remind myself to draw closer to Jesus the next few days by being thankful. I am thankful for all of the blessings I have. Lately, just waking up each morning, I’ve thanked God for another day. Life can be so short we are never promised tomorrow.

  139. I’m the mother of a beautiful young woman with two grand daughters. My goal is always and this season to point my grand kids to Jesus and to remind my daughter whom she was dedicated to. I believe that the best reminder she and my girls can have is to live my life loving my God without boundaries or reservations. I love what is on your page ” Wise Women…….Wiser Daughters”. I desire that for my daughter. She deserves nothing but the best as a child of the living God. I would love for her to have this bracelet to remind her of the fruits of God living within her.

  140. Committing to being all in!

  141. I’m in, and I will try to stop saying negative things about customers and co-workers, and praying for them instead.

  142. I’m in!

    Letting go of some of the “I should be doing…” to focus on what the season is truly about – waiting for Jesus and loving others.

  143. My plan (with God’s grace) is to finish Ch. 2 of Magnetic with my 3 teenage daughters. They are so busy with sports, but the Lord sent us to Galatians 5:14- the end of that chapter about 4 years ago when my girls were in the middle of a terrible argument. I hear the Lord gently reminding me to keep pressing on and sowing to the Spirit….He will do the rest!

  144. Jessica F says:

    I will remain close to Him by choosing to be patient, even when its hard 🙂

  145. Debi McGrath says:

    God is Good and SO faithful…this I know from experience!!! He loves me and I’m so excited about that!! I will stay close to Him by remembering all that He has done for me and is doing for me daily.

  146. Peggy Reaser says:

    Thank you for your wise words! I’m in!!

  147. Staci Schneider says:

    I will pray that the fruits of the spirit fill my heart each day and that I am sharing God’s Grace each day as well.

  148. Every year I berate myself with a speech about not going overboard with gifts. Then every year I fret and worry that my girls will be unhappy with less than …too much… This is my issue, not theirs, as my girls truly do understand what Christmas is all about and that it isn’t about the gifts.

    I’ve already purchased a copy of Magnetic, which my 13-year old and I are studying through right now 🙂

  149. Katrina Herring says:

    I am a woman that grew up around the word of God and was sheltered from the world by a loving family, but then I went to college and for the last twenty years I have allowed the pressure of sin to run within my life when I knew it was wrong. I excused what I was doing by saying others were doing it so it could not be that bad but then sin took me further than I wanted to go. It almost cost me my marriage by hanging on to friends that were not going down the path of Christ….the path that I knew was the only one to live. Yesterday I WOKE UP and said NO MORE! I thank God for his forgiveness and sending me a husband that see’s the best in me even when I did not see it in myself. Lynn I cannot thank you enough for your devotion on Proverbs 31. Today I choose self-control!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Katrina! What a testimony! Thank you so very much for sharing!

  150. I will choose to walk closer to Jesus by beginning my day, early in the morning, before my family and day normally begins.

  151. I have powerful verses posted all around the house to remind me of what I need to focus on. My favorite right now is on the window ledge at the kitchen sink. “But if you keep looking steadily into God’s perfect law, the law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, God will bless you for it.” James 1:25 My husband is an alcoholic and needs to be set free. I need God’s Word and Truth in front of me all the time so I can respond to stress in positive ways.

    1. Tami,

      I just read your post and wanted to let you know that I’m praying right this minute for you and your husband. I understand the agonies that come with alcoholism. My husband is an alcoholic, who by God’s grace, has not touched a drop in 4 years. I just wanted to encourage you with the promise that there IS hope and God IS amazing 🙂

      1. Thank you, Angie! I really appreciate your encouragement and prayer for me and my husband. Thank you for the reminder that there is always hope with our amazing God!

  152. This Christmas our family has chosen to simplify by not just doing everything that comes along (no tree, less gifts, etc.) and we are choosing instead to invest our time, money and energy into people. Spending intentional time with loved ones and caring for those God places in our path. It is changing my whole view of Christmas and helping me to focus on Jesus more as we step away from all of the stuff that’s been associated with Christmas but really has nothing to do with our Savior’s birth. I’d love to win a signed copy of this book to give to my daughter (she’s 12). I did purchase a copy of Magnetic today though, in case I don’t win. If I do win, I’ll give the copy I bought to another young woman we know 🙂

  153. Our family is working on continually looking to Jesus throughout our day in praise and gratitude instead of negativity and anxiety ruling. Jesus is king!

  154. I work two jobs and a gig—making time for God and His Word is vital. Being engaged, in debt from college, and living in an unfriendly environment is stressful but learning to model Truth is important. 🙂 I’m in!

  155. Emmanuel (God is with us)- see Isaiah 7:14. At this time of the year it is easy to lose sight of the essence of Christmas because of all the focus on the festivities. To draw closer to Jesus at this time on the year, to press on and to embrace the Romans 12:2 life God has called me to I will mediate on His Word more in order to constantly remember that as Christmas approaches , the baby in the manger whose birth we celebrate, is the Saviour whose Finished Work at the Cross is the reason I am able to have eternal life. Having this in my heart throughtout the holiday season will motivate me to resist the temptation to jump into the bandwagon of conforming to worldly standards but instead help me embrace Galatians 2:20

  156. Beautiful!! Yes I am in!!

  157. This is the second devotional I have read today about peer pressure. I guess I need to look at my life and see if God is trying to tell me something. Thanks. Already signed up. REALLY want to finish this time. Can’t count how many times I have tried to do this. 2015 will be the year!!

  158. What a beautiful bracelet! Oh, Christmas break couldn’t come faster…I am really trying to savor quiet time and quiet moments. It’s really hard to have those long stents of time. So I look for the small sweet moments. I try to find a few each day. I tell myself the gospel daily to keep my focus! 2014 has been a tough year for me, I have struggled with bible reading and prayer time. Just weary. I am hoping that 2015 will be a renewing year! A redeeming year. Beauty out of ashes type of year.

    so in the next few days I am not looking for Hallmark Christmas moments, but those small sweet moments that your heart and soul can only say..”that was Jesus, that was for me”

  159. Thanks for the great reminder….peer pressure – it’s all around us isn’t it!

  160. Kristen Doran says:

    A little tradition that I started when my teenagers were babies was to sing a little song while turning on each window candle during December…It goes like this…”Candle, candle burning bright, Shining in my window tonight, Let the world see Jesus’ light, Shining through my life.” Of course, now my kids laugh at me singing it, but it does help direct my heart to the Father of Light!! Thank you for your ministry!

  161. I want this for myself and my daughters, ages 12 &18. The older one has struggled with an eating disorder for yrs, and I don’t want my younger one to face that. I want them( and me) to realize that being Christlike is more beautiful than any physical attribute. I really needed this message!

  162. Kristy Todd says:

    I really want to win this. God has been dealing with me about fitting in. I am going to pray every morning for him to focus on others instead of myself

  163. Michael Ann Adams says:

    I’m new to this blog. I’ve been praying for God to reveal ways to pray for my girls. Their self image, choices, just life and their future have been heavy on my heart. This post, this blog, these thoughts are not by accident… But providential appointment. Thank you.

  164. I will remind myself to draw closer to the One who is THE REASON for this holiday season by reminding myself of the true meaning of Christmas as I see lights, trees and perfectly wrapped Christmas gifts! Each of these things is a great reminder to whisper a prayer with a thankful heart.

  165. Jesus is mine and I am His. I love the song Blessed Assurance. I will be singing that along with the traditional Christmas carols.

  166. Im in! ! Thanks for the peer pressure post today! Needed it!

  167. Tabatha Bowles says:

    I plan on continuing to do my daily devotions and hand lettering the verse that stands out to me. These weeks to come are most important because school is out and I don’t have my peers helping me along in my faith. There’s so much time to focus on my relationship with Christ and I’m so excited 🙂

  168. In the morning, before I get out of bed, I come to The Lord in prayer and ask him to order my day, my to do list, and all that feels all consuming. I ask him to prioritize for me and give me the strength to do those things. And then when starting that list, I ask God how I can glorify him with each task. Keeps me focused on him and listening for his prompts amongst the busyness of the day.

  169. Carolyn Rogers says:

    I needed this today. I love what you said about not letting the 10 days before Christmas depress me but drive me to wonder at Jesus’s arrival as a human babe. Thank you for this reminder. I also need courage in the work force. It’s so hard to wish people Merry Christmas nowadays. I can say it to individuals but in a group setting, it’s been very difficult to not opt for “Happy Holidays” and then hate myself because this isn’t just any holiday, it’s Jesus’s Birthday! Thank God he forgives us even this.

  170. Shelby Bowman says:

    Every time I twist my ring, I pray! It’s either a prayer of thanks or in need, but I always do, and it’s helped me through so much!

  171. Pat Meyer says:

    I have always felt uncomfortable in groups where husband bashing takes place ~ I just could not participate. God has given me a godly man! I am so blessed, and am so uplifted by your post! Having 4 daughters, I know your book would be well-read.

    Currently, I pull myself away from the ‘lists’ , fix a cup of tea, and ii’s just Jesus & me!
    Thank you for this offer!

  172. I’m in :)!! I love being able to read Gods word & your devotionals daily. They draw me closer to Him & make me realize exactly what this month & season is all about. Jesus & the love & sacrifice he has given us. And I love sharing all that I learn daily with my beautiful children & going out into our community & helping others & bringing a smile to their faces. That is what Christmas is all about!! I just see so many people getting caught up in the hustle & bustle of Christmas & truly miss out on exactly what it’s all about…the celebration of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

  173. I popped over from Proverbs 31 as I had enjoyed your post there. Love your blog and bookmarked it for regular reads. Thank you for the encouragement to not submit to pressure. I have copied your image onto my phone and have copied the phrase up on the fridge door. Thanks

  174. I have been feeling more called to read the bible in its entirety so I am going to purchase a chronological bible and start that journey. I am looking forward to this because I know it will draw me closer to Jesus and also help me to have a better understanding of the word.

  175. I will remind myself to come closer to God by accepting the silence in my life nearing the holidays. My family doesn’t have God in their lives and because I do, they chose to exclude me. My birthday is 5 days before Christmas so I will use this quiet time to spend it reflecting on God’s presence in my life and draw myself closer to Him!

  176. I will be getting up earlier for the next few weeks, so my heart & mind are prepared & in sync with Him each busy day!

  177. I have been swallowed up this past week as a single mom with School, Christmas preparations, travel plans and mostly my two teenage daughters. I found joy this morning in finding you have a book/devotional about raising teen girls!
    Your Prov31 devotional was a real encouragement to me this morning!
    Blessings to you!

  178. With my daughter being away at college this year, for the first time, I’ve come to realize that family time is precious, and we need to cherish that time and cling the the promise of Hope in Jesus! Put aside the crazy schedule, and just breath! If all the gifts aren’t purchased for everyone, they’ll never know, just love them, that’s what matters MOST! <3

  179. Janice Allotey says:

    I am a teenager in a culture I didn’t grow up in, which creates a lot of pressure to conform. My Ghanaian and Christian upbringing often conflict with what my peers would consider normal. I have realized that I have been called to stand out instead of to fit in. I was created with a spirit of bravery, and that alone should make me persue righteousness even if it goes against the grain (as it undoubtedly will).

    I have formed strong bonds with other sisters in Christ so we can encourage each other in the Lord. Although we won’t be together this holiday season, we intend to keep in touch so we do not forget who we are …His chosen. Our beauty is not defined by how curvy we are, our high cheekbones, our complexion or any of the features we have; our beauty is defined by who created us. He said He looks at the heart. As we strive to be the women He intended for us to be, the Proverbs 31 woman, we become more beautiful from the inside out. Our beauty should not be skin deep — it should emanate from our hearts.

  180. Sarah Hall :) says:

    I plan on placing a note in a popular location, where I can be reminded often!

  181. Sharon Serrano says:

    I’ve started something last couple of weeks that has helped me stay closer to God, specially with the holidays here. I’ve been carrying around a small notebook where I can write small prayers and scriptures to help me stay connected. I actually love it and it’s helping me tremendously.

  182. Debbie Penland says:

    Yesterday at piano recital my daughter declared, “My mama is a pianist, guitarist, marathoner, and chemist.” My immediate reaction was to bow my head in embarrassment. I play piano but I’m not a pianist. I’m learning guitar so I’m not a guitarist. I am a slow marathoner. I am a chemistry teacher not a “real” chemist. I realized that my daughter saw me in a way that I do not see myself, successful and accomplished. I think its a good idea to reject the peer pressure I felt to bow my head and to instead hold my head high and acknowledge that though I am imperfect to my daughter I am just perfectly fine and even amazing. Nice blog…thanks for the thoughts…

  183. I will often pause to breathe deeply the beautiful air created by the eternal Wisdom, knowing that this One Emmannuel is closer than the very air inside me. Unlike the air, He never leaves, and always sustains. More than the air, He is All I need to live and love. He came to me!
    Beautiful, Lynn, sharing a moment in life, humbled in the rush, now there’s a collection is sweet connection thoughts for all of us to embrace. Thank God for all of us.

  184. I’m in, learning to trust Jesus even when every expectation of this Christmas, all my “didn’t do’s” on my 2014 to do list, even when the stress, frustration, hurt, sorrows and storms toss me like a rag doll. I’m all in, learning to hold onto my Saviour. I’m all in learning to have joy no matter the trial or circumstance.

  185. I’m in.


  186. Kelsey Pierce says:

    This Christmas is different for me. This season of my life is different. I’m a newly single mom, and I’m moving out with my daughter tomorrow (!) to our own place for our fresh, clean start. In our new home, we are going to make Christ the very center of everything we do. We will pray, we will ask forgiveness, and we will treat each other with kindness. We will not worry what society is doing around us. As for me and my house, we will praise the lord!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, we know you will be Kelsey and her girl’s cover and provider. Thank you for your eternal love for us, even when life doesn’t go as planned. We love you! Amen

  187. I’m going to use your suggestion to stop & “and grasp peace, whispering a prayer of thankfulness” whenever I feel stressed or rushed or frantic. Beautiful bracelet. Would love to win for my daughter. Thanks for the chance.

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